25 Ideas of The Most Funny Gifts for Graphic Designers

People often think that a graphic designer is supposed to be a fun job. Well, for the most part, it actually is. It will be even more fun if graphic design is their passion. However, we might also know that being a graphic designer also includes lots of challenges and heavy workload, too. There will be times where they have to stay awake at night to finish their designs and meet their deadlines. Based on that reason, perhaps we can put a smile on their face with some funny gifts for graphic designers. After all, we can all agree that graphic designers need a good laugh to help them tackle their day to day work challenge with ease, right?

Do you have a friend, a family member, or a special someone who is a graphic designer and have been wondering what the best gift to get for them? We know that gift hunting can be quite challenging, especially when you have no idea or preference on what would be the best item to pick.

Well, you can relax now because we are here to release you out of your burden by giving you some recommendations of the best funny gifts for graphic designers with a good sense of humor.

Check out our list below and we’re pretty sure these gifts ideas will put a smile on their face at the very least.

BEST Funny Gifts for Graphic Designers

Step into the whimsical world of graphic design, where laughter and creativity collide in a burst of color and imagination. Embrace the lighter side of design with gifts that tickle the funny bone and ignite a sense of playfulness. From hilarious office decor that sparks conversation to witty accessories that celebrate their love for design, we’ve curated a collection of side-splitting gifts that will have graphic designers in stitches.

Get ready to add a touch of humor to their workspace and bring a smile to their face with these funny and unforgettable gifts.

1. Graphic Designer Revision Mug

funny gifts for graphic designers

We have no doubt that every graphic designer has gone through the bitter moment of never-ending revisions. The final edit? Nope, there’s another revision to do apparently. And what happens after the new final? There will be another new final and finally the final final.

Based on the never ending revisions, we think this mug is just perfect to represent the struggle they have to deal with everyday. With hilarious graphics on it, we think your favorite graphic designer will be laughing all the way just by looking at this mug while they are working on another revision. 

2. Typography Comic Sans T-shirt

funny gifts for graphic designers

Do you realize that every graphic designer you know are silently judging each other’s font choice? There is some common sense in the graphic designing world regarding font choice: no one likes Comic Sans because it can make any good design seem unprofessional and amateur level. The Comic Sans font is also associated with low and bad taste in graphic design.

On the other hand, Helvetica is one of the most popular fonts used in graphic designs due to its simple and professional look. What can be funnier other than a t-shirt with a “Helvetica” typography, but actually designed with the Comic Sans?

3. “I Dream in CMYK” Hoodie

funny gifts for graphic designers

One of the greatest debates among artists and designers is about RGB and CMYK color models. Some say that you should design in RGB mode, while others say CMYK is better for graphic design.

Well, since we’re not the experts here, let’s just leave this debate to the experts. But meanwhile, we can get this soft and comfortable hoodie for the graphic designers we know. This hoodie will make a perfect gift if they’re on the CMYK team, but it will definitely be the funniest gift if they’re on the RGB team.

4. False Window Wall Sticker

funny gifts for graphic designers

Graphic designers tend to work for hours everyday in front of their computer. Pretty often, the workload and tight deadlines make it impossible for them to go on a vacation no matter how much they need it.

Although it’s actually pretty sad, it is actually very common among graphic designers to tease themselves as the people who have no life out of work. Therefore, we think this false window wall sticker with a beach scenery will make one of those funny gifts for graphic designers as a way to tease their lifestyle.

5. Digital Art Frame

funny gifts for graphic designers

Designers don’t always have to work. For those who love graphic designs with all their heart, sometimes they need to design something for the sake of having fun, too. If you are thinking of giving a gift that can channel their love for graphic designs, we think this Pixoo Pixel Art Digital Frame will make one of those funny gifts for graphic designers thy will love.

In our opinion, it will come as a fun way to allow them to create art without having to follow the client’s brief. With this digital art frame, they can create pixel art and display it on the frame. In addition, you can also send them funny messages in the form of digital art and send it to them.

6. Rainbow Chopsticks

funny gifts for graphic designers

Sometimes, the deadlines are just so unbearable to the point that they don’t even have time for a dinner break. And what do the designers do when they get hungry late at night while still having to finish their design?

Other than ordering food, we think instant ramen has arguably become their best friend due to its practicality. This is why this chopstick set will make a funny gift because it can remind them of the not-so-healthy but very helpful diet.

7. LED Clock Square Cube

funny gifts for graphic designers

Sometimes, it is so easy for a graphic designer to get lost in their work and forget about space and time. If your favorite graphic designer is currently working on a project and spend most of his time in front of a computer, then we really think this ultra modern LED clock cube comes in handy since it has an alarm feature.

The alarm will remind him of what time he has left to finish a design. The LED lights on this clock do not only show the time and date but also timer, calendar, and thermometer just in case they need to check if their room temperature went up after they have done a very intense revision.

