50 Badass Groomsmen Gifts For Your Best Men

Choosing the most badass groomsmen gifts is of paramount importance. This is because these men spend inordinate amounts of time and effort to make your special day perfect. While getting the perfect groomsmen gift might seem challenging, it does not have to be so.

There are lots of cool groomsmen gifts that go against the grain and will amaze your friends without a doubt. We have done all the legwork so you don’t have to, bringing you a collection of some of the most unique groomsmen gift ideas ever.

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From wooden bow ties and cool custom initialled pocket watches, to classy complete gift sets, cool cufflinks and impossibly cozy socks, these groomsmen gift ideas will have you spoilt for choice.

Badass Groomsmen Gift Ideas

So kick off your shoes, lean back and enjoy our collection of the coolest groomsmen gifts for your best men!

#1 Personalized Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Watches 

Personalized Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Watches

Personalized Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Watches

Personalized Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Watches

Few things can compare to these personalized pocket watches when it comes to badass groomsmen gift ideas. These pieces have an all-black face and Roman numerals for a unique vintage allure. They feature a classic design in gunmetal finish guaranteeing a timeless appeal. Find Them Here.

#2 Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Sets 

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Sets

You can never go wrong with a gift box as there is always something to place into these functional items. These ones are extra special thanks to the premium wood choice, birch and oak.

Handcrafting and custom text in gold paint add to the appeal and make them the best groomsmen gifts ever. Find Them Here.

#3 Custom Groomsmen Flasks 

Custom Groomsmen Flasks

Make your groomsmen smile with these functional yet whimsical personalized flasks. They show great attention to detail with caricatured art work of your best mates. These tooned-up gifts are unique and memorable and will have your friends ecstatic. Find Them Here.

#4 City Map Glasses 

City Map Glasses

Give your groomsmen an opportunity to exercise their mental faculties as they sip their favorite drink. They feature an actual city grid that could call to mind their favorite metropolis. Help them relive their treasured memories with this innovative map detailing. Find Them Here.

#5 10 Pack Fun Wedding Boxer Briefs 

10 Pack Fun Wedding Boxer Briefs

Everyone can use an extra pair of boxers and your groomsmen are no exception. In fact, make them ten, for all the trouble they had to go through on your behalf. These groomsmen gifts are fun and memorable thanks to the customization option. Find Them Here.

#6 Groomsmen Proposal Gift Sets 

Groomsmen Proposal Gift Sets

Why not take your gift-giving all the way with these groomsmen proposal sets? They will make your mates feel special and take the role for the privilege it is. The set comprise one flask and four shot glasses, enough to keep the fun going. Find Them Here.

#7 Personalized Groomsmen Cufflinks, Money Clip & Tie Clip Gift Sets 

Personalized Groomsmen Cufflinks, Money Clip & Tie Clip Gift Sets

Personalized Groomsmen Cufflinks, Money Clip & Tie Clip Gift Sets

This is the ultimate gift set for your buddies as it is all-inclusive. It has luxury items that every man needs including a pair of cufflinks, a tie clip and a money clip. They feature a timeless vintage design and a personalization option that makes them memorable. Find Them Here.

#8 Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers 

Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

These are among the most creative groomsmen gifts for baseball fans. These bottle openers are full of functional value and will come in handy for weekend afternoon drinks. The raw material is wood from actual game-used bats adding a sentimental touch to the token. Find Them Here.

#9 Personalized Decanter Sets 

Personalized Decanter Sets

If your groomsmen love their whiskey, give them the chance to enjoy it in style. These whiskey decanter sets will bear their name, initials, text message or any other choice of details. This will make them a worthwhile addition to these dear friends’ collections. Find Them Here.

#10 Printed Groomsmen Wedding Sock Sets 

Printed Groomsmen Wedding Sock Sets

A pair of socks is a simple yet memorable gift choice, especially so when it has a printed message stipulating everyone’s role on your special day.

There are enough pairs to go around in this set of 14 and they make a great choice if you are looking for inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas. Find Them Here.

#11 Custom Groomsmen Multi-Tool Pocket Knife 

Custom Groomsmen Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Multi-tools make yet another great gift idea thanks to their high utilitarian value. This particular one comprises a knife, a pair of scissors, bottle opener, file, screwdriver, corkscrew, bottle and can opener. They have wooden handles and a customization option. Find Them Here.

