41 Best Lift-Top Coffee Tables You Can Buy

Looking for a cool lift-top coffee table? then you have come to the right place! When you are wanting to maximize storage space, these lift-top coffee tables could really come in handy. They are fully functional coffee tables with added versatility thanks to the feature that inspires their name.

They do, however, come in so many different designs that selecting the best & most unique coffee table can be challenging.

Best Lift-Top Coffee Table Designs:

Whether you have to contend with tiny space living and need an all-in-one piece or are just looking for a way to reduce your living room clutter, we have something for you.

Take a look at the following pop up coffee table designs and discover the best ideas to inspire your purchase.

#1 Nobles Coffee Table 

Nobles Coffee Table

Add equal measures of style and function to your living room with this iconic piece. Its inspiration from the tropics makes it a timeless statement piece.

Thanks to the lift-up design, you can use it as a work surface and store various odds and ends in the spacious interior.

#2 Gile Lift-Up Coffee Table

Gile Lift Top Coffee Table

For a contemporary living room, this clean line style would make a great addition. It takes up minimal space yet offers lots of functional value. Minimalistic legs in a metallic silver finish create an illusion of space underneath. 

#3 Jeffries Coffee Table with Lift Top 


Old world charm meets rustic style on this treasure chest Design. And just like a real treasure chest, it has lots of room inside for all your living room “treasure.”

A lift top reveals a hidden compartment, which together with the large drawer, offer tons of storage.

#4 Modern 38.6″ Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Modern 38.6" Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Lower Shelf, White

Looking for the ultimate way to balance clean aesthetic and rustic simplicity? With this lift top table, you get that and so much more.

Unlike most other pop up designs, it raises its entire top panel. As such, it can double up as a proper dining table.

#5 Rotating Design

Rotating Lift Top Coffee Table 

Whether you are into tiny space living or love to optimize on furniture, this is your ideal choice.

It features a storage drawer at the base and a hidden compartment underneath. Lifting the top also adds a functional aspect, providing a raised workspace.

#6 Hassania

Hassania Lift-Top Coffee Table

For a seemingly traditional look with a twist, this oak one would make the perfect statement piece. Its bold curves and warm tone would create a welcoming sense for any space.

Besides the impeccable style, it also boasts plenty of functional value with a top storage area, a shelf and drawer.

#7 Camron Coffee Table with Lift Top 

Boost XL – lift & storage table

Complement your contemporary living with the perfect blend of function and flair. Sporting a clean look when its lift-top tray is closed, it transforms into a dining ledge when open.

There is lots of space for storage, which you can use as a collectables’ display.

#8 Loon Peak Lift-Up Coffee Table

Loon Peak Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables
Loon Peak Lift-Top Coffee Table

The best part about pop-up coffee tables is their blend of functionality, style and storage This piece highlights the best of both worlds. It draws inspiration from a variety of sources. There are touches of industrial, rustic and traditional styles.

The result is a sophisticated focal point that would look great in any décor. It would make an exceptional choice for a classy bohemian look.

#9 Seraphina 

Seraphina Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

When it comes to contemporary living, few pieces can match up to this. It sports a trendy geometric look that makes use of a variety of shapes to achieve cohesion.

The result is a truly stylish piece with lots of functional and aesthetic value. it also sports handy cubbies that could keep small items like the remote control.

#10 Dempsey Gas Lift Coffee Table with Ottomans

Dempsey Gas Lift Coffee Table with Ottomans - lift-top coffee tables

Small space living often calls for creativity if at all you will enjoy the nice things in life. This is one of the best lift top coffee table designs to make that a reality.

The piece has a hydraulic lift function that transforms it from coffee to dining table in a matter of seconds. To make things even more fun, it has four cool ottomans that act both as storage and dining chairs.

#11 Mainstays Lift-Up Coffee Table

Mainstays Lift-Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

If once in a while you have to take your work home, then a comfortable work space is a necessity. This simple yet captivating design makes that happen for you.

The top panel extends fully to allow you to catch up with your backlog. The hidden top compartment has sufficient space to store books, magazines or even your tablet.

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#12 Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain Lift Top Coffee Table

If you are looking for the best lift-up coffee table to complete your eco-friendly décor, you just found it! This craftsman oak table offers lots of versatility and rustic appeal to a nature-loving homeowner.

It sports a convenient storage space in the lower section, with lots of room for virtually all your living room clutter. Additionally, the top lifts up and outwards to create a handy workspace.

#13 Lamantia Coffee Table with Lift Top

Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

No matter your style or seating arrangement, this fashionable coffee table will make it worthwhile. It is a charming piece with an all-black finish that makes it perfect for a classic theme.

It sports a tasteful silhouette in a rectangular shape. Everything about it screams simplicity yet it does not fail to captivate. In addition to its top storage compartment, it also has a lower shelf area for bigger items.

