34 Funny & Cute Sleeping Masks for Sleepy Heads

Wise men say that your future is shaped while you are dreaming. Well, if that is not a good enough reason to try and get lots of quality sleep, then what is? Having a good sleep is crucial. According to the experts, we need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Although sometimes it’s not very easy to achieve, we need to find a way on how to make sure we have enough sleep everyday. If you think that having a comfy bed and a cozy room are enough for a good night sleep, you might want to think again. How about some cute sleeping masks?

Let us introduce you to the following cute sleeping masks. It’s more than just a humorous aspect to your nighttime endeavors for sure. In our opinion, it is also the simplest mean to ensure your shut-eye time actually involves keeping your eyes firmly shut.

If you are wondering about what would be the best kind of sleeping mask to pick? Sit back, relax, and scroll down to take a look at these awesome list of cute and funny sleeping masks below. After that, you can make your pick to get the most out of your future-shaping dreamy session.

What Are Some Benefits of Using A Sleeping Mask?

Some benefits of using a sleeping mask include improved sleep quality, reduced eye strain, and reduced exposure to light during sleep.

Are There Any Safety Concerns with Using A Sleeping Mask?

Sleeping masks are generally considered safe, but people with breathing or circulatory problems should consult with a doctor before using a sleeping mask.

Are Sleeping Masks Suitable for All Ages?

Sleeping masks can be suitable for people of all ages, although children under the age of 2 should not use sleeping masks.

BEST Cute Sleeping Masks

#1 Cat Sleep Mask

Cat Sleep Mask

If you want to scare the living daylights out of anyone who dares to rouse you from your sleep, then this is the mask for you. The fully dilated pupils on it will serve as an important guard over your sleepy self. Plus, it will also allow you to get the most out of the sleeping session. We’re pretty sure that you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

#2 Sloth Sleeping Mask

sloth sleeping mask

The sloth sleeping mask makes the ideal shield for your eyes. The person who sleeps next to you will never find out that you are hiding your drowsy eyes behind this cute sleeping mask. As the ultimate representation of all things relaxing, the real life sloth on the front side of it embraces laziness in a way any one of us would envy.

However, we must compliment the design of it. It embraces the inspiration from nature’s best, which is an adorable animal that can sleep for a good 20 hours without the slightest hint of embarrassment. 

#3 Loading – Sleeping Mask

 Loading - Sleeping Mask - Cute sleeping masks

Have you ever feel like you know that you really need to get out of bed and get things done, but you just can’t? We can feel you, and perhaps millions other people can feel it, too. It’s hard, we know. But that’s the thing about growing up and we just have to force ourself to wake up no matter what.

To help you in dealing with such condition, we recommend you to wear this mask while you are sleeping. It puts that message out clearly for the world to see, so no one would dare try to interrupt your snooze till you are fully loaded. Moreover, we also think that it is the perfect gift for your sleep-loving spouse. It would a great gift to let them know you love them just the way they are.

#4 Tiger Eyes Sleeping Masks

Tiger Eyes Sleeping Masks

These layered tiger eyes-inspired stylish piece of mask makes one of the cutest sleeping masks for a fashion forward modern sleeper. It completely blocks out light while your sleep.

At the same time, it also gives you an adorable look while you snore your life away. The round eyes look deep into the soul of any observer. They will look as if they tell them to do the right thing and just leave you to sleep in peace. 

#5 Fox Sleeping Eye Mask

Fox Sleeping Eye Mask - Cute sleeping masks

Look at how cute this next sleeping mask looks! The color combination and floral straps make this sleeping accessory seem extremely endearing. The fabric is super soft and cozy. It’s high density also ensures that not a single ounce of light will seep through and interfere with your beauty sleep.

So whether you are taking a long flight or just need a quick afternoon snooze, this charming piece will get the job done. 

#6 His and Hers Beauty and Beast Sleeping Masks

His and Hers Beauty and Beast Sleeping Masks - Cute sleeping masks

These legend-inspired cute sleeping masks give both of you the opportunity to get lost in blissful dreamland, peacefully and uninterrupted. This pair was designed to make your sleepiness highly contagious.

With this mask, the moment you glance at your mate and find the mask is still on the natural recourse, you would want to extend your own session. So, savor every moment of this unique opportunity to take a break from life with the one you love right by your side. 

