25 Cool Bar Gadgets to Enhance Your Drinking Experience

For some people, spending time drinking their favorite beverages is one of the most exciting things in life. Quite often, they will spend most of their time in public bars, while some choose to do it at their own home bar. However, we all know that any bar would be less fun without cool bar gadgets in it. You will need cool bar gadgets to create your favorite drinks, or to become cool decorations that will enhance the appearance of your bar. After all, who could enjoy the drinks if they don’t use those gadgets, right?

For that reason, you might want to take a look at our recommendations of some cool bar gadgets that you would want to have at home. You might as well find items that you’ve never thought existed. Having these gadgets will not only assist you in creating the most delicious beverages ever. But, these cool bar gadgets will also enhance your drinking experience, as well as escalate the appearance of your home bar. Let’s dig into it!

1. Globe Whiskey Decanter

Cool Bar Gadgets

With its cool and chic design, this globe whiskey decanter comes as an excellent bar accessories that make perfect gift. It will also become a cool item to have for your own home bar as well. You will find a fancy-looking ship inside the bottle, which will make your drinking time more exciting and enjoyable. Also, this beautiful piece is perfect for all beverages, starting from brandy, cocktail, vodka, or even just a simple homemade juice.

2. Personalized Ice Cube Stamp

Cool Bar Gadgets

Make your cocktails more enchanting with this personalized ice cube stamp. You are free to decide the design. To give you an example, use your initial or a bar logo made by yourself. Furthermore, you can also present this to your beloved person as a lovely bar accessory gift. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the ordinary ice cube!

3. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine


This cool bar gadget is suitable for you who want to enjoy the perfect cocktail at home, but don’t want to bother to do the measuring and other complicated stuff. When you use this machine, you only need to insert the cocktail capsule and then select your preferred strength. After pressing the mix button, your best-tasted cocktail will be ready in seconds. It’s like a cheat code, isn’t it?

4. LED Wine Champagne Flute Glasses


When you’re planning to throw a party at your bar, then you surely need home bar accessories that will fit the party as well. These champagne flute glasses are equipped with LED lights, which are the best features that can also be used to light up the bar atmosphere. Furthermore, this set of 6 glasses makes it possible for you to celebrate the party outdoors without worrying about continuing the excitement until dark.

5. Personalized Home Bar Sign

Cool Bar Gadgets

If you think your bar is too plain, just get this personalized sign as it is one of the best decor items for a home bar. Moreover, having a distinctive sign would instantly add personality to your bar as well. You can select the size, layout, and personalization of text based on your preference. Also, there is a huge choice of colors that you can pick. Hang it on the bar wall so that this neon sign will absolutely draw everyone’s attention.

6. Personalized Bar Dispenser

Cool Bar Gadgets

Confused about what cool bar gadgets to get for your boyfriend? If so, then you should consider this bar dispenser! It can hold bottles of various sizes up to 1 liter and has a simple twist valve that will make it easier to use without spillages. Since it can be personalized, everyone will know this bar dispenser is made just for him.

7. Personalized Bar Snacks Display

Cool Bar Gadgets

You certainly cannot leave the snacks out of your home bar. Hence, you may need this snack display to store your favorites. This can be personalized too if you want. For instance, use the name of your bar. Make sure to pick the right size too as it comes in 3 different size options. Moreover, this is one of the things for a home bar that everyone wants.

8. Home Bar Accessory Cocktail Tools

Cool Bar Gadgets

If you are a traveler who cannot spend a day without drinking, or maybe you have an upcoming long trip and have been worrying that you can’t find a bar there, this is your answer! It is a handcrafted leather bartender roll that features 16 different slots and pockets to keep your bar tools. With 2 vegetable-tanned leather straps, it provides security and will make it easy for you to carry all of your bar tools everywhere.

9. The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche

The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche

Some people love a smoked cocktail. If you are one of them, you might want to add this cool bar gadget to your bar. The Gourmet’s smoking cloche is easy to use, so feel free to experiment with this and make your own drinks or dishes creations. You just need to fill the gun with your chosen food and smoke it directly. Be it woodchips, herbs, or spices, your drinks will taste way more flavorful. It is definitely one of the must-have things for a home bar.

10. Stone Drink Dispenser

Cool Bar Gadgets

Nothing can beat the coolness of this stone dispenser. It is crafted from rough-hewn and cobbled granite with stainless steel tap. Thus, you don’t need to question its beauty anymore. There is also a custom plug to make the refilling process easier without spilling it over. Definitely has a function that is just as good as its design. All in all, this one cool bar gadget will effortlessly be a hot topic among your guests, so get it now!

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11. Beer Chilling Coasters

Cool Bar Gadgets

Beer tastes best when it’s cold. That’s why having chilling coasters is necessary. The rock material of this set is elegant and will bring up the look of your bar. Besides, it has a foam-clad bottom, so there won’t leave scratches on the table. It’s also useful to prevent sippers from drinking the wrong beverages as each one has a different stone variety. But you do know that it won’t be cold on its own, right? Therefore, remember to put this in your fridge first before using it.

12. Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set

Cool Bar Gadgets

You won’t stay long at your home bar without some food, won’t you? Then, you should have this set of bamboo tabletops to complete your home bar accessories. Each of them has holes cut into the corner for resting onto wine bottle necks. After all, there are always plenty of wine bottles at your home bar. So why don’t you reuse it to try this genius idea?

