33 Unique Architecture Related Gifts for Architects

Buying gifts for architects can be an uphill task. They are known for their great attention to detail as well as their impeccable sense of style. Their picky nature makes it quite intimidating to select appropriate architecture gifts. To help you with this daunting task we have created the ultimate collection of gifts for architects and designers that will be sure to amaze them.

Whether you are looking for a functional gift that plays to their profession or a sentimental choice to cheer them up, we have got you covered. We have creative accessories to add fun to an architect’s outfit and puzzles to help them while their time away.

Unique Gift Ideas For Architects:

We also have creative gifts to add visual interest to their spaces and practical gift ideas to make their work easier. No matter what you need to make that architect smile, we have the perfect architecture gift for you!

#1 I Turn Coffee Into Architecture Mug 

I Turn Coffee Into Architecture Mug

Amusing gifts for architects ensure they get their days off to a great start. What could be better than a mug that highlights the passion that goes into being an architect?

This minimalist piece could come in handy when they have to burn the midnight oil on urgent projects. After all, a mug of coffee is at times all that one needs to get their creative juices flowing.

#2 Miniatures Building Kit 

Miniatures Building Kit

Few things are as thrilling to architects as the prospect of creating a model structure from scratch. These miniature building blocks breathe life into the idea.

This set comprises all the tools they need to construct a miniature building. The miniature pieces offer endless possibilities as they come in different sizes and materials. There are wooden, mortar and concrete blocks in different colors to create the perfect dollhouse.

#3 Funny Architect Definition Cushion 

Funny Architect Definition Cushion

Looking for a simple gift for architect boyfriend? Look no further than this funny cushion that portrays the perfect definition for the word architect.

This is the kind of gift that keeps giving as it is going to give him reason to smile every single day. It is a great tool to help him unwind after a strenuous day at work. It also gets his days off to the ideal start.

#4 NYC Skyline Chess 

NYC Skyline Chess

Give your architecture lover the opportunity to enjoy a game of chess with a twist. The chess pieces in this set take the shape of notable buildings that define the New York skyline.

The innovative pieces offer a creative take on the game and redefine its potential for fun. This is the perfect architecture gift for an architect who cannot have enough of chess.

#5 Protractor T-Square Patent Poster 

Protractor T-Square Patent Poster

This artistic depiction of architectural tools gets inspiration from the actual historic patent for the equipment. To add to its authenticity, the material chosen for printing is archival card stock paper.

This combination of material and masterful execution makes it a great piece for accenting an architect’s man cave. There are a number of equally appealing color choices to fit personal preferences.

#6 Ruler Necklace 

Ruler Necklace

If you are looking for a statement piece to add to an architect’s collection then look no further than this interesting necklace. It bears a simple design but what makes it outstanding is the ruler pendant.

This makes it unique and suitable for anyone whose life revolves around architectural tools. It is a sterling silver necklace and the pendant is a zinc alloy with antique silver plating.

#7 Architect of the Year T-Shirt 

Best Architect Ever

This personalized tee makes a great choice for stylish female architects. It holds lots of significance to the recipient.

It also gives them the opportunity to look and feel great no matter the occasion. It has a stylish feminine cut and could come in any color of choice to suit their personal tastes.

#8 Baseball Stadium Blueprints 

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

You can never go wrong with art prints, particularly when they comprise blueprints for some of the most popular baseball stadiums.

It gives them the opportunity to admire the intricate details behind these iconic structures. It also offers the chance to peek into the work of others in their line of trade. This is one of the best gifts for architecture lovers as it gives them inspiration and livens up their working space.

#9 Architects Combine Function and Beauty Coffee Mug 

Architects combine function and beauty

This innovative mug underscores the essence of architecture in a single phrase. It is a great choice for both office and home use. It serves as a constant reminder of the intricacy and appeal of their career.

It makes a great addition to their kitchen collection and could add to a beautiful display of favorite collectibles. This is a simple yet highly functional gift that can never go wrong.

#10 Architect Hashtag Hoodie 

Architect Hashtag Hoodie

Give the architect in your life the opportunity to stay ahead of the trend with this unique hoodie. Its understated design is in fact the highlight of the concept. It tells a whole story with a single word.

The hoodie comes in a soft and cozy fabric to ensure ultimate comfort. Choose the color that most defines this special person and rest assured they will treasure this thoughtful gift.

