25 Cool Winter Hats You Must Have

Every year, winter is getting colder and harsher! You need to be prepared as early as possible by getting some appropriate winter gear. One of the most essential pieces of clothing necessary for the upcoming frozen season is a comfy cool winter hat!

Let’s make this year’s winter more exciting with fashionable winter hats! Cool winter hats can transform you into a different person, as they hide your frozen hair while keeping you toasty. Not just for keeping the cold away, wearing a winter hat is also an excellent way to show off your fancy fashion style.

And so, we have collected various winter hats for men and women. From faux fur hats that make you look elegant to leather hats that will transform you into stylish 90’s gangs, we have it all! We even have a unique mohawk beanie hat that will make your winter feels like summer. Let’s check out these 25 cool winter hats to keep you warm while staying cool! 

Cool Winter Hats for Men

Here are some elegant winter hats for men that will class up the winter season! With these unique, stylish, and cool winter hats, you can hide bad hair days and transform yourself into a fashionable person. There are 12 cool winter hats under this category, from aviator style, knitted beanie, and mohawk style to high-tech winter hats!

1. Pilot Trooper Aviator Cap

Pilot Trooper Aviator Cap

Staying extra warm during winter is imperative if you don’t want to catch a cold. However, which winter hats will provide us with the most comfort and enhance our style simultaneously? This aviator cap style hat is the answer! It’ll turn you into a pilot-looking man and keep your head cozy thanks to its thick trooper and aged faux fur inside.

2. Knitted Beanie Cap

Knitted Beanie Cap

If you love skiing or playing out in the snow, this beanie hat is a must-have! It is definitely perfect for welcoming the upcoming harsh winter. Even though it will make you look like an assassin, it provides you with the ultimate warmth. The beanie features a neck warmer, knitted mask, also knitted cap to keep you toasty and look stylish at the same time.

3. Winter Hooded Hat

Winter Hooded Hat

If you want to keep your casual style in the winter, this hooded hat will be the ideal choice! It includes a synthetic fur lining inside to keep your ear and cheek warm. This cool winter hat is also dustproof, windproof, and has a breathable design, so you won’t get too overly hot. Furthermore, it fits all sizes, the perfect winter gear for men!

4. Mohawk Wool-lined Beanie Hat

Mohawk Woolen Lined Beanie Hat

Made from 100% wool, this cool winter hat with Mohawk style is included in this must-have items list. The Mohawk-style winter hat is knitted thoroughly and will give you a warm feeling and a fun look. No other model can be better than this, so make sure to have this cool winter hat! 

5. Christmas Winter Knitted Beanie 

Christmas Winter Knitted Beanie

Are you looking for a cool winter hat to celebrate the upcoming white Christmas? Then we recommend this Christmas tree-shaped beanie hat! This cool winter beanie hat is handmade and knitted thoroughly to make it look like a festive Christmas tree. Your body may be cold, but your Christmas spirit should stay warm with this unique beanie!

6. Beanie With Integrated Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth Beanie

Have you ever seen a winter hat that includes high technology like this? The cool winter hat features integrated wireless headphones with universal 5.0 Bluetooth that can be synced to any device, such as iPod, or iPhone, with hands-free connectivity. So, this advanced beanie will protect your ears from the cold and simultaneously provide you with stereo music!

7. Beanie Hat Set

Beanie Hat Set

We also recommend you guys this beanie hat set as your newest addition to your cool winter hat collection. It looks super elegant and matures thanks to its minimalist design. The beanie includes a neck warmer made of acrylic polyester with artificial wool inside that will make you feel warm and cozy. The hat is also stretchable to give you extra comfort during winter, so check it out!

8. Fleece 2-1 Work Beanie

Carhatt 2-1 Work Beanie

If you prefer a simpler winter hat that still gives off cool vibes, we recommend the Carthatt fleece headwear! It is made of 100% polyester, easy to wash, and features ear flaps and a pulldown face mask which is perfect for an easy-going man. So, make sure to have this item!

