25 Best Mini Rice Cookers

The multifunctional aspect makes rice cookers essential to our daily lives. As one of our main source of carbohydrates, rice can definitely makes a great dish if properly cooked using a rice cooker, both large or mini rice cookers. In general, a rice cooker consists of a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. If you wonder whether a rice cooker can cook other dishes instead of just rice, then the answer is definitely yes! It can cook lots of dishes, for instance an oatmeal for breakfast, steamed vegetables, or a small portion of chicken and fish.

Talking about size, you can easily find the standard or small-size rice cookers out there. Let’s focus on the small one for now. Small rice cookers are perfect for travel or picnic purpose. Even better, it’s also perfect for singles who still live alone. If you’re looking for a small and compact rice cooker, either for you or as a gift for friend, we have curated a list of 25 best mini rice cookers for grab.

1. Kawaii Mini Rice Cooker Thermal Heating Electric

Kawaii Mini Rice Cooker Thermal Heating Electric

In Japanese, kawaii means beautiful. And the definition of beautiful in particular is perfectly reflected in this Kawaii mini rice cooker. Minimalist design with adorable soft colors are two best features of this mini rice cooker. In terms of design, what else do you possibly need from mini rice cookers? So, if you’re planning a picnic with the kids this weekend? Don’t forget to bring this adorable rice cooker with you.

2. Heart-shaped Mini Rice Cooker

Heart-shaped Mini Rice Cooker

Cook with love! Heart-shaped Rice Cooker Smart Mini Rice Cooker will add to your love of cooking in an instant. You will fall in love with the charming pink heart shape of this best mini rice cooker. The arc heating plate is a unique selling point to be proud of. You can warm or steam food evenly with this best feature.

3. Mini Rice Cooker Nonstick Machine Double Layer Hot Pot 

Mini Rice Cooker Nonstick Machine Double Layer Hot Pot

Do you like to keep your hands full every morning while preparing meals for the kids? Then this mini rice cooker will be a nice addition to the collection of your kitchen utensils. It’s not only comes as a solution to prepare your meals faster, because this Nonstick Machine Double Layer Hot Pot also comes in an adorable design to make your kitchen look more colorful. Moreover, this cool item is also equipped with power off at high temperatures to prevent dry burning.

4. 1.6L Multifunction Stainless Steel Mini Electric Cooker

1.6L Multifunction Stainless Steel Mini Electric Cooker

The 1.6L Multifunction Stainless Steel Mini Electric Cooker offers the perfect multifunction features. This mini rice cooker is so simple that you can simply use one single button to turn on and off this cooker. The super compact size makes it extra handy and easy-to-carry. So if you’re a female college student who’s about to start your college life by staying in campus dormitories or boarding houses, then this mini rice cooker is for you.

5. MISHCDEA 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker Steamer

MISHCDEA 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker Steamer

Make your cooking activities with your daughter a lot more enjoyable with this mini rice cooker. Put this item on your cart and be prepared to have this on your doorstep along with a removable non-stick cooking pot, rice paddle, tempered glass lid, and also a measuring cup in one order. Moreover, the non-stick pot feature allows you to cook your daughter’s favorite sponge cake without any sticking issues. So, have a delightful cooking dash, moms!

6. TFCFL 2-Layers Electric Food Warmer Mini Rice Cooker

 TFCFL 2-Layers Electric Food Warmer Mini Rice Cooker

Do you need your mini rice cooker to feature multiple compartments to keep your meals warm for hours? Then this mini rice cooker comes as the answer to your wish. You can place two kinds of food in this cool mini rice cooker. In short, this one offers a simple mini rice cooker with extra functions. Made of stainless steel, this item can also maintain the quality of your food during the heating process.

7. CMCNCBC Mini Rice Cooker

CMCNCBC Mini Rice Cooker

Are you still single? or do you live alone in an apartment? Then this CMCNCBC Mini Rice Cooker is the best item for be the newest addition to your kitchen! The 1.2L capacity makes this rice cooker suitable for office workers with tight schedule, because it has a fast-cooking feature. So cooking your favorite rice can be done in an instant with this item. Sturdy construction with eight-firm corners makes this item strong and durable.

