36 Best Trucker Gifts for Truck Drivers

Living on the road, the life of a truck driver can be a bit boring sometimes. However, there are some good gifts for truck drivers that will help to make their lives on the road becomes a little more exciting as well as more comfortable, too. Being a truck driver also means spending a lot of time away from home and family. If one of your family members happens to be a truck driver, or perhaps a dear friend, let’s make their life on the road becomes more colorful with a special gift to put a smile on their face everyday.

For the favorite truck driver in your life who has been giving his best in everything he does this year, a thoughtful gift can go a long way to putting a permanent smile on his face. If you are still wondering about what would be the best gift for him, worry not because we have got your back.

We have created a list full of the most recommended gifts for truck drivers, and we are sure you will find the one that meets your expectations on the following list.

BEST and Amazing Gifts for Truck Drivers

#1 Personalized Key Chain 

Personalized Monogrammed Truck Driver Key Chain

First on our list is this cool personalized keychain that truck drivers can use to keep their keys in tact. Aside from the function side, this keychain will also let your trucker friend knows how much you care about him and how much his job means to us.

Moreover, this is not just an item that comes with a nice sentimental value, it also offers feasible appeal, which will make him think about you whenever he sees this item on the the road.

#2 Truck Driver Street Sign 

Truck Driver Dr Custom Street Sign - gift ideas for truck drivers

If you are looking for fast and easy gift ideas for your trucker friends, then it cannot get easier than this! The piece will give a touch of unique décor to any given space, creating a fun focal point.

We’re pretty sure that any truck driver would love this item the minute they see it. Moreover, we also believe that it’s safe to bet that it would look great on display in the man’s cave!

#3 Custom Cartoon Character Portrait 

Custom Yellow Cartoon Character Portrait

Give the cartoon-loving truck driver a reason to keep smiling with these fun gifts. This personalized gift will become one of the most thoughtful yet cute gifts for truck drivers out there, including your favorite one, too. In our opinion, this gift would be the perfect thing to show him that he is one of your favorites.

Featuring a custom yellow color cartoon portrait of your recipient, this is a gift they cannot help but love. Click the link below and show your friend how much you care by getting him this awesome gift.

#4 Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket 

Flint and Tinder Stretch Denim Trucker Jacket 

When it comes to practical gift ideas for truckers, few can match up to a new, warm and stylish denim jacket. Comfort and warmth on cold days are among the topmost priorities for long-distance drivers, and this jacket offers that and much more.

Made of a stretch fabric, it is incredibly comfy and a great fit! Click the link below and find the perfect size.

#5 Truckers Coffee Mug 

A Man & His Truck Coffee Mug

Who would have though that a simple mug like this adorable mug could make a world of difference in a truck driver’s life? We believe without a doubt that having this mug will make your favorite driver looks forward to his morning coffee session everyday!

With long hours of work, in daytime or night time, he will need to have this adorable mug as a gift from you.

#6 Truck Driver T-Shirt 

Truck Driver T-Shirt

No trucker’s wardrobe is complete without a patriotic shirt. Therefore, you might want to check out this tee as a gift for your favorite truck driver. This tee features a combination of the American flag and also a big rig, it’s like the ultimate choice for the person who loves their country.

It is made of high quality fabric and it comes in a variety of colors, too. Take your pick from the color options available.

#7 Personalized Pocket Watch 

Personalized Pocket Watch

Moving on to the next item on our list of the best gifts for truck drivers, we have a special and perfect gift for your amazing driver dad. Well, we know searching for the perfect gift for a is not actually a walk in the park kind of thing to do, especially with so many gift ideas out there.

However, we can assure you that cannot go wrong with a high-quality personalized pocket watch. This watch is a perfect blend of visual appeal and functional, making it a gift he will live to remember.

#8 Give’r 4 Season Gloves 

Give'r 4 Season Gloves - gifts for truckers

This one is yet another useful gift that your dear truck driver would actually want — considering the level of adventure involved in a truck driver’s lifestyle, these gloves could really look after his hands.

Being one of the most useful gifts for truck drivers, these gloves sport a heavy-duty build with waterproofing and even have insulation that gives them a quality look and feel.

#9 Personalized Gift Box 


This set of personalized gifts in a box is undeniable adorable and meaningful at the same time. The cool wooden box comes as a gift full of items that will put a smile on your favorite truck driver’s face, especially if he loves to drink his favorite liquor during his free time.

It includes heaps of cool items your favorite trucker needs to make their life away from home comfortable is in this gift box.

#10 City Map Glass 

City Map Glass

Few things are quite as reassuring as memories of your hometown when you have to be away. Based on that fact, why not share this delightful feeling with the most important truck driver in your life? This might come as a small gift, but this glass with a map printed on the surface would be the most adorable small gift to be kept forever.

