25 Best Ghost Rider Action Figure

For fans of the Marvel Universe, Ghost Rider is one of the most iconic Marvel antiheroes ever. Since first appearing on cinema screens in 2007, Ghost Rider has produced many loyal fans. His eccentric appearance with a skull head and crazy flaming hair make Johnny Blaze a unique main character in this Marvel film.

Show your love and passion for this unique character by owning the following Ghost Rider action figures. You can choose the figurine from small to large, from the cutest to the scariest. Here we present to you a list of the 25 best Ghost Rider action figures that will boost your adrenaline passion.

Best Details Ghost Rider Action Figures

The following action figures feature impressive craftsmanship. Some manufacturers offer sophisticated production processes to create action figures that closely resemble the original characters. And so, here is a list of detailed ghost rider figurines, fit for collectors!

1. Custom Johnny Blaze Figurine

Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider CustomJohnny Blaze Ghost Rider Custom

You’ll get different accents and ornaments from Marvel Comics character Johnny Blaze. In this version, he is dressed as a cowboy! The figurine also includes menacing weapons such as a shotgun, hell chains, and rifle. His clothing and the horse are wonderfully crafted. It is 20 cm, so you can display this item on your desk. This action figure uses high-quality and durable PVC, ABS, and other composites.

2. Ghost Rider PVC Slade Handgun Fire

Ghost Rider PVC Slade Handgun Fire

This action figure offers two different cool action modes in one package. The Ghost Rider action figure depicts the demon-like character holding a gun and the hell chain. Made of PVC, this 6 inches item is durable and suitable to decorate your desk or shelf. Ultimately, it is a worthy item to complete your Ghost Rider collection.

3. Marvel Comics Ghost Rider 

Marvel Comics Ghost Rider

Are you looking for the perfect action figure to add elegance to your table? DIAMOND SELECT TOY Marvel Comics Ghost Rider will be an excellent choice. Sculpted and digitally printed, this ghost rider action figure is then polished and hand-painted by professional craftsmen from Gentle Giant Ltd. Feel the thick supernatural magic emanating from this cool item! This product perfectly displays the real metal chain as well as the translucent flame. Get it soon!

4. Marvel Universe Ghost Rider Figurine

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Bring the supervillain Terrax into your Ghost Riders collection. This character will be the perfect enemy for Johnny Blaze. The figurine depicts incredibly glowing blue flames on the head and shoulders. Moreover, you can replace the two arms of this action figure with super-strong sticky hands. The spooky and elegant details of the outfit look amazing.

5. Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze

Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze

Would you like to get a Ghost Rider action figure featuring two different types of heads and fire? This cool item is the right answer. The manufacturer uses premium PVC to create incredibly detailed artwork. The figurine comes with an iconic box that stands out, so you can display the action figure next to the box.

6. Ghost Riders Action Figure Cosmic

Ghost Rider Action Figure Cosmic

These Ghost Riders set are insanely cool. You will get 3 action figures that wear fierce combat armors. They are 6 inches and use hypoallergenic PVC material. In any case, these amazing action figures will become an awesome addition to your collectible hoard.

7. KOTOBUKIYA ARTFX Premier Statue

KOTOBUKIYA Ghost Rider ARTFX Premier Statue

The cosmic light radiates perfectly from this Ghost Rider action figure. It is very unique because it comes with LED lights to make this item glow in the dark. Moreover, you can freely remove the helmet and chains on the body of this action figure. This extraordinary item is produced in limited quantities. You will also get a certificate with a collector’s number imprinted with gold accents. The certification declares each action figure as an original product. Truly, a fitting gift for a hardcore collector!

8. Diamond Select Marvel Version

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select

This Ghost Rider action figure boasts a stunning blue superhero outfit. Standing on the hot and smoldering magma, this action figure looks very menacing yet heroic. Made from a combination of durable resin and PVC, you can enjoy the fine details for a long time.

9. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ghost Rider 

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ghost Rider 

Made especially for the Toy Fair Exclusive, this Ghost Rider action figure is extremely rare. You will get a cool complete set in one order. You will also receive accessories including metal chains, hell chains, flaming fire, and extra hands. Thanks to the articulated joints, you can freely change the pose of this incredible Ghost Rider action figure.

