75+ Of The Coolest Camping Gadgets & Unique Products For Campers

You might notice a few things on this list that were familiar to your grandfather, but for the most part, we do camping a little differently here at Awesome Stuff 365.

From paracord survival bracelets & pocket chainsaws, to cool tents & unique hammocks we have got your back and we are prepared to take on the great outdoors together with some of the coolest camping gadgets we have set our eyes on.

Cool Stuff For Campers:

So Let’s take camping to the next level and discover some of the most awesome camping gadgets and Unique camping products on the market!

#1 Glow In The Dark Rope

Glow In The Dark Rope

Looking for awesome camping stuff? Look no further than glow in the dark rope. Never again will you accidentally knock down the entire tent while stepping out for a midnight pee?   Find It Here 


#2 Solar Powered Grill

Solar Powered Grill

It might just be hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but it will always be sunny enough to barbecue some beans with this solar-powered grill. Don’t get caught without gas, or batteries again! Find It Here


#3 Mosquito Repellent Device

Mosquito Repellant Device

We’ve all been there. Sitting by the lake, swatting at mosquitos that are seemingly endless. This mosquito repellent device makes swatting a thing of the past, with a protection radius of 225 square feet! Find It Here


#4 Camp Stove Toaster

Camp Stove Toaster

Some things are hard to come by in the wilderness, such as kitchen fresh toast, but this is a problem of yesterday because we’ve got you covered today. Whether you’re a bread and butter guy or a toast and jam kind of girl, you don’t have to make that choice anymore! Find It Here


#5 Light-up Tent Stakes

Light-up Tent Stakes

The aluminum camping stakes with built-in LEDs have over 10 hours of life, long enough to last you through a cold winter night in even Alaska.

Find Them Here


#6 Rocket Stove Portable Camping Stove

Rocket Stove Portable Camping Stove

This makes the ideal gifting item for any outdoorsy type. It is perfect for whipping up a quick meal when out camping and secures the flames within its sturdy compartment preventing the probability of a forest fire. It is a convenient tool that effectively blends form and function in the simplest of ways. Find it Here


#7 The 30 Day Survival Lantern

30 Day Survival Lantern

Sick and tired of changing oil in your lantern, or being without batteries? This lantern touts itself as not only being indestructible but capable of shining for 30 days straight, which means even if you aren’t in the wilderness, you might find this handy around the house. Find It Here


#8 Personal Water Filter 

Personal Water Filter

Hikers and campers alike will appreciate the innovation behind this little marvel. It is the tiniest water filter ever, making it possible to reduce the weight of carrying clean drinking water through your excursion. It also makes the ultimate survival tool allowing you to drink from virtually any water body. Get it Here


#9 Gerber Folding Spade

Gerber Folding Spade

Pack up and go with the Gerber folding spade. Great for trenching out a fire pit, or burying dead bodies in the backyard. We just hope those bodies are beloved pets who passed away, and not your pesky neighbor. Find It Here


#10 Titanium 3-In-1 Camping Utensil

Titanium 3-In -1 Camping Utensil

A fork with a built-in blade might seem a little menacing to your health, but you can rest easy knowing that the edge of this fork is simply a serrated butter knife edge, with a lovely spoon on the other end, for porridge and other homely things. Find It Here


#11 Stingray Tree Tent

Stingray Tree Tent

Why camp on the ground, when you can camp in the trees? Keep safe above the ground and camp in style in the canopy. Find It Here


#12 The 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Survival Tool 

The 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Survival Tool 

The survival axe makes it possible to operate anywhere, by pitting together all of the important outdoor survival tools into one compact package. It is lightweight and portable and quite a delight for the handy man or any other adventure lover. It is built to last and will withstand fundamentally any environment without risk of damage. Get it Here


#13 Camp Stove Power Charger

camp stove power charger

While we might like to go “gadget-free” for a day in the woods, some of us simply can’t live without our gadgets, or we at least love them so much that we would rather not consider going without them. Plug in with the BioLite and keep going for hours! Find It Here


#14 Campfire Griddle Grill

Campfire Griddle Grill

Hashbrowns? Check. Fried eggs? Check. Pancakes? You bet. Knock out a sweet breakfast with this campfire griddle! Find It Here


#15 Enamel Camping Mugs 

enamel camping mugs

These enamel mugs have the visual inspiration adventurous campers will appreciate and packs up portability and convenience in one simple unbreakable package.