#11 Leather Trucker Wallet 

Leather Trucker Wallet

A heavy-duty leather wallet is perfect for keeping any trucker’s cash and sensitive cards out of harm’s way, yet accessible as well. With a natural leather look, this item will come as one of the most functional gifts for truck drivers there is.

After all, the last thing a truck driver needs is to lose sleep after losing these important items.

#12 Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet 

Tactical Multi-Tool Wallet

Tactical wallets and multi-tools are great items, as they are offering lots of utility for everyone with an active lifestyle, including truck drivers. However, we do think that this great gift goes the extra mile.

This one combines the multi-tool and wallet into a very handy item. Plus, in our opinion, it has a simple yet luxurious look that will enhance the look of your favorite driver.

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#13 Truckie Tee 

Trucks Make Me Happy Tee

Humorous gifts for truck drivers help to make the time they spend on the road a lot less boring. Like this funny tee, for instance. This tee has a funny graphic that can cheer up the day of your lovely truck driver, plus the day of his fellow drivers, too!

In short, this gift will get to cheer up everyone that your driver comes across. Moreover, this tee also comes in various color options, so you can choose your favorite color.

#14 Men’s Rock Mala Bracelet 

Mens Red Tiger's Eye & Lava Rock Mala Bracelet

A tiger’s eye and lava rock mala bracelet is not just a stylish accessory to present to your favorite trucker. It also holds lots of symbolic meaning for the wearer. With a cool and masculine appearance, this bracelet will never fail to boost the confidence of your favorite driver on the road. Plus, it will be an item to remind him that his loved ones are waiting for him back home.

#15 Custom Leather Patched Trucker Hat 


You cannot separate a trucker from his hat. Therefore, why not embrace this passion and score them a better one? Thanks to its customization option, it could offer a great possibility for them to advertise.

After all, a hat will never fail to become one of the most preferred gifts for men, including one of the best gifts for truck drivers, too.

#16 Upcycled Tire Toiletries Bag 

Upcycled Wash Bag

For every driver whose home is in their truck’s cab, a toiletry bag makes the best gift choice. This particular one is not just convenient for quick rest stop showers, as it can also help to keep his essentials ready whenever he needs them.

Aside from the fact that it is a highly functional item, we must also say that this is a cool looking toiletry bag, too!

#17 My Heart Belongs – Trucker Keychain 

Trucker wife

Allow your trucker dad or husband to carry a piece of you everywhere they go with this unique keychain. Full of sentimental value, this elegant keychain will keep them going on difficult days. Plus, it will also remind him about his family back home.

#18 Personalized Multiple Key Ring 

Personalized Multiple Key Ring

Keep a truck driver’s key collection organized with this charming Christmas stocking stuffer. With sufficient room to hold at least 10 keys, this multiple keyring is a most practical gift choice

Moreover, with its cool leather appearance, it will be a nice accessory to hang on your truck driver’s belt, too!

#19 Custom Truck Window Decals 

Custom Truck Window Decals

Custom windshield decal is among the most timeless gifts for truckers. When the road takes a boring turn, the trucker in your life could use some entertainment. You could create something humourous so that when the truckie has to sit there while his truck is loading up he can get a laugh.

#20 The Muncher – Multi-Tool 

The Muncher - Multi-tool Utensil

No matter where a trucker finds himself, with this multi-tool, he can always count on getting his tummy full of food. This highly utilitarian and nicely built utensil comes packed to the brim with handy functions. Once he has this item inside his pocket, we believe without a doubt that we will never want to let it go.

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#21 Truck Bottle Truck Driver Gift 

Truck Bootle

Keep your truck-driving husband or father both hydrated and entertained with this creative gift idea. It is a truck-shaped bottle that can serve both an aesthetic or functional role.

#22 Prosperity Power Bracelet 

Prosperity & Abundance 8mm Crystal Intention Bracelet

At the end of the day, all the trucker in your life really wants is prosperity in everything he does. Therefore, it is now time to give them that and much more with one of these stylish bracelets on their wrist.

Aside from the spiritual side of this bracelet, we also think that it has a sophisticated look that will make your favorite truck driver looks fashionable on the road, too.

Truck Driver Cuff Links - gift idea for trucker

You cannot go wrong with a pair of cufflinks as a thoughtful gift choice for a truckie. With this particular one, in fact, you will add some cool style to their wardrobe. After all, a truck drivers still need to have fancy stuff to make sure he looks on point at fancy events or black tie dinner, right?

#24 Trucker American Flag T-shirt 

Trucker American Flag T-shirt 

Choose from a wide array of American flag t-shirts to add a little spice to your favorite trucker’s wardrobe. Like these tees, for instance. These t-shirts come in numerous color options, and all of them sporting a camouflage American flag image.

