25 Unique Cocktail Glasses You Should Buy

Do you ever wonder why spending the after hours drinking cocktails in a lounge or bar is much more enjoyable and different, rather than doing it at home? One important factor is because the cocktail glass you have at home is not the glass that you’ll find in a lounge. It’s actually quite normal for lounges or bars to choose the most unique cocktail glasses in serving drinks to their guests while enjoying the relaxing ambience through the glass. Each cocktail is served in different glasses, and that’s probably why you’ll feel recharged and refreshed after a relaxing night at the bar.

Now, you also can create the ambience of your favorite lounge by getting new and unique cocktail glasses at home. We have curated a list of 25 unique cocktail glasses to give you ideas, and you can get the perfect one to be your drinking companion at home.

1. Bling Martini Glasses

Bling Martini Glasses

Imagine having a cocktail served in this elegant glass after a hectic day at work. You can definitely unleash your anxiety by enjoying a glass of martini with a touch of luxury, since the design of this glass is amazingly elegant, sleek and glamorous, perfect for a sophisticated woman like yourself. We understand if you already feel like enjoying a cocktail in a fine bar, only by looking at the picture, right?

2. Pair of smartie dot coupe glasses

Pair of smartie dot coupe glasses

Who doesn’t like this small and colorful polkadot glass? A pair of smartie dot cocktail glasses will make you cherish every moment while drinking your favorite cocktail at home. Besides, you can invite your best friend to drink together on weekends and watch a movie that you can re-watch a thousand times. 

3. Nordic Vertical Cocktail Glass

Nordic Vertical Cocktail Glass

It is time to enjoy your Pina Colada with this cute yet modern cocktail glass. Forget about your task and deadline for a while. Enjoy your favorite drink and feel the pattern of this Nordic vertical cocktail glass. Although it is small, it is still easy and steady to hold. Also, you can choose the size or buy a set to get two pieces of the glasses in different styles. 

4. Twisted Spiral Stem Cocktail Glasses

Twisted Spiral Stem Cocktail Glasses

No one can deny this pretty cocktail glass. Come up with the twisted spiral stem, so you can bring and enjoy your favorite gin in an elegant way. Since the glass is handcrafted, these green glass stems will make these pieces stand out at any event. See the best gin you are craving for this weekend, and don’t forget to ‘cheers’ before drinking and release your stress now!

5. 2 pcs Bird Champagne Glass

2 pcs Bird Champagne Glass

Look at this cute bird cocktail glass set! You can fill it with mojito to welcome your weekend with your sweetheart at home. This cocktail glass set fits best for the love birds. It is not only cute but also elegant and there is a touch of luxury on it. Turn on the not so upbeat music on Friday night, and drink the mojito to call it the day. 

6. Old Fashioned Glasses

Old Fashioned Glasses

For some men, having an old fashioned glass to drink the favorite one is a must. Usually men who has no issues with the the look of this classic glass. As long as the glass is still functional and can serve the drink properly, you can get one shot or more all night long. 

7. Atlas Crystal 10.8 Oz Cocktail Glass

Atlas Crystal 10.8 Oz Cocktail Glass

Showcase your favorite cocktail when you invite your girlfriend for a drink together. This fashionable set contains two pieces of cocktail glasses. Since it is made of 100% lead free crystal, this glass is super safe to serve your drinks. The unique and perfect craftsmanship of this glass creates the best ambience of a home bar.  

8. Champagne Goblet for Ladies Night Party Bar

Champagne Goblet for Ladies Night Party Bar

TGIF! It is time to invite your besties to your house and drink The Bloody Mary together after hectic weekdays. Since it is ladies night, the glass you use to serve the drink should be as sexy as the participants, right? Then, you should get the new glasses like this goblet before the party starts. 

9. Carre Square Unique Elegant Off Base Design

Carre Square Unique Elegant Off Base Design

Surprise your boyfriend by inviting him to drink at your home or apartment. Since these clear cocktail glasses are unique and sturdy, you can pour the cocktail or whiskey for your boyfriend. The modern design fits the theme of your kitchen or home bar as well. 

10. Modern Bar-Tiki Cocktail Glasses

Modern Bar-Tiki Cocktail Glasses

Recharge your body and mind this weekend by enjoying the Singapore sling with your best friend. Create the best drink with these modern bar-tiki cocktail glasses. The design is quirky yet fun. Also, there are 4 pieces of glasses in one set, so no need to buy additional glasses if your gang consists of 4 persons. 

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11. Martini Glasses with Attractive Colorful Base

Martini Glasses with Attractive Colorful Base

Usually, cocktail glasses are not dishwasher safe since the design is unique, complicated and does not fit in the dishwasher machine. But swipe away your worry since this cocktail glass set is dishwasher safe, made from a solid elegant base, hence you can feel how sturdy it is. Since the set contains six pieces of glasses, you can call your best mates to enjoy the martini together. 

12. 10pcs Set – Can Shaped Glass

10pcs Set - Can Shaped Glass

Never say no to the home party because you can prepare the best party at your own home by getting these can-shaped cocktail glasses to serve the drink to your guests. The set contains 10 pieces. So you can calculate how many sets you should buy according to the participants that will come. It is time to say ‘cheers’ for the best party on the weekend by drinking the cocktail on these unique glasses. 

