30 Valuable Indian Wedding Gifts for Groom Family That Will Impress Them

Giving out Indian wedding gifts for the groom’s family, especially to the father and mother in law is a meaningful way to express your gratitude. Although there is an Indian tradition for groom and bride to exchange gifts, giving your groom family a symbol of appreciation will make a special relationship with them. In fact, a dowry was paid to the bride in ancient days to offset the cost of the wedding and make it simpler for the bride and groom to begin their lives together. Of course, many dowries were given to the bride’s parents rather than the newlywed couple. However, as part of etiquette and to show your sincerity, you can give Indian wedding gifts for the groom family as well. Moreover, giving them Indian wedding gifts for the groom’s family is a thoughtful gesture they’ll never forget, whether they contributed monetarily to your wedding or offered emotional support and encouragement. As Indian cultures have deep and meaningful values, gifts that hold Indian style and traditions will deeply touch their heart. 

Furthermore, you might be curious about Indian wedding gifts that are suitable for the groom’s family. Here, we have compiled the best items that make perfect Indian wedding gifts for groom family. From meaningful home decoration to precious jewelry, those valuable gifts will surely impress them! Let’s get started! 

1. Lakshmi Digital Photo Frame

Lakshmi Digital Photo Frame

Show your appreciation and gratitude to your in-laws with this beautiful Lakshmi photo frame. This photograph of Lakshmi wears a red dress with golden threads stitched on her, sitting in the gorgeous lotus, which represents riches and wealth. Made of high quality synthetic frame, this will be one of the best Indian wedding gifts for groom family that is ideal for prayer room decoration. The amazing colors and design creates a calming atmosphere.

2. Wooden Mandala Wall Decor

Wooden Mandala Wall Decor

Get your groom family a memorable gift to treasure! If you want Indian wedding gifts for groom family that are beautiful and aesthetic, then you should buy this piece of art. This wooden Mandala wall decoration is beautifully painted in colorfuls turquoise tone. This mandala art typically signifies a spiritual journey that begins on the exterior and progresses through layers to the inner core. By hanging this decoration in a room, it will radiate a positive atmosphere around.

3. Lotus Necklace Earring Set

Lotus Necklace Earring Set

Suppose you have a religious mother in law, then these Lotus necklaces and earrings will be a good option. The lotus blossom is the most well-known symbol of beauty, wealth, and fertility. According to Hinduism, the sacred lotus spirit is within each individual. Beautifully constructed in silver with bohemian style, these jewelry make one of the most fashionable Indian wedding gifts for groom family, especially your gorgeous mother in law!

4. Bohemian Windmill Wall Art

Bohemian Windmill Wall Art

This unique Bohemian wall art is suitable for your brother or sister in law who just moved to a new house or apartment. A balance between centuries-old tradition and modern design resulted in the high-quality wooden mandala “Windmill.” A mandala is a representation of the universe in its ideal state, and its creation represents the transition of a suffering universe into one of joy. Made from birch wood in oil paint finish, it will beautifully decorate your in-law’s new house and bring happiness. 

5. Ram Mandir Temple-3D Replica

Ram Mandir Temple-3D Replica

Bring the sacred Lord Ram temple to your groom family with this beautiful gift. It is thought to be Lord Ram’s traditional birthplace and hence deserves to be honored as such. Therefore, adding it in your in-law’s house is believed to bring good luck. This eco-friendly unique piece of wooden hindu art makes one of the ideal Indian wedding gifts for groom family.

6. 5-in-1 Hindu Goddess Digital Photo Frame

5-in-1 Hindu Goddess Digital Photo Frame

Wish your religious groom family a balance and happy life with this 5 in 1 Goddess photo frame.  In Hinduism, there are five strong Goddesses, each of whom is equally necessary for the universe’s balance. The beautiful photo is printed with HD art paper and placed in a sturdy frame with acrylic. This will be one of the most stunning Indian wedding gifts for groom family that gives blessings and protection.

7. Sterling Silver Mandala Sacred Geometry Pendant

Sterling Silver Mandala Sacred Geometry Pendant

Surprise your mother in law or sister in law with Indian wedding gifts for groom family that she will cherish forever! This beautiful necklace features a chic pendant in bohemian mandala style, which is made from sterling silver. Mandala is derived from Sanskrit, which means sacred circle. Therefore, wearing a mandala symbol as jewelry is believed to bring positive energy and joy to your groom family.