9. Beanie Hat with a Built-in Light

9. Beanie Hat with Lights

Have you ever seen a winter hat with a built-in light on it? We have this hat with lights here! This hat is super practical because it provides much-needed illumination during dark winter nights. When the days are shorter, this hat will reliably shine ahead to open up a safer path for you!

10. Jacquard Fleece Hat

Jacquard Fleece Hat

Are you looking for a winter hat for your boyfriend? This winter fleece beanie might be perfect for him. It is knitted thoroughly with wool material, creating a calming and cute design. The beanie also has braided ear flaps to add extra protection for your boyfriend’s cheeks.

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11. Faux Leather Beanie Hat

Faux Leather Beanie Hat

Here is a winter hat that will give you the 90s tough-guy look! It is the perfect faux leather hat to anticipate the upcoming freezing season. The surface has faux leather with thick velvet fur on the side to give a vintage look. The hat is also suitable to wear in winter while skiing, traveling, or hiking.

12. Peroptimist Unisex Winter Hat 

Peroptimist Unisex Winter Hat

Peroptimist brand is well-known for its winter gear collection. So, choosing their winter hat is not a bad idea. This cool winter hat gives off a wolf-like vibe thanks to its furry design. 

Wearing the hat will bring out your charisma, even more so if you have grown your winter beard. It features breathability and durability that serve you comfort and warmth. With thick fur inside, it will provide you with reliable insulation.

Cool Winter Hats for Women

Girls, we know that you are waiting for this section already! It’s not wrong to keep warm and stay stylish while the weather is cold outside! Let’s wrap ourselves with these cool winter hats. There are 13 hats below that will provide you with beautiful designs and high-quality material. Shall we check them out!

13. Fleece-lined Beanie Hat

Louist Fleece Lined Beanie Hat

This adorable fleece beanie hat features intricate hand-knitting that utilizes blended faux fiber fabric. As a result, you get a stylish piece winter accessory that shall keep you cozy. It is also elastic, so it will fit your head comfortably. It is safe for all skin types and is also hijab-friendly. An excellent choice to wear during the winter season. 

14. Baggy Winter Hat

Baggy Winter Hat

We strongly recommend this stunning baggy winter hat for ladies out there! It has thick fur and adorable flowery accessories, the perfect headdress to keep you fashionable and warm during winter! Furthermore, the stretchable material will ensure that you stay cozy. It is knitted so well into crochet shape that women can wear it for a casual or glam look.

15. Pom Pom Beanie Hat

cool winter hats

Here is something that will suit lively girls. It is a super adorable pom-pom beanie hat! The beanie hat is available in 2 colors: pink and gray. For a more feminine look, you can choose the pink one

The gray one will be more suitable for a casual office look when you have to work during the winter season. This cool winter hat is knitted by hand thoroughly with breathable and stretchable material, so it must be very cozy to wear!

16. Luxurious-looking Fur Winter Hat

cool winter hats

If you want to bring a glamorous look into your fashion style, this trimmed faux fur winter hat is perfect! The soft fine fur looks so elegant and emanates class. The high-quality faux fur will bring a warm feeling to the eyes of the beholders! There are 8 available colors you can choose from, so get one now that will match your style!

17. Winter cap for Girls with Longhair

Beanie for Messy Hair Bun 

This unique winter beanie cap is specifically designed for girls who want to keep their hair stay stylish. It features an opening at the back that allows for a ponytail or a bun! The beanie is made of 100% soft acrylic material that is stretchable and easy to wash with a machine. Get one now to brighten your dreary winter days up!

18. Soft Punk Winter Hat

cool winter hats

If you are a rock girl who enjoys going hard, this spiked punk beanie hat will be perfect! It is knitted by hand and designed with tiny metal spikes to add a cool punk look when you wear it. 

This cool winter hat is suitable for either summer, autumn, and especially winter. It has stretchable acrylic material and has one size for all. Make sure you check this out while the stock still lasts!

