25 Cool Anime Gifts for Weebs and Otakus

Weebs and otakus are popular terms used to define people who love anime. They usually love anime more than other people normally would. Some even say they develop an obsession over cute anime-related things.

Looking at the way they love anime, getting gifts from them should be easy, right? The reality is, getting the best cool anime gift for weebs and otakus are not that simple, especially if you’re not an anime lover yourself. Below is a selection of cool anime gifts you can pick for your weebs or otaku friends. 

1. Naruto Itachi Uchiha 3D Night Light

Naruto Itachi Uchiha 3D Night Light

If you think LED light is overrated, then wait until you see this cool Itachi Uchiha LED light. It can be a perfect night lamp that will never feel overrated to Naruto lovers. The best part of this lamp is that it comes with 16 colors that can be controlled via a built-in wireless remote control. You can set the color combination yourself up to hundreds of different combinations. It also comes with four animation options that can change the colors automatically. 

2. One Piece T-shirt

One Piece T-shirt

One piece is one of the most popular anime to ever exist and Roronoa Zoro is one of the most popular characters in it. You may have at least one friend who is a One Piece stand and this cool t-shirt will be a great gift for them. It is made out of light-weighted material with a comfortable fit for comfy daily wear. It comes with high-definition graphic and vibrant prints that will last for a long time. 

3. Personalized Japanese Name Keychain

cool anime gifts

Every anime lover will love to have kawaii Japanese things in their collection including this super cute Japanese name keychain. They will turn your name or your best friend’s name in katakana or hiragana style and make it a keychain you can attach to your bags or keys. It is made out of photopolymer resin that will not break easily. It will make a cool anime gift for any anime lover you know. However, you need to make sure that the translation is correct and doesn’t contain any typo.

4. Anime Inspired Gift Box

cool anime gifts

Why choose an anime related item when you can get a box full of anime stuff instead? This gift box will make a perfect gift for any anime enthusiast and may as well make them cry in bliss. Each box is customized based on request and will contain some anime related stuff such as phone grips, keychain, and stickers. You can even request a specific theme to make sure that you get a box full of anime items your friend’s crazy about. 

5. No Face Gel Pen

cool anime gifts

Kaonashi a.k.a No Face is one of the most iconic Ghibli characters that appears in so many things you can name starting from internet memes to stationary. The character itself is so popular that even a non-anime lover must have seen it at some point in their lives. This gel pen comes in a cute no face design that will make a perfect gift for anyone who loves Spirited Away. Due to its cool design, it will still make a great collectible item even for those who never watched the movie. 

6. My Hero Academia Friends Cropped T-Shirt

My Hero Academia Friends Cropped T-Shirt

My Hero Academia is also one of the most popular anime series ever published. This cropped top t-shirt can be a great gift for My Hero Academia lovers. It has the anime design on the front side and comes in a cropped t-shirt that is still very much in style right now. The t-shirt itself has a unique design combining striped sleeves and collar. A comfortable t-shirt to wear for school, festivals, and other casual occasions. 

7. The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

This book will make a perfect gift for an anime lover who is interested in becoming an anime artist themselves. This book contains easy to follow guides and templates to help even beginners to draw their own original characters. We all know that nothing can make an anime lover happier other than developing their own original characters. This book provides six popular anime characters from typical school girls to anime creatures. This book can help your anime lover friend to create their own anime universe. 

8. My Hero Academia Multi Character Pendant Charm Bracelet

cool anime gifts

This bracelet will make a great gift for MHA fans. It features a different character from My Hero Academia. It is made out of durable high-quality material that is strong and will not break easily even if you wear it on a daily basis. The bracelet is so cute that it will make a great friendship bracelet. A really cool anime gift for anime lovers who want to rock the MHA swag. 

9. Naruto Akatsuki Bracelet

Naruto Akatsuki Bracelet

This bracelet will make a cool anime gift for Naruto lovers who want to channel their inner Akatsuki soul. It has the iconic red cloud symbol attached to PU leather bracelet that can be worn daily or as a cosplay accessory. It is comfortable to wear and will fit both adults and teenagers perfectly. 

10. Dragon Ball Socks

cool anime gifts

Most of us have grown up with Dragon Ball. That is the reason why this anime can be considered as classic and holds a special place in its lovers’ heart. If you’re a Dragon Ball nerd yourself, then having socks with Dragon Ball design is a must. This socks set features six pairs of socks with different Dragon Ball designs each. It will be a perfect cool anime gift either if the person you want to give it to wants to show off their passion towards Dragon Ball or if they want to channel their love privately because the socks can be hidden under high boots or just be intended to be worn at home. 

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11. Anime Figurines

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Figurines are always good as a gift no matter what. It can be displayed on the desk or shelves. These anime figurines are so kawaii that it can help your loved ones to feel cheerful and inspired all day. This anime figurine set can be a great gift for anime lovers no matter how old they are. The figurines are made with great details and cute facial expressions that can add warmness to every space. 

12. Anime Fans Makeup Pouch

Anime Fans Makeup Pouch

For girls who love both anime and makeup, this anime makeup pouch can be the perfect gift for them. Made out of high-quality cotton canvas that is not easy to fuzz and will stay for a long time. It is printed with “Just a girl who loves anime” text and a cute anime girl design. It adopts 3D printing so the design won’t fade even after a long run. And it has a considerably big size to fit basic skin care and makeup that make it a reliable makeup pouch to grab when they need to go on a trip. 

