25 Anime Gifts For Boys They’ll Sure Love

Many anime-related items such as merchandise or figurines are made especially for anime fans. Although anime originates from Japan, fans of anime are spreading all over the world. Anime is an animation full of fantasy that indulges your imagination through an outrageous world. Some of the most popular anime includes One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, etc. However, most of anime fans are boys because they tend to crazy about anime because of those fascinating animated graphics and storylines. Moreover, anime also teaches them many good things and life lessons, such as never giving up and continuing to fight for our dreams. Therefore, giving them anime gifts for boys would be an excellent idea.

Curated specially for you, we have prepared a list of 25 anime gifts for boys that you can give to a special boy in your life, who happens to love anime. Among them are unique and personalized, and can also become special gifts for specific occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Let’s check this out!

1. Set of 6 Figures of Demon Slayer

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Demon Slayer anime is so popular that many items are made inspired by this anime. One of them is this set of six figurines consisting of famous characters from the famous Demon Slayer that you can make as anime gifts for boys. The six of them are designed with small shapes, which you can make as collections and decorations for your room.

2. Black Bull Squad Hoodie

Black Bull Squad Hoodie

If your acquaintances like Black Clover anime, then this Black Bulls hoodie is suitable for him. This is a unique anime gift for boys around 13 years old and over. It has a logo from one of the squads in the Black Clover anime, which is definitely very cool. It also has the same black color as the squad uniform, as if the wearer is a member of the Black Bulls squad. 

3. Naruto Bracelet

Naruto Bracelet

Bracelets can also be the right choice as a gift for him. This bracelet comes from the Naruto anime with the Konoha village logo as a decoration for this unique Naruto bracelet. It’s suitable for you to make as an anime gift for boys who is a fan of Naruto anime. A cool bracelet in the hand also serves as the identity of a Naruto anime fan, available in four color options that you can adjust to his taste.

4. Anime Canvas Prints

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We recommend these anime canvas prints as an anime gift for boys. With silhouettes of your favorite characters that look badass with their distinctive logos, this item would be a unique gift, and suitable as a room decoration, too. It is a personalized gift that is perfect for special occasions such as birthdays or graduations.

5. Naruto Pendant Necklace

Naruto Pendant Necklace

If you are a true fan of Naruto anime, then you will definitely know about this necklace. Yup, this is the Naruto pendant necklace that he got from his bet with Tsunade. This necklace is also suitable as an anime gift for boys who like Naruto anime and like unique items. This item is truly a necklace that you can make as a collection or complement to your cosplay equipment as Naruto.

6. Demon Slayer Sweatpants

Demon Slayer Sweatpants

Jogger pants are one of the most stylish fashion items loved by young people. For young anime fans, we present jogger pants with the Demon Slayer theme that you can make as anime gifts for boys in order to look stylish with an anime accent. In addition, these pants come in a matching style like the famous characters in the anime, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Giyuu that you can choose according to your style.

7. Jiraiya T-Shirt

Jiraiya T-Shirt

For Naruto fans, Jiraiya is an important figure. He became a teacher and parent figure for Naruto. Now Jiraiya comes in a cool T-shirt design that you can make as an anime gift for boys. A cool t-shirt that will look dashing when worn, made of comfortable material suitable for everyday use. 

8. Kakashi Action Figure

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Action figures are the right choice to be used as anime gifts for boys around 13 years old and over. Aside from being a nice item of decorations, action figures that are shaped like toys like this have similar depictions of the original characters. That’s why we suggest giving this Kakashi action figure as a gift for boys.

9. Aki Hand Sign Sweatshirt

Aki Hand Sign Sweatshirt

Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man anime is known to have the power to summon a devil fox. When he summons this devil fox he will first form his fingers like a fox’s head. His iconic hand sign is now available in a sweatshirt design that you can make as an anime gift for boys, especially those who love Chainsaw Man anime. Undoubtedly, this is a sleek sweatshirt that is groovy to wear as a fashionable outfit.

10. Eeveelution Shirt

Eeveelution Shirt

Eevee from the Pokemon franchise is known as a cute pokemon. It’s a normal type of pokemon that can transform into different pokemons depending on the evolution stone given. We call them eeveelution, and now they come in the form of a t-shirt design that you can have as an anime gift for boys aged 6 and up.

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11. Attack on Titan Cloak

Attack on Titan Cloak

Attack on Titan is one of the most famous anime you have ever known. One of the iconic things about this anime is the squad uniforms they wear, especially their green cloaks. Therefore, we recommend you to present this cloak as an anime gift for boys who love Attack on Titan anime. A distinctive cloak that you can use on Halloween or other occasions, which will be a nice statement to show that you are a fan of Attack on Titan.

12. The Great Wave Gyarados

The Great Wave Gyarados

Gyarados is a humongous and fierce water pokemon. Through this art piece, we combined Gyarados‘ scary face with the famous painting of The Great Wave, as a unique anime gift for boys. It is a perfect painting that is unique and suitable as a wall decoration for any boy’s room.

13. One Piece Starbucks Cup

One Piece Starbucks Cup

Boys who are anime usually love One Piece, which is an anime full of adventure and fascinating actions. Boys who love One Piece would be thrilled to have this One Piece Starbucks cup as a gift. You can make this cup as a useful anime gift for boys over 15 years old, especially who love One Piece and Starbucks coffee.

