25 Unique Phone Holder for Easier Work

When you are driving a car with an unknown route to your destination, want to take a picture of your family, or need some help that needs your phone to be held, you need a phone holder or in other words to help you multitask. A unique phone holder has a very high value, not only because of its usage but also its design.

A unique phone holder can make your job easier because you don’t need to hold your phone while driving which is dangerous. Also, you can take a picture of yourself and your family. No one needs to sacrifice himself or herself as a photographer anymore because a phone holder helps the job.

Why Do People Need A Phone Holder?

People need a phone holder to do the job that needs a phone but they can’t touch it such as looking at google maps while driving, watching a movie with a comfortable position, charging a phone in a safe place, and v-logging to gain money.

Unique Phone Holder To Helps Your Job

1. Jaguar Design Universal Mount 

Unique Car Phone Holder Jaguar Design

This golden jaguar surely is a unique car phone holder and the jaguar is not only for aesthetics but also for holding your phone. The phone holder is like a Puma symbol. This phone holder that has the shape of the jaguar is perfect for a gift to a car lover. Not only because of its jaguar shape, but also its golden color.

2. Mini Strip Shape Magnetic Car

Mini Strip Shape Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand For iPhone Samsung Magnet Mount

An easy method to hold a phone. A unique phone holder that uses a magnet is comfortable and easy to use. You only need to stick the back of the phone that has a magnet to the phone holder, for instance, iPhone and Samsung. This phone holder is a great gift for an iPhone or Samsung user that has a car.

3. Unique Phone Holder Car Mobile Hanger

Unique Flexible Silicon Cell Phone Holder Car Mobile Hanger Mount for Smartphone

For a family man and women who stay at home often, this unique phone holder that is shaped like a hanger should do its job in their car or home. With this phone holder, you can do household activities while watching a television show on the handphone. You can give this cute phone holder to a housewife.

4. Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series

Tech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holder Desktop Madness Series

A unique phone holder shaped like a hand that holds something, which of course holds a phone. This phone holder is versatile, it can hold MP3 and iPods. Not to mention it is lightweight and simple to move. You can use this as a gift to your coworker. There is no wonder he/she will use it in the office.

5. Cool Astronaut Design 

Unique Phone Holder Cool Astronaut Design

Do you like astronomy or want to be an astronaut one day? This unique phone holder is made of silicon and uses an astronaut design which is cute not only for a grown-up but also for kids. The astronaut looks like keeps the balance of the phone with his left leg. This is a great phone holder if you consider this as a gift to your siblings, family, or spouse. Especially if they are fond of astronomy.

6. Bamboo Wood Phone Holder 

Homode Cell Phone Stand, Bamboo Wood Phone Holder

A cute unique phone holder that poses as someone who practices a kung fu kick. This cute small phone holder offers more stability because of its three layers veneer and is easy to use because of its lightweight. This phone holder is a perfect gift for a martial artist.

7. Mobile Phone Holders With 6 Cats

Mobile phone holders resin. Adorable cats

One cat is cute, six cats are cuter. Six cats that hold your phone to help you watch your favorite movie or educational show for your children sounds very cute. These colorful cats will hold not only your phone but also tablets. If you have a friend or spouse who is a cat lover, you should give this cute phone holder.

8. Unique Phone Holder For Pianist

Unique Phone / tablet holder that is suitable even for pianists

Ever heard of a unique phone holder that is specifically designed for pianists? If not, you are lucky to find this article. And of course, you are a pianist, you should consider this phone holder to buy. Especially if you are a newbie that needs to memorize a new song which a phone that is put in the phone holder might help you do it. But if you’re not a pianist, you should buy this as a gift for your pianist friend.

9. Stick Man Sit-Up Pose Cell Phone Holder

Stick Man Cell Phone Holder Stand Accessory For Mobile phones

A unique phone holder that has the shape of a stick man doing a sit-up pose sure is cool. You can put the phone in its leg, and the hand of the stick man will hold the phone for you. You can give this to your friend or spouse that does a workout daily or often.

10. Lion Geometric Phone Holder

LION Geometric Phone Holder/ Phone Stand

A lion’s paint in the phone holder may reflect the owner’s soul and taste. King of the jungle sounds masculine and brave for the one who owns this phone holder. Consider this as a gift’s choice if you want to give this to a brave person or leader.