13. Otaku Anime T-shirt

Otaku Anime T-shirt

This t-shirt screams hardcore anime fans spirit because it has a large prints on the front side. The print itself features a very obvious anime girl. The designer even takes a further step and adds the text that says “I paused my anime to be here (this better be good)” that will make everyone who sees it know how big of a fan the owner is. This gift is perfect for anime lovers who aren’t afraid of showing their otaku side. 

14. Collectible Anime Card

cool anime gifts

A true anime lover usually has a certain anime collection and cards are one of the most common anime items to be collected. If you know that they are collecting anime cards, you can get some cards for their collection. They will be very happy having their collection growing and if you’re able to get them some cards that are considered as rare, they will be beyond grateful for that. 

15. Manga Action Figures

cool anime gifts

Action figures are more than just toys. Both anime lovers and action figure collectors know this. This is why getting an anime lover some action figures can be a great decision to make. Action figures have value especially among their fans. Some people even buy action figures on purpose and not even unboxing the box because sealed action figures can be worth more in the future. 

16. Anime Banknotes

cool anime gifts

How cool is it to have banknotes that seem like they come straight out of an anime? These banknotes, of course, don’t have real value other than as collectible items. But it is made beautifully and made from gold plated foil that looks like real gold. A cool addition to an anime lover collection. 

17. Huge Totoro Plush Toy

Huge Totoro Plush Toy

Who doesn’t love our friendly neighbor Totoro? He is a majestic creature but also very cute at the same time. Getting this plush doll for an anime lover, especially those who love studio Ghibli productions, can be a great move. This Totoro plush toy is huge and very soft and will provide comfort and warmth to anyone holding it. This Totoro plushie will make a cool anime gift for children and adults. 

18. Anime Mouse Pad

Cartoon Mouse Pad

A mouse pad can be very essential for some people such as gamers and graphic designers who work with their computer a lot. If they happen to be an anime lover, getting them an anime mouse pad can be incredibly meaningful for them. They will have a smooth working flow thanks to the soft material of the mouse pad and also keep inspired by the cool anime design. 

19. Sailor Moon Seal Wax Stamp

Sailor Moon Seal Wax Stamp

Seal wax is so cool. Even when it is not so popular anymore these days, being able to seal letters and gifts using a seal wax is a fun thing to do. For anime lovers, what can be better than a seal wax stamp that has an anime design on it. This Sailor Moon stamp reveals a Sailor Moon silhouette once it is stamped and will make a cute touch to any package. 

20. Eat, Sleep, Anime, Repeat T-shirt

Eat, Sleep, Anime, Repeat T-shirt

Since anime is one of the most important things for anime fans, it becomes their main activity during the day. To showcase the importance of anime in their life, you can get this cool anime t-shirt as a gift for them. It has a cool eat, sleep, anime, repeat design along with cute icons and japanese characters. 

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21. Funny Baka Anime Hoodie

Funny Baka Anime Hoodie

Baka is a japanese word means stupid. This word often appears in anime movies and is usually stated by the characters with a funny angry expression. This hoodie has a funny rabbit design printed on the front side along with baka text. It can be a perfect gift for an anime lover so they can slap some sense to their friends the way anime characters do. 

22. Poke Ball LED Night Light

Poke Ball LED Night Light

Every Pokemon lover’s dream is to become a Pokemon trainer. And a Pokemon trainer must have a poke ball to catch the Pokemons. This night light has a unique design of a poke ball but with a cool twist. It comes with LED lights that glow at night revealing Pokemon designs on it. Made out of high-grade crystal and designed with laser engrave technology, making it the coolest and durable glowing poke ball a Pokemon trainer could ever have. 

23. Anime Sweatpants

Manga Sweatpants

An anime sweatpants can be a cool fashion statement especially for anime lovers. These sweatpants can be a great outfit when they’re going to the comic con or other cosplay festivals. They can steal people’s attention without having to wear a costume. These sweatpants are also appropriate for daily wear too. 

24. Cool Anime Rug

Cool Naruto Rug

Spending the evening watching an anime series better be done on top of a cool anime rug. This rug has a cool anime design that will spice up any corner in the house. Better than that, this rug can be customized too so you can request any anime character to be made into a rug. It will be a true cool anime gift for an anime lover. 

25. Anime Earrings

Manga Earrings

No anime look will be perfect without cool anime jewelry. These anime earrings can be the perfect addition to complete any look. The cool anime design can make any outfit look better no matter if you’re an anime lover or not. And the classic black and white comic style makes it easy to pair with every color. These anime earrings are the ultimate cool gift for anime lovers who love jewelry and knick-knacks. 

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What is the best gift for Weebs?

The best gift for weebs can be literally anything related to anime. It can be a cool anime t-shirt, an anime sweatpants, or even something as simple as an anime mouse pad. Weebs are willing to collect anime stuff whether they are functional or decorative, so decorative items such as figurines will also make such a great gift for them. 

What should I get my boyfriend that loves anime?

You can get them something that you know they care about the most. For instance, you may notice that they have a certain collection such as cards or action figures. You get these collectible items that they don’t already have. Getting them a cool anime rug will also make them very happy. 

What is the best gift for otaku?

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