40 Of The Coolest Beds You Can Buy

I bet you did not know that a third of your life is spent in bed. You sleep, lay, and rest while scrolling your phone or reading a book in bed. If that is not sufficient reason for young and old alike to invest in the coolest beds, then what else is? Have a glimpse of our impressive collection of awesome beds and make an informed choice on how you want to spend the rest of your life.

We have featured all of the most impressive-looking beds on the market, from stylish and futuristic looking modern beds to unique and creative beds that have handy built-in features. They are all here in our epic guide of what we believe are all of the coolest beds in the world!

The Coolest Beds Ever for Your Bed Room

Discover the funkiest, most sophisticated, and coolest bed ever in our curated list below! They aren’t only stand out for their fantastic designs, but their functions are also a plus. Some of them can even float; how come? Without any further ado, let’s get into the list!

#1 Private Cloud Rocking Bed – (coolest beds ever)

Private Cloud Rocking Bed

There’s a very good reason why babies enjoy the rocking sensation on their cool beds and no good reason why you cannot. This rocking bed takes you on a trip down memory lane and allows you to indulge in a pleasure previously reserved for the most demanding family members.

Enjoy this relaxing effect with the person you love and spend more quality time getting life’s stresses pampered out of your being. But for this design, we don’t recommend reading it or having a snack on it because it will definitely mess up. It will be best to set it in your kid’s room where they need such a rocking design the most.

#2 Copeland Astrid Platform Bed

Layout all of your day’s worries on this cozy platform, and you might never venture out of your bedroom again. It is not only designed to provide maximum comfort. It also stands to create great visual interest as well, and give your bedroom that all-important touch of class.

The dramatic effect is enhanced when coupled with the matching nightstand. Also, consider having this bed in a tropical bathroom setting as the wooden material can blend perfectly with the theme.

#3 The Levitating Bed

The Levitating Bed - a floating bed is one of the coolest beds

Want to give your bedroom a contemporary transformation and enjoy the delicate pleasures of modernism? Then this cool bed was made with you in mind. The floating bed illusion, combined with the effect of the lighting underneath the bed’s beam, makes it the ultimate choice for any present-day home.

Even cooler, it comes with an attached nightstand to arrange your stuff. Having a black and white design, this sophisticated bed will be perfect to replace your dull one in a minimalist bedroom.

#4 Crety’s Modern Platform Beds

Cretys Modern Platform Beds - cool beds

Are you thinking of a way to transform your bedroom space into a relaxing sanctuary? By all means, invest in this spacious platform bed. It’ll let you get completely lost in your fantasy world and makes every new day a pleasure to behold.

Its lacquer finish makes it a striking piece that adds warmth and style to the room. We also love the floating bed effect. You can add a nightstand with a similar color palette and a geometric pattern carpet to support the sanctuary setting.

#5 VW Camper Bed

VW Camper Bed

Many parents will agree that it sometimes becomes a nightmare to get the kids to agree with your bedtime rules. You will never again have to worry about that if you surprise them with this ingeniously designed cool bed this season. Who needs bunk beds for fun, in fact, the problem might now become trying to keep them out of bed.

It can serve as both a decorative aspect to the room and also a comfortable bed for your kids to rest on. With such a bed, you also don’t have to worry about the narrow space, thanks to its perfect size.

#6 Presotto Aqua Bed – Modern Beds

Presotto Aqua Bed - coolest beds

A fancy minimalist design for the sophisticated ones among us, this bed is designed to grace your room while at the same time providing matchless comfort. This floating bed will make you want to stay in bed all day.

No matter what life throws at you during the day, you will be sure to get much-needed rejuvenation and look forward to the next day’s challenges with open arms. To make your bedroom setting not plain black, try adding moss green shades to the rugs and bed covers.

#7 Worlds Most Advanced Bed

Worlds Most Advanced Bed

This right here is the real deal. Every sort of comfort that was previously thought to be a mere fantasy is brought to life and perfectly executed. Retractable privacy blinds, a world-class sound system, cup holders, an HD projector, adjustable levels, and an aroma dispenser are just some of its classy features. Who would ever want to leave this ultimate zone of relaxation?