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11. Octopus/Kraken Tentacle Decoration

unique phone holder

A stylish unique phone holder with an octopus/legendary Kraken’s tentacle shape. This tentacle will provide a landscape or portrait view if you want to take a picture of yourself from your phone. A sea lover person may like this phone holder as a gift.

12. Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent

unique phone holder

Are you looking for a perfect companion for traveling? This unique phone holder should do the job. The expression of the phone holder says it all. You must not lose direction because this phone holder is a perfect choice if you want your handphone to act as a map.

13. Unique Car Phone Holder Magic Silicone

unique phone holder

A flower-like unique phone holder is all you need to make your travel more romantic and feels like in the garden with your spouse. With its small size and versatility, you can use this in the car or even on your table. Also, it is a good present for your girlfriend or wife.

14. 3-Piece Man’s Best Friend

unique phone holder

Do you want to bring your dog to the car but it doesn’t fit or is not allowed? A dog-shaped phone holder is the best answer to your trouble. With its design, it is also a great gift for dog lovers.

15. Diamond Stand Lazy Holder

unique phone holder

Relaxing activity is all you need for yourself and your spouse after five days of work. You can relax in bed while watching a movie with your spouse with this phone holder. Because of its love shape, it is the best gift for valentine’s day or your wedding anniversary.

16. 3-Piece Princess Phone Holder

unique phone holder

An action figure as a phone holder? Isn’t that great? A unique phone holder with a dancing princess pose will hold your phone with its knee. The lady-shaped phone holder is easy to clean, easy to carry, and easy to assemble. Such a perfect gift for your friend who wants an action figure but doesn’t have enough money to buy it.

17. Unique Plastic Thumb

unique phone holder

A hand that helps hold your phone to make you watch the movie or TV shows easier. Enjoy yourself with this unique and simple design phone holder that is shaped like a hand. The hands are also suitable for a birthday gift if you want to give a simple gift.

18. Sith Lord Darth Vader 8-inch

unique phone holder

Famous for his quote “Luke, I am your father” in the star wars movie. The unique phone holder without a doubt is perfect for star wars fans. The holder function is not only for the phone but also for the joystick. Killing two birds with one stone, a great gift to be given, especially to Darth Vader fans.

19. Groot 8-inch Phone Holder

unique phone holder

Well-known for its quote “I am Groot” in the avengers: infinity wars, the toddler Groot is a cute unique phone holder that suits avenger fans. Like Dart Vader phone holder, Groot phone holder also can hold a joystick with his hands.

20. Car Phone Holder with Magsafe Charger

Car stand Compatible with Magsafe Charger

Far travel eats more battery than a short trip. You will need a unique phone holder that is also compatible with a charger. With this phone holder, your work will be easier. A two job is done by one thing, killing two birds with one stone. A perfect gift for a backpacker that usually travels in a car.

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21. Merkury Vlogging Ring Light Phone Holder

Merkury Vlogging Ring Light stand

Vloggers need a unique phone holder to help their job. A phone holder with an additional lamp will make vlogging much easier. Moreover, this phone holder is great for a person who likes to take a selfie.

22. Rose Shoe Phone Holder

Rose Shoe stand

Ever thought that shoes will hold your phone? A unique phone holder that is shaped like high heels will hold your phone firm and let you enjoy the comedy show on YouTube with your spouse. Because of its design, this is a good gift to be given to a girl, especially if she likes to go to a party.

23. Sarve Origami Wall Universal Phone Holder 

Sarve Origami Wall Universal stand

Do you have trouble charging your phone but the electric socket is too far, therefore not safe for your phone? This wall phone holder will make it safe to charge even the socket is far away from the table. You can give this phone holder as a gift to a friend who travels frequently to the hotel.

24. Wooden Animal Phone Stand

Wooden Animal Stand

From pet-shaped phone holders, now there are also wild animals theme in the phone holders. The phone holder is shaped like a small elephant that lets you enjoy a video call with your spouse. Despite it being made from wood, the durability is good. Because of its cuteness, you can give it to your wife or female friends. 

25. Crystal Phone Holder

Crystal Stand

Geologists sure like rock and crystal because they study it in college more than ever. The unique phone holder that is shaped like a crystal is perfect if you are a geologist, or as a gift to your geologist friend or mine engineer because they work in the mining field often.

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