#12 Dango Tactical Wallets 

Dango Tactical Wallets

Tactical wallets are great gifts if you and your friends love the outdoors. This design boasts more than 14 functions from holding cards, cutting and sawing to prying and even holding your phone. They are small enough to fit even in a shirt pocket and lightweight. Find Them Here.

#13 Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit Groomsmen Gift Box 

Personalized Monogrammed Shaving Kit Groomsmen Gift Box

These classy shaving kits are jaw-dropping groomsmen gift sets. They come in an elegant wooden set and feature premium materials and design. Make the gesture memorable by monogramming the pieces with initials and a text message on the box. Find Them Here.

#14 Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Knife with Gift Box 

Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Knife with Gift Box

Groomsmen Monogrammed Pocket Knife with Gift Box

A pocket knife is a unique and handy choice for your groomsmen. This piece has a sturdy build that will prove useful in lots of outdoor situations. It comes in a set of seven pieces which can hold custom details for everyone on your groomsmen list. Find Them Here.

#15 Personalized Sunglasses 

Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized Sunglasses

These sunglasses will look and feel great thanks to the natural material choice. They use bamboo for both the frames and the gift boxes. Add a custom touch to each box to make each one of your groomsmen feel special. Find Them Here.

#16 Set of 4 Copper Moscow Mule Mugs 

Set of 4 Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Anyone who appreciates the Moscow mule would treasure these vintage copper mugs. These replicas do the original design proud as they will your groomsmen too. And to add to the sentimental value, the gift box comes complete with a recipe for the cocktail. Find Them Here.

#17 Custom Made Personalized Passport Covers 

Custom Made Personalized Passport Covers

If your groomsmen happen to be wanderlusts then these are the ideal gifts for them. They are leather passport covers with a minimalist design. They bear the natural elegance of leather and offer a beautiful monogram customization option. Find Them Here.

#18 Groomsmen Personalized Wrist Watches 

Groomsmen Personalized Wrist Watches

These timepieces are great groomsmen gift ideas as they offer a unique twist to most ordinary watch designs. It has a distinct natural appeal thanks to the combination of oak and leather. The back of the watch has plenty of room for personalization. Find Them Here.

#19 Groomsmen Personalized Bottle Openers 

Groomsmen Personalized Bottle Openers

The personalized bottle opener is a great gift for two main reasons. First, it can open any bottle that life throws its way. Second, it features a beautiful design thanks to the choice of rosewood as the main material. Find Them Here.

#20 Personalized Socks Set (5 Pairs) 

Personalized Socks Set (5 Pairs)

Go socks crazy on your groomsmen with these 5-pair sets of custom socks. They are a super cozy choice for everyone who loves to pamper their feet. The options are endless as far as customization goes, both at the ankle level and the toes. Find Them Here.

#21 Groomsmen Dopp Kit Travel Bags 

Groomsmen Dopp Kit Travel Bags

You might no longer be available for out-of-town trips with the guys. But here is a great way to show you wish them well. These travel bags are genuine leather and come in a unique cognac shade. And they have a lifetime warranty. Find Them Here.

#22 Personalized Docking Stations 

Personalized Docking Stations

These are probably one of the best groomsmen gifts as they actually help organize their lives. The innovative docking stations have room for all the items that one never seems to find on their way out. They even have a phone charging feature that fits most phones. Find Them Here.

#23 Rustic Wedding Suspenders 

Rustic Wedding Suspenders

Take your boys on a trip down the vintage lane with these rustic suspenders. They come in all sizes for boys as well as men. Imagine the amazing photo shoot you could have with your groomsmen sporting these timeless accessories! Find Them Here.

#24 The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kits 

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kits

Here is everything a man needs for a weekend out of town. These shaving kits have smaller size shaving elements for convenient packing when taking a short trip. The items are top quality and offer all the small details requisite details for optimal shaving. Find Them Here.