#14 Cornelia Lift Top Coffee Table

Cornelia Lift Top Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

Minimalist homeowners will definitely love one of these lift top coffee table designs, It has lots of room beneath the top panel to reduce the clutter from your living room and your life.

Its neutral finish makes it a highly versatile piece that will blend with virtually any environment. It is particularly suitable for someone who has a thing for the mid-century modern style.

#15 Faux Marble Lift-Up Storage Coffee Table

Faux Marble Lift Top Storage Coffee Table - lift-top coffee tables

For those who absolutely love marble counter tops, here is a piece to make it a part of your living room. The faux marble finish gives it an elegant look that guarantees a head-turning effect.

The top lifts up with ease thanks to a mechanical hinge system. The hidden compartment ensures that your space is free of clutter while keeping important items close at hand.

#16 Campbell Coffee Table

Campbell Lift Top Coffee Table

Anyone with a love for adventure and a soft spot for bright colors has to have one of these lift-top coffee tables. It makes a stunning addition to any space thanks to its brilliant design.

It is a great piece when you are looking to cheer up a simplistic space. Patterned tiles create the amazing effect, highlighting bohemian beauty and creating an amazing focal point.

#17 Sunlight Spire

Sunlight Spire Lift Top Coffee Table

This is a laidback piece for a simple home owner who simply wishes to enjoy its functionality. The bottom compartments could hold toy baskets or books.

The top is great for storing small, handy items out of sight to maintain a neat appearance. And when the sun goes down, you could enjoy a cup of coffee or browse the net from the work surface that the top provides.

#18 Lamantia

Lamantia Lift Top Coffee Table

There are many ways to make a small room seem spacious. One of them is by using the right furniture. Modern lift-top coffee tables like this piece do a great job in creating an illusion of space.

It has an open design that centers your space. Its silhouette features clean lines and the minimalistic finish keeps things simple.

#19 Sauder Carson Forge 

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table

The Sauder Carson showcases a classic Washington Cherry finish and has lots of functional value in its simple design. It has a movable panel at the top that lifts up and outward.

This reveals a deep storage compartment at the top. The bottom has two separate shelves to offer even more storage space. What more could a modern home own ask for?

#20 Henley Lift Top Coffee Table

Henley Lift Top Coffee Table

One glance at this and you cannot help but want to look closely. It gives evidence of articulate craftsmanship in its precise execution.

It has a neutral finish that shows great attention to detail and makes it a suitable focal point for your living room. The color choice would blend well with any décor and its functional value would certainly make your life so much more complete.

#21 Mathis Coffee Table Trunk with Lift Up Top

Mathis Coffee Table Trunk with Lift Top - lift-top coffee tables

Looking for a solid wood lift up coffee table? This piece which gets inspiration from a trunk would be a great choice.

It might take you on a trip down memory lane, back to former times when trunks ruled the day. Anyone who does not like open shelves will live the multiple drawers on this. The top compartment is spacious and sturdy enough to conveniently store your laptop.

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#22 Skylar

Skylar Lift Top Coffee Table

Showcase your love for all things rustic with one of these. One of the most alluring aspects of its design is the distressed finish that turns it into an icon of past times.

The open plan design makes your room seem a lot more spacious than it is. The lift top creates additional room for smaller things. Its rum finish introduces warmth into the space turning your house into a home.

#23 Lift Top Coffee Table Storage Shelf w/ Hidden Compartment

Lift Top Coffee Table Storage Shelf w/ Hidden Compartment

If you have a thing for glossy furniture, this would be the best one for you. It comes in a dark shade of brown that gives it a sophisticated allure.

The leg design is modernistic, making the piece a perfect addition to a contemporary style living room. The hinges are strong enough to turn it into a dining or workspace.

#24 Matrix

Matrix Lift Top Coffee

This is one of the best lift top coffee tables in terms of creativity. It goes beyond the obvious in its design, providing a much deeper compartment than most.

In addition, it offers lots of versatility thanks to its multiple position options. There is a compressed option to save on space and you can stretch it out when you have guests.

#25 Highland Dunes

Highland Dunes Lift-Top Coffee table

This stylish piece offers you the best of both worlds. It has two separate top compartments, one with a lift top, and the other without.

The former acts as a handy workspace while hiding your clutter out of view. The second part has a glass top that offers the opportunity to create a fun display. This part has an easy-glide drawer for access. 

#26 Payton Coffee Table with Lift Top

Payton Coffee Table with Lift Top

There is so much potential in this lift top side table. First, one half of its top lifts up to offer a comfortable workspace and a storage compartment underneath.

The other half has a drawer offering even more storage space. The third storage space is available underneath the coffee table in form of an open shelf.  

#27 Steve Silver Co. 

Steve Silver Co. Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Casters

Looking at this walnut coffee table, you would not expect so much versatility. Unlike most others, it does not have the characteristic bulky look.

But surprisingly, it holds just as much potential as the best of them, perhaps even more. The storage spaces are to the sides while the middle portion is open. This is what gives it a sleek and stylish appearance.

