Manta Sleep Mask: The Sleep Mask That Make You Sleep The Night Away

Being an adult also means dealing with so many things to do and having a lack of good night sleep. If you can relate to that kind of situation, then we are on the same team. Being a nine-to-five type of worker, it came to me that a short nap in between my busy working hours can really come as a blessing.

I love to call a short nap, a power nap, and that’s because it recharges my energy so I can regain more power to continue my work until the day ends. Aside from that, staring at a computer screen for hours might cause the eyes to feel exhausted as well, so a short nap can also play a crucial role in keeping my eyes fit and healthy despite the long hours of screen time.

sleep mask
Manta Sleep Mask

As you already know, being able to enjoy a quality sleep has become a privilege these days. I’m pretty sure you agree with that fact, too. Therefore, in order for me to have a short nap to recharge at work, I think a good sleeper mask can be a great solution.

I found a great sleeper mask called the Manta Sleep Mask online. It is a product that claims to give me 100% blackout, which can put my nap into a deep sleep, even in just 10 to 30 minutes. And so…. I bought the Manta Sleep Mask already, tried it as well, and I think it would be beneficial for you to check out my honest review about the product below.

Why Use A Sleep Mask?

Let’s start with the most basic question, why do I need to use a sleep mask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It’s because I can only obtain a quality sleep with 100% blackout, and that is exactly what the Manta Sleep Mask is all about.

You might be familiar with satin eye masks, which I often see people wear in the movies to look pretty in bed and such. However, this one is more than just a pretty eye mask, It comes with so many beneficial features to give you a nap that will recharge your energy in just like, half an hour or so.

Background of Sleep Masks

Now the next question is, what is actually a sleep mask and when did people start to feel like they need one? It was reported that a sleep mask was invented back in 1930 to support people while sleeping and protect them from light rays. Over time, many types or sleeper masks were being invented, but basically with the same purpose and objective.

sleep mask
Background of Sleep Masks

Sleeping in pitch darkness is good for health. It can improve the quality of our sleep, and it reduces our risks of cancer and other diseases, too. Not to mention that it will also give beneficial impacts to our buddy as well.

So, if you start to think about using a sleeper mask with 100% blackout from now on? I would definitely say that you should.

Features of Manta Sleeper Mask

Now let’s talk about the Manta Sleep Mask. After I tested the product myself, I did find that it really came as expected. In short, I can say that it has a sleek design and it’s not too bulky as well. But let’s go deeper into the materials, design and adjustability below.

1. Materials Used by Manta

The product is made of several high-quality materials that ensure comfortability at its best. The interior part is made of soft cotton with a cool sensation to the eyes, while the strap is made of plush cotton with a micro velcro and silicone grip.

sleep mask
Materials Used by Manta

The micro Velcro works great and unlike other similar products, I didn’t experience any hair pulling or pain on the head. I also loved the silicone grip since it worked very well in keeping the mask in position while sleeping, so it’s highly comfortable for me.

2. Manta Sleeper Mask Design

I love how the creator developed two adjustable eyecups made of tapered, soft foam. Thanks to the eyecups, I was able to adjust them to fit the actual eye’s position. The pair of eyecups is probably the main feature that ensures 100% blackout without giving any pressure to the eyes.

sleep mask
Manta Sleeper Mask Design

The strap consists of several parts, including the elastic band and snag-free fasteners. It comes in two color combos; black on the inner part and light gray on the outer part. I think Manta launched the product in several color options, so I believe there are options for those who prefer different shades.

3. Manta Adjustability

As I mentioned earlier, the Manta is an adjustable strap mask, and the strap comes with an elastic band. It means that it is adjustable based on the size and shape of our head.  And thanks to the super soft materials, it was very comfortable to wear. Not only against the head, but also the ears, too.

sleep mask
Manta Adjustability

In my opinion, the Manta Sleep Mask is the sleeper mask made for everyone, men and women, young and old. 