8. Dash 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker

Dash 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker

A bright red that stands out! Make your neighbors jealous of you when you cook your rice using this mini rice cooker. The Dash 2 Cup Mini Rice Cooker is the number 1 pan for cooking all kinds of dishes. And you know what? Also, you can cook a lot more that just rice, soups, or stews. You can cook other delicious dishes, too! To give you an added value, you will automatically get a recipe guide with 14 delicious foods if you buy this cooker. So wait no more, make this mini rice cooker yours right away!

9. DMWD Mini Rice Cooker 1.6L Car Trucks Cooking Machine

DMWD Mini Rice Cooker 1.6L Car Trucks Cooking Machine

Do you work as a truck driver and often drive long distance? Don’t let your stomach growl while driving because it’s longing for food! Now you can take your favorite rice and side dishes with you on your trips. This mini rice cooker has a capacity of 1.6L of rice in a portable size container. So what are you waiting for? Start your truck engine right away and don’t forget to take this cool item with you!

10. Mini Rice Cooker By C&H Solutions

Mini Rice Cooker By C&H Solutions

An ergonomic hook is very convenient to carry everywhere. The Mini Rice Cooker By C&H Solutions offers great portability for the active traveler and business worker. This cool item includes lids, food trays, nonstick inner pots, and metal bodies. If you order this best rice cooker then you can cook nutritious, affordable, and hearty meals the way you want.

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11. HOMCORT 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker

HOMCORT 1.2L Mini Rice Cooker

Great one-stop service! This best mini rice cooker can act as a soup maker, rice cooker, stir fryer, egg cooker, food warmer, cake maker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, and the list can go on. You won’t get as many features in the compact size of other rice cookers. The portability of this item is supported by a detachable power cord. What a stunning multifunctional item!

12. TINKSKY 1pc Mini Rice Cooker

mini rice cookers

High-quality Aluminum alloy material with integral pot and non-stick shell are the main features offered by this rice cooker, which is one of the best mini rice cookers in this list. This item features an adequate and safe electrical power for simple purposes. Moreover, it also has a futuristic box design that makes this cool item a worthy addition to your kitchen utensils.

13. Mini Rice Cooker Car Truck Soup Porridge Cooking Machine

mini rice cookers

The best rice cooker with a capacity of 2L is ready to be your loyal travel companion. The portable size with a universal power jack makes this item easy to carry in your car. Although it’s a mini-sized rice cooker, it can accommodate the needs of rice for 3-4 people. What a cool item suitable for young families!

14. Mini Rice Cooker Thermal Heating Electric

mini rice cookers

Do you like spicy food? Are you worried that your spicy food will go stale and smell bad? Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Mini Rice Cooker Thermal Heating Electric provides premium quality stainless steel cooking bowls to preserve your favorite foods in a sophisticated way.

15. TLOG Mini Rice Cooker 2 Cups Uncooked

TLOG Mini Rice Cooker 2 Cups Uncooked

Great ease of use! This cool rice cooker is easy to use with a button control panel and LED indicator light. You won’t miss the ideal time to cook rice. This best mini rice cooker is equipped with a pre-set timer so you can delay cooking time until you are ready. Snooze timer for up to 12 hours and automatically switches to heating mode for flexible meal planning.

16. Multifunctional Mini Rice Cooker Single Electric

mini rice cookers

Cooking curry has never been easier. You can comfortably cook your favorite food using this best mini rice cooker. The mechanical control method makes it easier for you to operate this cool item. Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with your family by serving your favorite food.

17. 1L Multifunctional Electric Lunch Box Mini Rice Cooker

mini rice cookers

Who says the lunch experience can’t be fun? A fashionable appearance makes this best rice cooker suitable to accompany your lunch. Your favorite menu will stay warm if placed in this cool item.

18. TENAVO Digital Mini Rice Cooker

TENAVO Digital Mini Rice Cooker

All in one solution to all your cooking needs. This best rice cooker is equipped with 8 digitally managed health programs. You can cook rice, brown rice, soup, quinoa, steel-cut oats, and oatmeal to support a healthy lifestyle. Truly the best rice cooker for people with a healthy lifestyle!

