25 Chill Smoke Room Ideas for Smokers 

Are you a stoner and thinking of having a chill smoking room in your house? There are a few important elements that, regardless of the chill smoke room style, truly assist set the tone and make it a genuinely comfortable spot to lounge, smoke, relax, or entertain. Ceritain decor and lighting will turn the ideal atmosphere to smoke. This is an area for smoking where stoners can actually smoke and the air from that room does not get spread around so the non-smokers will not suffer from the smell of cigarette smoke. With the perfect chill smoke room ideas, you can have an amazing time for yourself and just enjoy your favorite habit without irritating anyone else. 

We all want to create the perfect chill smoke room ideas, but it is not always easy. You need to have the right type of room vibe, right smoe room decor and also furniture. So, we have compiled the best ideas about smoke rooms which match your preference and style. From trippy room decor for stoners to elegant and classic smoke room decor, we are sure you will find an awesome smoking chill vibe for the room. Let’s get started!

1. Hookah Style Smoking Room

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Inspired by Indian and Arabian style smoking rooms, this is a DIY stoner room you can create in your house. You can put several pillows and cushions on the floor for sitting areas. Place the low leg table in the center of your smoking chamber. You can put your tobacco or shisha on the table. For more chill vibes, decorate the wall with Arabian style paintings and wall decor.

2. Warm Middle East Room

Source: Pinterest (@Wenda-Lee Carrie)

Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your smoking chamber with this idea. The combination of warm tone furniture gives an awesome smoking chill vibe. Put middle east style decorating ideas in this area for smoking such as traditional pattern cushions, a round table, and a maroon rug for extra warmth on the floor. This is definitely a wonderful room for chilling and relaxing.

3. Happy Fantasy Room

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Turn your room into a calming mood with this DIY stoner room idea. You put some lights in purple, blue, and a little bit of green for fantasy and chilling mode. Place a comfortable sofa for you to relax. You can put a clear glass table, clear bean bag, and a mirror as they will beautifully reflect the lights, creating a wonderful ambient for smoking in your house. 

4. Aesthetic Weed Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@Danielle Duncan)

If you are looking for creative ideas about a smoking room, then you may be inspired by this concept. Instead of creating a certain room for the smoking area, why don’t you use your own bedroom then? You can put some aesthetic weed paintings on the wall and ceilings. Match the chill vibe with the weed pattern bed cover. The colorful mood in this bedroom is indeed a perfect decor for stoners.

5. Mandala Room

Source: Pinterest (@m.imgur.com)

When it comes to elegant and simple decorating for a trippy room, you should consider this concept. Decorate smoke rooms with a large mandala tapestry on the wall for the focal point. Add a large round lantern for a charming light once the light is turned off. Don’t forget to bring some fairy lights around the room to enhance your mood. This idea is perfect with the floor cushion sofa setting.

6. Sweet Smoke Room

Source: Pinterest (@streetscenevintage.blogspot.com)

A simple but sweet corner for stoners, this is indeed a multipurpose chill smoke room you should have in your house. Combine the function of a mini library and smoke room in one area. Place a soft sofa next to the bookshelves. Put some weed pillows on the sofa for extra comfort while smoking. You can also decorate a smoke room with aesthetic smoking inspired wall paintings. 

7. Hippie Stoner Room

Source: Pinterest (@Lil Shmoke)

In case you love quirky trippy room decor for stoners, this idea is indeed what you need. You need a large evil tapestry to decorate the ceiling area. Add some traditional paintings and a large mandala tapestry on the wall, giving a hippie vibe for the room. Don’t forget to play with some lights. Put some fairy lights around the edge of the wall, making an amazing calming vibe.

8. Homey Loft Smoking Room

Source: Pinterest (@Johanna)

The loft is the perfect smoking area for stoners since it won’t disturb non smokers. Utilize the loft to create a homey vibe chill smoke room. Put a large canopy cloth on the ceiling with warm yellow lights. Place some maroon folding sofa bed, surrounding the room. You can add some orange white stripes pillows and some pots in matching tones with the other decor. 