A little advice though, it would be best for you to know what is your favorite truck driver’s favorite color before you purchase this item.

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#25 Keysmart Pro 

Keysmart Pro

Since a truck driver needs to spend most of his time driving on the road, it would be best for you to support him with handy and small functional items that can be kept inside his pocket. With this smart keychain, truckers never again have to lose their precious set of keys.

A single streamlined chassis packs up all of the functionality they would ever need.

#26 My Trucker, My Hero, My Love Key Chain 

My Trucker, My Hero, My Love Key Chain - gift ideas for truck drivers

Offer your trucker something to carry, which comes as a little piece of you, with him everywhere he goes with this innovative key chain. Personalized truck driver gifts such as this may stand the test of time and don’t cost a lot of money.  What a perfect gift from the family!

#27 Truck Driver Dog Tags 

Truck Driver Gift - Trucker's Prayer Dog Tag Keychain - Jesus Design

Dog tag necklaces are an outstanding choice when it comes to making a statement. These pieces may add significantly to the appeal thanks to their fun and quirky messages.

#28 Personalized Decanter Set 

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses

Just because truckers spend most of the time on the road does not mean they cannot enjoy a break every so often. So, why not make their breaks memorable by giving them a personalized whiskey decanter with glasses to store in their kitchen or living room?

In addition, this set of gift will also make the perfect item for Christmas drinks.

#29 Monogrammed Shaving Kit 

No products found.

When on the road, a trucker might have a hard time grooming themselves. Therefore, all they may need to make it a part of their routine is a little motivation and this unique set of gift will be perfect for that reason.

Moreover, you can also personalize this item to make it more meaningful for your favorite truck driver.

#30 Hemel Tracker Watch 

Hemel Tracker Watch

What makes this a great choice of gift for a trucker is that it is made with an adventurous lifestyle in mind. As a military-style watch, it is as well-suited for everyday wear as it is for rough handling.

With so many advantages to offer, we believe without a doubt that this watch will make a wonderful gift for an important truck driver in your life.

#31 Personalized Sunglasses 

Personalized Sunglasses 

There is nothing worse than sun strike when you are driving, right? That is why safety is crucially important, especially for truck drivers. For truckers, sunglasses can hardly be considered an accessory. Rather, they are a must-have if at all they are to endure the rigors of their career.

Therefore, we can really understand why sunglasses are considered as one of the most recommended gifts for truck drivers.

#32 Personalized Docking Stations 

Personalized Docking Stations

A docking station may ensure that the trucker in your life never leaves home without all the necessary accessories, including his watch, truck key, wallet, or sunglasses.  Moreover, a charging port on this station also offers a gentle reminder to recharge his phone before leaving home for work on the road.

#33 Personalized Hand Forged Bottle Openers 

Personalized Hand Forged Blacksmith Made Bottle Openers

While a bottle opener might not sound exciting, it is, in fact, a must-have for any truck driver. Not only is this highly functional. But its personalized design adds significantly to its sentimental appeal.

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#34 Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket

Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket

Give a warm and cozy gift for truck drivers with this long sleeve linen shirt jacket. It is not only a cool jacket but also useful for them, particularly those who got a night shift on the road. A tartan pattern fits with any pants such as jeans, chinos or corduroy.

We guarantee this will be the most comfortable gift ever for your special truck driver.

#35 Electric 3-in-1 Lunch Box

TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box 3 in 1

In this new normal era, bringing your own lunch box during to work seems like a must. Since we know what and how we cook the meal, giving the lunch box as a gift for truck drivers will be a good idea. Moreover, they can reheat the meal easily while they are inside the truck. So, no more cold food, only warm food that will give them an appetite to eat while taking a break.

This lunch box is also very easy to plug-in for reheating and you can remove all the parts to clean it after eating. A complete package, right?

#36 Car Trash Can with StuffTop Lid and Storage Pocket

High Road StashAway Car Trash Can with StuffTop Lid and Storage Pocket for Front or Back Seat (Black)

A truck driver usually gets a long route to drive. Hence, he should have a bag that can store his needs and can be grabbed easily when he needs them. For instance, vitamin, hand sanitizer, or tissue in one storage.

Another important one that a truck driver should have is a car trash can, which will avoid a condition where he has no place to collect his trash while on the road. Giving a car trash can that has a storage pocket is another excellent gift to give. It helps him to keep everything clean and tidy. It can be put on the front or back seat.

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Final Thoughts

Truck drivers spend most of their time on the road, that’s why giving a gift for truck drivers that is useful and practical will be a great one. You will not only make them smile but also ease their daily activity while they are out on the road, too.

Also, do not forget to write him your personal message to boost this mood every day.

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