#25 Groomsmen Personalized Mach 3 Razors 

Groomsmen Personalized Mach 3 Razors

Razors are like the stocking stuffers of weddings. But these personalized Mach 3s are a cut above the rest. They use premium materials and unique hand-crafting for a distinct design. Choose from a variety of available wood options to thrill them for sure. Find Them Here.

#26 Custom Engraved Tie Clips 

Custom Engraved Tie Clips

If you are looking for practical groomsmen gifts for well-dressed gentlemen, you just found them. These tie clips will be the talk of the town thanks to their classy finish. They feature either gold or rhodium plating and the personalization adds volumes to their appeal. Find Them Here.

#27 Groomsmen Hand Painted Personalized Beer Glasses 

Groomsmen Hand Painted Personalized Beer Glasses

A beer glass is the ultimate choice of gift for almost every man. Go a step further and add a photo to every glass and you will have the killer gift of all time. you could even choose to add their names, the wedding date or even text. Find Them Here.

#28 Set of 6 Gothic Skull Goblets 

Set of 6 Gothic Skull Goblets

Here is the best way to transition from wedding to evening party. these scare skull goblets take art to a whole new level. They are an unusual groomsmen gift idea, but one that can never go wrong. This is the ultimate tribute to gothic enthusiasts. Find Them Here.

#29 Fancy Shimmering Gold Champagne Copper Wedding Ties

Fancy Shimmering Gold Champagne Copper Wedding Ties

Every gentleman could use at least one classy tie. Add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe with these shimmering wedding ties. This is the best way to transform them into royalty with the snap of your finger. Find Them Here.

#30 Leather Bifold Wallets 

Leather Bifold Wallets

These leather bifold wallets are a remarkable choice for your buddies. They come in either tan, black or brown and have lots of room for cards and bills. But unlike regular wallets, they boast a slim design that will not bulge in the back pocket. Find Them Here.

#31 Custom Engraved Personalized Wrist Watches 

Custom Engraved Personalized Wrist Watches

These brown leather watches are a splendid idea if your groomsmen are rather laidback. They feature a minimalist design, with an all-black face and black time markers and hands.

They have a sort of mystery to them that these men would appreciate, and a customization space on the back. Find Them Here.

#32 ASOS Watch And Bracelet Gift Sets 

ASOS Watch And Bracelet Gift Sets

Go beyond the obvious with these unique groomsmen gift sets. They comprise a stylish watch and two bracelets. They are simple yet elegant and would look great together or separately. The color choices perfectly reflect the male personality. Find Them Here.

#33 Personalized Hand Forged Blacksmith Made Bottle Openers 

Personalized Hand Forged Blacksmith Made Bottle Openers

Rugged bottle openers are among the best groomsmen gifts ever. They feature a distinct blacksmith touch that will never go out of style. They have a comfortable weight to them and would drive every beer lover nuts. Find Them Here.

#34 Personalized Mustache Shot Glasses 

Personalized Mustache Shot Glasses

Looking for a funny groomsmen gift idea? Look no further than these mustache shot glasses. They feature different mustache designs, adding to the humorous appeal. Each one bears the title and name of its holder. Find Them Here.

#35 Groomsmen Personalised Lighter Sets 

Groomsmen Personalised Lighter Sets

Flip-top lighters with a custom touch are outstanding gifts for friends who love a smoke every once in a while. They come in matte black, exuding a sophisticated appeal. The laser engraving process is top notch giving an elegant finish. Find Them Here.

#36 7 Deadly Sins Glass Set 

7 Deadly Sins Glass Set

7 Deadly Sins Glass Set

Few things will be as striking as a classy glass set for your groomsmen. These ones take the appeal a step further by using a humorous twist. Each one has a caricature of one of the seven deadly sins. Remind everyone to mark their sin so as to keep track of their glass. Find Them Here.

#37 Personalized Cigar Gift Sets 

Personalized Cigar Gift Sets

Personalized Cigar Gift Sets

Cigar gift sets are among the most timeless groomsmen gifts. They stand for the finer things in life and are a great way to celebrate your polished friends. Each case holds a two tube cigar case in aluminum or rose gold. Find Them Here.

#38 Groomsmen Personalized Oak Barrells 

Groomsmen Personalized Oak Barrells

Miniature barrels are foolproof non traditional groomsmen gifts that they will always remember. These pieces are fully functional and come in three sizes, between one and three liters each. Oak is a great material choice to showcase natural elegance. Find Them Here.