#7 Not Today Eye Masks

Not Today Eye Masks - Funny Sleeping masks

This one is simply one of the funniest and cutest sleeping masks that you can find. In our opinion, it is very ideal for procrastinators all over the world. This cute mask sends a brief yet powerful message to indefinitely postpone your woes and worries. When you wear this to bed, then you are bound to wake up with a happy grin ready.

We have no doubt that you will be ready to take on the challenges of life with a positive demeanor. It is the constant reminder everyone needs not to take life too seriously but to always take a moment to rejuvenate. 

#8 Pug Sleep Mask

Pug Sleep Mask

Pugs are naturally lovable and usually find a way to melt even the sturdiest of hearts. It is the adorable stare that only they can execute. Therefore, we just have include this cute sleeping mask into our list. It’s totally irresistible particularly to whimsical pug lovers.

For anyone who think that you have taken this sleep thing too far, hit them with that cute pug look. We can guarantee that they will certainly reconsider and allow you a few more minutes of precious slumber.

#9 Custom Made Embroidered Sleeping Masks

Custom Made Embroidered Sleeping Masks

We believe that there is one reason why sleeping masks are a great gift idea. It is because every single individual on earth values their sleep. Plus, they constantly in search of ways to make it even better. In terms of gift, we believe that personalized sleeping mask will hold more personal values to it.

When you make use of a custom message option, then the receiver will know that you truly care for their well-being. Even better, you can order in bulk for you and for each of your loved one. By doing so, everyone will all have a better sleep at night.

#10 Multi Colored Owl Sleeping Masks

Multi Colored Owl Sleepi

Just because you use them while you sleep, it does not mean they have to be boring. Sleep masks in fact are a viable tool to convey your tastes and creative side to the world, while you take a break to get more inspiration.

This multi-colored sleepy owl design is rich in symbolic meaning. The nocturnal nature of the bird behind its design will allow you to fall asleep any time of day regardless of where you are.

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#11 Grumpy Cat Eye Mask

Grumpy cat sleep mask

The look on this cat’s face tells you, “do not even think about it.” It does not only makes this an extremely funny sleep mask, but also a highly functional piece warning onlookers to keep off.

The design covers every corner of your eyes completely. It will be shutting out all annoying light and letting you enjoy great comfort while you rest. We also think that the cat concept is perfect since few animals love their sleep quite as much as cats do. 

#12 F-Off Sleep Masks

 F-Off Sleep Masks - Funny Sleeping masks

If you have never been one to mince your words then this daring mask defines you. It says exactly what you would like to tell the world. It applies when all you need is a few hours of uninterrupted sleep and no one seems to understand.

The choice of color and the generous use of fabric on the piece ensure that not even a single ounce of light will make it through. You will be better placed to handle life once you emerge from beneath its shield.

#13 Panda Sleeping Mask

Panda Sleeping Mask

Pandas are among the most adorable creatures ever known to man. We believe that anyone who would dare to rouse a person wearing one of these cute sleeping masks deserves to be banished from civilization! Not literally, though.

Not only does it assure you of a great session of rest no matter what time of day you decide to pursue it, but it makes you seem charming and delightful while at it. Undoubtedly, you could get away with almost anything if you wore one of these.

#14 Offline Sleep Mask

Offline Sleep Mask

Have you ever wished you had a flight mode button that you could switch on and off as need arises? Well, much as this is not precisely what you imagined it would be like, it comes pretty close.

These cool sleep masks are an inspired gift choice for all our geeky friends. It could come in handy to cure bouts of insomnia enhancing their genius ability and making the world a better place. After all, this mask tells the truth, because you are literally offline while you are sleeping, right?

#15 Shhhh Hibernating Sleeping Mask

Shhhh Hibernating Sleeping Mask - Funny Sleeping masks

This is an extremely funny eye mask that draws its inspiration from a marvel of nature. While it sends a polite and whimsical message it also serves as a subtle caution.

After all, everyone knows what happens when you wake an animal up from hibernation, right? So go on, put it on and see how many hours of precious nap time you can rack in while everyone keeps off and maintains silence.

#16 Raccoon Sleep Mask

Raccoon Sleep Mask

While raccoons are known to wreak havoc anywhere they happen to be, they actually have such an innocent and calming demeanor. It applies especially when they enjoy their peaceful slumber.

Even if you had a bone to pick with them, it would most likely wait until they are up and about. So, if you have a knack for getting into trouble, we think this raccoon sleep mask might just help you out of a few tight situations. Plus, we also hope that it will let you slumber away in peace. 

