25 Precious Gifts for Grieving Mother Who Just Lost Her Loved One

One of the most difficult things a mother may face in her life is the death of her children or husband. This occurrence will most certainly have a huge impact on her life because she has a sincere heart, regardless of whether she had a love-hate relationship with them. Allow her to grieve, but don’t allow her to lose her spirit. If one of your family or friends is a mother who just lost her loved one, you can support her with a gift for grieving mother to start the conversation. Grief isn’t always easy, but being able to communicate her emotions can help a grieving mother heal. With a little gift for grieving mother, encourage and allow her to express her grief to help her feel better.

There are many beautiful gifts you can get for a grieving mother. If you are confused about looking for a suitable gift for grieving mother, then you come to the right place. We have compiled precious gifts for grieving mother ideas in order to inspire you. Let’s jump to the list!

Thoughtful Gifts For Grieving Mother

When a mother is grieving the death of her loved one, she is grieving the bond she had towards them. If you might not be in that position, at least you can always support her with something thoughtful. Therefore, a thoughtful gift expresses your concern for the grieving mother and your desire for her to feel cherished. 

1. Personalized Angel Wings Keychain

Personalized Angel Wings Keychain

Help your grieving mother to always remember her beloved son or husband who is already at peace with the personalized angel wings keychain. This is a great gift for grieving mother since you can create a one-of-a-kind bespoke to carry her love with her wherever she goes. This gift features full color UV coated on both sides to appeal. 

2. Baby Loss Necklace

Baby Loss Necklace

Losing a baby is not easy for a grieving mother. With this gift for grieving mother, you can show your care for the baby’s loss. This is a beautiful gold necklace you can personalized with the baby’s name. Moreover, you can add the baby footprint to make your grieving mother feel closer to her baby.

3. Memorial Lantern

Memorial Lantern

In the past, lanterns offered assistance and guidance to those who are navigating life before and after death. Get your grieving mother this beautiful memorial lantern, filled with prayers and beautiful photos of the loved one on each side. Made from glass and LED candles, your grieving mother can turn it on whenever she misses them.

4. Healing Grief Bracelet

Healing Grief Bracelet

If you want to make the healing process of your grieving mother better, you can give her this healing grief bracelet. This bracelet has onyx, hawkeye, moonstone, sunstone, rose quartz, and clear quartz that are believed to bring good fortune in life. Your grieving mother may wear it to protect them from negativity while feeling down.

5. Memorial Cross Sympathy Gift

Memorial Cross Sympathy Gift

Since flowers can’t be kept forever, you can get this gift for grieving mother. This is a gorgeous memorial cross where you can add comforting words on it.  Made from porcelain with a wood look finish, it will be a long lasting sympathy gift to express your love and care to the grieving mother.

6. Take Your Pain Scented Candle

Take Your Pain Scented Candle

Losing someone may affect a mother’s health. Help your grieving mother to feel calm and relax when feeling sad with the scented candle with a beautiful message to take her pain. Made from natural sox wax, it has a fresh fragrance and long burning, perfect for relaxing in the bedroom.

7. Hug In A Box

Hug In A Box

When you aren’t good at words, a hug can help to comfort your grieving mother. In case you are apart from your grieving mother, you still can show your care with this gift. This is a unique gift for grieving mother which will make her smile. This charming gift comprises a solid pewter token to signify your soft touch when you can’t be there to hold her close, with a meaningful inscription to your grieving mother.

8. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Losing someone might cause sleep problems for your mother. With this gift for grieving mother, you can help her have a restful night’s sleep. This pillow is filled with barley and lavender instead of cotton stuffing, which can be heated for one to two minutes in the microwave to provide long-lasting, muscle-relaxing warmth with lavender aroma.

9. Remembrance Casting Heart

Remembrance Casting Heart

Accepting the death of a loved one might be hard for a grieving mother. This gift for grieving mother helps to let them go in a beautiful way. It comes with a piece of paper and a pencil, allowing your mother to write a message to nestle within the earthen clay heart. Then, as a celebration of a life well lived and a healing process of letting go, she can cast the heart into the river.

Christmas Gifts For Grieving Mother

Christmas should be a special day to celebrate. It’s important to acknowledge a mother’s grief by sending a Christmas gift that shows you care about her loss. You might be at a loss for words, but let the Christmas gifts for grieving mother cheer her up.

10. Personalized Memorial Bear

Personalized Memorial Bear

Your grieving mother might feel alone on Christmas day and wish to hug her baby who is already in the haven. With this memorial bear, your grieving mother will not feel alone anymore. This soft and lovely teddy bear also can be personalized with a comforting message and name to make your grieving mother feel better.

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11. Angel Candle Holder

gift for grieving mother

Make your grieving mother’s prayer time on Christmas Day become meaningful as if an angel comes to bless her. This candle holder with angel figurines is made of high-quality polished resin and is intended to bring some light into the lives of your grieving mother. Your grieving mother will surely feel blessed to receive this gift.

12. Sending You Healing Vibes Tumblr

gift for grieving mother

In case your grieving mother is already in the acceptance process, you can get her this beautiful wine tumblr which says “Sending You Healing Vibes”. She can drink her favorite wine from this double vacuum insulation tumblr to immerse the healing vibes around, making it a perfect item to celebrate Christmas.

13. Heirloom Custom Video Book

gift for grieving mother

If your grieving mother is a person who loves to keep memories, then this can be a precious Christmas gift for grieving mother to treasure. Unlike the ordinary photo album, your grieving mother can get compilation videos of your loved one that will touch her heart. The book is designed to put the gadget inside, so she can enjoy the video as if watching a photo album.