#11 Architect Tools Patent Prints Set of 6 

Architect Drafting Patent Prints

Few things are quite as architectural as blueprints. This set of six technical tools patents may well be one of the best gifts for architects.

It offers them a peek into the underbelly of the tools that define their trade. Archival inks and paper in archival matte white are the perfect choices to guarantee an authentic look. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors to make it the perfect gift.

#12 Modern Minimalist 25″ Table Lamps 

Santino 18.5" Desk Lamp with USB

Architects spend a lot of time hunched over design blueprints and these minimalist lamps could brighten up their lives. They offer lots of functionality thanks to their task lighting capability.

But they also make great accent pieces with a modernistic appeal. Chrome gives them a sophisticated appearance and the delicate curves ensure instant appeal. They offer lots of versatility and can blend effortlessly with virtually any theme.

 Level Cufflinks

This is the ultimate combination of functionality and sentiment when it comes to architecture gifts. These are sterling silver cufflinks that could easily become part of everyday wear for the architect in your life.

The spirit level concept makes it an instant eye-catcher. This makes them a fun and creative addition to any outfit. And you can be sure that with every glance at it, they will have reason to smile.

#14 1/2″ Metric Ruler Bracelet 

1/2" Metric Ruler Bracelet 

This minimalistic bracelet says so much more than the most elaborate gifts on the list. It derives inspiration from the metric ruler and does a great job of defining an architect’s career.

In no other sector is precision quite as crucial as it is in their line of work. This stainless steel piece will serve as an icon to their career of choice for all time.

#15 Architects Notebook Journal 

Architects Notebook Journal

This hardcover journal makes a great gift choice for the architect in the family. The cover features an artistic depiction of the dancing house. This adds character to the book and also offers an inspiration to draw out the creativity in him.

Choose from 15 different color options and add a personalized touch to make this the best gift ever. You could use their initials, full name or any other text for this purpose.

#16 Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle 

Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle

If you have to pick out a gift for an architect who has everything, then this would be your best bet. Every architect in the world needs one of these puzzle sets. The inspiration behind it is one of the most iconic architectural structures.

It is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house with 500 puzzle pieces. These pieces create a dual representation of the amazing house, one side being a matte blueprint and the other, a glossy photo.

#17 Architecture Travel Mug 

Trust Me I'm An Architect Travel Mug Cup With Handle

Wondering what to buy an architect who is always on the road? The trust me i’m an Architect travel mug is the ideal choice. It is a humorous piece that will cheer them up in more ways than one.

On dreary days, it can hold a magic potion to keep them warm. And on all other days, all it takes it the text on the mug to give them a reason to smile.

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#18 Miniature Concrete Homes 

Miniature Concrete Homes

This is one of the most innovative gifts for architects and designers. It comprises nine pieces of miniature concrete houses that get inspiration from the previous century.

These units celebrate the contribution that concrete has made to the field of building and construction. They highlight its raw beauty as well as efficacy in defining living spaces. Go on, make an architect’s life complete with one of these architecture gifts.

#19 Paintbrush Necklace 

Paintbrush Necklace

Celebrate a great architect with this ingenious paintbrush necklace. It is a unique and thoughtful choice for anyone with a love for art and a creative streak.

It is simplistic yet elegant and makes a powerful statement in a laidback manner. It comes in a beautiful gift box, ready to make one of the best gifts for architecture students.

#20 Marble Minimalist Book End 

Marble Minimalist Book End

Is there an architect in your life who also happens to be a bookworm? Well, most of them actually are. This minimalist bookend is a great way to add value to their lives.

It is a marble piece that screams architectural creativity by virtue of its design. It will not only play a functional role in keeping their books upright. But it will also add ornamental value to their collection.

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#21 London Famous Landmarks Architectural Model Kits 

London Famous Landmarks Architectural Model Kits

Architectural models of famous landmarks are another idea for great architecture gifts. This range of London landmarks contains such iconic structures as the Tower Bridge, Crystal Palace, Post Office Tower, Battersea Power Station or Barbican.

Each one has a short history of the building as well as construction instruction. They are simple to assemble and are great souvenirs.

#22 Custom Sound Wave Metal Prints 

Custom Sound Wave Metal Prints

The custom sound wave has a lot of potential for architecture lovers. It is a metal print that showcases a custom recording of special words.

The resulting pattern is unique and offers the opportunity to create your own custom landmarks. The effect is architectural wall art that calls to mind a city on the edge of a water body. Choose from the creative background options to make it truly memorable.

