25 Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers

For lovers, smoking is an activity that can relieve stress and fatigue. Though it’s unhealthy, they seem to have no choice but to smoke instead of keeping all the burden within themselves. You can give the following best gifts for cigar lovers to take their smoking experience to the next level. Each gift can give a different feel and atmosphere when viewed from the aspect of functionality and aesthetics.

Do you know what kind of gift is suitable for cigar lovers? Would you like to choose a gift that fits the cigar lover’s personality profile? From now on, you will be able to determine the best choice based on the list of gifts for cigar lovers that we have compiled.

Yes, absolutely! Cigar smoking has become more popular than conventional cigarettes. The cigar selection rate increased by more than 30% from the 90s to the early 2000s. Today, cigars are also in demand by young people because they symbolize financial stability and elegance.

Are Cigars A Good Gift?

Yes of course! Cigars are a classic symbol of celebration and special occasions. Cigars are also a symbol of success because they are made from selected premium tobacco materials. Feel free to give cigars as gifts to your friends, family, and colleagues!

BEST Gifts for Cigar Lover – Our 4 Best Picks

Accessory for Cigar LoversCigar Hodler for Cigar LoversAshtray for Cigar LoversLighter for Cigar Lovers
Cigar Medics HumidimetrePortabel Travel Cigar TubeCupholder Travel AshtrayLighter Shaped Ring
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Top Vintage Gifts for Cigar Lovers 

The vintage look will never go out of style. Cigar lovers will like the following items that look classic but elegant. If you know or have cigar lovers in your life, take a chance to buy them one of the best vintage gifts for cigar lovers they can’t help but fall in love with.

We have a complete list of vintage gifts you can choose from below. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Pipe with Custom Engraved Name

This personalized Tobacco Pipe features a classic custom engraving. You can add his name to the pipe to offer a sentimental feel. Measuring 13 cm in length, this item is perfect for complementing your smoking experience perfectly.

It also comes with a vintage case. So, your cigar-loving friend can keep the set with no worries. Furthermore, this gift for cigar lovers is the perfect gift for the groom at the wedding or maybe on his birthday.

2. Portabel Travel Cigar Tube

This beautiful portable travel cigar tube features intricate carvings in an antique silver finish on a solid metal tube. Also, this item can be used for cigar size 60 rings, a perfect piece for your cigar-smoking friend who loves to smoke in such a size.

Order this gift now for cigar lovers and enjoy extraordinary luxury in a lover’s style. But before that, you better wrap it up with a box to make the set look classy. In addition, consider including some 60-ring size cigars to complete your gift.

3. XIFEI Cigar Cutter Set 8 Piece Cigar Punch

XIFEI Cigar Cutter Set 8 Piece Cigar Punch

Are you looking for a one-stop cigar accessory with a luxurious and classic look? This set is a hidden gem for you! It includes a cigar lighter, cigar cutter, cigar ashtray, and cigar tube that will offer a thorough smoking experience for cigar lovers.

Made from the finest stainless steel, this gift for cigar lovers has great durability! Instead of giving one to a newbie, you better gift this awesome vintage set to a pro-cigar-smoking buddy on his birthday. He’ll surely treasure this gift for the rest of his life!

4. LAUYOO Windproof Ashtray

LAUYOO Vintage Windproof Ashtray with Lid for Cigarettes

Wondering what gifts for cigar lovers will leave a memorable mark? Try this 3D pattern with superb premium metal zinc alloy material! This ball-shaped cigar ashtray has a very vintage embossing pattern.

Furthermore, this item is not only a functional cigar accessory but also can be used as an antique decoration for your home interior. You can display one on your living room’s end table or inside the glass cabinet that resides in your family room.

5. Black Cigar Ashtray Outdoor Ceramic Vintage

The charming polychromatic color is the main selling point of this ashtray. It also features a golden shade that makes it looks luxurious. A perfect piece to set on the patio’s table to allow smoking guests to smoke.

Made of high-quality ceramic, this item can withstand the heat of the fire from your cigar well. Choices with beautiful gift wrapping, you don’t need to hesitate to choose this gift for cigar lovers.

6. The Cigar Rook

Cigar Rook is a unique masterpiece made of handcrafted resin. This item is a charming little resting place for a cigar. You can choose an elegant industrial black color and a sweet and refreshing bold color that you can choose at will.

Nonetheless, we strongly recommend buying one with dark colors to prevent black stains from cigar ashes. In addition, such shades also convey a minimalist design with a bold accent that will complement your living room’s furniture.

7. Dark Burl 6pc Cigar Humidor Gift Set

The perfect cigar lover gift set! You will get an ashtray and a matching double guillotine cigar cutter. This item with a stainless-steel base can hold up to 25 cigarettes, depending on its size.

Moreover, the Spanish cedar offers a vintage finish with a brown tone, making it fit to any decor and home theme. Order this gift now for cigar lovers and get a handsome dark burl look. If you wish to have more cigars in it, buy the big one.