#17 Zombie Sleeping Mask

Zombie Sleeping Mask

Do you know how difficult it is to maintain an appealing façade while you snore your worries away? Well, instead of fighting this force of nature you might as well embrace it by wearing this scary zombie mask over your eyes. By doin so, you can then complete the puzzle perfectly.

If you ask us, we honestly think that it is one of the best sleeping masks for scaring away pesky intruders. And of course, it will let you get some quality shut-eye, too.

#18 Jaws Sleeping Mask

Jaws Sleeping Mask

Terrifying jaws are an ingenious way to scare away anyone while you sleep. Moreover, it can scare away those who think they might get away with rousing you from slumber land.

In addition, this mask can also provide an appropriate distraction from all the drooling, nostril-flaring and generally unappealing effect that deep sleep at times has on the most refined beings. Last but not least, the abstract design is very engaging, too. It draws upon powerful marine forces randomly placed to create an interesting effect. 

#19 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Mask

Have you always wished to portray the kind of elegant beauty you only see on movie stars while asleep? If you have, this might well be your closest bet to get you at least halfway to that imaginary destination.

The long cartoon eyelashes and crown help you along by making you seem like a royal. Also, the gel feature inside will allow for heating or freezing, too. It will ensure that your tired eyes get the relaxing treatment they deserve to keep them looking their best in the morning.

#20 Coffee Please Eye Mask

Coffee Please Eye Mask

The next time you wake up to a house full of life and everyone stares at you wondering why you seem so grumpy, this mask will work wonders to give the answer they have always sought.

These cute sleeping masks provide genuine reprieve to all coffee lovers the world over. It lets the people around you to know that all you really need as soon as you wake up is a steaming cup of coffee and you are good to go. 

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#21 Dream Girls Kawaii Shoji Manga Eyes Mask

Dream Girls Kawaii Shoji Manga Eyes Mask

This cute sleeping mask is the ideal choice for a lady who dares not let her beauty guard down, even when she is lost in blissful slumber. They come in different hues as well. It will let you choose the one that best blends with your skin tone. Plus, it holds it’s own level of appeal so you don’t have to worry about not looking your best at any given moment.

We also love the fabric. The soft satin is the best fabric for relaxing your skin. Plus, the nose-bridge contour is also perfectly executed to ensure remarkable comfort. 

#22 Dragonball Z Sleeping Mask

Dragonball Z Sleeping Mask

Anyone who is in love with action figures would treasure this inspiring design derived from the heroic Super Saiyan. It allows you to live your dream by transforming you into a formidable warrior even as you venture deeper and deeper into dreamland.

It thus makes you equal to any nightmare you might encounter enabling you to quash every evil that sits defiantly on your path to a great night’s rest.  

#23 Wake Me Up when Its Friday Sleeping Mask

Wake Me When Its Friday Sleeping Mask - Funny Sleeping masks

“Thank God it’s Friday” are the words we all long to hear when the weekdays drag on for ages. It is one of those months when there is no holiday in sight. This is one of those cute sleeping eye masks that can help you express your displeasure at this state of affairs.

It will keep you going till it’s in fact Friday, and the weekend stands only a few hours away. Take advantage of it to see you through the hard times. Before you know it, you will have an entire weekend to sleep in all day long if you please.

#24 Famous Art Sleeping Masks

Famous Art Sleeping Masks

If you happen to be a lover of literal artistic masterpieces, here is an opportunity to own a copy of one at a surprising fraction of the cost. This is one of those cute sleeping masks made to precisely replicate the eye regions of famed paintings by the best hands in the field. The result is extremely lifelike and makes the subject seem like a work of art even as you sleep. It introduces a unique appeal that you might previously have thought only possible in your dreams. 

#25 Dollar Sign Sleep Mask

Dollar Sign Sleep Mask

They usually say that the things on which you feed your mind sooner or later come to be. You would therefore agree that feeding your mind on these dollar signs is an ingenious way to get your name on the world’s richest persons list, isn’t it?

This one is an extremely pretty eye mask for sleeping and it takes into consideration not just the visual appeal but also your sense of style. It comes in an assortment of colors to suit your personal tastes, too! 

#26 Off-Duty Sleeping Mask

Off-Duty Sleeping Mask - Funny Sleeping masks

This fanciful sleeping mask sends a clear warning message to intruders. It avails you of the opportunity to give your eyes a much needed break from reality. It offers a refreshing reprieve from annoying light and shut out the world, if only for a few precious moments allowing your body to rejuvenate and prepare to face life with renewed vigor.

