Knocki Remote Control Smart Device

The Knocki Remote Control Smart Device allows you to turn any surface into a remote control for virtually anything in your house.

Have you ever been in the situation where you couldn’t find your phone? Or were enjoying your time in the backyard just to miss an important delivery? Well, with this device a few knocks will solve those problems.

Knocki is a relatively small wireless device that turns any surface that it’s attached to into a touch interface.

When Knocki is set in place all you have to do is assign the devices and their actions to a specific tapping pattern. 

For example, one tap – lights on, two taps – find my phone, and so on. This way your possibilities are endless.

Knocki Remote Control Smart Device

You can know where your phone is hiding, find out that someone is knocking on the door, turn on lights or music and so much more. When Knocki is paired with a smart home you’ll forget that remotes exist.

Knocki Remote Control Smart Device

You might be skeptical and wonder if you wouldn’t accidentally turn on the coffee machine when setting a glass of water on the coffee table.

Knocki Remote Control Smart Device

But that’s the wonder of the patent-pending technology Knocki is based on. It’s able to discern deliberate taps and knocks.  

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