25 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Make Over It

Bedroom is one of the most comfortable rooms at home where you spend most of your time in it. Aside from being the place to sleep and rest everyday, a bedroom is also the place for you to dress up, work, or spend some quality time with your loved ones. With such functions, can you imagine having a bedroom with a plain and boring appearance? We firmly believe that you can’t stand it and probably, just can’t wait to do some bedroom make over, isn’t it? If that’s the case, then you better sit tight because here we have 25 bedroom decor ideas that will give you inspirations on how you want your bedroom to look like.

The following ideas come in different style, model, ambience and also colors. From minimalist and calming bedroom design to the fresh and energizing ambiance, we have it all. So, let’s jump into the list and find the one that suits you best!

1. Scandinavian White 

Scandinavian White

Raise your hand if you love white! This bedroom decor idea puts forward the element of simplicity for your room. This Scandinavian style has a large window behind your bed that can provide good lighting and also air circulation. This bedroom design is suitable for you who dreams of enjoying the great landscape for city lights or village views.

2. Rustic Contemporary

Rustic Contemporary

This bedroom decor idea accentuates a rustic impression while still highlighting its simple and minimalist appearance. With a contemporary style that chooses the latest furniture items like rustic industrial lamps, this bedroom has a touch of natural, rough, and also casual character. With less use of furniture, this kind of impression gives comfort to some people who loves minimalist lifestyle.

3. Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary

Are you one of those people who prioritize aesthetics? If you are, then this bedroom decor idea is definitely for you. With the selection of a modern contemporary style, this room gives a warm impression while still maintaining its natural look. mMost importantly, this room was also designed to include a balance between the elements of black and while that completes each other.

4. Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

Create your own private sanctuary by having a bohemian chic-style bedroom. As one of the most popular bedroom decor ideas, this style is perfect for those of you who have a sense of freedom to express yourself. With rattan wall decor and earthy orange tone coupled with natural accents, this room is very warm. Not to mention the plants that creates a natural look into the whole ambience.

5. Mid Century modern

Mid Century modern

In this list, we also have bedroom decor ideas for your children’s room. This room has a midcentury-style that emphasizes a combination of natural and manmade materials. With the selection of muted and vibrant colors, as well as minimalist decorations, your child can have the best time playing inside this room. Moreover, the presence of a kid’s bed with a slide became a perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor aspects in one room.

6. Transitional Bedroom

Transitional Bedroom

The style of this room is called transitional style because it combines elements of modern and traditional decor. This bedroom decor idea assimilates modern materials such as steel and glass fused with plush furnishings like a knitted pouf. With a bright blue-yellow tone, this room gives a calm and also relaxing sensation, making it inviting and warm for you.

7. Majestic Industrial

Majestic Industrial

Do you have a large bedroom space and do not want the to be occupied with the complicated process or organizing? Then we suggest this majestic industrial style as your new bedroom decor idea. Dominated by metal and wood, this style is simple with an emphasis on an open space, but comforting and embracing simplicity at the same time.

8. Scandinavian Girl’s Room

Scandinavian Girl’s Room

As an alternative to the Scandinavian style, we present bedroom decor ideas for a girl’s room. Having large windows is the main aspect of this decoration, which will provide good lighting into the room. The presence of blue-pink tones items also makes this room suitable for girls, especially if you choose simple but functional craftsmanship furniture. 

9. Pirate Thematic Kidsroom

Pirate Thematic Kidsroom

Rooms with specific themes such as pirate or sailor are indeed suitable as bedroom decor ideas for boys’ rooms. Featuring a mattress with a boat shape, it also comes with a steering wheel and sail for your little boy to play with. As you can see, this room minimizes the use of wood, but still functional by choosing the right furniture.

10. Industrial minimalist

Industrial minimalist

The key to have a room with minimalist concept is not having unnecessary furniture, just like this bedroom decor idea. This room design looks simple without a full space, so it doesn’t look crowded. The whole design shows an edgy and raw but sumptuous impression that still radiates from this room. Without a doubt, this room will provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation and is breezy all over the room.

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11. Monochrome


For some people, monochrome theme has become their identity. Every single thing in this room, including the furniture, has an off-white color option to adorn this bedroom decor idea. Besides that, all of the items also have a similar shape to display a sophisticated impression embodied in this one room.

12. Beige Minimalist

Beige Minimalist

The white and beige combination does make this room look cleaner. Holding a minimalist style, this room does not have any excessive furniture. The selected items have a sense of functionality and also ultra-clean lines, which gives it a touch of tidiness into the whole ambience. In short, this bedroom design is suitable for those who like cleanliness and good air circulation.

