25 Vintage Trucker Hats for Sports Fans

Despite having a similar design, a trucker hat and a baseball cap are not the same things. Working-class people usually prefer to wear the former while the latter are sports fans’ favorite. Nevertheless, you will see people wear trucker hats even in sporting events. After all, this type of headwear is super comfy, perfect for any occasion.

The back of a tucker hat typically features a mesh that allows good airflow or breathability. The mesh is one of the main characteristics that set it apart from other models. That’s why workers prefer this type of hat because it is not hot. Not just for practical reasons, some people collect trucker hats because of their history, rarity, and design. In fact, collecting vintage trucker hats is a legitimate hobby.

And so, here we have collected 25 vintage trucker hats that can complement your hats collection. These hats will also make an excellent gift for people who love old-school fashion. Some of them are perfect for sports fans too! Whether it’s an authentic vintage trucker hat or just a vintage-style hat, we have them all on this list!

1. STP Supreme Motor Oil Vintage Trucker Hat

Trucker hats were originally freebie give-away. Companies would hand these hats out to their customers who buy the products. The hat usually features the company’s logo, which counts as a promotion. So, to start this list, we present you with a vintage trucker hat from the STM Supreme Motor Oil!

The officially licensed STP Vintage Trucker Hat has embroidery of the company’s logo on the front. The hat itself uses washed cotton and polyester that emphasize the vintage look. Instead of a snap mechanism, this hat features a velcro strap for size adjustment. It looks very old-school, and the officially licensed label makes this vintage trucker hat a must-have.

2. Toronto Maple Leafs Vintage Trucker Snapback Hat

Toronto Maple Leafs Vintage Trucker Snapback Hat

Not just manufacturing companies nowadays, even sports teams produce vintage trucker hats. For example, this hat from the Toronto Maple Leafs. This one will make an excellent gift for die-hard sports fans, especially if they love ice hockey.

They can wear the hat with the vintage logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs Team to their game. The wide white mesh on the back will give the head easy access to fresh air. Even if he watches the game in a stuffy venue, it still will be comfortable.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins Vintage Trucker Snapback Hat

Pittsburgh Penguins Vintage Trucker Snapback Hat

Featuring the very first Pittsburgh Penguins Team logo, this black and white trucker hat fulfills the category of a vintage trucker hat. It has a curved bill with a high crown. The four mesh panels on the mid and rear sides give a great space for a nice breeze.

Moreover, the hat uses a snapback mechanism that allows for a perfect fit. This hat will also make a lovely gift for ice hockey fans!

4. Los Angeles Rams Vintage Trucker Hat

Los Angeles Rams Fundamental Vintage Trucker Hat

We also have this hat perfect for football fans! The vintage trucker hat will be an excellent gift for a loyal Los Angeles Rams fan. It has a low crown that fits the head well.

The blue bill has contrast-color stitching in white, matching the embroidered team logo color. You can also find the embroidered logo on the left side mesh panel. The hat has a curved bill that protects your face from the sun.

5. Hamm’s Beer Vintage Blue Trucker Hat

Hamm’s Beer Vintage Blue Trucker Hat

You cannot miss this exquisite vintage trucker hat! The officially licensed Hamm’s Beer Vintage trucker hat gets a high-quality silicone logo on the front. It is super unique compared to the typical embroidered patch ones. And since the blue hat combines nylon and spandex, it has a soft structured crown instead of a firm crown. 

6. PBR Beer Good Old Flavor Vintage Trucker Hat

We strongly recommend this hat for someone who wants something that looks super old-school. The Pabst Blue Ribbon trucker hat uses the worn blue denim material that screams vintage, especially with the addition of some distresses on the front side and the bill. 

The vintage company logo and slogan look good on the denim. This vintage trucker hat will blend well with sports fans’ sporty outfits. Of course, drinking some PBR while watching your favorite team play will complete the experience!

