25 Anime Tattoo Ideas Design for You to Explore 

Anime is a Japanese cartoon with a series or movie format which is generally adapted from a comic with the same title. Many people like anime because of its badass animation and riveting stories, which often touch the hearts of most viewers. The stunning and unique character design sticks in the memory, making the audience fall in love with everything that anime can show. It makes some people get anime tattoo ideas from the iconic character or logos from the anime they like.

In the following, we have specially prepared some ideas that you can use as material for your new tattoo. A unique and cool anime tattoo idea that you can choose for yourself on our list. Let’s take a look at this list and find out!

1. Naruto’s Seal

Source: Pinterest (@Lauren Elizabeth Van Gundy)

Naruto is an anime about the journey of a boy who wants to become a ninja leader known as the Hokage. This boy is unique in that he has a nine-tailed fox monster sealed in his body. The seal is like a tattoo symbol on his stomach with a shape like the one in the picture above. If you are a Naruto fan, we recommend these as anime tattoo ideas to try that look unique and stunning.

2. Kitsune Mask

Kitsune Mask
Source: Pinterest (@tattmag.com)

Kitsune in Japanese folklore is a fox associated with mystical phenomena. Various stories describe how this kitsune figure and the most famous is the nine-tailed fox. Many anime mention kitsune in their stories, such as Naruto, Demon Slayer, Inuyasha, and others, either in the form of myths or accessories such as kitsune masks. A unique cute anime tattoo idea as inspiration for your tattoo.

3. Tanjiro’s Fire

Tanjiro’s Fire

If you’ve ever watched or are a fan of the Demon Slayer anime, you know who Tanjiro is. That’s right. The main character from this anime, which turns out to be very strong, has become popular. He has an iconic birthmark, such as a fire tattoo on his forehead. You can use this as an anime tattoo idea if you want to tattoo your forehead or have a Tanjiro tattoo on your body, complete with his birthmarks.

4. Paper Crane Tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas

Japan is famous for its paper folding art called origami. The form that we see most often is the origami paper crane. This form is popular because it appears in several anime, such as code geas, or movies with the theme of paper cranes. This form itself has the meaning of good fortune, honor, and youth, which is good when used as an anime tattoo idea for you. With a small shape on your body will be a cute anime tattoo.

5. Crow


Crows are one of the birds that often appear in anime, either series or movies. For example, Itachi from the Naruto franchise and Hinata from the Haikyuu series are associated with a mysterious and free-spirited crow. The crow itself, for the Japanese, means rejuvenation and rebirth. A meaningful anime tattoo idea that you can choose as inspiration for your new tattoo.

6. Tiger Man from Bungo Stray Dogs 

Tiger Man from Bungo Stray Dogs 

The Bungo Stray Dogs anime tells us about a man who has supernatural powers and turns into a white tiger. Known as a Tiger Man, Atsushi Nakajima, who is not accepted by society, decides to learn to control his powers for a better cause. You can make this fierce and fearsome tiger as an anime tattoo idea for your dashing back, the perfect choice as a tattoo for guys.

7. Jewelry Bonney’s Pizza

Jewelry Bonney’s Pizza

Jewelry Bonney, also known as Big Eater, is a pirate character in the One Piece series. She got the nickname because of her high appetite and slovenly table manners. As a result of her appetite, she is also often seen carrying pizza wherever she goes. For those who like Bonney’s character or are pizza lovers like her, have this pizza as a cute anime tattoo idea for your new tattoo that is suitable as a girl tattoo.

8. Sun Pirates Tattoo

The Sun Pirates are one of the pirate crews in the One Piece anime. This crew consists of fishmen such as Jinbei and Arlong, who have the characteristic sun tattoo on their bodies. This tattoo symbolizes their declaration of freedom, where fishmen are usually made slaves and oppressed by nobles. Have a sun tattoo as your anime tattoo idea that is suitable as a boy or girl tattoo. 

9. Treasure Compass

One Piece anime that tells about pirates will not be far from treasures such as gold and jewelry. Adventure from one island to another is the excitement of the journey itself. That’s why we recommend you to have a compass tattoo as an anime tattoo idea that shows you the way to the treasure you’re looking for.

10. Shenron the Mythical Dragon

Shenron is a mythical dragon from the Dragon Ball anime franchise. It is a dragon that will appear if we manage to unite the seven dragon balls that can grant any of our wishes. Its iconic figure with the shape of a long dragon with horns can be used as anime tattoo ideas. Fits a small size for your arm or a large size to fit your entire back.

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11. Phoenix


Phoenix in Japanese mythology is a symbol of immortality and reincarnation. Not infrequently, this mythical animal is mentioned in an anime such as One Piece, Saint Seiya, etc. You can make this stout and immortal firebird figure as an anime tattoo idea for you, the perfect choice as a tattoo for guys.

12. Uchiha’s Clan Symbols

Uchiha’s Clan Symbols
Source: Pinterest (@subhangi samal)

Each clan in the Naruto anime has its symbols that represent them. Likewise, the Uchiha clan has their symbol in the form of a red half-round with white handles, which are usually on their clothes. It symbolizes a paper fan to make flames hotter, with meaning they are a clan who can control fire. It is suitable for you to make as an anime tattoo idea because it has a distinctive small shape and simple color.