The colors chosen resonate with the outdoors and make quite a connection with nature. They are an ideal pair to gift a camping couple and enable them to make the most out of their excursions. Get Some Here


#16 Military Lensatic Sighting Compass

Military Lensatic Sighting Compass

Better to have and not need, than to need and not have. This compass is the perfect companion for hunters, hikers, and campers alike. Find It Here


#17 Pop-up Portable Camping Grill 

Pop-up Portable Camping Grill

Today’s camping adventure is a lot more fun thanks to such gadgets as these that offer both function and luxury. The grill features the right dimensions for portability and allows you to roast your precious game kill in style allowing for the use of coals or even an open fire with ease.  Find it Here


#18 Gorilla Glue Tape

Gorilla Glue Camo Tape

Gorilla Glue Tape is a whole new animal, that gives duct tape a run for it’s money. And since there isn’t anything duct tape can’t fix, we certainly can’t argue with the reasoning that Gorilla tape should be able to fix anything better. Find It Here


#19 Portable High-Pressure Hot Water System 

Portable High-Pressure Hot Water System

Portable High-Pressure Hot Water System

This hot water system converts the outdoors experience into a thrilling adventure by making it possible to shower in style just as you would at home.

It fills up in a matter of 20 seconds and keeps the water warm for the best experience. The removable lid acts as a stepping platform and also contains a fishing ruler conveniently fitted. Get One Here


#20 The 3-in-1 Military Folding Camping Shovel

The 3-in-1 Military Folding Camping Shovel

Sometimes you need a shovel. Sometimes you need a shovel that is also a saw and more. Find It Here


#21 Personalised Enamel Camping Mugs 

Personalised Enamel Camping Mugs

Simplicity is the theme on this delightful camping mug. It captures the spirit of the outdoors using basic pictorials drawn from nature and provides a customization option to turn it into a thoughtful gift.

The color scheme is classic, lending the mug an aspect of style and the material choice is perfectly suited for a life of adventure.  Find Them Here


#22 Mini Dehydrated Marshmallows

Mini Dehydrated Marshmallows in cup

The only downside to these marshmallows is that your kids will probably eat them before you arrive at the campsite. So best leave these ones at home, and take the marshmallows instead! Find Them Here


#23 Klax Multi-Tool Axe Heads 

Klax Multi-Tool Axe Heads

Klax Multi-Tool Axe Heads

The 7-in-1 axe head is quite a remarkable innovation, packing up a host of necessities in the smallest possible portable format.

It makes use of durable high-quality materials and offers a lifetime warranty. It can be fitted with a handle picked up in the wild for use as an axe or hammer when necessary. Get One Here


#24 Campfire Songs

Campfire Songs book

Grampy might have had them all down by heart, but you’ll be sure to impress with over 100 sing-a-long favorites for around the campfire!


#25 All Natural Fire Starters 

All Natural Fire Starters

This tool addresses the most primal need all campers must contend with, starting a fire. It is a compact product that contains all necessary ingredients for a camp fire without necessitating the use of accelerants. It is easy to pack and will get your fire roaring in no time at all.  Get Some Here

#26 Log Pillows


Not quite as hard as a rock, or lumpy as a log, this pillow gives the true look of camping outdoors, with all the comforts of home. Find It Here


#27 Outdoor Reclining Seats 

Outdoor Reclining Seats

Take your love for comfort to the next level with these portable and light recliners. The simple construction features six seating positions and can be used anywhere, from the beach or park, to the woodlands or a boating excursion without any compromise on quality. It is a combination of steel framework and foam cushioning, built to last a lifetime.  Get Some Here


#28 Light Up Tactical Multi-Function Pocket Knife

Light Up Tactical Multi-Function Pocket Knife

File this one under cool camping tools, because the only thing better than having a tactical knife while camping, is one with a built-in light. Kind of like the only thing better than sharks are sharks with lasers.

Find Them Here


#29 Sand-Free Multi Mats 

Sand-Free Multi Mats

Your picnic or beach visit will be transformed with this sand-free mat. It boasts a patented quicksand technology that allows all particles to fall through and the ones underneath to stay in their position and not stick to you.