7. PBR Beer Adjustable Snapback Trucker Hat

 PBR Beer Vintage Navy Adjustable Snapback Trucker Hat

There are many vintage trucker hats with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer logo designs. But this one is special! After all, it uses corduroy material on the front and brim. It will be an excellent addition to the vintage trucker hat lovers’ collection. 

Sports fans can wear this hat daily because it looks more stylish and soft than other trucker hats. The red strips on each side support the hat to become the attention center of your outfit.

8. San Francisco Giants Rustic Trucker Hat

San Francisco Giants 9TWENTY Team Rustic Trucker Hat

Are you and your friend San Francisco Giants fans? If so, you two will be fabulous with this 9TWENTY Team rustic trucker hat from New Era. The front has a delicately embroidered team cap logo that has been used since 2000. Team rustic-looking material provides you the vintage style, even more so with the addition of slight distress on the edge of the stiff, curved bill. 

9. Peterbilt Trucker Hat

Peterbilt Trucker Hat

How about a five-panel vintage trucker hat? It offers a smooth front panel with a big Peterbilt company logo. Even though it’s a medium-high-crown style, this vintage trucker hat fits the high-profile category. 

The matching navy color on all sides gives off a retro trucker hat’s chic feel. You can send this one to a die-hard sports fan like your father and expect him to wear it to a sports event.

10. Acadia Armstrong Construction Trucker Hat

 Acadia Armstrong Construction – Big Truck

Let’s go back to the 80s with this vintage trucker hat. The black trucker hat comes in terrific condition despite its age. The size is big with an adjustable snap on the back. However, the visor is relatively narrow compared to other snapback-style hats. Still, it will protect your eyesight while watching some sports.

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11. Arizona Diamondbacks Rustic Trucker Hat

Arizona Diamondbacks 9TWENTY Team Rustic Trucker Hat

Like the other trucker hats in the 9TWENTY series, this vintage trucker hat comes in a relaxed-fit style. The unstructured front panel looks fabulous with a decade-old D’backs team logo. As a part of New Era Team Rustic, you can see the vintage style they pursue. Undoubtedly, you will turn into a gorgeous D’backs fan with the red trucker hat.

12. Vintage Toyota Trucker Hat

Vintage Toyota Trucker Style Hat

This vintage-style trucker hat has a unique design placement. If most trucker hats place the design or patch on the center of the front panel, this one prefers to settle the design on the left side only. You can match the Toyota snapback-style trucker hat with any vintage accessory or outfit for casual wear.

13. Chevrolet Vintage Trucker Hat

Chevrolet Vintage Trucker Hat

If you want to go out with an all-black outfit to watch a game, this vintage trucker hat will complement your style. With a bowtie Chevy logo on the “Heartbeat of America” patch, you might get lovely compliments from others. 

The hat is lightweight with a regular fit and adjustable snapback closure. It will stay tightly on your head yet still offers a comfortable and cool breeze from the back.

14. Goorin Bros Black Panther Trucker Hat

Goorin Bros Black Panther Trucker Hat

Don’t you hate it when you get separated from your friends when you watch a crowded game? Send this bright orange vintage trucker hat to him and ask him to wear it to every game. It will make him stand out among other visitors so you can find him easily!

15. NASCAR 94 Daytona Race Week Trucker Hat

Vintage NASCAR 94 Daytona Race Week Trucker Hat

This vintage trucker hat will be an excellent gift for someone who enjoys the Daytona 500! This ’94 NASCAR Daytona Race Week will bring back the good old memory of the fierce race. So, get one now because it is rare. It is among the best genuine vintage hat on this list.

16. Harley Davidson Hat

 Harley Davidson Hat

If you are a big fan of snapback style with a broad flat bill, this vintage trucker hat is the right hat for you. You will enjoy a simple and chic hat with the black, orange, and white Harley Davidson Motorcycles logo patch on the front panel.

No matter what seasons, this trucker hat will cover your face safely. The high crown structure will complement your sporty and boyish look when you go to any sports game.