#39 Personalized Engraved Golf Ball Marker Divot Tools 

Personalized Engraved Golf Ball Marker Divot Tools

Do you and your groomsmen enjoy an occasional golf game? These divot tools will make the ideal gift for them, each one bearing the holder’s name. They are elegant pieces with a classy finish and will help them optimize their performance in the field. Find Them Here.

#40 Etched World Globe Decanter with 2 Glasses 

Etched World Globe Decanter with 2 Glasses

For those who love adventure, travel and a good drink, these groomsmen wedding gifts are perfect. The decanter has a classy mahogany stand and a ship complete with sails on the inside. The glasses have etchings of a world map, making them unique and captivating. Find Them Here.

#41 Custom engraved Mini Baseball Bats 

Custom engraved Mini Baseball Bats

When it comes to cool groomsmen gifts, these mini baseball bats do an extraordinary job. The engraving method used is impressive and gives the pieces a sophisticated appeal. They could come in any of five colors so choose wisely and stun your buddies. Find Them Here.

#42 Personalized Groomsman KeyChains 

Personalized Groomsman KeyChains

You can be sure that every groomsman will appreciate these elegant key chains. They sport a gun metal finish that gives them a contemporary appeal. They could hold a three-letter monogram or special message according to your preference. Find Them Here.

#43 Personalized Leather Notebook Journals 

Personalized Leather Notebook Journals

For frequent travelers, a travel journal is something you do without. These leather covers feature a handmade design that will keep ordinary notebooks looking elegant. It is a high quality material ensures a lifetime of service. Find Them Here.

#44 Upcycled Firehose Toiletry Bags 

Upcycled Firehose Toiletry Bags

Give your groomsmen the ultimate gift that will keep on giving in form of high quality toiletry bags. These pieces are virtually indestructible as they use retired fire hose material. The gift would be even more significant if your groomsmen are firefighters. Find Them Here.

#45 Forged Iron Dice 

Forged Iron Dice 

Forged Iron Dice 

Your search for different cool groomsmen gift ideas ends here. These are items you can be sure none of your groomsmen has at present. Make their lives complete with these forged iron dice and they will forever thank you. Find Them Here.

#46 Groomsmen Wooden Bowties 

Groomsmen Wooden Bowties

Bow ties are an all-time favorite when it comes to the best groomsmen gifts. These ones are even more outstanding as they are wooden pieces that will add life to any outfit. Choose any color combination to match their styles. Find Them Here.

#47 Personalized Groomsmen Hatchets 

Personalized Groomsmen Hatchets

Whether your groomsmen happen to be outdoorsy types, they need hatchets in their lives. These handy tools could get them out of tight situations now and then. They are unique groomsmen gift ideas that have both functional and aesthetic appeal. Find Them Here.

#48 Hitch & Timber Notes Caddy 2.0 + Wallet Sets 

Hitch & Timber Notes Caddy 2.0 + Wallet Sets

Practical groomsmen gifts go a long way to show them sincere gratitude. These notes caddy and wallet sets look stylish and fit almost everything a man needs on a day in the field. They fit comfortably in the back pocket and will keep their stuff safe. Find Them Here.

#49 Customized Engraved Personalized Hammer with Wood Box 

Customized Engraved Personalized Hammer with Wood Box

Gifting handymen should be a walk in the park with this hammer box. You could either get a custom message on each hammer or a full-size photo on the gift box. This way the hammer can serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Find Them Here.

#50 Funny Groomsmen Gift Idea Personalized Groomsmen Bobbleheads 

Funny Groomsmen Gift Idea Personalized Groomsmen Bobbleheads

These miniature dolls might well be the best groomsmen gifts in terms of sentimental value. Who would not wish to have a doll-size version of themselves? The execution is top-notch and the results will amaze your groomsmen to bits. Find Them Here.

You must have noticed that choosing the best groomsmen gifts can actually be a walk in the park. You know your groomsmen better than anyone else and can already tell what is up their alley. Make the personalization details count and you can be sure your groomsmen gifts will not end up at the back of the closet.

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