13. Old Fashioned Glasses with Luxury Box

Old Fashioned Glasses with Luxury Box

These old fashioned cocktail glasses fit as special gifts for your special person as well. Since it is wrapped in a luxurious box, so no need to buy an additional gift box to give this sleek set. This set is hand blown from the finest ultra clear lead-free crystal giving them maximum clarity and brilliance. No reason to skip this one. 

14. Watercolor Glasses

Watercolor Glasses

Held an outdoor party with a beach theme with your family and friends? Then you should get this watercolor cocktail glass set for your event. The color fits for the theme. You can pour your favorite drink and feel refreshed while drinking it. For instance, mojito, martini, or Singapore sling inside the glass. 

15. Cheers To You Cocktail Kit

Cheers To You Cocktail Kit

Get the perfect ‘me time’ for yourself after you finally finish the weekdays without any delayed task. This unique cocktail glass comes with vanilla ginger and sprinkle that you can create based on your preference. This cute cocktail kit is perfect for spending your leisure time. 

16. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4

Mentioning the unique cocktail glass will never be complete unless you include this tequila glass. You may think the pink comes from the painting, and yep, you are wrong indeed. These tequila glasses are hand-carved from Himalaya salt. A very unique but still practical to spice up your favorite tequila this Saturday. 

17. Etched Champagne Flutes – Set of 2

Etched Champagne Flutes - Set of 2

Dying to make your cocktail glass more personal that only you and your spouse can use it? Then, you should personalize the glasses right here. Use the traditional method to paint your glass, and hence the result is one-of-a-kind but still somehow aesthetic. Surprise your partner by serving his favorite drink using this new set of glass. 

18. Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware – Set of 2

Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware - Set of 2

Enjoy the eccentric yet useful design of these Bloody Mary glasses. Since Bloody Mary is one of most-famous cocktails to drink, then this set fits best as a gift for your friend who loves Bloody Mary that much, but has no idea how to create it. Get this and see how she/he will be thankful for having you in their life. 

19. Stemless Gold Glasses Novelty Cocktail

Stemless Gold Glasses Novelty Cocktail

A casual drink time will be more fun but still elegant with this set of cocktail glasses. Besides, this set is perfect for celebrating the promotion of your career, birthday or as a special gift for your besties. In addition, the gold dots and lines add the luxurious and sparkle to your drink. 

20. Cocktail Highball Glasses Set 

Cocktail Highball Glasses Set 

A clean yet sophisticated design of this set makes it perfect as a Christmas or Valentine’s day gift. Through the simplicity, you can create the best ambience of drinking time. Enjoy the Gin with this one and get the perfect vibe ever. 

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21. Creative Beautiful Cocktail Glass

Creative Beautiful Cocktail Glass

This unique cocktail glass cannot be missed! Serve your drink with this globe shaped cocktail glass and you will feel like sitting in the most luxurious bar in town. Between Martini, Mojito or Negroni, you can choose your favorite to accompany your night. 

22. Highball Glasses Set Of 6 – 14 Oz

Highball Glasses Set Of 6 - 14 Oz

The design of this glass looks like mermaid or unicorn colors. Hence it fits best for ladies night. Let’s invite your besties and spend the Friday night together by enjoying your favorite drink ever! Time to create the best cocktail with the girls!

23. Mezcal & Tequila Infusion Glassware Set

Mezcal & Tequila Infusion Glassware Set

If you like to perform some drinking experiments to make cocktails using tequila, herbs and fruits, then this glassware set will fit your needs. It is made with skilled artisans in places like Mexico, Morocco, and Thailand to bring a level of authenticity to their products that’s hard to find anywhere else. It not only creates the new flavor for your drink, but also different experiences you can taste. 



Nothing’s better than a sip your favorite cocktails through the glass that is engraved with your initial name as the design. This personalized cocktail glass fits perfectly to drink pina colada on the summer afternoon. 

25. Insulated Double Walled Cocktail Glasses

Insulated Double Walled Cocktail Glasses

Pouring the drink inside the insulated wall glass will make the ice cubes take a longer time to melt. Also, the design is modern and advanced to serve any drink such as margarita, negroni or martini inside. A compact and beautiful design, so no need to re-think about grabbing this one, right? 

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to enjoy your favorite cocktails is without a doubt, by using a nice cocktail glass. The best way to find the best cocktail glasses is by knowing your taste and preference. There are plenty options of cocktail glasses from the classic ones to those with a more out-of-the-box design. However, there is no limit when it comes to having cocktail glasses. So if you just can’t decide which one to choose from our list, then you can always have two, or three, for sure!

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What is an old fashioned cocktail glass?

The old fashioned cocktail glass can be called a lowball glass. Usually, the base of this drink uses whiskey, then the bartender will add the ice cubes, garnish and any other based on the customer’s preference. The old fashioned cocktail glass fits for the men who want to enjoy the drink only without having to think much about the design of glass.

What size glass is best for cocktails?

Without using the ice cubes, the size of glass that fits best for cocktails is 3 and 6 ounces. The bartender can pour the drink neatly and in the right amount. Also, the combination between the base, garnish and extra addition will blend perfect through this size of glass. 

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