13. Victorian In Teal

Victorian In Teal

This one comes as the opposite of minimalist style, because there are no bright and airy rooms here. You can’t get an airy feel in a Victorian-style bedroom, but you can feel like you in the ear of classic design. As the title implies, this room carries a Victorian-style dominated by teal. Layered fabrics, Victorian Bed style, and also the wooden furniture adorn this entire room. Following the theme of the victorian, the richer, the better.

14. Middle East Style

Middle East Style

The Middle Eastern style is known for its rich colors, luxurious appearance, as well as handmade elements like the beautiful chandelier that adorn it. While carrying luxury, this style does not forget the comfort aspect, since the main function of a bedroom is to become a place to rest. The good news is, you can find all that in this bedroom decor idea. With a brown tone and a traditional pattern, this bedroom will definitely creates a warm and inviting impression.

15. Coastal Style

Coastal Style

Those who love to stay at the beach would love to a a house with a fresh design, which offers a different look and design compared to city house. Adapting to the look and feel of the beach, houses with this theme are called the coastal style. This style is suitable for those of you who live in the tropical islands or areas, which offer you a summer breeze all day long. Beach house’s bedroom usually has a tone of blue and green, and it can be applied in the bedsheet, and it was inspired by the colors of the beach and the sea.

16. Japanese style

Japanese style

The bedroom decor idea has Japanese-style that can be adorned to your bedroom. Simplicity and comfort are the main things offered by this style of bedroom. As pictured above, there is not much furniture available, and there is a place for you to meditate with tatami and pagoda combinations. In addition, the mattress in this style is a floor mattress that adapts to the Japanese people’s habit of sleeping on a folding cushion called a futon.

17. Futuristic minimalist

Futuristic minimalist

Moving on to the next one on the list, we have a futuristic bedroom decor idea for you. The futuristic style is dominated by white and it has unusual and unique furniture with large sizes to decorate your room. Moreover, this floating mattress also emphasizes the futuristic style of the room, too. The simple design plus the free space perfectly give a clean impression into the overall look of this bedroom.

18. French country

French country

Do you like French culture? If you do, then probably this bedroom decor idea will suit your taste perfectly. This French Country style bedroom decor idea combines rustic style and refined decoration, adapting the style of the houses in France. This style is very popular among many people because it gives harmonious comfort with elegant vibes.

19. Grunge Style Decor

Grunge Style Decor - Wattpad
Source: Pinterest (@Wattpad)

Young people are very expressive about everything, including about the decoration of their bedroom. However, for young people who are into grunge style, this grunge style bedroom would be a nice way of self-expression for them. This style puts forward decorations in an empty wall, and turn it into something aesthetic using vinyl disks and posters of your favorite band. Without a doubt, this room decor perfectly describes a young soul full of freedom.

20. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic - Shabby Chic Center
Source: Pinterest (@Shabby Chic Center)

This bedroom decor idea is called the shabby chic style. With vintage items like blankets in floral decorations in a harmonious combination of pastel colors, this style of room is suitable for young girls, especially those who love soft hue tones. After all, emphasizing the feminine side of the room is the perfect identity for young girls.

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21. Fairytale Bedroom

Fairytale Bedroom - Crate and Barrel
Source: Pinterest (@Crate and Barrel)

Having a bedroom with a design that brings you the feeling of being above the clouds is no longer a fantasy. You can have that sensation by a room theme like one. It is a bedroom decor idea for those who like fairytale stories and want to make their dreams come true with the shape of their dream room. The dominant white decoration resembles clouds such as carpets and swings, making it perfect, just like your dream.

22. Space Themed

Space Themed - The Define Bottle Show
Source: Pinterest (@The Define Bottle Show)

Bring the atmosphere of space into your room with this bedroom decor idea. The slightly dark blue tones depict the mystery and elegance of space. This decoration provides comfort for rest, especially at night, with a clearer view of space using a large moon lamp

23. Split Level

Split Level - Casa.com.br
Source: Pinterest (@Casa.com.br)

If you have limited space, then a bedroom decor idea with a split-level style can be a solution. This bedroom is divided into two different levels by having a workspace at the bottom and a bed area at the top. The staircase in the room also connects the two part of the room, decorated with vines for a natural impression.

24. Soccer Fans

Soccer Fans - Vision Bedding
Source: Pinterest (@Vision Bedding)

For some men, soccer is a sport they love wholeheartedly. Some are even very fanatic about this sport as an example for their favorite team. Therefore, this bedroom decor idea is perfect for them, with multi-level shelves as a display for the ball and various attributes of their favorite team.

25. Colorful Bedroom

Colorful Bedroom - Kate Kate Decorates
Source: Pinterest (@Kate Kate Decorates)

The striking color gives a fresh and energizing impression, which of course, can be applied to your bedroom design. Furniture with the right combination of pastel or primary colors creates a harmonization that complements each other. In addition, you can add some unique items like neon signs and eye-catching flamingos for the perfect bedroom decor.

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