8. Creston American Heroes 50 Cal Cigar

Do you have friends who are members of the armed forces? Give Creston American Heroes 50 Cal Cigar Humidors the perfect gift for him. This fantastic military gift includes a 50-caliber ammo can, a hygrometer, a wooden insert, and a humidifier, everything an army needs.

This humidor is used to ensure that the cigar doesn’t dry out or absorb too much moisture. This gift for cigar lovers can also be personalized by name, title, and date. So, you better take this chance to offer room for sentimental value.

Modern Look Gifts for Cigar Lovers 

Over time, each item must be updated in terms of appearance and function. So they won’t break. For that reason, you better check on our collection! You can choose one of these modern-style gifts for cigar lovers to give to your loved ones, especially for those cigar-smoking friends, dads, or colleagues who love fancy designs.

No more rambling, let’s dive in!

9. Mrs. Brog Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

This cigar torch lighter has a larger surface area than other items. So, you can easily light cigars of any size. Weighing only 89 grams makes this item handy and portable. Well, of course, it will perfectly fit into your pocket.

Furthermore, its modern and luxurious gold look adds value to the appeal of this gift for cigar lovers. We recommend gifting one with some cigars, then wrapping them into a wooden box to elevate the appeal.

10. Miyanuby Exquisite Rose Smoker Ring

Sometimes, a perfect gift for her doesn’t always have to be roses! You can find one that fits her lifestyle, one of which is this awesome piece. This cigar holder can be adapted for all types of regular cigarettes.

Besides functioning perfectly, this item is also a charming fashion item she can showcase at the cafe to smoke. In addition, this smoking ring holds cigarettes well, so you will be free to play, drive, work, or just relax.

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11. Cigar Cooler Humidor Cedar Wood

Do you want the most advanced technology with an extraordinary capacity for your cigar needs? Audew Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood 300 is the best answer.

You can store your favorite cigars at 5°F and 75°F (18°C and 23°C) to prevent cigar damage. Using semiconductor cooling technology, your cigarettes will be safe and protected from humidity and unsuitable temperatures.

12. Cigar Medics Humidimetre

Do you want to check the humidity level of your favorite cigar? You better grab this one soon! It is a HumidiMeter that can display a digital reading of your cigar’s internal relative humidity percentage.

This will let you know if your cigar is ready to be smoked or if it needs to be kept longer in the humidor. It is especially useful for cigar-smoking pals who live in tropical areas where the humidity is relatively high.

13. XIFEI Cigar Lighter Triple-Jet Flame

XIFEI Cigar Lighter Triple-Jet Flame

The display of the most advanced technology is perfectly visible on the XIFEI Cigar Lighter Triple-Jet Flame. This item gives three blue flames that are strong and focused on one point to allow the cigar burns instantly.

In addition, its high-quality zinc alloy material makes this item more durable and sturdy than other cigar lighters. And the good news is it comes it handy size, so your cigar lover’s friends can bring it anywhere with them in their pocket.

14. Cigar Stand Can Hold 30-60 Rings Cigars

Cigar Stand Can Hold 30-60 Rings Cigars

This golf cigar holder clip is perfect for golfers. Made of the finest aluminum material, this item will be scratch-resistant when mounted on the golf club. And the most intriguing part is this gift for cigar lovers can hold cigars from a ring size of 30 to 60.

You can consider one if you have that golfer in your life who happens to be a smoker. He can use this wonderful item to enhance your golf smoking experience. So, no worries about where to put his cigar while golfing.

15. FOCUS Automatic Portable Cigarette Silver Metal Case Lighter

Cigar accessories are now in your hands. This item can hold your cigar and has the best lighter, like a two-in-one package. You just need to bring this souvenir for cigar lovers wherever you want.

And also, you don’t have to worry about not being able to light and smoke a cigar under any conditions, thanks to the convenient design. In addition to being a souvenir, it makes an amazing gift for Christmas or his birthday. Make sure you wrap it up with a gift box to enhance its appeal.

16. CIGARLOONG Cigar Stand Carbon Fiber

CIGARLOONG Cigar Stand Carbon Fiber

On some occasions, cigar lovers may find it hard to find a spot to put on their cigars. For that reason, you can steal this chance to surprise him with a cigar stand that will help them do the job.

It comes with a horizontal and vertical alloy design with stunning copper material that also ensures its durability. You can rest your cigar properly using this item. In addition, this gift for cigar lovers has stable support for cigars, thanks to the X-shaped design.

17. ASH-STAY Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Cigar Ashtray

ASH-STAY Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Cigar Ashtray

Protect your favorite cigars from strong winds and unpleasant odors from the environment with the ASH-STAY Sealing Wind & Odor Resistant Cigar Ashtray. You can take a cigarette break and dispose of waste at once in this item.

The exceptional resistance to odors and wind makes this item a perfect gift. Especially, for cigar lovers who love to seek outdoor activities, like hiking or camping, that require them to smoke outside.

18. Lighter Shaped Ring

If you have female cigar lovers but have no idea what to buy, look no further than this piece. It is a lighter-shaped ring that will work amazingly to light up her cigar with style.