It is waterproof and therefore keeps you dry and comfortable making for a relaxing sunbathing or frolicking session. Found Here


#30 Wearable Sleeping Bags

Wearable Sleeping Bags

So, you might look like you rolled off the set of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, but if you’ve ever woken up at night and not wanted to go out from under the covers.. well, now you don’t have to. Take the covers with you! Find Them Here


#31 Scout Complete Kelly Kettle Kit 

Scout Complete Kelly Kettle Kit

Scout Complete Kelly Kettle Kit

The fuel efficient build of this Kelly kettle makes it easy to boil water in minutes or get dinner ready in a hazard-free contained environment. Its design reduces on moisture and heat loss making it fast and efficient and ensuring minimal nutrient loss for any foods cooked in it. It also features a grill and frying pan all in one simple assembly. Get it Here

#32 A 12 Foot Outdoor Movie Screen

12 Foot Outdoor Movie Screen

This is a two-for-one because it is probably one of the coolest camping accessories AND you can use it at home, in the backyard, and anywhere else you can find room! Find It Here


#33 Coffeebox Rugged Coffee Maker 

Coffeebox Rugged Coffee Maker

Built for the coffee lovers in the house this coffee maker is resistant to all the hazards that characterize the outdoors from rust, dust, impact to spilling and water damage.

It is made of lightweight material making it portable and is big enough to brew up to 8 mugs. It is a fast brewer and also allows for water filtering. Find One Here

#34 The Durable Double Hammock

Durable Double Hammock

You’ve probably heard of hammocks, but if you’re really cool, you’ve heard of double hammocks, because the only thing better than laying in a hammock by yourself, is laying in a hammock with a friend. Find Them Here


#35 Packable Kayak 

Packable Kayaks

Packable Kayaks

Enjoy a fun-filled kayaking adventure with this highly portable kayak. It packs up all of the necessary features into one easy-to-carry package.

These awesome kayaks are constructed from a high-quality material and provides lots of space to ensure your comfort as well as to store the essentials. Its construction offers remarkable stability making it pretty hard to topple. Get one Here

#36 Realistic Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Realistic Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Statue

Okay, so this might not qualify as unique camping equipment, but just imagine the face of your now ex-wife, best friend, or now-deceased grandmother when they wake up to this fake rattler in their tent! Find It Here


#37 Bonfire Portable Fire Pit 

Bonfire Portable Fire Pit

This Unique portable Fire pit is designed for low wood consumption and minimal smoke production. It is made with convenience in mind allowing you to start a fire with ease and contain it to avoid fire hazard. It is a stylish piece made of stainless steel and could make an impressive centerpiece for the backyard space. Found Here

#38 Volkswagen Camper Tent

Volkswagen Camper Tent

Keep the bugs out and get your Volkswagon on this Volkswagon Camper Tent. Just don’t forget the keys at home. Find One Here


#39 Barebones Forest Lanterns 

Barebones Forest Lanterns

The Barebones lantern is focused on delivering maximum efficiency in a compact and portable package. It features a long-lasting battery, bright LED lighting and an output for recharging portable devices like cell phones. It does not heat up and provides between three and 80 hours of output depending on the usage. Find Them Here

#40  The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Crack open a cold one, or six. Everything you need, including your next drink, will never be far from hand with the Grill Sergeant Tactical BBQ Apron. Find It Here

DISCLAIMER: We don’t actually recommend getting drunk and playing with fire.

#41 Wazoo Gear Survival Bracelet 

Wazoo Gear Survival Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet packs up a remarkable combination of survival tools that could save a life.

It has a signal feature to call out for help in an emergency, hypothermia prevention facility, first aid provisions, food catching equipment, and even some basic tools for setting up a shelter. All of these are carefully concealed in the simple wearable package. Get one Here

#42 Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

There a couple terrible nuisances about camping, the first of which is probably mosquitoes. The second, mosquito repellent. Why not repel them both? Find Them Here


#43 Nemo Equipment Salsa Sleeping Bags 

Nemo Equipment Salsa Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags don’t come any niftier than this. Regardless of the surface, you have to use as a bed, it ensures comfort by providing water-repelling insulation and allowing for as much bending and shifting as it takes you to enjoy your sleep. It is designed to protect the sleeper from the elements and could accommodate up to six ft. six inches of height. Get one Here

