Personalised Fasthawk SOG Hatchet 

The Fasthawk SOG has a number of notable features and the personalized aspect of this design make it the perfect groomsmen gift idea for your best men or the handymen in your life. 

It is a stainless steel hatchet axe that has durability, functionality and convenience as the core defining features.

It has a lightweight and compact build that makes it portable enough to carry around everywhere you go. At the same time, this adds to its agility, making it efficient both as a tool and hunting gear.

Remarkably though, this convenience does not detract from its functionality. It is still a powerful and versatile choice for a wide variety of tasks. 

Personalised Fasthawk SOG Hatchet

Whether you wish to chop, break, cut, hammer, pierce, pry, dig, shave, pound, notch, throw or open, the fasthawk is the ideal tool that covers the entire scope.

Personalised Fasthawk SOG Hatchet

The stainless steel head sports a sleek satin finish and comes with a nylon sheath covering to minimize on accidents and allow for mounting.

It has a ballistic polymer handle and side hammer checkering to ensure precision handling at all times. 

Add a personalized touch to add sentiment to this gift and make it memorable. 

Personalised Fasthawk SOG Hatchet

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