If you want to keep its dashing red appeal, allow it to shine on your black wall bedroom. You can also install a wall sticker with a dark-tone wooden pattern and set the back against it.

#8 Filo Upholstered Platform Bed

Filo Upholstered Platform Bed - hidden bed frames

Who said that just because your space is limited you have to sleep like a prisoner in your own home? There are unique beds for sale that are sufficiently spacious but feature a design that creates an illusion of space. And this is just one remarkable example. Its white color and almost invisible plexiglass legs make it perfect for this effect with no bed frames, making It looks levitating.

In case you have it in your white, four wall bedroom, you better offer other shades to brighten up the area. We recommend moss green, tan, or gray ones as they won’t overwhelm the clean and neat theme.

#9 This Outdoor Mosquito Net Hammock Bed

This Outdoor Mosquito Net Hammock Bed

So this is more of a cool “Outdoor” bed, but it definitely, deserves to be here, right? This outdoor hammock bed is the perfect hammock bed for a lazy afternoon of frolicking without interference from pesky bugs, and the blazing sun has long been a product of the imagination.

This was before this genius of a designer breathed life into the idea and came up with a brilliant masterpiece. Your outdoor recreation sessions will never be the same again once you get a hold of it. Set it in your backyard under the shade tree to get protection from excessive sun.

#10 VIVIDUS BY HÄSTENS: The World’s Most Incredible Bed

cool beds - luxury bed

For those among us who have a serious obsession with ultimate comfort during our precious sleep, those who give serious attention to the minutest of details, the Vividus bed is your best bet. The craftsmanship is matchless, and the final product is comparable to none, making it one of the world’s most amazing beds.

Unlike other beds with a plain design, its checkerboard, blue-white pattern makes it look striking. For that reason, we recommend having this in your bedroom with white-painted walls. If you have wooden floors, set a fluffy, gray rug under the bed to avoid scratching the wood.

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#11 Plato Round Bed

Cool beds do not necessarily have to adhere to the conventions and norms we’ve grown accustomed to, and this round bed evidently supports that premise. It defies every rule in the book and, in the process, converts your room into a stately sanctuary and guarantees restful nights with its limitless space.

Considering the size, we think it will perfectly fit the family room, especially if there’s a fireplace. So, you can snuggle together in the winter while having a chat or simply watching the tv.

#12 PHC Series Canopy Bed

PHC Series Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are a timeless way to showcase your sense of style and sophistication. The design on this one seems to be both refined and whimsical, and in spite of its spaciousness, the minimalist posts give it a floating illusion.

You can also set a translucent, white curtain as additional decoration and prevent mosquitoes from disturbing your sleep. The seclusion offered within its confines is to be longed for, as is the rustic effect it will create in your bedroom space.

#13 Self Making Beds

Self Making Beds

It might be hard to admit it, but almost everyone has dreamt of a self-making bed at some point in life. Well, that dream just came to life with one of the coolest beds imaginable. It creates the perfect solution for today’s frenzied pace of life and could be a long-awaited solution to your constant tardiness woes.

As it features a white shade along with the bed cover, we strongly suggest having this bed in your modern, dark-tone painted bedroom to allow it to shine. Check out this cool bed today!

#14 Faz Vondom Daybed

Faz Vondom Daybed

Your vacations just got better with this fancy outdoor bed. It features almost everything you have ever fantasized about and is bound to offer a thrilling reprieve from life as we know it. A state-of-the-art sound system, an adjustable parasol with UV rays protection, and splendid lighting options for an awesome nighttime effect.

And where else to have this bed if not in the pool area? Well, if you don’t have one, your wide backyard can be the best option to set this bed.

#15 Melrose Upholstered Platform Bed

Melrose Upholstered Platform Bed with cool bed frames

Unique bed frames serve to enhance the sleeping experience, and this curvy bed serves as the perfect example. It invites you to take a moment to enjoy a break, and once you get on it, there is really no way out until your body gets the rest it deserves.

The curvy design provides a comfortable rest for your neck and back, while the absence of a mattress barrier allows your feet to move freely. Meanwhile, the black leather finish adds elegance to complete this work of art.