#44 Dehydrated Camping Food

Dehydrated Camping Food

Maybe you have exquisite food tastes and love to hike. Maybe you are sitting in the woods right now, wondering where you can get a Thai curry at 2:00 AM in the morning. Maybe you just want to pack light, but delicious. No matter, this delectable dehydrated camping food will have your mouth watering and your taste buds dancing overnight. Get Them Here


#45 Color Inflatable Solar Lights 

Color Inflatable Solar Lights

These solar powered lights allow you to set the mood with up to eight different color options, one at a time or all in a sequence. It is waterproof and can, therefore, be used outdoors regardless of the weather or indoors for a fun bath session. It only takes seven hours to charge to full capacity and at its optimal performance can give you a good six hours of light. Get Some Here


#46 The Portable Camping Shower Bag

A Portable Camping Shower Bag

Taking a hot shower in the middle of the great outdoors has never been easier. Normally, the first thing we do when we get back from camping is we take a hot shower. That first taste of being back in civilization. But now, that comfort is right at the edge of your campsite! Find It Here


#47 The Camping Survival Guide

The Camping Survival Guide
This guide to shelter, food, and self-preservation will not only prepare you, but it one day may even save your life. A great guidebook for campers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to learn a little more! Find It Here


#48 Portable Camping Grill

Portable Camping Grill

These cool camping products are lightweight and break down into a simple compact tube.

You can carry your grill in your backpack or even your pocket. Clean-up is a breeze, and grilling has never tasted so sweet! Find It Here 


#49 The Camping Cookbook

The Camping Cookbook

This is the ultimate camping cookbook, with everything from tips to save time and prepare meals quickly and efficiently, to some of the best campfire dishes. You’ll be saving time and energy, and putting out mouthwatering dishes at the same time!


#50 Standing Room Wagon Top Camping Tent

standing room camping tent
Hate crawling into tents, or even at times, slithering through the doorway? With a height of 6’6″ this tent is suitable for big and small looking for a little extra room in the tent. Find It Here


#51 Portable Washing Machine

Portable Washing Machine

Clean your clothes on the go, with the efficiency of a high-end washing machine, but without the need of electricity or a bulky machine.

Find It Here


#52 Personal Locator Beacon

Personal Locator Beacon

This locator beacon relays your location via 104 MHz and 121.5 MHz frequencies to local search and rescue, and worldwide SAR satellite network. Find It Here


#53 Happy Camper Baseball Caps with Led Lights 

Happy Camper Baseball Caps with Led Lights

This hat perfectly completes your camping gear collection, providing bright LED lights perfectly positioned to leave your hands free for adventure.

During the day it looks like any ordinary cap and provides much needed shade from the sun but at night with the simple flick of a switch it allows easy access to any convenience with powerful batteries that provide up to 50 hours of lighting. Get Them Here


#54 Big Daddy Skillet

Big Daddy Skillet

Go big or go home. If this is your motto, then you can’t go wrong with this humongous skillet, the perfect frying pan for cooking giant meals at the same time. Find It Here


#55 Campfire Popcorn Popper

Campfire Popcorn Popper

These cool camping gadgets allow you pop up a batch of popcorn in no time. A great activity for children and parents alike. Find It Here 


#56 Suunto GPS Watch

Suunto GPS Watch

Able to pinpoint GPS location and elevation, with multiple different modes, these watches are amazing camping gadgets. You can track calories, distance, lap times, routes, and more! Find It Here


#57 The 5-In-1 Survival Bracelet

The 5-In-1 Survival Bracelet

These cool survival bracelets have all of your basic needs covered: cordage, fire starter, compass, whistle, and scraper. Find It Here


#58 The Smartphone Fish Finder Attachment

Smartphone Fish Finder Attachment

The days of sitting in the canoe for hours “hoping” to catch a fish are long behind us. Be in the right place at the right time with this fish finder that connects directly to your smartphone! Find It Here


#59 Bunk Bed Hammock

Bunk Bed Hammock Snug as a bug in.. well, in a bunk bed hammock! These cool camping items are great for siblings, families, and close friends looking to get off the ground but keep close. Find It Here


#60 Firestarter Keychain

Firestarter Keychain With LED Flashlight

Fire is one of the most important tools for survival, and the ability to start a fire on short notice can sometimes mean life or death. This keychain keeps the power of Prometheus close at hand, so you’re always ready to strike a fire. Find It Here