14. Guided Grief Journal

Guided Grief Journal

Grief is a difficult thing to go through on her own, especially during Christmas. With this gift for grieving mother, you can help her to heal better. It includes prompts to assist you in expressing your feelings. After all, this journal is intended to make grieving a little easier and finding peace a little simpler for your grieving mother.

15. The Grief Companion Desk

gift for grieving mother

This is an excellent Christmas gift for grieving mother who wants to heal herself. She can play with the grief companion desk to find the best way to heal. This meticulously designed deck recognizes that the grieving process isn’t one-size-fits-all. She can use the deck to speak to her, and takes a caring approach to traversing the grief.

16. Heart Of Memories Glass Charm

gift for grieving mother

Give your grieving mother strength for her loss on Christmas day with this stunning glass charm. She can watch how beautiful swirls of azure blue, scarlet, and gold intermingle in the sunlight in a sunny window. It might bring sentimental feelings and old memories of her loved one, but it also radiates good energy to live life better.

17. Sympathy Wind Chimes

Sympathy Wind Chimes

Get your grieving mother a great company on Christmas day while feeling sad. This is a sympathy wind chime which will be a perfect gift for grieving mother to find hope and comfort. Made from high quality pine wood, it also features beautiful messages that express your sincere love and how much you also miss them

18. I Am Always With You Christmas Ornament

gift for grieving mother

Don’t let your grieving mother feel lonely on Christmas day. You can get her this beautiful ornament which says “I Am Always With You”. Moreover, you can customize it with the name of her loved one, so she can feel his presence through this gift for grieving mother.

19. Personalized Angel Ornament

gift for grieving mother

If your grieving mother believes that her loved one has already become an angel, then you can bring the angel on Christmas with this gift. Made from acrylic in angel shape, this gift for grieving mother can be personalized with laser engraved message or name to make it the one and only Christmas ornament. 

Care Package Gifts for Grieving Mother 

When you aren’t sure what kind of gifts you can get to comfort the grieving mother, giving a care package would be a brilliant idea. It comes with a box or gift basket filled with a variety of products that shows your love and concern to her. Therefore, it can help her to heal better. 

20. Tumbled Crystal Prescription In Wooden Bowl

gift for grieving mother

Don’t let grief take the joy from your mother. This gift for grieving mother features beautiful quartz and stones in a bowl that will bring positivity and balance the energy in her life. Your grieving mother can bring the bowl close to her wherever she goes to keep the negativity away and accelerate the healing process.

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21. Memory Flower Garden Kit

gift for grieving mother

Get your grieving mother a meaningful activity to accept her loss. With this gift for grieving mother, you can plant a memory flower as a living tribute to her loved one. Your grieving mother can plant it along with her loved one’s ashes, so that she can have a beautiful memory of her loved one.

22. Make Your Own Memory Gift Box

gift for grieving mother

Memories of someone you love might give you strength while grieving. Therefore, it will be a perfect gift for grieving mother. You only have to collect the beautiful and memorable photos of your mother with her loved one, and the designers will create it into a precious gift box. It will be a gift box she will treasure forever.

23. Sympathy Gift Basket

Sympathy Gift Basket

In case your mother grieves for a longer time, this sympathy gift basket may bring a little help. This is a wonderful gift for grieving mother which is filled with everything she loves, from snacks to sweets that will cheer her up. Moreover, you can add a personal message to give support and strength.

24. Sorry For Your Loss Care Package

gift for grieving mother

Send the one-of-a-kind bereavement care package to your grieving mother as a thoughtful alternative to sending flowers. This gift for grieving mother features 14 unique items to bring her comfort and strength. To show your love and care for her loss, you also can add a personal message on it.

25. Sympathy Affirmation Gift Box

gift for grieving mother

It’s difficult to know what to say or do when your mother loses someone she cares about. This is a sympathy gift box that includes a set of grieving affirmation cards and a succulent, all tastefully packed with a handwritten note. This gift for grieving mother is not only a helpful tool to grief, but it also shows her you care.

26. Memory Of Loved One Gift Basket

Memory Of Loved One Gift Basket

This gift for grieving mother may be the best way to express your condolences. This care package consists of a warm blanket, eternal memorial glass, calming stainless steel tumbler, healing message jar, and eye mask. This gift will  be a unique and meaningful tribute to convey sympathy to your grieving mother.

latest post:

What do you give to a grieving mother?

In case you don’t know what to say to comfort your grieving mother, then you can give something thoughtful and meaningful to express your sympathy. Thoughtful gifts for grieving mother such as the Memorial Lantern or the Take Your Pain Scented Candle may make her feel better. Or, if you want to give her something special on Christmas day, then the Personalized Memorial Bear or the Personalized Angel Ornament would be perfect.

How do you cheer up a grieving mother?

A grieving mother must feel lonely. Therefore, you can reach her out to start the conversation. She has to communicate her feelings and emotions to release the stress and burden due to her loss to make her feel better. If you are not a good talker, then gifts for grieving mother can be a good start to make her talk to you. Moreover, gifts for grieving mother also brings comfort and strength which she needs at her lowest point.

What do you send when someone dies instead of flowers?

Giving flowers to show sympathy might be great, but it will die after a week. Instead, you can get them a memorial gift which is long lasting so they can treasure it forever. A care package such as a Sympathy Affirmation Box or Sorry For Your Loss Box will be a perfect gift for grieving mother. Moreover, you can get them something more personal such as the Memorial Cross Sympathy Gift to show your sincere care. For more inspiration for long lasting gifts for grieving mother, you can check our lists above.

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