#16 The Iorca Easy Up Chic Bed

The Iorca Easy Up Chic Bed

Cool beds for small rooms come in all shapes and sizes because the one thing for which there should be no compromise is the quality of your sleep. An interior designer’s dream!

This bed contains a hidden compartment that provides ample storage space and also helps to keep the room clutter-free. Being a double bed it also ensures you get lots of refreshing shut-eye time. Have this bed in your contemporary bedroom setting with a gray tone to match the theme.

#17 Indoor Floating Hammock Beds

Indoor Floating Hammock Beds

Cool beds will always find a way to incorporate additional comfort features to give you the best relaxation experience. The indoor floating beds are not only highly artistic as centerpieces, but they also afford the user better sleep through their gentle rocking motion.

They are a perfect choice for small rooms as they can be hoisted up to free up space when necessary, and there are no standard bed frames. However, we recommend hanging it outdoors, like in your backyard, to enjoy the breeze of nature.

#18 Leasure Season Swing Bed

 Leasure Season Swing Bed

This indoor-outdoor contraption is a visual delight and offers unmatched coziness for a vacation experience right in your home. It has sufficient space for the entire family and will provide the perfect platform for a bonding session.

Its sturdy construction makes it a durable choice that will feature in your home for an eternity to come. To reduce sun exposure and make sleeping more comfortable, place it under your dense tree in the backyard.

#19 Modern Mid-Century Cheery Bed

Modern Mid-Century Cheery Bed - coolest beds

Solid wood products evoke a nostalgic appeal, particularly when they are crafted to precision. These modern beds take us back to the old days and provide an ideal resting place full of luxurious comfort and a rejuvenating coziness. The minimalist legs make it seem delicate and all the more stylish.

Suppose your room has a tropical design. In that case, you can set up potted tropical plants, like Monstera, on both sides of your bed.

#20 Sleepy Bed

Sleepy Bed - coolest beds

This is one of the most awesome beds known to man because it not only provides lots of space for its occupants but also features lots of padding and plush comfort from all sides. You can forget about bumping your head into a solid surface because there is none.

No barriers too, so you can move your legs freely without bumping your partner. Everything about it says “sleep” and sleep you will. Given it doesn’t have a headboard, don’t set it against the window especially if it faces the east or west. Otherwise, you will have sunshine on your face.

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#21 Giant Birds Nest Bed

Giant Birds Nest Bed

When it comes to weird bed designs, nothing beats this humongous stroke of genius that mimics the design of an actual bird’s nest. It is made for fun times with family and friends and offers a comfy abode for up to 16 occupants.

You can place the bed in a guest room or in your kid’s to offer sensory play with them. It will surely carry lots of happy memories for everyone who has the chance to “board it.”

#22 Matisse Oslo Round King Leatherette Bed

Matisse Oslo Round King Leatherette Bed

Low-profile beds are a highly popular feature in most modern homes. This elegant round bed would transform any bedroom space from great to awesome in a matter of minutes. The unique thing is you can set a mattress on top of the bed if you don’t like the round shape.

Also, it comes with an attached nightstand to set aside your phones from the bed. After all, it will ensure you enjoy a restful break from the pressures of the day in style.

#23 Rustic Furniture Barn Cedar Log Bed

Rustic Furniture Barn Cedar Log Bed

Would you like to enjoy a retreat on a far-off island away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Well then, hop on board this wonderful bed and enjoy the olfactory delight of cedar right in your bedroom. The piece is exquisitely designed and designed to last several lifetimes.

We love the wooden-style bed frame! Nonetheless, knowing it features the barrier, make sure the width and height fit yours. Otherwise, you may bend your legs while sleeping on it.

#24 Modern Hanging Bed

Modern Hanging Bed

Designer creativity keeps getting better and better, as can be seen from these unusual beds that carry a unique modernist appeal. It is an ideal choice for a cramped bedroom space because it can be retracted to ceiling level to free up space during the day.

Its swinging motion is bound to give you pleasurable and restful nights. To enjoy the most out of this comfortable bed, you better hang it on your balcony facing the view. It will be better if you have it on your second floor because usually, the scenery is even more breathtaking.

