25 Unique Snow Globes To Relive Your Winter Fantasies

Do you remember that moment when you got your first snow globes and how you were fascinated by the magical effects it gave you? Unique snow globes are miraculous and will always have that effect on us no matter when we were 4 year old seeing it for the first time or after we’ve grown up. 

Snow globes can make great decorative items as well as a good gift or souvenir. If you are in search of snow globes as a gift or for your own collection, below is a selection of unique snow globes curated by the AWESOME STAFF you can get this winter for your loved ones or yourself. 

1. Personalized Photo Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

Precious moments should be celebrated in the most special way. If you are looking for the most original and unique gift for your lover, this photo customized snow globe can be a nice option to choose. You can get a snow globe with a beautiful picture you’ve selected to put on. You can also customize it with your name and the name of the person you love. 

2. Personalised Polar Bear Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

Polar bears and snow are perfect much. This is not strange considering polar bears live in the north pole where there is always snow all year round. This polar bear snow globe is very cute and can make a perfect gift for children. It will give them the best magical memory they ever encounter as a child. It is also customizable so you can put not only their names, but also custom sweet messages on it. 

3. Your Home in a Globe

Unique Snow Globes

For you who are living around the equator, having your house covered in snow could be just a dream. Every time you see snowy winter in movies, you may often wonder how it feels to have your house being showered in snow. You can live that fantasy by getting this custom snow globe. They will make a 3D model of your house and put it on a snow globe. Once you get your snow globe, shake it up and you will see what your house looks like in the middle of a snow storm. 

4.  Deer GlobeSnowman and

Unique Snow Globes

What can be a better Christmas gift than the classic snowman and deer globe? This snow globe will make a remarkable Christmas gift that will stand out among other Christmas decorations. This snow globe can be a perfect gift for children, adults, co workers, and basically everyone you can think of. 

5. Woodland Animal Musical Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

This snow glove has a magnificent woodland creature in it. But what makes this snow globe truly unique is that it can produce several musical numbers that will be perfect during the winter and Christmas season. With this snow globe, you basically get both a snow globe and a music box in one item. 

6. Rotating Music Box Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

This snow globe can also produce music just like a music box will. What makes it different is that this snow globe can rotate. The carousel horse in it will circle around following the music and move the glittery snow at the same time. You can also shake the globe and the glitter will fall even when you don’t turn the music on. This globe also has a beautiful carousel design on its base and will make a perfect gift for little girls

7. Jumanji Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

This snow globe is very unique and can be a collectible item especially if you like Jumanji. It features the board game opening as if it’s welcoming a new player. With this snow globe, you can enjoy the dangerous world of Jumanji without having to risk your life. 

8. Funko Mystery Harry Potter Mini Snow Globes

Unique Snow Globes

Now it’s time for snow globes that will be the perfect gift for Potterheads out there. This snow globe comes with popular Harry Potter characters including Harry, Ron, Hermione, and yes, Dobby encapsulated in the mini globe. It has the relief of Hogwarts on its base making it the best collectible items for Harry Potter fans. 

9. Peanuts Light Up Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

You can channel your love of Charlie Brown through this snow globe. It features the iconic Snoopy sleeping on top of its dog house. On the base, we have Charlie Brown and the rest of the group walking. The best part of this snow globe is that it can light up so it will make a great bed light during the night. 

10. Dragon Castle Glittering Snow Globe

Unique Snow Globes

Honestly, who doesn’t want this dashing dragon snow globe up on their collection? No matter if you’re a dragon lover, a fantasy world dreamer, or just a snow globe nerd, this snow globe can be a very nice addition to your collection or home decor. This snow globe has everything cool on it. It has the dragons, the sparkling glitter, and the castle. What more can you ask? 

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11. Moving Train Glitter Globe

Moving Train Glitter Globe

This snow globe can produce music and features a diorama of a house and a train that can actually move. The train will move in a circle every time you turn it on. It has a very Christmassy color scheme and will make a great Christmas gift but also still appropriate to be used as a decoration all year round. 

12. Unicorn Carousel Snow Globe

Unicorn Carousel Snow Globe

This snow globe is also very unique because it comes with a mini carousel. The unicorns come in 3D models that can rotate along with the classic “You are My Sunshine” song. This snow globe also comes with color changing LED lights and can be a great gift for your sweetheart. The soft pink color accentuates that fairy tale dream and the unicorns have realistic details on them. 

13. Little Mermaid Musical Snow Globe

Little Mermaid Musical Snow Globe

For a long time, Disney princesses have already been the characters every little girl idolizes. Ariel the little mermaid also has her huge fan base. This snow globe can be a perfect gift for anyone who idolizes the undersea princess. It features Ariel with her best friends and has great details on its base. A snow globe that may have a sentimental value for Disney fans.

14. Pinocchio Snow Globe

Pinocchio Snow Globe

Everyone knows who Pinocchio is. The story of a wooden toy doll that becomes alive inspires billions of kids around the globe through different eras. This is why this Pinocchio snow globe can be a classic collection for basically everyone. This snow globe is carefully crafted creating a high-quality work of art with great details that will last for years. 

