EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens

These EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens allow you to grow micro veggies and succulents in a stylish vertical frame.

If you’re contemplating apartment vegetable gardening this EcoQube might be a good starting point. It will not only look amazing in any apartment but will also test your responsibility levels. Not that it requires much.

These unique indoor planters require little to no input from you. First of all, they are automatically watered which allows the plants to drink just the right amount they need. Second, no soil is involved in the cultivating process.

Instead, the veggies or succulents grow on organic seed pads that will give the plants all the nutrients they need. No soil, no mold, no soil borne pests. 

EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens

The microveggies that keep being mentioned here are extremely healthy and bear high nutritious values.

Their price can also be quite high, But with EcoQube you can grow up to $20 worth of micro veggies in less than 10 days.

EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens

If you’re looking for apartment gardening ideas for the purposes of d√©cor rather than growing something edible, EcoQube can help you with that too. 

EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens

You can grow your own assortment of succulents that will look extremely eye-catching and beautiful. It’s a cool fresh alternative to a succulent terrarium.

EcoQube Frame Vertical Gardens

The point is, with this vertical garden you can eat more healthy and enhance your dishes with a beautiful garnish with no hassle.

This is a great gift for someone who has everything, wannabe gardeners, or anyone who can appreciate beauty. 

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