9. Psychedelic Grunge Style Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@ry)

Express your creativity and unique taste in this psychedelic grunge style bedroom idea. With this idea, you can put some trippy room decor for stoners that match your preference and feelings. Some edgy posters such as mushroom and sun wall decor will be amazing. You can decorate the ceiling in bohemian style with tapestry and dream catcher. Smoking will be amazing since you are surrounded with fantastic decor.

10. Stargaze Galaxy Room

Source: Pinterest (@blisslights.com)

In case you need more light decorating ideas, you may try this concept. Without too much wall decor, simply turn your living room area into a charming galaxy night view with the light projector. Make sure you have a blank ceiling and wall area for the light view. Point the galaxy light projector to the ceiling and it will change the whole mood of the room. It will look more amazing once the main light is turned off.

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11. Moon and Cloud Room

Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Feel the sky smoking experience with this idea. You can create a wonderful sky feel with some cloud hanging decor and moon night lamp. This idea is perfect for loft room decor since it has a low ceiling. Add some fairy lights and a hammock hanging in the ceiling as well. You can put the moon lamp in the hammock. Place some mirrors around the room for an extra spacious feel.

12. UV Wall Hanging Decor

Source: Pinterest (@spacetribe.com)

Since too much lighting may reduce the chill vibe for a smoking room, you may prefer the dark room idea. However, let the wall decor add a bit of lights around the dark room. This is a fantastic concept since all you need is glow in the dark paintings. Use UV light acrylic paint to create the wall arts. In less light source condition, these wall decor will glow at their finest. 

13. Peaceful Stoner Bedroom

Peaceful Stoner Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@freshouz.com)

Make your bedroom the perfect sanctuary for smoking with this idea. The peace symbol wall painting will be the highlight for this decor. Add some bohemian posters to cover the whole ceiling area. For the sofa setting, use the floor sofa in the same level with the bedroom area. You can use the futon mattress with some pillows for a comfortable chill bed.

14. Luxurious Smoke Room

Luxurious Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@foxlinton.co.uk)

If you are looking for a luxurious smoking room idea, we also got you the perfect solution! You should place mirrors on the whole wall area, making the room feel spacious and elegant. Hang the classic smoker painting to give a statement for this fancy smoke room. You can add luxurious leather sofas and a white lamp shade with aesthetic goldenrod to enhance the mood.

15. Classic Cigar Bar

Classic Cigar Bar
Source: Pinterest (@decopins.com)

Suppose you want to create a multipurpose room for both a chill smoke room and living room, then you should try this idea. The classic theme is very versatile for both areas. Use the classic single sofa and round table setting for the comfortable living room in the center area. Turn the space near the wall into the classic cigar bar. You can add the classic long sofa attached to the wall with a long rectangle tabe for the cigar bar. Don’t forget to put some old paintings in a more classic mood.

16. Glow In The Dark Man Cave

Glow In The Dark Man Cave
Source: Pinterest (@insidemancaves.com)

Create a calming and relaxing mood for your smoking room with this idea. The UV LED lamp setting is the key point for this glow in the dark room. You need to play with some lights to give a wonderful glow in your room. In addition, you can add some flowers posters and paintings in vibrant colors to light up the room. You may also add some fairy lights for more chill vibes.

17. British Cigar Room

British Cigar Room
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A perfect heaven for British smokers, this is indeed the fabulous idea for a chill smoke room. Customize the sofa and table to the Union Jack flag. Add a crystal chandelier lamp for more luxurious vibes. Decorate the smoke room with some British classic wall decor such as old paintings, gloves, and hats. This is definitely a perfect combination of luxurious and classic furniture.