10. Ghost Rider Chain Attack

Ghost Rider Chain Attack

You can see the real face of Johnny Blaze in this Ghost Rider action figure. The chain-throwing hand pose is the main feature of this item. You can also replace the head of this action figure with a spooky fire skull. This product is suitable for children aged 5 years and up.

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11. The Flaming Skull Robbie Reyes Figure

ghost rider action figure

You can get the perfect articulation from Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes 6″ Action Figure. You are free to give this action figure cool and heroic poses. The strong supernatural power emanates from the figurine as the Ghost Rider holds points the gun at you! He also gets to pose with the chain of blazing hellfire. What an extraordinary item that deserves your consideration!

Fun Ghost Rider Action Figures

Who would have thought that the scary Ghost Rider could come in an adorable appearance? The following items are fun and unique Ghost Rider action figures that will cheer your day up!

12. Classic Ghost Rider Funko Pop 

Classic Ghost Rider Funko Pop

Ghost Rider and Funko Pop lovers will love this item! This Ghost Rider action figure features the burning-skull character riding his iconic motorcycle. The vinyl details that cover the body of Johnny Blaze and the motorbike provide unmatched uniqueness and value. Having a 3/4 scale size makes this item perfect for display, with or without a box.

13. Ghost Riders Lego

ghost rider action figure

Get 8 cute action figures in one purchase! The adorable Lego figurines will provide you with ultimate enjoyment. Equipped with a strong stand, you can display these items in various places. The Legos include ornate details that will awe you despite the small sizes.

14. Venomized Ghost Rider Funko Pop 

ghost rider action figure

Have you ever thought that Ghost Rider could be possessed by Venom? This Ghost Rider action figure features the hilarious mix of Ghost Rider with the iconic alien symbiote from the Marvel Universe. This item comes in limited quantities. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get this amazingly cool product right now!

15. Ghost Rider Minifigure Blue Version

ghost rider action figure

Are you a fan of LEGO and Ghost Rider at the same time? Ghost Rider Minifigure Blue Version is made especially for you! LEGO’s signature style perfectly blends with this Ghost Rider action figure. The blue hellfire variant makes this item different and stands out from other Ghost Rider action figures.

Best Ghost Rider Action Figures with Bike

Motorcycles cannot be separated from the Ghost Rider. This iconic character takes down evil souls while riding on his flaming motorbike. Here are the best Ghost Rider Action Figures that you can buy:

16. Ghost Rider Statue 1/6 Scale Hand-painted

ghost rider action figure

This Ghost Rider action figure is perfect for someone who loves detailed construction and superhero accents. This item is made with advanced printing technology to provide you with the most elegant depiction of the character. Professionally painted and polished, this action figure has won the hearts of many fans. Furthermore, it has a 1:6 ratio, perfect for your desk or shelf. In any case, this iconic motorbike sitting pose from Johnny Blaze is amazing!

17. Marvel Legends Cosmic Ghost Rider

Marvel Legends Cosmic Ghost Rider

Experience an immersive supernatural adventure by collecting Ghost Rider action figures! There is no denying that Johnny Blaze on a space bike is the coolest thing you will ever see! Hasbro perfectly creates action figures that blend magic and outer space. It also has a flawless mold that will impress any collector. Made of high-quality PVC material, this item is worth your money!

18. Handmade Ghost Rider Figurine

Handmade Figurine

This Ghost Rider figurine is created by professional and experienced craftsmen. The model gives the bike a different design that looks a lot cooler. The big silver motorbike with fire wheels is the main unique selling point. The flaming skull rider is holding a gun, ready to eliminate his opponents. This action figure is rust-resistant and incredibly durable, thanks to the premium quality resin.

19. Pro Painted Ghost Rider Figurine

Pro Painted Figurine

The Marvel Crisis Protocol: Pro Painted Ghost Rider depicts a daring stunt pose. The rider also flails his iconic hell chain around to ward off evil opponents. At any rate, he will defeat every enemy that comes his way with a series of hellfire moves! Equipped with a sturdy stand, you don’t have to worry about this action figure falling or being damaged. 