8. Hypnocube: An LED Lightshow Matrix Cube

funny gifts for graphic designers

It is possible that sometimes, in the middle of a long week, a graphic designer just needs to take a break and go to a party. But most of the time, that is nearly impossible due to the deadlines they need to catch up on.

Don’t let them miss out the fun part about parties even though they can only stay in front of their PC. One of the best ways to do it is by giving them this hypnocube as a gift. It would be one of those cool and funny gifts for graphic designers out there, which we think you need to consider. After all, why go out when you can have a tiny party on your desk, right?

9. The Pack of Positivity Playing Cards

funny gifts for graphic designers

Sometimes, among stressful workloads and endless revisions, we know that it is hard to stay positive for everyone including graphic designers. Therefore we think this playing card set will do its job to boost positivity to your graphic designer bestie to get them back in the mood.

In our opinion, this would be one of the thoughtful yet funny gifts for graphic designers that they will appreciate for sure. It is playable and has positive messages on each card. Plus, it also features funny graphics on each card to make them smile a little.

10. Graphic Artist Guild Handbook

funny gifts for graphic designers

Pricing is another struggle for a graphic designer as the market continues to evolve and the competition is getting tighter. Moreover, they also need to compete in the industry along with many emerging new talents.

Therefore, we surely think that it is important to remind them of their work value and self worth. Don’t let them drown in their pile of work and forget that they need to take care of themselves, too. So, make sure that you love the dearly by giving this handbook as a gift, which we think can be a useful guide for them to an ethical pricing.

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11. Unique Adjustable Character Desk Lamp

funny gifts for graphic designers

A true creative needs a unique lamp to boost their creativity. Among a list of stuff they need on their work desk, a desk lamp is definitely on item that they cannot forget. It will be very useful when they are making sketches on their sketch paper, especially when they work at night.

As for this one, we think this lamp is very special and unique judging from the material and design. We have no doubt, the graphic designer will be beyond happy to receive this lamp with such a funny and unique character.

12. Customizable Parking Sign

funny gifts for graphic designers

Holding such an important role in society, we have no doubt a graphic designer deserves their own private parking sign. This customizable distressed vintage parking sign is definitely one of those useful and funny gifts for graphic designers, which will be perfect for your favorite graphic designer, too.

Since it’s a custom item, all you have to do is just customize the text so it is clear that the parking lot belongs to the graphic designer. Our advice, adding your own funny statement will make it even funnier, too. So, be creative and give them one of the most hilarious gifts, ever!

13. Funny IDGAF Bluetooth Speaker

Funny IDGAF Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes, in the cruel creative industry world, a designer just needs to be carefree and not take things personally. Sometimes clients can be demanding, rude, and even mean. This is when good music can help them to ease their emotional pain.

For graphic designers who find healing in music, we think this Bluetooth speaker will provide them with high quality sound for them to vibe to their favorite tracks. Even better, this speaker has a hidden message on the notes printed on the speaker.

14. Graphic Designer Pencil Set

funny gifts for graphic designers

Who doesn’t love a good old funny pun? if your favorite graphic designer loves funny quotes, we think you need to consider having this pencil set contains some graphic design puns will make a great that he will appreciate.

Since it comes as a set of pencils, it will surely be useful for his work. The old funny puns come as a bonus that will make he feel more relaxed while working on his deadlines. More than just the design, these pencils are actually usable high-quality pencils that can help them to sketch out their raw ideas.

15. Spirograph

funny gifts for graphic designers

Everyone including graphic designers must have played spirograph at some point of their life. In fact, a spirograph might as well be the inspiration that got them to graphic design in the first place.

Based on that reason, we highly recommend you to get a spirograph as a gift, since it might remind them of the old time and why  graphic design seems so fascinating to them.

16. Funny Character Phone Holder

funny gifts for graphic designers

Designers are often busy with their job all day. But even when they’re focusing on work, they still need to have their phone accessible and within their reach. This phone holder not only just provides that, but also allows them to make a video call with clients easily.

In addition, the best thing about these phone holders is that they come with funny characters that can make the designer’s desk look a lot more fun. So, aside from being functional, this item also comes as a funny table décor, too!

17. Graphic Design Vinyl Stickers

funny gifts for graphic designers

No matter how ridiculous and brutal they can be, at some points the client’s requests can actually be funny. If you have a graphic designer friend who tend to take client’s requests pretty easily, we think you should consider the vinyl stickers as gifts, which will be the perfect way for him.

The stickers will become a reminder for him to remember all the funny things the clients said to your graphic designer buddy. They can put the stickers on their laptop, notebooks, tumbler, and other personal belongings.

18. Life of A Graphic Designer Brooch

funny gifts for graphic designers

Moving on to the next item on our list, now you have items that can sum up the life of a designer on enamel pins. Being one of the most useful and funny gifts for graphic designers to stick on their backpack, clothes or laptop sleeve, these pins are highly recommended.

In our opinion, These pins are well made and have great details, which make a very funny gift for a designer knowing how familiar they are with these pins.