17. Vintage 1984 Olympics Trucker Hat

Vintage 1984 Olympics Trucker Hat

Your sports fan friend will be excited to receive this vintage trucker hat with the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics design. The truckers emphasize their love of sports. The combination of the red, blue, and white colors represents America and Sam, the friendly and cheerful mascot. 

18. Goorin Bros Men’s Trucker Hat

Goorin Bros Men’s Trucker Hat

Wouldn’t it be great to have the signature design of Goorin’s vintage trucker hat in your collection? The Animal Farm collection trucker hat is everyone’s favorite. Thus, it will be nice to get one, especially this colorful hat with unique stitches on the bill. You can adjust the size with the snap closure, allowing you to wear it confidently to sports events.

19. American Needle Schlitz Ace Trucker Hat

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Here’s the perfect birthday gift for your sports lover husband, a vintage trucker hat! The vintage style and color will match his monochrome outfits. The largest beer brand company’s embroidered logo on the mesh side area is remarkable. It has a single white line on the brown bill, making it look unique and attractive. 

20. Vintage Ranger Trucker Hat

Vintage Ranger Trucker Hat

This YoColorado Vintage Ranger trucker hat uses a heavy-duty constructed cotton twill crown and soft mesh. The colors will bring you the 70s vintage vibe. Moreover, it features three colorful strips on each side for extra flairs. The one size will fit most adults, but your kids can wear them too by adjusting the snaps on the back.

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21. Arizona State Sun Devils Vintage Hat

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The deep red color and the vintage devil logo of Arizona State Sun Devils are a great combination. A sports fan, especially those who follow college football teams, will love this vintage trucker hat. It uses top-quality wash cotton-polyester material with a slightly tattered style to enhance the vintage look. You can give this vintage trucker hat to your kids who dream of being athletes.

22. Hoosier Tires Vintage Trucker

The mid-profile vintage trucker hat has a beautiful heather gray suitable for both male and female sports fans. It looks stands out with the vintage Hoosier Racing Tire logo in purple. The bill is slightly pre-curved to create full coverage for the face. This trucker hat features one size fits all sizing, and you can adjust the hat to your preference with the snaps.

23. Winchester Rifles & Shotguns Hat

Winchester Rifles & Shotguns Hat

Here is another old-school trucker hat for people who sport the 2A! This wide visor and high-crown classic trucker hat is the best option for outdoor activity. The four panels mesh will support the airflow to keep his head cool. The black color with a retro Winchester Rifles and Shotguns logo emits a masculine feel that will match your friend’s style.

24. Winston Cup Old-school Trucker Hat

 Winston Cup Vintage Trucker Hat

The no longer existing Winston Cup Series patch on the black classic trucker hat gives a vintage feel to its maximum level. It will be a nostalgic gift for your old man who genuinely loves sports. Your father will be the coolest old man when he hangs out with his friends during game night. 

25. Schmidt Beer Trucker Hat

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This hat is a textbook example of a vintage-style trucker hat. It features the logo of Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company embroidered on the front, contrasted with the hat base color. The worn, tattered bill makes it look even more rustic. It’s also an unstructured hat with a slouch crown that makes it more laid back and vintage. This trucker hat makes an excellent collectible.

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The trucker hats with sports team designs are the most popular, particularly among die-hard followers. They can always wear the hat to support their team during the game. However, we cannot deny the Goorin Bro’s Animal Farm collection trucker hats are also everyone’s favorite. After all, it embodies the original trucker hat’s spirit, headwear for working-class people!

How can you tell a vintage trucker hat?

A vintage trucker hat usually has an old logo of companies and sports teams. It can also feature a rare design of sports events in the past, like this Olympic trucker hat. Moreover, most vintage-style trucker hats use worn or washed material that strengthens the retro vibes.

Originally, trucker hats were used for free promotion of rural feed stores in the 70s and 80s. It entered the fashion world when youth Americans like hip hop, pop-punk, and skaters subcultures wear the trucker hat daily. As a result, it becomes part of their culture. It also becomes a trend when celebrities, musicians, and sports athletes wear it on special occasions. Thus, many sports fans wear and collect trucker hats now.

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