#61 The 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

5-Gallon Portable Toilet

When you got to go, you got to go. Don’t ever underestimate the “feel good” power of going to the bathroom like a civilized human being. Find It Here


#62 Rainbow Fire Packets

Rainbow Fire Packets

Gaze into the dancing rainbow flames, kids will be entertained and adults will be amused. Find Them Here


#63 Cast Iron Sandwich Maker

Cast Iron Sandwich Maker

If you love toasted sandwiches and camping, then you will love this cast iron sandwich maker. You’re going to feel like you just sat down at the bar when you order up a hot sandwich. Get one Here


#64 Unisex Bonfire Camping Hoodies 

Unisex Bonfire Camping Hoodies

These hoodies are the ideal wear for all outdoors enthusiasts, allowing you to cozy up in style. The simple yet captivating graphics make a personality statement and the fabric choice is perfect to keep you warm and comfortable on chilly nights. The minimalistic design makes them a simple yet elegant choice for all and sundry.  Find Them Here


#65 Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw

You were expecting Leatherface? The pocket chainsaw may be a monster, but the variety you want to have around. Throw away your traditional hand saw because this chainsaw will have you going through the same branches in half the time. Find It Here


#66 Campfire Fishing Pole

Campfire Fishing Pole

You’re sure to be the catch of the day with these cool camping accessories. Designed to keep you away from the fire and cook multiple marshmallows at once, they are a perfect tool for kids. Find It Here


#67 Flashlight Shoes

Flashlight Shoes

Ever wish you had flashlights on your shoes? No? We didn’t have that wish either, but after trying out the flashlight shoes, we’re hooked. Find Them Here


#68 The Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler

What’s cooler than the coolest cooler? Not much I am afraid, so you best open your wallet and prepare for excellence. Do not suffer the lukewarm temperatures of cool coolers, or even cooler coolers. This is the coolest, with built-in Bluetooth speakers And Lots More. Check it out! Find It Here


#69 Picnic Time Portable Folding Camping Chair

Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair

Whether you are watching 4th of July fireworks, or camping out by the lake, these cool gadgets for camping have more pockets than you’ll ever need, and table room for even more. Find It Here


#70 Happy Camper T-Shirts 

Happy Camper T-Shirts

These unisex camper t-shirts make the best choice for a camping group as they make a loud statement of allegiance. The variety of color options makes them suitable for all personalities and they use a simple combination of text and imagery to speak volumes.

The cotton polyester blend is ideal for the outdoors providing comfort under all weather conditions. Get Some Here


#71 Bounty Hunter Tracker Metal detector

Bounty Hunter Tracker Metal detector

You never know what you might discover out in the wilderness. From raw minerals to artifacts and relics of old, this is a sure win with adults and kids! Find It Here


#72 waterproof socks

waterproof socks

Ugh. The feeling of soggy socks. Previously, our solution was to dry our feet out by the fire. But now there is a better solution and a better pair of socks. Found Here


#73 Rolling Picnic Table Cooler

Rolling Picnic Table Cooler

This portable picnic table cooler is the perfect accessory for those looking to keep their gear to a minimum. It doubles as a table and cooler while including two seats for you and your loved one. Find It Here


#74 Family Size Sleeping Bag

Family Size Sleeping Bag

It just may be a three dog night, but don’t go looking for a dingo anytime soon. Curl up with your family is this XXL sleeping bag, built for the whole family! Found Here


#75 The Ultimate Modular Camping System

YouTube video

This module camping system is the ultimate camping accessory, need i say more?  More info here


#76 The Sleeping Bag Hammock

sleeping bag hammock - coolest camping gadgets

There’s only one thing better than the family-sized sleeping bag and that’s the sleeping bag hammock! Pretty much a combination of two of the most Creative inventions ever. More info Here


#77 Portable Camping Bunk Bed Sofa

Portable Camping Bunk Bed Sofa

As you can see from the pictures above this camp bunk bed set can also transform into a handy sofa, now that’s a pretty awesome camping product if you ask me… video and more info here

That Epic List of the coolest camping gadgets and essential camping gear should be a good start, but be sure to browse our site for more creative gadgets, cool outdoor gear, and unique stuff for campers.

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