The Eight Smart Bed

The Eight Smart Bed will let you control your sleep like never before and ensure that every day you wake up fresh and ready for action.

What exactly is a smart bed? Well, you have to have a comfy mattress and this one has one of the best. This mattress is then equipped with a special technology cover, which does all the magic.

It can gather all the data about your sleep and gives you a report of your night in the morning.

The tracked data from this smart product includes simple stuff like the timings of your sleep and also some more advanced ones including your heart rate, respiratory rate or room, and bed temperatures. 

The Eight Smart Bed

That data can help you improve your sleep and in turn make your daily life better. This unique bed will also analyze your sleeping patterns and wake you up at the most optimal time.

The Eight Smart Bed

Another feature of this smart bed is the temperature adjustments, which can be made on two sides of the bed.

Lastly, the bed is equipped with wi-fi and you can program it to change the lights or make you coffee when you, for example, wake up. 

The Eight Smart Bed

Not many people realize that lack of energy, stress or just constant frustration can all be linked to poor sleep. The Eight Smart Bed can improve it and revolutionize your everyday life.

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