Moreover, we also think that the message they bear is all one needs to see to get the hint to keep off and let you be.

#27 Bat Sleep Mask

Bat Sleep Mask

No one ever tells you the truth that when you have kids sleeping will automatically become history. But you just might survive their cunning wiles if you put to good use this delightfully adorable bat sleep mask.

While shutting out the annoying intrusion of light into your peaceful snooze session, it creates a cheerful distraction that might keep them occupied. Plus, It allows you a bit of extra time in your fantasy world.

#28 Sorry I’m Late Sleeping Mask

Sorry I’m Late Sleeping Mask

Just because you’re sleeping it does not mean you cannot politely explain yourself, does it? This inspiringly beautiful designer sleep mask gives the world the perfect excuse for you long before you even stir to life.

This it does in style as it gives you a vast array of colors to express your individuality. Also, we think that it gives everyone around you a reason to smile and when allows you to awaken in the perfect frame of mind to take on life. 

#29 Battery Charging Sleep Mask

No products found.

Don’t you just love funny sleep masks that get you into a fit of laughter without having to try too hard? This has got to be the ultimate example of one such piece that sends a clear message without having to use a single word.

It makes it clear to all who care that as soon as your battery gets fully charged then you will get up and get on with life. Also, we love the fabric, too as is super soft and cozy, perfect to keep you comfortable through the charging session.

#30 Wake Me with Champagne

Wake Me with Champagne

Some of our deepest desires are at times restricted to a world of fantasy. This is one of the most fantastic and cute sleeping masks that make it possible to live your dream. The message is clear and simple and you certainly are not asking for too much, are you?

It makes the ideal choice for a party lover who falls asleep on the couch and knows for sure that he will wake up hung over. It helps you to avert disaster by letting the people around you know exactly what to do as soon as you wake up. 

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#31 Owl Eyes Sleep Mask

Owl Eyes Sleep Mask

This nature-inspired design is so full of life, creating an interesting contrast to the wearer. The stern eyes look deep into the intruder’s soul to inspire fear and let them know in no uncertain terms that you will wake of your own accord.

The soft fabric is made to keep your eyes softly cushioned against intrusive light. We can assure you that it will provide you with a much-needed break and giving you the chance to reignite your passion for life. 

#32 Sleep Eye Mask Pikachu

No products found.

A soft and breathable cute sleep mask with Pikachu design will improve your sleep quality, and that we can guarantee. The material is made of plush, hence it is comfortable to wear all night long, and soft to touch, too.

The strap is adjustable, so you can adjust based on your head’s size. No need to worry it will cause pain or headache while wearing it. This cute sleeping mask is not only cute for sleeping, but also for a pajamas party.

#33 Contoured Blackout Frog

Contoured Blackout Frog

Guess no one can resist this cute sleeping mask. These blackout frog eyes masks describe how sleepy you are. It is lightweight, and made from plush material. So, you can definitely sleep with it every night. Also, you can change the eye expression by folding the eye bag of the frog. It is adorable, right? Bring it wherever you want to go, then, have a good sleep!

#34 3D Funny Eyeshade Soft Sleep Eye Mask

3D Funny Eyeshade Soft Sleep Eye Mask

If you are looking for something practical but still cute and fun to wear while sleeping, then try this sleeping mask. As one of those cute sleeping masks on our list, everyone will chuckle when seeing you wear this sleep eye mask.

This sleep mask is not only for sleeping but also having fun with your friends. Pretend to not sleeping when wearing this, but in fact you are already sleeping. Also, it comes with an adjustable strap to fit on your head without causing any pain.

Final Thoughts

Sleep mask can be worn every night for those who cannot sleep with the light off. Your eyes will be blocked from the light out, so your sleep quality will increase. If you worry that there will be wrinkles on your eyes caused by wearing it, we have to remind you no to, because there is an adjustable strap to ensure you wear it comfortably. 

The cute sleeping masks listed here provide numerous fun options to suit your sleeping needs and capture unique elements of your personality while at it. Choose a few for yourself and others as gifts for your friends and family to let them know you care.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you clean a sleeping mask?

Sleeping masks can be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine, depending on the materials and construction of the mask.

What should you look for when choosing a sleeping mask?

When choosing a sleeping mask, you should look for features such as comfort, adjustability, breathability, and light-blocking capabilities.

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