19. MISHCDEA Digital Small Rice Cooker 

MISHCDEA Digital Small Rice Cooker 

More than just a rice cooker. MISHCDEA Digital Small Rice Cooker can bring a romantic couple when cooking together. This is the best mini rice cooker with a capacity suitable for two people. The minimalist design is equipped with digital buttons that make it easy to use.

20. Mini Rice Cooker Smart Cooker

mini rice cookers

Amazing multifunction panel! Mini Rice Cooker This Smart Cooker allows you to cook with various processes, namely rice or porridge, steam, keep warm, and countdown time. A layer of medical stone on this cool item will maintain the nutritional composition of your dishes.

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21. Rice Cooker Low Sugar Intelligent Health Automatic 2L Mini

mini rice cookers

The best rice cooker for those of you who are very concerned about sugar levels. This item is a noble intelligent form with black metal technology. This state-of-the-art rice cooker will produce more than 100 sugar reduction processes. So you no longer have to worry about rising blood sugar levels.

22. Mini Smart Electric Pressure Rice Cooker Ceramic

mini rice cookers

Very short cooking time. You only need 12 minutes to cook rice and 16 minutes to cook your favorite soup. This best rice cooker can produce fragrant, soft, and clean white rice. The maximum protection offered by this item includes over-temperature protection, anti-blocking protection, and voltage limiting protection.

23. SPEENSUN Mini Rice Cooker

SPEENSUN Mini Rice Cooker

Personalized meals and side dishes can be perfectly made by this best mini rice cooker. This amazing item adopts starch water drying practice to help reduce the amount of sugar content of the rice. This rice cooker can be used as a diet cooking tool that effectively reduces carbohydrate intake and is very friendly for people with obesity and diabetes.

24. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker

mini rice cookers

This rice cooker which also functions as an air fryer and pressure cooker is worth considering. The air fryer’s feature allows you to fry food without using oil. Besides being healthy, you can also save on expenses in buying cooking oil. Hurry up and buy this cool item before it runs out!

25. Yamazen Mini Rice Cooker Black 

mini rice cookers

Advanced Japanese technology is now present in your favorite rice cooker. You can cook warm food with one click. Designed for the capacity of one person, this best mini rice cooker can be the right choice for students and students.

Final Thoughts

Having a rice cooker can truly make your job in the kitchen easier in an instant. If you love to enjoy rice dishes once in a while, having a rice cooker is highly recommended and you can buy a mini rice cooker to help you with that. In the search of finding the perfect rice cooker for your kitchen, you will need to consider of course, the function, and then the design and color to make sure it fits your kitchen decor, and also the additional functions, too! Make sure you pick the right mini rice cooker carefully, and we believe you can find the one from our list above.

Latest Post:

What are the best mini rice cookers?

Rice Cooker Low Sugar Intelligent Health Automatic 2L Mini and SPEENSUN Mini Rice Cooker are claimed to be the best mini rice cookers. The advanced technology of these two extraordinary items can reduce the sugar content in rice making it safe for individuals with diabetes.

Which rice cooker is best for one person?    

If you are a student or an unmarried person. You can choose Yamazen Mini Rice Cooker Black or CMCNCBC Mini Rice Cooker. The small capacity and compact shape make these items can be taken anywhere, including moving house for a single person.

What can you cook in a mini rice cooker?  

What an interesting question! In addition to cooking rice, you can also cook soups, curries, and small-sized protein sources such as chicken and beef. Some mini rice cookers are also equipped with air fryers so that they can be used to fry nuggets or fish.

Can I fry an egg in a rice cooker?  

Yes, of course, you can fry eggs in it. All you need to do is pour cooking oil into a cooking bowl and wait for it to heat up. Then crack the eggs and cook the eggs until cooked in the rice cooker.

Can I cook pizza in a rice cooker?  

You can make your favorite pizza in a rice cooker by following this cooking method. Preheated rice cooker, press cook once. Then add flat pizza dough to cook. Press the cook button twice to cook the pizza dough. Once cooked, remove from the rice cooker, turn the pizza over and give the toppings that suit your taste such as meat, mushrooms, or vegetables.

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