25 Top Gifts for Minimalists To Support Their Lifestyle

Simplicity is a life value that is embraced by minimalists. A person who has a minimalist lifestyle prefers items that are simple but functional. Minimalism is more than just simplifying things but more about thinking and behaving. By being a minimalist, you can efficiently reduce the time and stress associated with expensive items.

Do you have a friend who is a minimalist? Or do you want to start adopting a minimalist lifestyle? Sit tight, because we have compiled the perfect items for minimalists. Here is the list of 25 top gifts for minimalists.

Do Minimalists Accept Gifts?

Minimalists receive gifts that have functional value over aesthetic value. However, the thing to remember is not to let your minimalist lifestyle interfere with gratitude for gifts given by others. A gift is a form of love from your family and friends to appreciate the relationship.

Best Minimalist Gifts for Home Interior

The minimalist style house has the concept of simplicity in every decoration. Minimalist people will like items that have several functions simultaneously. The following uncomplicated decorative items are perfect gifts for minimalists.

1. Minimalist Design Metal Clock

Minimalist Design Oversized Metal Clock

A simple masterpiece, which becomes one of the perfect gifts for minimalists home decor. This Double layer 3D Hollow Gold Wall Clock brings a chic yet modern look to your bedroom. Checking the time is no longer boring with this gift for minimalism. In addition, the silent ticking sound of the clock will not disturb your quality of sleep.

2. Minimalistic Roller III Wall Mirror

Minimalistic Roller III Traditional Wall Mirror

Give the most beautiful kind of happiness to your wife who is a true minimalist. Your wife will definitely love the simple abstract design of this gift for minimalists. She will feel comfortable when wearing makeup in front of this cool glass wall. So, experience the sensation of crystal-clear distortion-free reflections by purchasing this extraordinary item!

3. Contemporary LED Lighting Design

Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design

Add a touch of the perfect warmth to your room. Do you need dim and warm light to support your sleep quality everyday? This LED light in a modern minimalist spiral curve will surely amaze you. This gift for minimalists is equipped with a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light level as desired. What a contemporary minimalist item that adds to the artistic aesthetic!

4. TONIAL Accessories Dispenser Toothbrush

Minimalist Embossed White Curved Bathroom Accessories

Don’t neglect your bathroom design! Every room in your home deserves to have the element of elegant minimalist decor. You can put your toiletries in these Minimalist Embossed White Curved Bathroom Accessories. Amazingly, this gift for minimalists has a multi-functional feature too. Moreover, you can place this cool item in the bathroom, bedroom, even in the living room.

5. Corrigan Studio Minimalist Wooden Nightstand

Space-Saving Wooden Nightstand in Minimalist Style

When you finally finished decorating your home into a minimalist style, you may be confused about choosing the right dressing table. That’s why we recommend this perfect nightstand drawer for small spaces. Its compact size is complemented by adequate drawer compartments, so you can store gadgets, cosmetics, accessories, documents, and even bed linen. What a great portable unit!

6. Minimalist Portable Night Light

Minimalist Portable Night Light

Make sure you are accompanied by light in going places so you can get to your destination safely. For that reason, this Minimalist Portable Night Light is the perfect pick, because it features great value for portability. You can take this cylindrical acrylic LED light anywhere you go. Equipped with a motion sensor, this gift for minimalists is ready to enhance your sleep or walking experience.

7. Eastern Rock Minimalist Abstraction

Modern Minimalist Abstraction Vase

If you display a Modern Minimalist Abstraction Vase on your table, be prepared to receive compliments from your guests. This porcelain clay vase offers a simple matte finish that is non-reflective and matte. This gift for minimalists is ideal for family and friends who like modern minimalist vases.

8. Dez 15″ Table Lamp

Dez 15' Table Lamp

Perfect 360-degree geometric roundabout! You will get a calming and pleasant effect in your room if you install the Dez 15″ Table Lamp. The mid-century-inspired design profile makes this item nice to have. It also has a good lighting function. You can pair a light bulb with the appropriate light level based on your personal preferences.