19. Fox Ears Winter Hat

cool winter hats

Here is a winter hat with a super cute design! It is an adorable fox ears beanie that will make your winter lively. It has a 3D ears design and embroidered fox eyes on the surface of the beanie hat. Since it is made of stretchable acrylic fabric material, it will give you comfort during the cold season. 

20. Rabbit Ear Hat

cool winter hats

For cute girls, this rabbit ears beanie will make her even prettier! It has a 3D design which makes the rabbit ears attachment life-like. The hat uses high-quality polyester material to keep your head toasty and comfy while doing outdoor activities during the winter season. It is super adorable, perfect for a light cosplay or casual outing with your boyfriend.

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21. Cute Frog Beanie Hat

cool winter hats

This super adorable frog winter hat will complete your collection of cute headdresses! Available in two colors: white and green, perfect for those who love the lovely frogs. It also uses excellent quality fabric with breathable, fluffy, and soft feelings. The hat is not just gorgeous but also provides adequate insulation to keep you warm.

22. Rabbit Ear Flap Winter Hat

cool winter hats

If you want a hat that can keep your cheek and ears warm, this one takes the cake! The cool winter hat features thick rabbit ear flaps that look comforting. The adorable bunny face on top makes it even more endearing. This cool winter hat is available in 5 colors; gray, khaki, pink, black, and beige, which you can choose to adjust with your daily outfit! 

23. Street Casual Hat

cool winter hats

Not all girls like flashy fashion. So, we recommend this minimalistic winter cap for you who prefer casual street style! It has cotton material for the inner layer and brown leather on the back, making it extra warm. Available in 3 colors suitable for any outfit: navy blue, black, and white, we bet you look fabulous and mature wearing this hat!

24. Crochet Bucket Hat

cool winter hats

This bucket hat is not only cool but also provides a unique look. Available in more than 5 types of crochet, these bucket hats are knitted by hand! It is super colorful and ideal for those who enjoy the flashy style. No more grim gray winter when you wear this hat! 

25. Metallic Winter Hat

cool winter hats

Finally, the last one in this section is this metallic winter hat. A shiny and shimmering winter hat will be the perfect headgear to celebrate the coming snow. You can wear this hat for casual outings, and it provides excellent insulation while also keeping you stylish. Furthermore, the inner layer is soft. You can wear it all day comfortably!

latest post:

What are the best hats for extreme cold?

The best cool winter hats for extreme cold will be the ones that have extra fur inside, thick, and covering ears. The winter season has super-low temperatures, so we must always prepare our warm clothing, including hats.

We recommend this beanie hat set, which has a neck warmer. Louist’s fleece winter hat is good, too, since it includes a knitted face mask. Lastly, the Peroptimist’s winter hat can be an alternative choice because of its thick faux fur.

What are the winter hats that cover your ears called?

Depending on where you live, there are many ways to call the winter hats that cover your ears. They are often called a tuque, a sock cap, a beanie, a stocking cap, or in American English, we can call these cool winter hats wool hats or knitted hats.

What winter hats are in style now?

The popularity of winter hats goes up and down depending on the style and design. However, right now, the colorful crochet bucket hat, 3D rabbit ears beanie hat, Mohawk style beanie, and knitted beanie hat are all the rage. 

Nevertheless, suppose you want a more feminine look. In that case, the rabbit ear flap winter hats and baggy winter hats are also excellent. In addition, you can consider having a casual street hat and aviator cap for girls or boys who love a casual look.

What are the best hats for cold weather?

The best hat for cool weather is the one that provides excellent insulation. However, you shouldn’t forgo style just because you want to be warm. Fortunately, some winter hast come in flashy design. For example, try a trimmed faux fur hat, pom-pom beanie hat, or Metallic winter hat.

Moreover, nowadays, winter hats come with integrated electronics. If you want some hi-tech hats, try the one with the integrated headphones and light. They are all perfect for cold winter when the daylights are shorter.

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