#23 Personalized Architects Business Card Holder 

Personalized Architects Business Card Holder

Nothing is quite as annoying as handing out crinkly cards. It especially seems unprofessional for a design-centric career such as architecture.

This personalized business card display solves the dilemma and offers an architect the chance to showcase their sense of creativity. It keeps their cards in tip top shape and also makes a great accent piece for the home or office desk.

#24 Abstract Aluminium Bean Bowl 

Chicago Bean Bowl

Architects appreciate art and design more than your average Joe. This abstract bowl is right up in their alley and will rouse their creative juices.

It takes the shape of a jelly bean and offers a playful touch on any display. It can hold snacks or any other tiny odds and ends to keep their space clutter-free. It will add lots of visual interest to a sideboard or coffee table or even their work desk.

Silver Tone Protractor Cufflinks

Though they spend most of their time designing, architects also have to attend lots of meetings. These cufflinks are a creative way to pass the message that they mean business.

These pieces are full of inspiration and add a dash of visual appeal to any outfit. They will keep him looking sharp showcase his sense of style with regards to fashion and design as well.

#26 Minimalist Concrete Necklace 

Minimalist Necklace 2NX70

Just when you thought gifts for architects could not get any more creative, we bring you this! The concrete necklace is a minimalist piece in stainless steel. But what makes it outstanding is the use of unconventional material for the pendants.

The concrete charms command attention especially given the understated chain design. The combination of light and dark concrete together with the brass piece makes it a striking choice.

#27 I’m Always Right Architect T-Shirt 

I'm A Architect To Save Time, Let's Just Assume I'm Always Right T-Shirt

The architect in your life will get an opportunity to spread good cheer with one of these fun t-shirts. It might not get everyone to take their word as gospel truth.

But it will go a long way in keeping everyone in high spirits. It is available in multiple colors so you could get him one for every day of the week. After all, the world needs some serious cheering up!

#28 ‘Milan Minimalist’ Textual Art Canvas 

'Milan Minimalist' Textual Art Canvas

The one thing an architect cannot resist is the opportunity to add a focal point to their space. This eye-catching art canvas is the piece to get everyone’s attention. Its simple rectangular silhouette will blend with ease into any setting, formal or casual.

The bold type introduces an aspect of pattern into their space. If their room features geometric accent, then this is the ideal piece to complete the collection.

#29 Florence Italy Scene Chopping Board 

Florence, Italy Panorama Cutting Board

When it comes to gorgeous functional gifts for architects, few can compare to this artistic chopping board. It depicts an artistic masterpiece of the Florence, Italy skyline.

It shows great attention to detail and would transform the look of any kitchen. And when mealtime comes, it turns into a regular chopping board offering the potential for a yummy meal.

#30 This Guy Is An Awesome Architect T-Shirt 

This Guy Is An Awesome Architect T-Shirt

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to make his day, the architect in your life would love this t-shirt. It lets the whole world know in style what he stands for.

It is innovative and fun and comes in multiple color options. The imagery is fun; placing emphasis on all the right places, leaving no doubt as to the scope of his awesomeness. Make him smile and he will thank you for it.

#31 Graduation Gift Architect Necklace

AKTAP Engineer Graduation Gift Architect Bracelet Engineer Girl Like a Regular Girl Only Cooler Engineer Gift Engineering Student Gift

A high quality of necklace from stainless steel and hypoallergenic fits best for a special gift idea. If your sister or your best friend just graduated from architecture college, you might give this to her. A simple, adorable and thoughtful gift to get a different look.

#32 Blueprint Architect Pair Cufflinks

MRCUFF Blueprint Architect Pair Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth

A pair of cufflinks for your brother, father, or husband will be a useful gift for them. It fits best for their formal outfit. A pair blueprint architect cufflinks are unique yet practical gifts for the architect. Small, undeniable and cute at the same time.

#33 Retro Architect T-Shirt

Vintage Retro Architect Architecture Gift T-Shirt

This shirt is simple with a neutral color and comes with great printing. You may choose the olive, gray or black one. All is good to go. It is lightweight and comfortable for daily wear. A cotton t-shirt that will make your favorite architect prouds of their job.

Choosing the perfect gifts for architects does not have to be so tasking after all. With these thoughtful ideas and a good understanding of the architect in your life, you can in fact become a gift whisperer all year round. Have fun with these ideas and give that special person in your life one more reason to love what they do.

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