8. Temple Necklace Set Gold Plated Jewelry Set

Temple Necklace Set Gold Plated Jewelry Set

Gold as Indian wedding gifts for groom family will surely be a precious keepsake to treasure. This temple jewelry is a type of ethnic jewelry that depicts Gods and Goddesses in various forms. It features jhumka earrings, hasli, and kantha necklace which are made from alloy in gold plated finish. Your sister in law or mother in law will surely be happy wearing this gift for ceremonies as this temple jewelry helps them enhance their beauty.

9. Bhai Bhabhi Rakhi Set 

Bhai Bhabhi Rakhi Set

Jewelry never fails to impress your in-laws. These couple bracelets make great Indian wedding gifts for groom family, especially your brother and sister in law. This traditional bracelet is worn by a brother or sister-in-law to ask for protection for the entire family. It also strengthens the tie between a sister and in-laws, which is sealed by a dangling rakhi on their wrist.

10. Ethnic Indian Bangles

Ethnic Indian Bangles

Make your sister and mother in law look stunning with these ethnic Indian gold bangles! For Indian ladies, bangles are more than just accessories. They are, in most cases, an integral component of their identity. The amazing gold finish symbolizes wealth and success. The details engraved on these bangles represent the typical Indian style. 

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11. Banarasi Art Silk Woven Saree

Banarasi Art Silk Woven Saree

In case your groom family consists of a lot of women who love celebrations and ceremonies, then giving them a new saree will be the best idea. This saree comes from banarasi art silk which is super soft and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the turquoise blouse makes your sister in law look charming and elegant. This will be one of the most perfect Indian wedding gifts for groom family who love traditional festivals.

12. Kantha Bohemian Bed Cover

Kantha Bohemian Bed Cover

Give your in-laws this beautiful bed cover, which adds comfort with an Indian touch to their bed. This work of art was created entirely by hand by an Indian artisan. With its vibrant colors and gorgeous screen print, it can surely bring any area to life.  Made using traditional and famous kantha with hand embroidery method, it makes one of the most comfortable Indian wedding gifts for groom family. 

13. Round Pearl Crystal Kundan Meenakari Ring

Round Pearl Crystal Kundan Meenakari Ring

Finger rings have been an ethnic accessory for women of all ages in India, where they are a ritualistic adornment for married women. This finger ring makes one of the most luxurious Indian wedding gifts for groom family. It is embellished with crystal rhinestone pearls and kundan for a wonderful traditional yet modern design. Your in-laws can match this beautiful finger ring with any ethnic outfits like saree. Or, they can appear in vintage style with this ring as a fashion costume accessory.

14. Indian Ceramic Teapot

Indian Ceramic Teapot

Build a great relationship with your groom family with this beautiful teapot. A teapot is much more than a vessel for making and pouring tea for Indians. The teapot represents friendship, storytelling, and confiding in one another. It is composed of high-quality copper and incorporates Indian-style ornamental and ancient decors. Your in-laws will surely appreciate this precious gift.

15. Brass Modern Decorative Style God Ganpati

Brass Modern Decorative Style God Ganpati

Wish your groom family an ease to solve problems with this unique decoration. This unique Ganpati figurine is made from brass with modern style. The strong Ganpati’s trunk supports his head, making this figurine appear floating. Having this beautiful home decor is believed to bring good luck, remove obstacles, and increase happiness. The unique design will definitely make a piece of conversation in the room.

16. Flower Tea Light Holder 

Flower Tea Light Holder 

Create a lovely ambience in your groom family with this pretty tea light holder. It features 4 tea light holders with 4 different colors of flowers. Your in-laws can add candles in this tea light holder for decoration or some accent lighting. The traditional Indian design of these tea light holders also makes a perfect item for worshiping during celebration and festivals.

17. Bohemian Silk Throw Blanket

Bohemian Silk Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t like something soft to snuggle on the couch while watching TV? Inspired by bohemian and traditional style, this throw blanket will make a perfect throw blanket for you groom family who love lying on the sofa. The decorative gudri red color will be a focal point to your in-law’s living room. When they snuggle inside this blanket, they will undoubtedly remember your thoughtfulness.

18. Laxmi Ganesh Figurine

Laxmi Ganesh Figurine

Show your sincerity to your in-laws with Indian wedding gifts for groom family that are precious and charming. This Laxmi Ganesh metal figurine will bring good energy to your groom family’s house. In practically every Hindu household and office, Ganesh and Laxmi are worshiped to bring success and prosperity. Ganesh is known as the God of Wisdom, whereas Laxmi is known as the Goddess of Wealth. The combination of those two figures in a room will create an amazing vibe.