9. CADREA Bar & Counter Stool

CADREA Bar & Counter Stool

Beautify the appearance of the minibar in your home with the CADREA Bar & Counter Stool. A simple chair with four leg supports is suitable as a place to sit to relax with your friends. You can also buy these cool items in bulk if you have a bar business.

10. VIVITEST Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers

VIVITEST Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers

Minimalist people always think about how to take advantage of items as much as possible. This cool item is multi-functional. Calm your body and soul in a minimalist way. A clean white look with wood accents underneath makes VIVITEST Essential Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers a functional decoration. Water molecules are decomposed by this item into a nano-scale cold mist of 0.1-5 microns in diameter. You will definitely get the benefits of aromatherapy for 5 hours non-stop!

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11. Minimalist Table Lamp Black Olivia

Minimalist Table Lamp Black

Constructed in a simple traditional style, the minimalist table lamp black olivia fits perfectly in most homes. The dual function is clearly the main advantage of this cool item. This contemporary lamp features a completely solid black interior and exterior to create a comprehensive source of display and lighting. In conclusion, you can now read books comfortably under this light.

12. Austin 6 Drawer 58” Solid Wood Dresser

Austin 6 Drawer 58'' W Solid Wood Dresser

Great storage functionality is offered by the Austin 6 Drawer 58” W Solid Wood Dresser. This compact size acacia wood wardrobe can store a lot of your belongings. This extraordinary item has 6 compartments, which are ready to keep the items inside safe from temperature and humidity.

13. LED Milton Dixon Minimalist Lamp

LED Milton, Dixon Aluminum Contemporary Minimalist Lamp

A touch of modern technology is now available in minimalist items. The modern contemporary design of this lamp is suitable for the interior of a guest room or resort rental. Besides functioning as a light source, this gift for minimalists can charge your smartphone via a USB port. The integrated LED has a maximum power of 8 watts.

14. 2 Piece Round Coffee Table Set

2 Piece Round Coffee Table Set

Relaxing while enjoying a nice cup of coffee with guests is a fun activity. Bring novelty to your living room with this coffee table with a marble dome pattern and an extraordinary geometric base. A modern minimalist look with extraordinary resilience and stability makes this gift for minimalism worthy of being the main concern in your living room.

15. Acrylic Stand Frameless Makeup Mirror

Acrylic Makeup Mirror for Desk with Stand-Aesthetic Desk

Versatile minimalist abstract mirror. Its unique appearance with high-quality composite wood material make this item the perfect decorative touch. The light reflection function and the image are crystal clear, without even the slightest distortion. So, what are you waiting for? Are you a minimalist? Then order this cool item right away!

16. Tucker Murphy Cat Tree

Minimalist Style Design of Cat Tree Scratch Post

Do you have a favorite cat in your house? Don’t let it scratches hit any decor in your minimalist home. The Minimalist Style Design of Cat Tree Scratch Post offers stunning aesthetics and functionality. Made of sisal rope, felt and particle board providing high quality and safety for your cat’s scratch. In addition, the matte brown and gray colors complete the interior of your room.

17. Spring Minimalist Confetti Mirror

Spring Minimalist Confetti I Accent Mirror

For those of you minimalist women who are young at heart, you will definitely like the Confetti I Minimalist Spring Accent Mirror. This unique design and exclusive technique brings out the spring theme in a beautiful and charming way. You can also dress up in front of this glass comfortably because the reflection of the light is so clear.

18. Wall Mounted Log Splitter

Easy-to-Assemble Wall Mount Corner Shelf

Do you only have a small space to store things? Calm down! Because you don’t have to worry anymore. The Easy-to-Assemble Wall Mounted Corner Shelf is an ideal choice for installation in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even in the office. This wall corner shelf consists of 5 tiers, lightweight yet sturdy. What an attractive and functional minimalist interior addition item!

19. NULOOM RIGO Farmhouse Accent Rug

NULOOM RIGO Hand-Woven Farmhouse Jute Accent Rug

Transform your minimalist living room into a stunning natural atmosphere! Crafted with love from Indian hemp, this gift for minimalists is definitely stands out. You will get the perfect combination of style and durability when ordering this cool item. Moreover, the natural braided texture creates a beach and farmhouse look and feel.

