25 Amazing Viking Gifts for Him

In the medieval era, Vikings roamed the earth and hijacked everything they wanted to. Through the 8th until the 11th century, Vikings dominated a huge portion of Europe. They also explored the Mediterranean, North Africa, North America, and the Middle East. Currently, Vikings are history. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate their cool role in human’s history.

Vikings are more than just pirates who loved to drink. They worshipped the Norse gods and believed that they needed to fight in order to reach Valhalla. They also have some dope weapons and armor too. If your loved ones really like the Vikings, you might want to find some unique Viking gifts for him. We’re going to help you find cool sculptures, all arts, decorations, and Viking shirts. Let’s start the list. 

Viking Sculptures

Vikings have a unique appearance that will be good in a sculpture. Besides, you can also buy a replica of some of their weapons and equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the best sculptures that you can get as Viking gifts for him. 

1. Customized Viking Axe Replica

Customized Viking Axe Replica

Vikings have some vintage axes that are so cool. In this particular axe, you also will get some cool Nordic logos engraved on the axe. Plus, you can also request your initials to be engraved on the axe. This axe will fit perfectly in your loved one’s collection. 

2. Odin Sculpture

Odin Sculpture

Vikings worshipped Odin as the Almighty God who will lead them during Ragnarok. It makes so much sense to include an Odin sculpture in our list of Viking gifts for him. Here, you’ll get a replica of Paul Borda’s original sculpture of the All-Father Odin. It looks so similar to the original one!

3. Sruiluo Odin Sculpture

Sruiluo Odin Sculpture

One Odin sculpture may not be enough for your boyfriend. Perhaps he will be satisfied if you include this sculpture as part of your Viking gifts for him. This is a nice tribute to the All-Father God. It will be a nice decoration for the living room or as a garden décor.  

4. Freyja Altar Sculpture

Freyja Altar Sculpture

Freyja is the goddess of love and beauty. She is the wife of Odin, and a beloved goddess that was worshipped by the Vikings. This awesomely-detailed sculpture is the perfect choice to accompany an Odin statue. Go and get one for your boyfriend. 

5. Scandinavian Viking Vessel Sculpture

Scandinavian Viking Vessel Sculpture

In the Medieval era, Vikings did not have the luxury of travelling by air. Instead, they raid their enemies by sea. They used cool vessels to accomplish their task. This Viking vessel sculpture perfectly portrays what a Viking ship looked like. It will be a good addition to a Viking collection.

6. Vikings Helmet Skull Sculpture

Vikings Helmet Skull Sculpture

This is the perfect gift for boys who love Viking-related items for their collections. It is so highly detailed and looks so real. Add a menacing aura to your boyfriend’s home by buying him this awesome sculpture immediately. 

7. Horned Viking Helmet Sculpture

Horned Viking Helmet Sculpture

Some of you may prefer an empty Viking helmet sculpture without any skull. If that’s the case, then you would want to buy this awesome helmet instead to complete the collection. Please bear in mins that this helmet cannot be worn on your head, but it will make a nice display as a home decoration. 

8. Viking King and Pet Sculpture

Viking King and Pet Sculpture

During their heyday, Viking must have amassed a lot of fortunes. You can only imagine what their leaders must be feeling. Certainly, they will look as wise and powerful as this amazing sculpture shows. Go and get one for your boyfriend. We’d guarantee that they will immediately display this together with their entire Viking collections. 

9. Viking Soldiers in Battle Sculpture

Viking Soldiers in Battle Sculpture

After partying all night, Vikings need to make sure that they are ready for their next battle. This beautiful sculpture is the best statue that is able to depict their pose while engaging their enemies. You should consider buying this amazing sculpture along with the Viking king that we have mentioned previously. 

Vikings Wall art and Home Décor

After taking a look at some of the best Viking sculptures, let’s move on to wall arts and home decoration. These Viking-related items will surely fill up your boyfriend’s home nicely. Take a look and consider buying some items as Viking gifts for him. 

1. Old Viking Map of England Wall Art

Old Viking Map of England Wall Art

The England that you’ve come to recognize is nothing like its Medieval era version. This rare map shows England in the 5th and 6th century, during the rule of the Seven Viking Kings. There are various sizes that you can choose, so be sure to pick one that will fit nicely to your boyfriend’s wall. 

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2. Yggdrasil Tree Night Lamp

Yggdrasil Tree Night Lamp

The Norse religion believed that all things stamp from Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. It connects earth to the other eight realms, such as Asgard and Niflheimr. To honor that sacred tree, you can buy this awesome night lamp. Watch how bright this lamp will shine during night time. 