Benefits of Using Manta Sleeper Mask

As I browsed the web, I also found out that the Manta Sleep Mask has specially designed eye contours that encourage REM sleep. In case you haven’t heard it before, the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is when your brain is repaired and renewed.

REM sleep requires no pressure on the eyes, and the Manta Sleep Mask is by far one of the most recommended eye pressure-free masks out there. The eyecups give zero pressure to your eyelids, which allow deep REM sleep to occur.

sleep mask
Benefits of Using Manta Sleeper Mask

I also think that the product is one of the best sleep travel essentials. It is truly the best pick for travelers. With only 30 gr of total weight, I can’t think of another sleeper mask to carry while you are away from home.

The ads mentioned that Manta Sleep Mask is perfect for light sleeper. Well, it is. But it is also perfect for night owls who have insomnia. I tried to use it at night, and I was able to sleep 8 hours straight without waking up at all. I guess the 100% total blackout really worked, and finally I was able to beat my insomnia by sleeping through the night.

How The Manta Sleep Mask Promotes Melatonin To Put You To Sleep?

We all need a good sleep. It is an essential part of our daily life and quality sleep is something that needs to become our goal from time to time. That’s when Manta comes in. Manta is a product that offers Manta mask user experience like no other sleeper mask can offer.

How The Manta Sleep Mask Promotes Melatonin To Put You To Sleep?
How The Manta Sleep Mask Promotes Melatonin To Put You To Sleep?

Here are some of the additional products that can enhance your sleep quality with the Manta Sleep Mask. Also, all of these are available on Manta official website, which often available in special or discounted prices, too.

1. Add Some Cooling To Your Manta Sleep Mask

Need some cooling to your eyes while sleeping? Say no more, because Manta has a cooling and warming gel that will give a cool sensation while sleeping. It will be beneficial for your eyes, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

2. Add Some Warmth To Your Manta Sleep Mask

For those of you who prefer to have some warmth instead, Manta also offers a warming gel to be attached to the Manta mask. So it’s basically your call based on what you need, and Manta will come with the solution for you.

3. Add Some Scent To Your Manta Sleep Mask

This is probably the add-on that I am most curious about. Manta also has Manta AROMA Dots, which are aromatherapy add-on available for all types of Manta masks.

It is available in three scents, which are Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Bergamot. For $33, I will get 3 packs with 10 dots each, which I think come as a good deal!

4. Add Some Silk Comfort To Your Manta Blackout Sleep Mask

Manta also offers the Manta SILK Sleep Mask, which is the newest collection specially designed for those who are looking for silk comfort. You can get it for $79, and you can enjoy the luxury of pure silk for deep sleep.

Who Is The Manta Sleep Eye Mask Suitable For?

Based on my personal review and experience, Manta Sleep Mask is for everyone. It’s obviously perfect for me, a 9-to-5 worker who needs a power nap in between my busy hours.

Who Is The Manta Sleep Eye Mask Suitable For?
Who Is The Manta Sleep Eye Mask Suitable For?

Other than that, I think this product is perfect for those who have sleeping problems or insomnia, travelers, light sleepers, or simply anyone who would love to have a deep quality sleep to recharge and be energized.

Is It Worth The Price?

For me personally, it is. It’s totally worth the price. I can’t put any price tag to a quality sleep, it’s mandatory for me, since it determines my daily performance, whether it’s at work or social life.

There are other sleeper masks in the market out there, and each product offers its own features that guarantee a good sleep. But for me, so far I am pretty happy with my Manta eye mask.

Is It Worth The Price?
Is It Worth The Price?

Other similar products I found offer features like Bluetooth music and heated pads only, while others offer a mask for side sleepers only. But in my opinion, Manta masks come as a complete package that includes everything I need to have a deep quality sleep.