Gifts for Minimalist Guys

Logic and minimalist thinking can be interpreted well by men. If you have a boyfriend or male friend who adheres to minimalism, here are the following extraordinary gifts for minimalists.

20. Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet

Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet

Minimalist men don’t carry a lot of cash in their wallets. Debit cards are the main weapon of men who like a payment system that is not complicated. Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet perfectly holds up to 12 of your cards. Moreover, this gift for minimalists comes with an Integrated Cash Strap that allows you to easily push the card out.

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21. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station

A minimalist man knows very well that every object should function to its full potential. TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station offers great accommodative features. This gift for minimalists can be used as a place to store your items such as wallets, documents, glasses, cellphones, watches, bracelets, keys, and stationery.

22. Minimalist Style Couple Watch

Minimalist Style Waterproof Ultra-thin Couple Watch

For a minimalist man, giving happiness to a partner does not need to be done in a complicated way. So, you can give your girlfriend a minimalist style waterproof ultra-thin couple watch. The straightforward design produces the perfect accessories for a simple but youthful outfit.

Gifts for Minimalist Woman

Minimalist ideas can be applied through a woman’s gentle intuition. The following cool items can reflect a woman’s minimalist feminine style.

23. Minimalist Jewelry Box in Vegan Leather

Minimal Jewelry Box in Vegan Leather by Caitlyn Minimalist

A beautiful jewelry box that offers great value and a minimalist design. Are you often confused about how to store your jewelry collection? Now you can do it with fun, because the compact design makes this gift for minimalists ideal for a minimalist woman.

24. Smashbox Palette Minimalist Ultra Beauty

Smashbox Cover shot Palette Minimalist Ultra Beauty

A minimalist woman appears straightforward. The makeup she uses also reflects the alluring simplicity. Smashbox Cover shot Palette Minimalist Ultra Beauty offers 6 eye shadows and 2 base colors in double size in 1 portable makeup palette. Moreover, you can bring this item to a party to touch up your appearance.

25. Brass Hair Pin Minimalist Jewelry Gift 

Brass Hair Pin Minimalist Jewelry Gift

Gorgeous and simple hairstyles look perfect when neatly tied with these cool copper hair clips. A minimal wavy shape can match the curves and texture of your hair. The gift for this minimalist is a simple yet stunning accessory that is incredibly versatile. You can wear it while relaxing or working.

Final Thoughts

Since we know that a minimalist prefers functionality compared to value, the best way to choose a gift for a special minimalist person in your life is to make sure the gift can support their daily life. One thing that you need to remember, minimalists don’t like to have too many stuff, so it is best to choose an item that will come very useful and can be used for a long period of time.

On the list above, we have a complete options for you who currently looking for the most perfect and functional gift for a minimalist person in your life. Aside from having the best functionality, the items on our list also have great and simple design that all minimalists would really love.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you buy someone who is a minimalist?    

If you plan to give a gift to minimalists, then choose items that have a high use value. You can choose Minimalist Design Oversized Metal Clock or Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design or Space-Saving Wooden Nightstand in Minimalist Style. These three items provide maximum functionality in a minimalist design, which can also be good choice of gifts for minimalists.

What do you buy a minimalist woman?  

Give a simple but elegant beautiful gift for a minimalist female. You can order the Smashbox Cover shot Palette Minimalist Ultra Beauty to achieve these needs. This extraordinary item will fully complement a simple yet elegant woman’s makeup look. So, appreciate every woman’s beauty with the best items.

What do you get minimalists for Christmas Days?  

Everyone will certainly welcome Christmas happily, including a minimalist. You can give them an Easy-to-Assemble Wall Mount Corner Shelf or TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station. These two items are perfect to store all Christmas and New Year gifts for minimalists.

What should you get your minimalist Mom?  

Mothers are the most valuable person in our life. And a minimalist mother likes items that can simply represent love. So, you can order a Minimal Jewelry Box in Vegan Leather by Caitlyn Minimalist or a Brass Hair Pin Minimalist Jewelry Gift, and give it to your mother.

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