3. Elder Futhark Runes Print

Elder Futhark Runes Print

In contrary to popular belief, Vikings did not use the English language for their daily conversation. Instead, they use the old Elder Futhark alphabet as part of their writings. To honor that history, you may want to purchase this printing that includes all the Elder Futhark alphabet



During their wild parties, Vikings loved to drink with this unique horn. If you want to feel like a Viking, you can buy one and try it yourself. Besides, it will also look nice as a home decoration. 

5. SPHET Viking’s Beer Mug

SPHET Viking’s Beer Mug

This beer mug is another antiquity that Vikings use as a drinking tool. It can be used to drink, and it will also be a good decoration for your loved one’s vintage-themed home. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this iconic mug. 

6. Yggdrasil Wooden Wall Décor

Yggdrasil Wooden Wall Décor

If your loved one really enjoys the Tree of Life night lamp that we have offered before, there’s a big possibility that he will also fancy this cool wooden wall décor. The four-piece set is inspired by Yggdrasil and it is the perfect decoration for the living room.

7. Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings Movie Quote Wall Art

Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings Movie Quote Wall Art

Most Viking lovers must have enjoyed the hit series Vikings. The main character, Ragnar is one of the best heroes with many motivational quotes. If your boyfriend loved the show, you really need to buy him this cool Vikings wall art. 

8. Siegfrid and Fafnir Set of Wood Décor

Siegfrid and Fafnir Set of Wood Décor

According to the Nordic legend, Sigurd (or Siegfrid) is a legendary hero that is known to slay the dragon Fafnir. This event is described in the epic poem The Nibelungenlied. If your loved one digs this kind of history, you might want to consider buying a Siegfrid and Fafnir set of wooden decoration. 

There are a lot of Viking-related shirts that you can find as Viking gifts for him. On this list, we’re going to be offering some cool shirts with Vikings on it. Plus, we’re going to bring up some beautiful apparels to accompany those shirts.

1. Viking Adult Costume

Viking Adult Costume

Viking suits will always be welcomed on Halloween and other special occasions. If you’re looking for a dope Viking costume, you may want to consider this particular cosplay shirt. Your boyfriend will surely look so cool and handsome in this shirt. 

2. Viking Hoodie

Viking Hoodie

Vikings never have the pleasure of wearing hoodies as their fashion style. However, it doesn’t mean that people cannot shape hoodies with some Medieval style. This awesome hoodie is proof of it, and you should definitely own one. 

3. Ragnarok Training Dept Shirt

Ragnarok Training Dept Shirt

Vikings are always in a constant battle with others. They are prepared to face Ragnarok, or the end days as we call it. If you’re going to participate in the world-ending event, you better train yourself. But make sure that you wear this awesome shirt while you do that. 

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4. Loki Shirt

Loki Shirt

We have mentioned the great Thor before. Now, it’s time to talk about his mischievous brother Loki. He is really cunning and deceitful. But if you like him, we guarantee that you’ll like this shirt too. Below, you can see his name in the Rune alphabet. 

5. Viking Festival Robe

Viking Festival Robe

After a long and hard battle, Vikings will often celebrate in parties. They won’t wear their armor, though. Instead, they will wear exclusive robes to attend those events. If you’d like one, you can buy it here!

6. HZMAN Leather Bracelet

HZMAN Leather Bracelet

Fancy a Viking wristband? If that’s the case, then we’d like to recommend this cool bracelet. Its design is heavily inspired by the Tree of Life, and it definitely will look cool on you and your boyfriend’s wrist. Tell you what, why don’t you buy a pair for the both of you?

7. LOOYAR Horned Viking Helmet

LOOYAR Horned Viking Helmet

We have brought up some Viking helmets that will look cool as a decoration. But if you want a fully wearable helmet, then you should opt to buy this amazing helmet. It looks so dope and you’ll look like one of those cool warriors. 

8. Viking Leather Bracelet

Viking Leather Bracelet

Vikings loved to wear bracelets as their good luck charm. They believed that their Gods would look out after them during their battles. Whether you want to believe it or not, you can’t deny that this bracelet still looks beautiful. Purchase one as a gift for your boyfriend. 

9. Thor’s Hammer Sculpture

Thor’s Hammer Sculpture

You may know Thor as a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that character is hugely inspired by the Nordic god of thunder. He also wields his iconic hammer, Mjolnir. This vintage pendant is a nice tribute to the real Mjolnir that Thor wields. Its vintage looks will be a perfect match for your boyfriend too. 

Final Thoughts

A boyfriend who loves the Viking would be thrilled to have the Viking gifts on his special days, including his birthday. If you plan on giving your boyfriend a cool Viking gift for his birthday this year, don’t worry because we are here to help you with that. We have a list of the most recommended Viking gifts like the Viking’s beer mug, festival robe, leather bracelet and also several Viking’s home decorations that your boyfriend would really love to have. However, we would recommend that you dig a little insights on what your boyfriend’s currently want and love. Therefore it will be a lot easier for you to choose the best item from our list above.

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