Made of premium alloy material, this finger ring-shaped lighter is durable and comfortable to wear. Simple and stylish make this item a jewelry accessory that can be worn in everyday life. Choose a golden one to highlight its luxurious look or silver if she doesn’t like flashy accessories.

19. Meerschaum Enchase Cigar Gift Resin Pipe

An incredible white ceramic color shines beautifully on this Meerschaum Enchase Cigar Gift Resin Pipe. You will never get a better elegant white accent than this item.

The combination of high-quality resin materials provides exceptional durability for this cigar lover’s gift. If you ask us, we recommend including a cigar stand to complete this set. That way, cigar lovers in your life can easily smoke with no worries about where to put the pipe.

20. Tasteful Cigar Personalized Sign Wall Décor

Perfect your room decor with Cigar Personalized Sign Wall Décor. Featuring a detailed cartographic display design, this item can add a simple yet elegant touch to your walls. As a true smoker, you must order this item to complete your image.

If you want to spice up your bedroom, you better mount this one of the coolest gifts for cigar lovers next to the bed. Or in case you wanna accentuate a cigar character, hang one on the bedroom’s door.

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Best Functional Gifts for Cigar Lovers 

We understand that you should pay attention to aesthetic detail when you buy gifts for cigar lovers. However, you also have to pay attention to the functionality aspect when you want to give a gift to a cigar lover. Because, what’s the essence of beauty if the gift is not useful?

To help you find one with two aspects you cherish dearly, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most functional gifts for cigar lovers that can maximize their smoking activity. Let’s find out!

21. Cigar Holder Whiskey Personalized

Smoking and drinking whiskey are two fun activities. Do both easily with this Personalized Whiskey Glass Cigar Holder. It features a space to attach the cigar to the glass. So, they don’t have to bother finding a spot to put one.

This gift for cigar lovers also allows you to customize it by writing your name or favorite quote. We recommend adding your cigar-loving friend’s initials to it. If you make it as a wedding souvenir, engrave your wedding date.

22. Smoking Jacket with Satin Lining

Ascentix Men's Velour Smoking Jacket with Satin Lining

Do you often get annoyed when your clothes smell like cigarettes after you finish smoking? Now you don’t have to worry! Made from 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester, this shirt will ward off bad odors from cigarette smoke.

Moreover, a luxuriously soft look with contrast piping trim completes this item superbly. You can have it casually with your jeans or other trousers you prefer. To reduce the smell, you better smoke outdoors.

23. Case Box with Cigar Cutter and Humidifier

Do you want to play golf but worry about your favorite cigarette getting wet or dry in storage? Use this Cigar Holder Box with Cigar Cutter and Moisturizer. The humidifier will keep your favorite cigar ready to light while you play golf.

To complete your gift-giving skill, we recommend including the golf stand ring we have mentioned previously. With this combo, your cigar-loving golfer will have no time to struggle golfing while smoking. What a great cigar box!

24. GALINER Cigar Cutter Lock System 

GALINER Cigar Cutter Lock System

This cigar cutting blade is made of 100% solid stainless steel. This item can cut cigars cleanly and with precision. Equipped with a spring system, you can easily open or close it with one hand when you use it to cut cigars.

How about the size? Well, it comes in handy. So, you can bring it in your sling bag, pocket, or back pack to travel with you. If you want to make it as a gift, include some cigars of the receiver’s favorite to make him smile ear to ear.

25. Car Cupholder Travel Ashtray

This portable ashtray is perfect for use in your car. The high-quality metal coating on the inside of this item is non-flammable and easy to clean. Whether you bring it to travel or simply have one in your room, it doesn’t make issues.

Moreover, this gift for cigar lovers has a blue LED that lights up when closed and opened, making it easy to find at night. From now on, you don’t have to worry about contaminating your car with cigar waste!

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gifts for cigar lovers seems tricky. But actually, the most important thing is to understand what they need. That way, you can pinpoint what gifts you should buy. If he’s a beginner, you can simply buy him some cigars with different ring sizes. And if he’s now a pro, a cigar set with the handle, blade, and lighter may be your best option.

You can also guess the best cigar-lover gifts from their hobbies. For example, if he loves golf, consider purchasing a cigar handle that resembles his golf stick.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you need for cigars?

Some items offer a complete set of support equipment for cigars. The essentials include a humidor, Cigar Cutter, Cigar Lighter, Ashtray, and Cigar Travel Case. If you are a pro and want to have equipment comprehensively, you can choose XIFEI Cigar Cutter Set 8 Piece Cigar Punch that includes all cigar smoking essentials you need.

What is a humidor, and why is it a good gift for a cigar lover?

A humidor is a box or container designed to maintain a constant humidity level for storing cigars. It is a good gift for a cigar lover because it helps keep their cigars fresh and flavorful.

What should you look for when buying an ashtray for a cigar lover?

When buying an ashtray for a cigar lover, you should look for one that is large enough to hold a cigar and has a deep enough well to catch ash. Ceramic and glass ashtrays are both popular choices.

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