15. Christmas Snow Globe House

Christmas Snow Globe House

This snow globe doesn’t actually come in a globe form. Instead, it comes in a retro TV style that is very vintage and will make a great Christmas decoration in any house. It has everything you can fit into a snow globe including Santa sleigh and reindeers as well as Christmas decoration. It features 8 Christmas songs you can play throughout the day. The white sequins will circle around when the songs are played, mimicking a snowy day. It also comes with a light that will illuminate the corner of your house during Christmas. 

16. Large Beauty and The Beast Snow Globe

Large Beauty and The Beast Snow Globe.

Among other Disney Princesses, Belle holds a special place in her fans heart. Huge castle and library is one interesting part of the Beauty and The Beast story. That’s why getting a large Beauty and The Beast snow globe can be an appropriate gift for its fans. This snow globe comes with a grande castle and intricate detail of Belle’s village on its base. Enough for a book worm to live that Beauty and The Beast fantasy. 

17. TinkerBell Snow Globe

TinkerBell Snow Globe.

This snow globe has a different design that makes it different from other snow globes. It features a TinkerBell  figurine inside the globe that sits on top of a rose petal. The globe itself is tied with roses. This snow globe is considered rare so it can be a valuable collectible item for Disney lovers. 

18. Alice in Wonderland Hourglass Snow Globe

Alice in Wonderland Hourglass Snow Globe.

In case it is not obvious yet, the hourglass design of this snow globe is what makes it special. It shows how Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the wonderland. The snow globe has extraordinary details from the top, inside, to the base. It comes with a light that radiates warm light and will be perfect to light up the corners of your house. Join Alice on her amazing adventure in wonderland by getting this snow globe. 

19. Peter Pan Pirate Ship Snow Globe

Peter Pan Pirate Ship

Disney snow globes seem to be more popular than we all expected. It feels hard to choose just one. This Peter Pan snow globe comes in a very unique and has an exhaustive detail of the pirate ship. This unique snow globe also plays music and you can turn it on with a key. A great gift for anyone who loves Peter Pan and dreams to join The Lost Boy gang. 

20. Mars Dust Globe

Mars Dust Globe

How do you make a snow globe truly unique? Yes, eliminate the snow all together and replace it with dust. This Mars dust snow globe is unarguably unique due to its weird concept of not featuring a single snow and instead of the amazing winter wonderland, it has the barren scenery of the planet Mars. A perfect snow globe for space enthusiasts who believe in living on Mars. 

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21. Storm Cloud Snow Globe

Storm Cloud

Aside from its unusual shape, this snow globe is not just any fun snow globe that is cute to have. This snow globe is so much more than a decorative item. It contains special liquid that can crystallize in different shapes due to different air pressure. Yes, what can be cooler other than owning a snow globe that can predict the weather, right? A perfect gift for any weather nerd you know. 

22. Elf Nostalgic Tree Snow Globe

Elf Nostalgic Tree

An elf, a Christmas tree, a globe with stormy snow inside. This snow globe practically has everything we need on a snow globe. It comes in a Christmas tree shape with the snow globe in it. The snow globe itself contains an elf sitting under the snow storm. A perfect Christmas gift for literally everyone. 

23. Globe Snowman

Globe Snowman

This snow globe will make a great addition to Christmas decoration. It doesn’t contain a typical figurine inside the globe. Instead, it features a friendly face of a snow man who wears headphones and a shawl. This unique snow globe can be a  fun decoration to light up your mood during the cold winter days. 

24. White Lantern Snow Globe

White Lantern

This snow globe also has a very unique design of a lantern that will make a great piece of decoration. Inside the ‘globe’, we get a beautiful Christmas scenery with Christmas trees and a red truck that give the whole thing the contrast it needs. It also comes with a warm LED light and it is battery powered. Simply turn it on and watch it come to life. 

25. Musical Santa and Fireplace Globe

Musical Santa and Fireplace Globe.

This snow globe features a Santa figurine as he comes down the fireplace holding gifts. To tie everything together, the base of the snow globe is a fireplace decorated with Christmas ornaments with a Christmas tree and fake fire. This is a fun snow globe to collect. 

Latest Posts:

What is the significance of the snow globe?

A snow globe’s main function is to be a decoration. But it holds so much more than that. The magical effect of a snow globe, even the traditional, non-electronic ones, can give the owner a certain mood every time they shake the globe and watch the snow fall. It is an item that can live up our winter wonderland fantasies. 

Are snow globes worth anything?

Yes, it is worth a good amount of money. If you own vintage or rare snow globes, it may even be worth so much more than the regular snow globes you can get in stores now. The rarer the snow globe, the higher the price it can get. Especially if you have it in great condition. 

What liquid are snow globes filled with?

Snow globes are usually filled with water or glycerin. The snow on water may fall faster compared to glycerin since glycerin is made out of vegetable oils and is more solid than water so it can slow down the falling effect of the snow.

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