19. Three Diya with Small Bells Oil Lamp 

Three Diya with Small Bells Oil Lamp 

For groom families who love home decoration, they definitely will jump into joy and happiness with this Indian wedding gift. This oil lamp features an elephant holding three diya with small bells. This piece of art makes a good combination from elephants and bells which is believed to bring success and prosperity. Just light up some candles and this decoration will create amazing lighting.

20. Indian Brass Art Jewelry Box

Indian Brass Art Jewelry Box

Give your groom family this antique jewelry box as a keepsake after your wedding! Beautifully composed from brass material with turquoise inlay, this box features an authentic Indian decor. Despite its beauty from the Indian touch, this vintage box is also very useful for your in-laws to keep their valuable belongings such as jewelry or watches.

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21. Standing Indian Brass Peacock Diya

Standing Indian Brass Peacock Diya

Show your care to your groom’s family with this pretty brass diya. It is a wonderful item for decoration as the standing model can be a focal point in the room. With this standing diya, they also can use it for lighting during Indian festivals such as Diwali and Navratri. Not to mention, the brass peacock at the top symbolizes beauty, grace, and pride of Indian heritages. 

22. Sitar and Tabla Vintage Decor 

Sitar and Tabla Vintage Decor 

Light up your sister in law or brother in law’s room with this adorable brass sitar and table decor. Beautifully handcrafted by an Indian artisan, this will be one of the best Indian wedding gifts for groom family who love Hindustani classical music music. Each piece of this figure represents the real music instrument, making any room look fancy and elegant.

23. Brass Indian Prasad Plate Katori

Brass Indian Prasad Plate Katori

If your groom family loves to collect vintage items, then you should give them this beautiful brass Katori. In the past, Katori was a small bowl which is a part of most table settings in Indian households. Today, Kaotri has become a vintage item to give an Indian vibe to the room. Moreover, the traditional Indian flower design makes it an ideal item for worship. 

24. Silver and Gold Plated Bowl

Silver and Gold Plated Bowl

Express your love to your groom’s family with this charming gift box. It comes with an elegant red box with silver spoon and gold plated bowl inside. The lotus blossom design makes a beautiful traditional bowl. A lotus flower denotes the purity of body, speech, and mind in Buddhism and represents divine beauty that rises from dirt into a lovely bloom. It makes a perfect keepsake for your in-laws that they will remember forever.  

25. Vintage Wooden Indian Haveli Style Mirror Frame

Vintage Wooden Indian Haveli Style Mirror Frame

Exotic artwork, intricate decorations, and royal decor are all hallmarks of Havelis. Many notable royal court members or affluent merchants used to live in Havelis. With this vintage haveli, your groom family may feel the royal vibes in their room. There is a little mirror in the center of this wooden Haveli, which can be useful for checking if there is something off with their face.

26. Peacock Wind-chimes

When it comes to choosing the best gift for special occasions, a nice home decoration item will always be a great option. It applies to this adorable handcrafted peacock wind chimes hanging with colorful beads. Featuring an Indian traditional bohemian design, this wind-chimes will a definitely enhance the beauty of any home because it will give a touch of traditional Indian feel to the whole home interiors.

27. Hindu Lord Ganesha Statue

Give something meaningful as a gift to the groom family such as this Ganesha statue. This statue will be a great home decoration, which will be the perfect item to use as a Mandir to pray as well. Made of high-quality poly stone, this adorable status will be a wonderful item to see and enjoy. So, let the Ganesha bless you with health and wealth with this statue.

28. Ridha Krishna and Laxmi Shadow Tea Lights

No one can resist the beauty of this metal tea light holder for sure, which is why this would be the perfect choice of Indian gift for the groom family. It creates a beautiful shadow of Radha Krishna or Laxmi when lit, which will add a touch of Indian tradition into any room. Moreover, it also comes with a plastic box that will make it a beautifully packaged Indian gift.

29. Evelots Jewelry Trinket Box

Jewelry is women’s best friend, indeed. Therefore, we believe that this jewelry trinket box would be a wonderful Indian gift for the groom’s mother. The compact size and the wonderful elephant design will be a nice jewelry box plus a nice bed side decoration. Made of resin, this item will definitely become her favorite box to store her jewelry collection and keep them in one safe place.

30. Diwali Diyas Tea Light Holder

This one is definitely an Indian gift that will be much appreciated with the groom’s family. This beautiful Diwali Diya is made of high-quality copper alloy, making it a valuable gift to bring prosperity and happiness to any home. With gorgeous golden color elegant design, this item will be a wonderful Indian gift to pick. Moreover, you will get 2 pieces of holders at once because each set contains 2 pieces of holders.

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