Manta Sleep Mask is available from $29 for kids, and $39 for adults. I think the price is fair compared to its features, and I personally won’t mind paying a bit more as long as it works well, and is also durable. Let’s just consider it as an investment, a health investment.

The best place to get it is from the official website, But it is also available on several online stores like Amazon, eBay, Esty and also Walmart

My Reviews and Other User Testimonials

This article is an honest review based on my own personal experience in using the Manta Sleep Mask. Honestly, I have never had any sleeper mask that can help me fall asleep as wonderful as this mask. So, I would give a score of 9.5 out 10 for Manta Sleep Mas

Reviews and Other User Testimonials
Reviews and Other User Testimonials

However, I would also like to share a mode detailed testimonial to give you a better picture of how beneficial the mask can be in terms of improving the quality of your sleep. 

1. Pros and Cons of Manta Sleeper Mask

Now let’s get to the Pros and Cons.


  • Gives 100% total blackout
  • Gives zero pressure to the eyes, encourage REM sleep
  • Cool and sleek design
  • Adjustable, comfortable and lightweight


  • The velcro still needs improvement

The reason why I think Manta needs to improve the quality of the Velcro is because mine was unable to stick anymore. But other than that, I have to say that I am pretty happy with it.

2. Review and Testimonials

Based on what I found on the website, Manta Sleep Mask received 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on customers reviews. Some happy side sleepers report that it’s comfortable, and that it completely eliminates light.

I also managed to find some positive reviews which I want to share with you. Aside from confirming that I am not the only person who enjoys Manta mask, I also think that the following reviews will give more reference before deciding to get the mask for yourself as well. 

“I’ve tried over the past 2 years many sleep masks and this one is my favorite! It was introduced to me by a client and I’m loving it. It’s comfortable and blocks out 100% of light and puts zero pressure on your eyes!”Devin B.

“GAME CHANGER. My work schedule has changed a bit, and by bit I mean I’m working a few night shifts. This eye mask has legit changed the way I sleep regardless of sunlight or by moonlight. It is the most comfortable eye pads, perfect around the head band and truly something I won’t sleep without anymore ESPECIALLY on the days I need sleep before work.”Jessica L.

“I didn’t know what a difference a good sleep mask could make. Thanks to social media for introducing me to Manta Sleep. This thing blocks light and can be heated. So dreamy.”Mary C.

“I don’t always take a day nap, but when I do I use a Manta Sleep Mask. 😴 These are great for total darkness day or night. I bought it to try since I’ve been sleeping in my glasses to keep the fan from irritating my eyes. It was worth every cent! And because of its deep cups it works great with my lash extensions.”Kris

I’ve always had a really hard time falling asleep. The Manta sleep mask honestly has really helped me fall asleep. They’re an insomniacs’ dream.”Madi C.

“Since using my Manta sleep mask I’ve really been logging the hours. I’m actually shocked – no midnight wake ups. Literally sleeping like an infant (the ones that sleep 12 hours straight 😉) – the most sound, peaceful rest 🙏🏼Bethany G.

Maintenance and Care of Manta Sleeper Mask

Since it’s made of fabric, you can simply use a detergent and add it to a basin filled with warm water. My advice would be to submerge the mask in the water and let it soak for no more than 10 minutes. Then, just hang or lay flat to air dry in a cool place.

Maintenance and Care
Maintenance and Care of Manta Sleeper Mask

With extra care, I believe you can use your Manta eye mask for a long time. But still, it still depends on how often you use it. As for me, I use it almost everyday for almost 3 months now, and so far mine is still working properly.

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Final Thoughts

So, to sum up my review, I believe the Manta Sleep Mask is definitely worth having. It will come as the perfect solution for any sleeping problems, and in fact it can even help you obtain a better sleep everyday.

I personally recommend the mask to you, and see how it can transform your life through high-quality sleep, which will further improve your daily performance. Plus, it will be beneficial for your health, too.

So, get Manta Sleep Mask now, and you can thank me later.

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