Don’t Grow Up Kids Bedroom Art

The Don’t Grow Up Kids Bedroom Art might have been designed for kids, but it will speak to any adult as well.

Don’t we love to reminisce about our childhood? It was such a simple time filled with friends, toys, cartoons, limitless free time and ravishing imagination.

The best part for me is, that it was a care-free time, which is really hard to find once you grow up. That’s why every parent should probably advise their kids not to grow up too quickly or at least to cherish their youth while it lasts. 

This awesome bedroom art is all about preserving your childhood because let’s face it, growing up is a trap.

Don’t Grow Up Kids Bedroom Art

This cool 6.5” x 6.5” plaque is made out of various materials such as plywood, birch, and suede.

It is handmade in a small workshop using lasers. That is why every item is unique and there are no two identical ones in the world.

Don’t Grow Up Kids Bedroom Art

It will work great in your child’s bedroom but also in your dorm or maybe even the living room.

Because wouldn’t any of us want that kind of “warning sign” when we were growing up. 

Don’t Grow Up Kids Bedroom Art

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