25 Funny Campervan Gifts for Adventurous Traveler

It’s not easy to find the ideal present for the campervan enthusiast in your life. Since they usually love traveling and have a spirit of freedom, they’re already a little out of the ordinary. Therefore, typical gifts like necklace and perfume aren’t likely to pique their interest. Instead, funny campervan gifts always have a special place in the heart of campervan lovers since they usually have a great sense of humor. There are many funny campervan gifts that your campervan lover is unlikely to already have. Therefore, once they receive the funny campervan gifts, we are sure they’ll burst into joy and happiness. 

So, do you want to surprise your campervan enthusiast with funny campervan gifts but still don’t know how to pick the best one? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have compiled amazing and funny campervan gift ideas for those who love campervan and traveling in this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Quirky Campervan Accessories

The camping experience can be made or broken by the items you bring with you in your campervan. Therefore, a campervan enthusiast always loves to collect quirky campervan accessories that will add more joy during campervan traveling. If you are looking for the best one, we are sure you will fall in love with one of these items below.

1. Campervan Camp Cushion

Campervan Camp Cushion

Sleeping in the campervan is indeed an amazing experience. Therefore, you should add this campervan camp cushion into the lists of quirky campervan accessories. Moreover, you can customize the design with your name and your partner’s name, making it a special item to cuddle inside the campervan.

2. Trendy Campervan Planter

Trendy Campervan Planter

In case your campervan lovers are green thumbs, they surely will be happy receiving this gift. This unique campervan planter made from concrete has beautiful colors that will light up their day. The design is inspired by the small retro Volkswagen campervan, making it a unique campervan decoration as well.

3. Campervan Suncatcher

Campervan Suncatcher

Waking up by the morning sunrise is a beautiful moment during camping. Make it a hundred times better for campervan lovers by hanging this suncatcher near the window. Made from glass with adorable campervan design, it can reflect the sunlight which will look beautifully amazing.

4. Campervan Wooden Tea Light

Campervan Wooden Tea Light

Make your campervan shine at night with this wonderful wooden tea light. This wooden tealight set sparkles with charm, and will add warmth to camping vacations. Made from plywood with LED light, you can customize it with a personal message at the back of this gift.

5. Campervan Piggy Bank Figurine

Campervan Piggy Bank Figurine

For campervan lovers, a unique collectible item such as this campervan figurine will be a perfect gift. Made from high quality polyresin, this lovely campervan figurine also can be a piggy bank in case they want to save money for the next camping trip. Moreover, the vibrant colors will stand out to any room, perfect for home decoration.

6. Personalized Campervan Plaque

Personalized Campervan Plaque

Make your campervan as your second home with this quirky campervan accessory. This lovely, personalized sign is ideal for anyone who enjoys traveling in their campervan. Made from wood, this handcrafted plaque will be a great keepsake that may be hung anywhere in the house or motorhome.

7. Enamel Camper Van In Bottle

Enamel Camper Van In Bottle

If your campervan lovers love the art, they surely will fall in love with this quirky campervan accessory. It features Vanlife bottled enamel pin badge, making it a beautiful collectible item for them. Moreover, your campervan enthusiasts can put it on the bag or book cover as an item that reminds them of the campervan.

8. Happy Campers Doormat

Happy Campers Doormat

If your campervan lovers are clean junkies, they may need this quirky campervan accessory. This is a doormat which is designed only for campers. Made from polyester with a gorgeous design, they can put it in front of the campervan, so it will protect the campervan from the outside dirt.

9. Camper Coaster Set

Camper Coaster Set

With this camper-themed six-piece coaster set, you can declare your love for the excitement of the hike while riding a campervan. This quirky campervan accessory will help you to enjoy your favorite drink in the middle of the road safely. Moreover, the caddy is handcrafted with fir trees and camper vans to remind campervan lovers of their favorite outdoor trips.

10. Campervan Wooden Beer Chiller

Campervan Wooden Beer Chiller

Drinking beer during camping will be the best experience. Don’t let the weather and the change of temperature ruin the taste of your favorite beer. With this quirky campervan accessory made of real Vermont hardwood, you can crack open the cold beer and keep it chilled for a long time.

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Funny Campervan Gifts for Him

For men who love campervan camping, funny campervan gifts are always precious items to treasure. He must be an adventurous traveler. He adores wildlife and outdoor activities. However, those things will be incomplete without anything to make him chuckle about.

1. Keep Calm And Campervan Mug

Keep Calm And Campervan Mug

In case your camper loving man has a problem, you can make him smile and laugh with this funny campervan gift. Unlike the regular mug, the design which says “Keep Calm And Camper Van” will make him calmer while facing an issue. Moreover, he also can use this gift for drinking his favorite beverage to release his stress. 

2. Funny Campervan Baseball Cap

Funny Campervan Baseball Cap

Sometimes you campervan man also can be bored of outdoor activities. Therefore, you can embrace his feelings with this baseball cap that reads “I’d Rather Be In My Campervan”. Your man will surely be happy to wear this funny campervan gift as it really represents his feeling at that moment.