#25 Plana Bed

Plana Bed

Modern cool beds are consistently taking into consideration the need to conserve our environment for future generations. This particular example utilizes eco-friendly material to achieve a sleek contemporary design that would blend perfectly with any bedroom orientation. The lighting underneath is just the icing on this marvelous cake.

You can arrange the bed to face your room’s windows. Then, put wall stickers that feature an autumn view to match the bed’s and room theme on the wall against the bed

#26 Prades Upholstered Platform Bed

Prades Upholsterd Platform Bed

Oriental layouts have a way of adding a touch of elegance to the most basic furniture, and their unique designs for cool beds are no exception. This low profile bed presents a luxurious space to spread out and enjoy a no-limits nighttime experience. Its simplicity evokes a sense of style and sophistication.

Place it in a modern minimalist bedroom with a white wall to match the design. Alternatively, the gray one also looks awesome! Arrange a gray fluffy rug on the opposite side of the bed to offer sot hint amid dashing vibes.

#27 The Never Leave your Bed, Bed!

The Never Leave your Bed, Bed! - cool beds

The designers of this marvel asked themselves one basic question, why does anyone ever leave the comfort of his bed? The answer to this question was then fashioned into the most amazing sample from the world’s list of awesome beds.

It has everything you could ever dream of apart from a toilet and will keep you cozy and refreshed all night and day long (almost). Nonetheless, having this bed means you must ensure high ceilings. Otherwise, the frame will bump into it.

#28 Savana Day Bed

Savana Day Bed

As far as day beds go, this one right here takes the day as one of the coolest beds of them all. It provides a cozy retreat from the ravages of staying awake on holiday, giving you the perfect platform to let loose and unwind.

Place it by the beach or your pool and enjoy the fresh breeze from nature’s best air conditioner. Remember to spread a towel over this bed as you don’t want to mess it up with your wet swimsuit.

#29 Opal Platform Bed

Opal Platform Bed

With so many varieties of cool beds competing for your attention and dying to get picked, at times, the best choice is in the simplest of designs. This low-profile platform bed gives you everything you could ask for from a bed of choice. A cozy night’s rest and a stylish centerpiece to make your bedroom space tastefully complete.

It features a square shape with a white color that can effortlessly blend in with any room interior you have. To make the room look more alive, install displays with natural views and set your bed against it.

#30 The Tranquility Pod Bed

Tranquility Pod Bed -coolest beds

At the end of the day, the one thing everyone really needs from their bed of choice is peace and tranquility. The tranquility pod has created the most ideal space to achieve this elusive goal and enjoy a few pleasures while at it.

These cool beds for sale feature noise cancellation, a remarkable sound system, and so much more in one strikingly stylish bed. You will feel like you are traveling to the future just by laying on it. Arrange a tan rug below the bed, and have a warm light that illuminates a cozy vibe around your room.

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#31 Black Koket Forbidden Kiss Bed  

Black Koket Forbidden Kiss Bed

Koket is a world leader in design when it comes to furniture & furnishings, and the Forbidden Kiss bed is no exception. It embodies a very luxurious and seductive-almost looking bed with a sleek design made from quality materials, a truly magnificent and luxurious bed!

Having an explicit design, there’s no way to have this bed for your kids. Contrary, it makes a perfect replacement for your boring bed. To highlight its bold accent, consider painting your room with white color.

#32 The Best Bed Ever

cool beds - coolest beds

What more needs to be said? This awesome bed features a built-in massage chair, a speaker system, and a pop-up work desk for your laptop, to name a few. So, worry no more about a messy bed with a splatter of your stuff on it. You only need to put an earth-tone rug to hang on the floor, so it won’t overpower the bed design.

What an ideal bed for introverts! I think if I owned this bed, I would never go anywhere again!

#33 Cat Crib

Cat Crib

Ok, so this is not a cool bed for humans. It’s actually a cool cat bed.  Have you ever imagined how dull and drab life would be without the companionship of our furry friends? Then, here is a token of appreciation for their undying affection and boundless loyalty.

Let them know exactly how you feel about them by giving them a cozy hammock to take away their spare time. As cats love to hide under narrow spaces, consider setting it below the chairs where your furry companion usually hangs around.