14. Mob Psycho Metal Decor

Kageyama Shigeo, a middle school boy who tries to live an ordinary life, turns out to be an esper with super powers. A true fan of Kageyama Shigeo deserves to have this wall decoration of Mob Psycho as one of the best anime gifts for boys. Made of sturdy metal, this item won’t break easily. Moreover, this will also be a wall decoration that looks badass inside an anime lover boy.

15. Engrave Kunai

Engrave Kunai

Kunai is a weapon used by ninjas used in the Naruto anime. The weapon shapes like a small dagger with a rounded part that fits like a ring to make it easier for fingers to pick it up. The super unique design will make this engraving kunai a great anime gift for boys who love Naruto. In addition, this item will also become a unique gift that is perfect as a collection of Naruto merchandise.

16. Appa Bucket Hat

Appa Bucket Hat

Appa is a flying bison in the Avatar series who becomes Aang’s true friend. He is so big that he can carry Aang and his friends anywhere. Now, we bring Appa to you in the form of a bucket hat that you can make as an anime gift for boys around 14 years old and over. Perfect with an arrow shape and made of wool similar to Appa’s fur.

17. Custom Wanted Poster

Custom Wanted Poster

All pirates in One Piece anime are basically enemies of the world government, whether they’re good or bad. Therefore, there are wanted posters of them. Now, you can have your own wanted poster, just like in the One Piece anime. So, make this a personalized anime gift for boys who love One Piece. This gift will become one of their favorite room decoration, which will make their room look more aesthetic.

18. Tengen Poster

Tengen Poster

Tengen Uzui is one of the badass characters in the Demon Slayer anime. His flamboyant charisma, plus his large muscles, are very satisfying visuals. Now you can get anime lovers this gift that comes in the form of a cool poster. This gift will be a great anime gift for boys, which can be used as their room decoration. To make it mre meaningful as a gift, you can frame it so they can immediately hang it on their wall.

19. Gojo Satoru Shirt

Gojo Satoru Shirt

Gojo Satoru is the most powerful character in Jujutsu Kaisen anime. His silver hair and eye patch are the icons that characterize him the most. You can have a t-shirt with Gojo Satoru’s image that looks simple yet stylish as an anime gift for boys around 14 years old and over, especially who love Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Available in seven color options, you can choose the best one based on your preference.

20. Anime Top Canvas Shoes 

Anime Top Canvas Shoes

Shoes are one of the most recommended choices that you can make as anime gifts for boys aged 12 and over. These anime top canvas shoes are one of our best recommendations of anime gifts for boy, which will boost their appearance. Plus make them look cool in front of their friends, too. With pictures of Deku from My Hero Academia anime, which is probably one of the most popular anime, these shoes come in two color choices, which are black and yellow, to match his casual outfit.

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21. Scratch Off Poster Anime Bucket List 

Scratch Off Poster Anime Bucket List

Maybe you just started to like anime or already a fan but lost track of what anime that you have watched already. We have the perfect gift for you. We recommend you this scratch off poster anime bucket list that consists of anime you have watched. As described by it’s name, on this poster there are 100 famous anime, ranging from the classic to the newest ones. Simply scratch off every title you’ve watched to find out how much you love anime.

22. Hunter x Hunter Hat

Hunter x Hunter Hat

Hunter x Hunter is a retro anime that has been on hiatus for several years but will make a comeback this year. You can give this Hunter x Hunter hat as an anime gift for boys who are true fans of this anime. With the unique Hunter x Hunter logo and the silhouette of Gon and Killua, this item would be one of the best gifts for Hunter x Hunter fans out there.

23. Custom Personalized LED Lamp

Custom Personalized LED Lamp

This custom LED lamp is a personalized item that you can make as an anime gift for boys aged 13 and over. You can choose his favorite character, which will come in the shape of the LED lamp. In addition, you can also add a custom name to this lamp, which will adds to the impression that this is a special gift made for him.

24. Kurama Hoodie

Kurama Hoodie

If you re a fan of Naruto, then you’ll know about Kurama. Kurama is an evil nine-tailed fox that was sealed within Naruto’s body. His extraordinary strength allowed him to destroy a village only in one night. Now, this horror tale can now be found in this unique Kurama hoodie, which you can make as an anime gift for boys aged 14 or more.

25. Pokemon Gift Box

Pokemon Gift Box

Look at this Pokemon gift box! This box is the perfect anime gift for boys who are crazy about Pokemon. This gift box consists of pocket notebooks, stickers, keychain, and also some assorted Japanese sweets. A perfect package to serve as a gift to make him feel blessed on a special occasion.

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What to get a boy who loves anime?

Boys who love anime definitely love the characters or merchandise from the anime they watch. Therefore, we recommend that you provide anime top canvas shoes as an anime gift for boys for everyday usage footwear. Besides that,  engraving kunai and a Naruto pendant necklace can also be an option for unique and special anime gifts from Naruto anime.

What are good anime gifts for 13 year olds?

Anime gifts for 13-year-old boys must be age-appropriate, and that is the most important thing for you to remember. Don’t let the gift you give is not suitable for them to get. You can get a custom LED lamp and Kakashi action figure as anime gifts for boys that can be used as a room decoration. Another idea, you can also give an eeveelution shirt to them if they love things from the Pokemon franchise.

What are good anime gifts for 14 year olds?

14-year-old boys tend to start paying attention to what they are wearing. They are getting to know fashion and are more concerned with appearance. You can give them Kurama hoodie, t-shirt with Gojo Satoru’s image, and Appa bucket hat as anime gifts for boys that they can use as cool fashionable anime outfits.

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