13. Barbox Mixology & Bartending Kit with Standing

Cool Bar Gadgets

You don’t need to crack your brain when thinking about what bar accessories gift you should get for the one who loves to drink, because you can always give them this kit. It includes 17 pieces of bartending tools that makes everyone feel like they are a professional bartender. Decorate the beautiful light rustic wood box with your own personalization to make it more special for them!

14. Vampire Wine Glass

Cool Bar Gadgets

Can’t drink your cocktail comfortably because you forgot where your straw is? Well, say no more. This vampire wine glass allows you to sip your drink without using a straw since its unique design has a built-in straw. Moreover, it also holds 300 ml of liquid and there are three size options that you can choose. Use these cute cocktail accessories while drinking with your friend as they will add fun to your wine nights.

15. Automatic Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Opener

Cool Bar Gadgets

Struggling to open a bottle is definitely not cool. Therefore, you must have an automatic bottle opener in your home bar to make your life easier. Because it is magnetic, you can disclose the bottle pretty quick and effortlessly without leaving any damage or deformation on the cap. Thus, it is best for you who love to collect bottle caps of your drinks.

16. Rotating Cocktail Shaker Set

Rotating Cocktail Shaker Set

Are you looking for cocktail accessories for your new home bar? Take our suggestion to purchase this cocktail shaker set because it has everything you need for creating your best drinks. From a set of Boston Shakers to the cocktail recipe cards, it’s all here. Plus, the 360° rotating stand design will also give you a neat look to your home bar without taking too much space.

17. Costway Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand

Cool Bar Gadgets

For you who love vintage look, this wine bar stand must be on your wishlist! With the fine gumwood construction and its stunning globe design, it will make your home bar feel warmer. Beside that, it has 4 rooms and 2 shelves for wines and glasses of different sizes. One of those cool bar gadgets that can fulfill your needs as well as adorn your home bar. Ready to take this home?

18. Electric Wine Decanter and Dispenser


Want a cool bar gadget that can make you pour wine into your glass without any effort? This electric wine decanter must be invented for you. Forget about straightening up and physically pouring the wine since you can do it only by pushing the button on top. The machine will magically do its thing to serve you the perfectly aerated wine. To make it even better, it is provided with a self-cleaning device so you don’t need to sweat out cleaning it after use.

19. Guzzle Buddy the Ultimate Wine Glass


Do you enjoy drinking right from the bottle but don’t want to look less classy? In that case, you should make sure this ultimate wine glass is available at your bar. Snap it to your favorite bottle of wine, and you are ready to savor your drink without any inconvenience. You can bring a couple or more of these to a drinking event and consider giving them away to your friends who may need this, too!

20. Coca-cola Retro Vending Machine


If there is a friend or maybe a family member who’s been a Coca-cola memorabilia collector, this vending machine is best for them. Other than cute, this is also a functional home bar accessory, since it is capable of storing up to 10 Coca-cola or your desired canned drinks and keeping them cold. Such a smart choice if you want to add retro style to your minibar.

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21. Home Wine Rack Wall-Mounted


A cool bar gadget like this wine rack is perfect for you who always wanted a tidy and spotless home bar. It uniquely combines the functions of a wine rack, glass holder, wall-mounted storage rack, and beverage dispenser. Made of pine wood with a thickness of 15 mm, the right shelf has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 33 lbs. While the left side of this versatile rack is equipped with 4 wine dispensers for bottles of 0.7-1 liter.

22. Home Bar Soda Dispenser

Cool Bar Gadgets

Make your home bar kids-friendly by adding a soda dispenser to it. With this, you should not worry about kids spilling the beverages all over the place, because they won’t need to pour the soda into their glasses. It fits easily on a wide variety of bottles and is proper to use on many occasions as well. So, feel free to bring this cool bar gadget to a picnic or any outdoor party.

23. Outdoor Bar Table Storage

Outdoor Bar Table Storage

Needless to say, you need a table and storage for your bar. But what if we merge the two, so you can meet both needs with just one item? This bar table storage can do it! You may use the top for placing the glasses and any other things, like side food or snacks. The storage at the bottom can hold a lot of bottles and keep the ice solid for hours, so you can always relish your drinks cold. Best to use for outdoor summer events!

24. Cocktail Mixing Sticks Set

Cocktail Mixing Sticks Set

Smoothly serve your drinks incredibly cute by using these cocktail accessories. It comes in a set of 10, each with a different colorful drink miniature. Because it is made from acrylic materials, the quality must be sturdy and durable. With an approximate length of 23 cm, these sticks will not only act as a decoration since you can use them to stir your homemade cocktails.

25. Stemless Aerating Wine Glass Set of 2

Cool Bar Gadgets

Before drinking wine, you undoubtedly need to aerate it to enhance your drinking experience. This glass has a design that provides aerating ability, which makes your wine release its beautiful flavors and aromas. It also feels like giving yourself a relaxing show whenever you pour wine into this glass as you can see liquid gushing from the holes in the central vessel. You can also use that small vessel to put some ice to chill your beverages.

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What are the best personalized cool bar gadgets?

A personalized sign must be included if we are talking about the best personalized cool bar gadgets. It will not only make your bar prettier but also give it a personality. The other best item for this category is this bar dispenser because look at it! Its appearance is so fine and it is one of the best gifts anyone could ask for.

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