3. I Just Bloody Love My Campervan Keyring

I Just Bloody Love My Campervan Keyring

Maybe your campervan lover is a man who tends to forget his campervan keys. With this funny campervan gift, you can help him to keep the key from his sight. This is a funny keyring which says “I Just Bloody Love My Campervan!” which will be a sarcastic funny way to make him always remember his beloved campervan key.

4. Campervan Funny Socks

Campervan Funny Socks

If your campervan boy loves fashion, he will surely smile and laugh receiving these funny campervan gifts. Those colorful campervans are already to wrap his feet, making his fashion stand out. These comfortable one-size-fits-all van life socks have high quality knitted designs that are perfect to express his huge love towards campervan.

5. Not Poop In The Camper Deco Sign

Not Poop In The Camper Deco Sign

You can make a gag to your campervan loving man with this funny deco sign. Unlike the ordinary bathroom sign, this funny campervan gift makes your campervan enthusiast burst into joy and laugh during managing his business. Made from aluminum with ideal size, it suits any side of the bathroom perfectly.

6. I Sleep Around Husband Shirt

I Sleep Around Husband Shirt

Campervan is like a second home for campervan enthusiasts, especially when they are having problems with their wives. With this funny campervan gift, you make those pitiful husbands laugh at their pains since this shirt represents them so well. Made from premium cotton, it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

7. Funny Campervan Pin Badge

Funny Campervan Pin Badge

Get your campervan loving man this funny campervan gift to light up his day. It features a stunning pin badge with funny and sarcastic messages that will make him smile since he loves campervan so much. Moreover, it is beautifully packed in a rustic box making it perfect for Christmas or birthday gifts.

Funny Campervan Gifts for Her

Girls who love campervan are the best. They are usually cheerful, adventurous, and easy to laugh at funny things. Therefore, funny campervan gifts for her will surely make her campervan traveling amazing. 

1. Funny Campervan Drink Coasters

Funny Campervan Drink Coasters

In case your girl always complains about too many wine bottles stored in the campervan, this funny campervan gift will be a hilarious item. This is a drink coaster that says “It’s Not A Caravan, It’s Wine Rack On Wheels” which makes your girl can’t stop laughing at the reality. Made from wood with creative design, your girl also can place it as beautiful decoration.

2. Funny Campervan Decorative Wall Decor

Funny Campervan Decorative Wall Decor

This funny campervan gift is perfect for girls who love home decoration. Especially after you had a quarrel with your girlfriend in the parking area, this little gift may bring her smile back. Made from aluminum, this decorative design says “Forgive Me For What I Said When I Was Parking The Camper” will surely make her smile and laugh, remembering that funny moment.

3. Funny Campervan Throw Pillow Cover

Funny Campervan Throw Pillow Cover

Anything can happen inside the camper! With this funny campervan gift that reads “What Happens In The Camper Stays In The Camper”, your girlfriend may think that it is hilarious. Therefore, this cover pillow can be a common rule for both of you, which will make campervan traveling become fun and exciting.

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4. She Shed Wood Sign

She Shed Wood Sign

Make your girlfriend laugh at this simple wood sign which says “She Shed”. It will be one of the most funny campervan gifts, especially if she wants to have private business in the middle of the woods. Made from high quality wood, this hilarious sign also has a rope hanger for simple hanging and has smooth edges.

5. Funny Camping Drunk Flamingo Tumblr Label

5. Funny Camping Drunk Flamingo Tumblr Label

Make your campervan girls love to drink water during camping with this funny campervan gift. The amazing design is incredibly hilarious, portraying drunk flamingos while camping. You can place it on her favorite tumblr, making it a source of laughter every time she wants to drink. 

6. Campervan Mini Camping Sign

Campervan Mini Camping Sign

Loot at those pretty eye-catching camping signs! If you campervan girl love to mark simple things, these funny campervan gifts have various quotes she can hang around the house. Those wood signs are filled with unique quotes, from the funny one to the sentimental one, which surely make your campervan girl smile. 

7. Life Is Vantastic Tank

Life Is Vantastic Tank

Get your campervan girl a comfortable outfit for traveling, but also with funny design. Tank tops may be just a regular outfit, but this funny campervan gift offers more. It features cool and aesthetic campervan design with funny and hopeful text that says “Life Is Vantastic”. Your campervan girl will surely jump into joy receiving this gift.

8. Funny Campervan Handstamped Keychain

Funny Campervan Handstamped Keychain

Make you campervan girl proud of her campervan with this keychain saying “Key To My Awesome Van”. The text is beautifully engraved by hand, making it the one and only since it will be different to the others. It is made from copper which will shine gorgeously once exposed to the light.

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What are the best funny campervan gifts for him?

Before choosing the best funny campervan gifts for him, you have to observe that kind of situation he has so you can make a gag. For instance, if your campervan man is a husband who often sleeps outside when he has a fight with his wife because of the campervan, then the “I Sleep Around Husband Shirt” will be the best funny campervan gifts for him. Or, you can get him the I Just Bloody Love My Campervan Keyring as a funny reminder in case he often forgets his campervan.

What are the best funny campervan gifts for her?

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