25 Impressive Gifts for Engineers That They Will Really Love

We all know that engineers are creative, intelligent, and well educated individuals. They have a high standard and nifty taste making it hard for us to impress them. From this assumption, we can find it hard to get the perfect gift for engineers. 

If you are in search of the best gift for engineers then you should not worry about any of this anymore. We got you covered. Here is a selection of gift ideas carefully curated by the AWESOME STAFF for your engineer boyfriend, siblings, co-workers, or friends. 

1. Computer Circuit Engraved Pattern Ring

gifts for engineer

A cool engineer deserves a cool ring. Don’t you agree? This black tungsten ring is probably the answer for your razzle-dazzle of finding the perfect gift for an engineer. This ring is produced with an art laser engraving machine and is kept in its natural color. No paint added to the engraving means that the pattern is permanent and will not change in color and shape even after years of wearing.

2. Retro Patent Print

gifts for engineer

This gift is very precious since it is an old original drawing that has already been cleaned and restored. The print quality might not be as good as modern printing products, but the flaws on the prints are what makes it valuable. This patent print will make a great decorative piece in every engineer’s office. 

3. Engineer’s Funny T-Shirt

gifts for engineer

Engineers are known for their intelligence and knowledge in their field. They often jokingly brag about their undeniable brilliance among fellow engineers or to their closest circle. This t-shirt can be a funny gift for them to showcase both their intelligence and sense of humor. 

4. Escape Room Wooden Brain Puzzle

gifts for engineer

Engineers value good design and great engineering. They also love challenges and solving puzzles since it stimulates their brain to stay sharp. This gift set includes several different puzzles that can be interesting even for professional mechanical strategies. The gift set includes 12 wooden puzzles with different difficulty level so your engineer friend will be continuously entertained during their breaks 

5. Einstein Puzzle Box

Einstein Puzzle Box

Similar to the previous gift, this gift will also stimulate an engineer’s brain and get them entertained in a challenging way they love. Their engineer’s mind will be challenged to solve this puzzle. They can play it with their family members or even you so you can challenge them to see who can solve the puzzle faster. Wouldn’t it be fun if you can outsmart them even for once?

6. Personalized Engineer Pen

gifts for engineer

Name one item an engineer needs the most in their daily work. Is it a pen, a screwdriver, a ruler, or a spirit level? Yes, all of them. If you don’t know what to get for an engineer because you think they need every single one of those items, why don’t you get an item that got all of those needs covered? This pen has a spirit level, ruler, screwdriver, and touch pen on it. A convenient pen that has all the essentials an engineer needs. You can personalize this pen by engraving their name on it. It will be engraved using laser cut technology leaving a smooth and professional finish. 

7. The Design of Everyday Things

gifts for engineer

Book is one of the most elegant gifts one can ever get. A book can always work as a gift, naturally useful, and will always be appreciated. It will also stay forever as long as it is stored and taken care of correctly. The Design of Everyday Things is a great read for an engineer at any stage of their career. 

8. Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

gifts for engineer

A perpetual calendar is something that is closely related to engineering. The design makes it possible for the calendar to keep on going. This watch has a perpetual calendar in it. The chronograph design is also appropriate for an engineer. This watch has an elegant design with rose gold stainless steel case and a pilot’s rotating slide rule dial ring that shows dual time for dual time zones. A perfect gift for a busy engineer who has to keep up with an international schedule. 

9. Multi-function Digital Alarm

Multi-function Digital Alarm

One thing that can grab an engineer’s attention is the advance of technology. This 3 in 1 wireless digital clock is one of those simple but impressive items. It serves as a digital clock with alarm, a wireless charger,and also a perpetual calendar. Your engineer’s best friend can easily put the phone on the charging dock and it will charge automatically. This clock also has an elegant design that can make a good decoration in the office, bedroom, or living room

10. Math Geek Formulas Etched Glass

Math Geek Formulas Etched Glass

Can we say that every engineer is a math geek? This is why getting a math glass for an engineer can be a great gift since it has the math design that is laser etched to the glass. This gift can serve as a functional glass as well as a good decorative piece

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11. Engineer Gold Pave Heart Charm Necklace

Engineer Gold Pave Heart Charm Necklace

This one is perfect for the stylish engineer that is also a fashionista. This beautiful piece is made out of white metal coated with gold plating. It has a beautiful heart shaped charm pendant. It has a total of 2.5 carats of pave set cubic zirconia stones topped with gold plate with engineer lettering as a representation of the beautiful engineer it belongs to. 

12. Love Analytic Geometry Equation Mug

Love Analytic Geometry Equation Mug

This is how you say love but in an engineer way. This mug is perfect as a gift for an engineer because not only it contains geometry equations but also a beautiful message. They will be reminded that they are smart and capable as well as lovable every time they sip their coffee. 

13. Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

Not only is it a fun safe kit that needs to be cracked, your engineer friend will also need to build this safe by assembling 179 laser cut Baltic birch parts. Once it is fully assembled, then you need to do all of their wizardry skills to crack the safe. It forms a fully functional safe with three digits combination that can be used to store valuable items such as rings or a flash drive full of their brilliant ideas. 