20. Vintage 1995 Ghost Rider Motorcycle

ghost rider action figure

Are you a collector of vintage and antique toys? The 1995 Marvel Comics Vintage Ghost Rider Motorcycle is a must-have in your collection. This Ghost Rider action figure has a motorcycle and character design that is similar to the original comic version. Anyway, you will never find an item like this again, so get it now!

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21. Marvel Super Hero Squad Ghost Rider

ghost rider action figure

You’ll see this Marvel antihero smile in the end! Marvel Super Hero Squad Series 7 Ghost Rider is fun and suitable for all ages. You can pose this character to ride a motorbike. This Ghost Rider action figure also features bright colors. Anyhow, get this cute item right away and give your child fun.

22. Marvel Crisis Protocol Flaming Skull Rider

Marvel Crisis Protocol Flaming Skull

Ghost Rider fans will absolutely love this figurine! The action figure uses premium resin material to provide you with the best sculpture possible. Furthermore, the metallic black color covers the entire action figure perfectly. It also features flaming wheels with an amazing drifting friction effect! Get this fantastic item right away!

23. Ghost Rider with Motorcycle Double Headed

Ghost Rider with Motorcycle Double Headed

You will get a body, 2 carved heads, 2 Chainz, a gun, and a motorbike in one package. Additionally, the figurine uses premium PVC material that enhances the durability of this incredibly detailed item. It is 9 inches tall, so this action figure is perfect for adding magical value to your desk or display cabinet.

24. Marvel United Skull Rider Figurine

Marvel United Skull Figurine

This Incredible mini action figures may not be as detailed as other models. Nevertheless, it still packs its own punch because of the adorable chibi design. You can clean this item using Rust-Oleum flat Gray Primer to prevent fading and damage. Its small size allows this item to be carried everywhere. So, you can show it off easily to other Ghost Rider fans.

25. 3D-Printed Figure Of The Demonic Rider

 3D Printed Figurine

Hurry up and get this amazingly cool product before it runs out! Advanced 3D printing technology has allowed us to create the best Ghost Rider action figures of all time! Printed on a high-tech PLA filament using FDM Printer, this incredible item is poised to become the best action figure ever. Furthermore, the non-hazardous premium resin material makes this item safe to display and play with. And so, hurry up and get this unique product before it runs out!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have reviewed our list of the best Ghost Rider action figures above, supposed it is time to add a new item to your action figure collection? If you’re wondering about the quality of the items on the list, all of them are definitely worth collecting. The first thing to remember is that it is best to choose the best item that you have not owned yet, obviously.

But other than that, you also need to make sore the quality of the item like the materials, size, all the details of the item, and of course your personal reference. After all, we just can put a price tag for a hobby, right? Therefore, make sure you follow your heart in terms of choosing the best Ghost Rider action figure to add to your collection.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best ghost rider action figures?

The best action figures are items that have stunning details and ornaments with an abundance of accessories. You can choose 1/6 HOT TOYS TMS005 AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. GHOST RIDER or Ghost Rider Statue 1/6 Scale Hand-painted. Both of these items are worthy of your possession as a loyal Ghost Rider fan.The best action figures are items that offer stunning details and ornaments with multiple accessories. You can choose 1/6 HOT TOYS Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D figurine or 1/6 hand-painted Ghost Rider Statue. Both of these items are worthy of your possession as a loyal Ghost Rider fan. In any case, all of the action figures in this list are collectible!

What are the best ghost rider action figures with bikes?   

The action of riding a flaming motorbike with a hellfire chain is unique to Ghost Rider. You can order the 3D-printed version or handpainted 1/6 scale sculpture for a stunning pose on the motorbike. You can also get the vintage figurine if you love the antique collection. Anyway, you can not separate the devilish heroic character from his rides.

Are ghost rider action figures worth money?

Of course, it’s worth it! You can choose the Ghost Rider action figure based on your budget. If you have a maximum budget then choose the 3D-Printed Ghost Rider action figure without hesitation. After all, the highly detailed figurine will amaze you. You can own this cool item for around US$360. But if you are looking for an affordable and well-detailed Ghost Rider action figure, you can buy the 6″ PVC Action Figure Slade Handgun Fire for only US$17.89.

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