Invisible Light Reflective spray

The Invisible Light Reflective spray lets you finally glow in the dark. Literally!

This genius product is a selection of three very easy to apply sprays. Every one has a different purpose. The Light Metallic is suitable for plastic, metal or wood, so you can, for example, spray your bike for riding at night and be sure you enhance your safety by being perfectly lit.

The Invisible Bright one is great for your clothes and makes you visible and reflective when a car is driving by. The last one is called Horse and Pets and I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. Just spray your dog before a night time walk and be sure to never lose sight of the man’s best friend.

It’s not only making you safer but lets you unleash your creative side by making things shiny and awesome. Now you don’t need a diamond suit to glow in the dark. 

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Invisible Light Reflective spray


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