13. Sad Ken Kaneki

This anime tattoo idea of a sad Ken Kaneki profile is also known as a meme with meaning associated with pain and hopelessness. Based on a panel cut from Tokyo Ghoul. It depicts their main character, Ken Kaneki, who is in despair with his head resting, eyes hidden with hair, and covered in blood. Usually, people will use this as their profile picture when they are sad, but what if they use it as a tattoo?

14. Higanbana

Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

Higanbana, or red spider lily, is the most iconic flower that you might see in anime. Despite its beautiful color, this flower is known as a flower from the other side, which means this is a flower of the dead. We provide this anime tattoo idea to symbolize your grief and separation. So, every time you see higanbana in anime, it means something bad will happen.

15. Hisoka Portrait

Source: Pinterest (@Jose Torres)

Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter anime is a good choice that you can use as anime tattoo ideas. He is an unpredictable anti-hero character, so we don’t know which side he will choose. A character design inspired by the joker card that supports its unique persona with cards as a complement is an out-of-the-box tattoo idea for you.

16. Kurapika the Chain User

Source: Pinterest (@Courtney DeGroot)

Kurapika is another character from the Hunter x Hunter anime. You can use him as an anime tattoo idea because he has unique red-eye from the Kurta clan, which looks good as a tattoo. He is also known as a chain user. A person who manifests his power in the form of chains in his hands. A character with a strong will to fulfill his goal of avenging all his clan members.

17. Bleach Shinigami’s Logo

Source: Pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

Bleach is an anime about Ichigo Kurosaki, who gains power as a Soul Reaper whose job is to protect humans from evil spirits. Ichigo learns new things and joins the Shinigami, as soul reapers are called. This anime tattoo idea was inspired by Shinigami symbols from Bleach anime which have a shape like a skull, a unique tattoo for you to have.

18. Straw Hat Pirate Crew 

In One Piece anime, every pirate crew has their own Jolly Roger. It is a flag with a unique skull mark that symbolizes them. The main character himself, Luffy, has a Jolly Roger with a straw hat, so they are known as Straw Hat pirate crews. We recommend this Straw Hat Jolly Roger as an anime tattoo idea for you One Piece fans to show that you are a part of them.

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19. 100% Power Mob

Source: Pinterest (537687643022433139)

Mob Psycho anime has a story about the life story of a middle school student named Mob, who is an esper. Despite having superpowers, he chooses not to abuse them and wants to live like an ordinary human. It is because if he holds his emotions to 100% of the limit, he will go out of control, go berserk and look savage. We recommend this raging and badass Mob as an anime tattoo idea for those who want a badass tattoo.

20. Ryuk the Shinigami 

Anime Tattoo Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Crazon)

Last but not least. We recommend Ryuk as your anime tattoo idea. He is a shinigami in the anime Death Note, a grim reaper whose job is to take human life. Because he was bored, he decided to lend a death note to humans so he could have fun. The grim reaper figure with glowing yellow eyes and outstretched wings is a unique and mysterious tattoo idea that you can have.

21. Naruto Anime Tattoo Artwork

Naruto Anime Tattoo Artwork
Source: Pinterest (@worldtattoogallery.com)

If you’re a huge fan of Naruto, then this is definitely one of your must-have tattoos. It includes the images of six main characters of the anime series that you know by heart. Each of them look super cool and will be amazing if you put them in your hands. Moreover, it also comes in color. So without a doubt, your friends will fall in love with your tattoo, which can even inspire them to create a similar tattoo, too!

22. Simple Pokeball Tattoo

Simple Pokeball Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@glamour.com)

Every true fan of Pokemon must have this adorable tattoo of the pokeball in their body. Being a small tattoo, you can easily have them on your arm, legs, or even on the back of your neck, too! If you see it carefully, it doesn’t exactly look like the one you see on the series, but it offers a minimalist tweak, which makes it look even more unique.

23. Death Note Tattoo on the Back

Death Note Tattoo on the Back
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

This Death Note tattoo is perfect for girls or women who love the Death Note, who happen to also love wearing a backless gown, dress, or any backless outfits out there. Comes in full black and white, this tattoo features amazing wings that will span from one shoulder to another. So we are calling all One Piece fangirls out there, because this tattoo is designed for them.

24. One Piece Tattoo

One Piece Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@outsons.com)

Some people love their tattoos big, bold and colorful, while some love their tattoos simple, small, but meaningful. This one is definitely the perfect tattoo for true One Piece fans who love to have simple yet meaningful tattoos of their favorite anime character. It offers a simple design that will be perfect to complete your look and also to show your identity as the true fan of One Piece.

25. Tiny Naruto Tattoo

Tiny Naruto Tattoo
Source: Pinterest (@blog.pajaris.com.br)

Last but not least, we have one of the cutest anime tattoo ideas that is perfect for girls. This tattoo comes in a tiny size that will fit your finger. Plus, it also comes in colors, making it a super adorable tattoo for a sweet anime lover. Have it on the inside of your finger, and we bet you will be thrilled to have this super tiny and cute tattoo on you.

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