14. NASA Lunar Lander Construction Kit

NASA Lunar Lander Construction Kit

If your engineer buddy is a space enthusiast, then this NASA Lunar Lander Construction Kit will make a great gift for them. This kit comes with a hex key and 404 metal components. Your engineer friends will spend a really good time assembling all the pieces together forming a lunar lander module that can serve as a decoration once it is fully assembled. 

15. College Town Wall Sculpture

gifts for engineers

Sometimes, it feels good to remember the good old days back in college. This wall art has a unique design of college mapping in 3D. Its vintage design makes it perfect for a decorative piece in the house or office. This wall art is hand-made and carefully designed to highlight the college and the neighborhood surrounding it. A perfect gift to bring back some good memories.

16. Built Your Own Marble Coaster

gifts for engineers

Marble coaster is probably one machine every engineer ever built at some point of their life. It is fun and not so complicated for someone who is just getting into engineering. This DIY marble coaster can make a good gift for an aspiring engineer that has just started to learn about engineering or a professional engineer who needs some time to chill and just play. It is easy to assemble only using glue. No complicated tools needed. 

17. Built Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

gifts for engineers

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves building things and keeps their hands busy like an engineer. For a professional engineer, this DIY radio kit is probably too easy and simple without any significant challenge. But sometimes, even a professional engineer needs some time to break and build simple things that remind them why they fell in love with engineering in the first place. 

18. Definition of An Engineer Hoodie

Definition of An Engineer Hoodie

Anyone needs a good comfortable hoodie to wear in the chill weather. Even an engineer. This hoodie will give them justice because it has a funny definition of an engineer printed on the top. This hoodie will probably make non-engineer people confused, but it will make fellow engineers smile for sure. 

19. Triangle Engine Rotary Rotor Keychain

Triangle Engine Rotary Rotor Keychain

This keychain can make a cute gift for a mechanical engineer since they must know how machines work. This keychain can be a representation of things they have to deal with on a daily basis. They can attach this keychain to their keys so they can find them easily while showing off their passion and identity.

20. Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker

gifts for engineers

How cute is this speaker for an engineer who idolizes Nicolas Tesla? Tesla is a scientist, inventor, and engineer himself who built miraculous inventions. Many engineers look up for him and admire his work. So there is nothing cooler other than having a miniature of a Tesla coil in their space. Even better, this Tesla coil adds audio modulation to the circuit, so when a music signal is input, the arc will emit music sound and become a plasma loudspeaker.

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21. Steampunk Pens and Pen Holder

gifts for engineers

This pens and pen holder kit can make a cool gift for engineers who are into industrial designs. This figurine will make a great decoration on their desktop to elevate their workspace. The pens are standard ballpoints that actually work and they are refillable. Your engineer’s best friend will be able to use the pen case for as long as they want. They come in retro futurism style highlighting that steampunk style. 

22. Industrial Gear Sculptural Iron Bookends

gifts for engineers

Elevate their shelving game using these industrial bookends. This set of two bookends will do its primary function which is to hold books in a shelf as well as providing great decoration to the space. These heavy-weight iron bookends can be trusted to hold heavy books. And the best part of them is that the gear can actually move. 

23. Mechanical Gears Wall Clock

gifts for engineers

A mechanical wall clock will make a great decoration in every mechanical engineer’s space. This mechanical wall clock in specific, has a rustic design that is suitable for an industrial/rustic interior design. It comes in a big size of almost 2 feet wide so it will add a special effect and a little bit of drama to their space area. 

24. Gunmetal Gray Metal Glass Test Tube Vase

gifts for engineers

Need a vase to put on some fresh flowers? Then this gunmetal vase is the perfect item to put on an engineer’s desk. This vase has a minimalist and futuristic design. It also has a metal element to balance the delicate tube test glass in the middle. With fresh flowers in it, it will low key be the best combination to ever exist in a workspace. 

25. Silver Engineer Charm Bracelet

Silver Engineer Charm Bracelet

Graduation day is probably one of the most important days for aspiring engineers. This is why getting them one of the most memorable graduation gifts will mean a lot to them. This bracelet for example, is fully customizable so the engineer receiving it will feel the sense of uniqueness for getting a gift that represents their personality. It comes with five mechanical engineering charms that can be customized. You can even add an initial charm and a birthstone to make it even more personal. 

Latest Post:

What is the best gift for an engineer?

We know that the answer to this question can vary depending on each engineer’s personality. Some engineers love engineering to death. They focus on engineering so deeply even in their spare time. While some other engineers have another side of life such as hobbies or communities that is totally different from their main profession. 

One thing you need to know though, engineers are known for their precision and accuracy. On the other hand, they are smart individuals with high standards and most of the time have a great taste of humor and sarcasm. Getting them the things that fulfill their standards and humor is a guarantee that the gift will impress them. 

The easier way to get the best gift possible for any profession including engineer is by understanding their needs and preferences. But the most important tip of all could be giving them the gift with no expectation. Don’t try too hard to impress them. Just give them the gift you think suits them the most and they will feel your sincerity. And that is how you get the best gift for an engineer. 

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