#34 Adjustable Metal Bed

Well, what is more attractive than being able to set what spot you want to sleep in? This king-size adjustable bed makes it possible! A remote is used to control the position when you are on the bed. There are three options to adjust the shape of your bed so that you may sleep comfortably, thanks to advanced technology. 

Besides, such a bed doesn’t have to always reside in the bedroom. You can try to arrange it in your family room to allow your beloved ones to lay while enjoying their favorite tv shows

#35 Roll Away Bed

If you are someone who frequently moves home, this bed will suit you best! It is easier to carry away than any regular bed as it has four wheels. Besides, it is also an ideal bet if your guests or families want to stay overnight.

There is no big deal to storing the bed as it can be easily folded and kept in your basement. The bed is suitable for both adults and children. Very convenient, isn’t it?

#36 Platform Bed with LED decoration

Platform Bed with LED decoration

This platform bed is unlike any other that we have mentioned! This one offers an integrated LED decoration on the bed’s frame. Perfect for a modern bedroom, you can adjust the mood by changing the LED color via the accompanying remote control. There are 16 colors that you can choose from, and you can also set it to blink.

Of course, when you are buying a bed, you do not put decoration above comfort. Fortunately, this product from US Pride Furniture offers a cozy design that would accommodate a restful sleep. It comes in California King Size, which means it is spacious enough to roll around.

#37 Rustic Wooden Bed with Unfinished Cedar

Rustic Wooden Bed with Unfinished Cedar

A bedroom is a place to rest, so you might prefer something simpler and natural. A bed with a rustic style would enhance the comfortable vibe inside the room. Such style will remind you of the comfy, peaceful countryside. Thus, we recommend this natural rustic wooden bed!

It is manufactured from a cedar log that has not been painted. Unlike the cedar log bed that we have mentioned before, there is not even a layer of finish on the wood, so it looks naturally weathered, providing an incredible one-of-a-kind design.

#38 Wooden Bunk Bed

Wooden Bunk Bed

Do you have a small house? If so, you might want to consider having a wooden bunk bed for your bedroom. This particular bunk bed is unique as it offers integrated drawers under the stairs. Hence, it will save a lot of space, a perfect one for those with narrow spots.

It also comes with mini stairs, allowing easy access to the upstairs area. If you have kids with close age gaps, then this bed design can be an option worth considering.

#39 Bed Tent Indoor Camping

Bed Tent Indoor Camping

Camping out in nature is fun, but it is a lot of work. So, why don’t you set up a tent on your bed? With this bed tent, you can now enjoy the excitement of camping from the comfort of your bedroom. The tent is very well-designed, as it provides excellent aeration. It looks snug and cozy, the perfect size for your twin-size bed.

You can gift this bed to your children who are currently exploring narrow areas to play hide and seek, and hang around.

#40 Bed With Slide for Kids

Bed With Slide for Kids

Putting your kids to sleep is one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent. Now with this bed that features a slide, your children will be excited to spend their time in bed! The playful design is perfect as it allows kids to rest as well as have some fun. Your kids can slide down when they wake up in the morning.

It is also safer for them to get down from the bed than step on the stairs. Given the white frame, you can be more playful with the colors of the mattress.

Final Thoughts

The bedroom is one of the most important items of furniture you must have. It is crucial to ensure comfort because it is also related to the quality of your sleep. If you have a bed that is not ergonomic in design, you will likely wake up uncomfortable.

Apart from that, some people also consider a unique design to give a different impression to their room. If you are one of them, you better scroll up to find one that fits your taste!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the coolest bed to buy?

If you are a fan of unique items, you probably want to review the Iorca Bed and the floating bed, as they offer rare features you may not find in other beds. A floating bed makes you feel like levitating while sleeping. It also offers a modern design that will easily suit any bedroom decor.

Where can you buy the coolest beds?

From modern to minimalist beds, you can check those items here

The value of a good night’s (or day’s) sleep cannot be understated. It enhances your productivity and quality of life and makes you a pleasure to be around. These cool beds ensure you get all the rejuvenation you need and so much more to grab life by its horns and let it know who’s boss.

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