19. Laptop Bed Table

funny gifts for graphic designers

Give the designer some time to chill while working on their laptop or when they are having a short break between work. For such purpose, we’re pretty sure this laptop bed table will make a perfect choice.

It will allow them to work from the comfort of their bed while staying productive. In addition, this item might as well remind them of the good old days back in college when they had to stay up late everyday to get their assignment done.

20. Funny Mouse Pad

Funny Mouse Pad

Everybody has their ups and down, and most of the time, jokes always succeed to make everyone laugh and get motivated again. If you want to give some motivations to your favorite graphic designer in the most unique way, we think you need to check this one out.

This mouse pad is a perfect example of a funny gift you can get for a graphic designer since we know graphic designers use their mouse to work a lot and a good funny mouse pad has become such a necessity.

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21. Customisable Business Card

Customisable Business Card

Business card is very important for a graphic designer to expand their network connections. In order to expand their connections, they need a good business cards that stand out among others.

Since this business card is fully customizable, you can do your trick and add a funny element to the business card such as a personalized statement that represents the graphic designer or even inside jokes only graphic designers understand.

22. Patrick Pen Organizer

Patrick Pen Organizer

Designers usually own various collections of pens and pencils. If they are not the well organized type, then it may clutter their desk and may disturb their workflow. For such graphic designer, we think this funny pencil holder will make a great gift.

This pencil holder doesn’t only serve its main purpose to keep all the pens and pencils organized, but also make a funny desktop ornament. In case you wonder why, it’s because it comes in the form of Patrick. And yes, he is SpongeBob’s friend who lives in the Bikini Bottom.

23. Photoshop Earrings

Photoshop Earrings

Every designer has felt tired with Photoshop at some point. Therefore, we think these earrings are perfect representation for your graphic designer bestie who want to express their feeling without actually say anything bad to their clients.

In our opinion, any female graphic designer will be thrilled to received this as a gift, and just can’t wait to wear them to the office soon. Aside from being a pair of earrings that will truly make a statement, we think these earrings make a stylish accessory as well.

24. Pantone Hard Enamel Pin

Pantone Hard Enamel Pin

Next up we have another option of enamel pin that will make a small yet exciting gift for a fun graphic designer. As you probably know already, every designer is familiar with Pantone colors.

Sometimes in the designers inner circle, they even joke about certain designers behavior such as choosing food based on Pantone color palette. This enamel pin can be a funny reminder of this kind of behavior that can make any designer smile.

25. Artsy Socks

Artsy Socks

Every designer admires great art, and they also need comfort throughout the day. To combine the two, what can be more hilarious than these Picassocks? No pun intended, that is the name of the socks that feature Picasso’s face and his famous painting.

These socks are made out of high-quality material that guarantees the color brightness as well as its condition so your graphic designer best friend can wear it for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Graphic designers are amazing people with a good sense of art and creativity. Plus, they are also fun to hang out with and have a great sense of humor. Therefore, when it comes to picking a perfect gift for them, going for gifts with a touch of humor would be a great idea. Don’t forget to pick something that can support them when they are working to meet their deadlines, too!

The best recommendations of gifts include mugs with funny graphics, stationaries that come with hilarious puns, or perhaps things that can help them feel comfortable while working over time at home. Hope you find our list useful and you can have better ideas on what to give to a special graphic designer in your life.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any funny gift ideas specifically designed for graphic designers?

Absolutely! Graphic designers have a unique sense of humor, and there are plenty of funny gift options tailored to their profession. Consider the “Ctrl+Z” Coffee Mug, which allows them to “undo” their morning coffee spills. The “Design Geek” T-shirt featuring witty typography jokes is another great choice. For a touch of nostalgia, the “Pixel Heart” Mouse Pad adds a pixelated twist to their workspace. These funny gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of any graphic designer.

What can you gift a designer? 

There are so many things you can give a graphic designer so you will never run out of ideas. To make it easier for you, you can think of the most basic things or some necessities that no one ever talks about such as pens and pencil organizers. This is a simple gift but is very useful and can actually make a difference in the designer’s desk.

What should you offer a designer?

You can offer them with the tools they currently need. For example, their mouse pad is already worn out and doesn’t perform well, you can get them a brand new mouse pad that will help them work easily. You can also offer them something cool such as the pixel art digital frame. Even the non-creatives will love such a gift.

Are there any funny desk décor items that would make great gifts for graphic designers?

Absolutely! Graphic designers appreciate clever and amusing desk decor that showcases their love for design. The “Folded Paper Vase” creates the illusion of a crumpled paper sculpture while holding fresh flowers. The “Speech Bubble Sticky Notes” provide a fun way to jot down ideas or leave humorous messages. These desk decor items add a touch of whimsy to their workspace, creating a visually appealing and entertaining environment.

What can you gift a Graphic Designer student?

Graphic designer students are still learning, therefore, they need guidance. You can give the Graphic Designer Handbook. You may also need to think of the basic tools they need such as sketching pencils or laptop tables. Don’t forget to cheer them up with some fun gifts such as playing cards so they can play with their fellow graphic designer students.

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