18. Vintage Smoke Room

Vintage Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@myfantasycorner.tumblr.com)

Suppose you are so into vintage style, you will definitely love this idea then. The idea combines the classic brick wall with vintage furniture in dark brown tones. You can add dark brown leather sofas and a round table for the sitting area. Don’t forget to put the black out curtain in matching tones with the whole room. Place an electric fireplace, some classic statues and paintings on the wall for more vintage ornament

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19. Romantic Chill Room

Romantic Chill Room
Source: Pinterest (@residencestyle.com)

For those who only have a small room, you can create an intimate and romantic chill smoke area for couples. Place a red sofa attached to the wall and cover it with a maroon and white sheer curtain for a romantic atmosphere. You can add some maroon pillows to give extra comfort while chilling together. Don’t forget to put a classic lantern inspired lamp to enhance the whole mood.

20. Bohemian Loft Smoke Room

Bohemian Loft Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

A bohemian style will never go wrong for any room idea, including for the chill smoke room. With this idea, you can create a super comfort and safe sanctuary in your loft area. You need to place the furry rug for the whole floor, so you can lay anywhere you want. Put some Moroccan poufs and cushion for extra comfort while smoking. Add some antique bohemian tapestry and medium bulbs on the loft ceiling to give the warm and calming atmosphere.

21. A Zen Style Smoke Room

A Zen Style Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@Cleange Dog)

This comfy smoke room will make a nice place to have a quiet moment while enjoying your favorite smoke. It was inspired by zen room design, which offers a calm and quiet ambience to rest after a long and tiring day. Place a comfy sitting mattress with lots of cushions and pillows, and have the area covered by a boho style curtain to make it more private. Add hanging plants will also make the room look natural with a touch of rustic.

22. Tiny Space to Smoke and Chill

Tiny Space to Smoke and Chill
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If you don’t have any space left for a smoke room, you can create a tiny corner in your porch and turn it into a cozy and chill smoke room. You will have the tiny room all for yourself while enjoying your favorite smoke. Add a small chair and a table, and then place a unique carpet or rug underneath them. Lastly, add some hanging plants as decorations. Also, we would suggest that you place a little alarm clock there, because you can easily forget about time while you’re here. 

23. Mandala Inspired Smoke Room

Mandala Inspired Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@imoutsidelookingin.tumblr.com)

This smoke room is inspired by Mandala design that applies to the cushions, wall decor and table cloths, too! You can have this smoke room and chill with your friends while enjoying your favorite smoke. Moreover, you can add some decorations that match to the mandala design, such as Buddha decor or hanging dreamcatchers.

24. The Winter Smoke Room

The Winter Smoke Room
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Smoking in winter is something that many people love to do. It’s nice to chill while smoking your favorite smoke and enjoying the cold and freezing weather. You can create a smoke room in the garage by adding a huge fireplace to keep you warm. For more comfort, add some sofa with cushions and a hammock, too! In our opinion, your garage will become your bestfriends’ new favorite hangout spot.

25. Minimalist Shisha Room

Minimalist Shisha Room
Source: Pinterest (@exquisevents.com)

Invite your friends and family to enjoy smoking shisha together in your new minimalist shisha room. The room has a minimalist design that includes sitting mattresses and a carpet to make a great place for hangout while enjoying your favorite shisha flavors. You can add several bunk beds for people to sit on, and place not one bong, but two or three shisha bongs to let everyone enjoy them together.

Latest Post:

What is a smoking room called?

A smoking room is an area which is specifically provided for smoking. It can be called a smoking lounge, cigar bar, or cigar room. It is usually created so that non smokers won’t be annoyed and smokers can smoke comfortably. 

How do you make a cool smoke room?

You can play with some lights and decor to make a cool smoke room. Use LED lights in various colors to turn the whole mood in the dark. You can lessen bright lighting and contribute to creating a peaceful atmosphere in your space. You can further enhance the ambiance by adding some reactive wall art, such as tapestries, decals, or paintings, using black lights. 

How do you make a smoke room in your house?

First, you should choose the appropriate location. Make sure the room has good ventilation since you will produce a lot of smoke. Furthermore, you can play with some smoking room decor and furniture, depending on your taste and preference. For more decorating ideas, you can read in the article above.

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