#28 Newdale

Newdale Lift-Top Coffee Table

Rectangular silhouettes with the clean lines are a staple when it comes to classy lift-up coffee tables. This piece makes the cut with ease and trumps a good number of other aspiring ones.

The entire top lifts up and forward creating a versatile work surface. This leaves a spacious storage compartment underneath the top. The base of the table has more storage space on the open shelves.

#29 Wilhoite Double Lift Top Coffee Table

Wilhoite Double Lift Top Coffee Table

This double lift top coffee table offers limitless versatility in its multifunctional design. The dual lift top system brings the top to a convenient position for a meal or working on the laptop.

It has lots of storage room beneath this top and at its base. The neutral finish makes it a convenient choice for most homeowners thanks to its capacity to blend. It has wheels to ease movement across the floor.

#30 Hatfield 

Urlander Round Lift Top Cocktail Table

The Hatfield concept bears one of the best designs. Its circular shape creates an elegant flow in any given space. It has one fixed shelf and a hidden compartment.

It does not take up much space but offers lots of utility for homeowners. This makes it a great choice in homes where space is an issue.

#31 Wilson Lift-Top Coffee Table

Wilson Lift-Top Coffee Table

Clean cut lines finish characterize this outstanding pop up side table. It makes use of MDF wood on an iron base to guarantee durability.

The lift top projects forward to offer access into the spacious underbelly for storage purposes. Its position is perfect for meals and work, making this a great addition to any home. The uniform color comes in handy in small spaces to create an illusion of roominess.

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#32 Ditmar

Ditmar Lift-Top Coffee Table

The double lift top coffee table offers twice the benefits of regular ones. The tops move out to different sides making it possible for several users to access their convenience.

This piece also has a few aesthetic highlights to make it a favorite. It sports a distressed finish that gives it a timeless appearance bound to last a lifetime. The understated design makes it ideal for minimalists.

#33 Wooten Oval Coffee Table with Lift Top

Wooten Oval Coffee Table with Lift Top

If you are looking for something totally different, check out this oval mid-century design. The unique silhouette makes it an outstanding centrepiece for your living room.

And the open metallic base introduces an airy flair, contributing to an illusion of space. There is so much room beneath the oval panel to hold all your clutter and then some.

#34 Schiller Lift-Top Coffee Table

Schiller Lift-Top Coffee Table

City life has its perks, but space is one of the many compromises we have to make to fit in. This is the best lift top coffee table for such a setting for several reasons.

One, it is small but thanks to the lift top, eliminates the need for a dining table. It also takes the place of a home office desk while offering lots of space for storage. And thanks to its color, it makes your room appear bigger.

#35 The Baine 

The Baine Lift Top

For a cozy, homey feel, try out the elegant Baine lift top coffee table. It has a contemporary style that works amazingly with your modern interior décor.

Apart from the top storage space, it also has two drawers to create even more capacity. Black is an elegant choice for this piece, giving it a sophisticated edge. It sports contrast stitching showing great craftsmanship.

#36 Bidiso Lift Top Coffee Table

Bidiso Lift Top Coffee Table,  Easy-to-Assembly Center Table with Hidden Storage Compartment, Industrial Lift Tabletop Dining Table

Stunning would be the perfect term to describe this piece. It is full of creativity and goes the extra mile to create visual interest. It blends white and brown to achieve a striking effect.

The top rises to the perfect level turning this into one of the best coffee tables in terms of elegance and utility.

#37 Tyler Lift-Top Coffee Table

Tyler Lift-Top Coffee Table

We saved the best for last! Tyler is a work of art. Dark oak works in harmony the arched steel legs to create the perfect illustration of contrast.

The top boasts a rectangular silhouette and maintains a sleek appearance in spite of having a hidden storage compartment. The open plan that defines the bottom offers a great opportunity to create an appealing display of collectibles.

#38 Modern Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table

Where else can you find a unique set of lift-top coffee tables and chairs like this? A perfect space-saving piece of furniture to satisfy your passion for home décor.

This bundle consists of two sets of furniture that can function as both chair and a table at the same time. Moreover, it is also equipped with a large storage area to store your stuff. With its modern style, this round-shaped lift-top coffee table would make a great addition to your home furniture.

#39 Retro Wooden Lift-Top Coffee Table

Retro Wooden Lift-Top Coffee Table

Have trouble hunting the best lift-top table for your house? That’s why we are here to help you find an excellent piece to meet your needs.

The ultimate table offers multifunctional quality, thanks to its retro and lift-top design. Moreover, you can keep your table neatly because it has a spacious removable storage area that allows you to keep everything packed. Now, doing some work or just having a cup of coffee becomes more enjoyable with this extraordinary one.

#40 SmileMart Split Lift-Top Coffee Table

Are you someone who likes all kinds of wooden items? If so, we guarantee that you will love this rare lift-top table collection at first sight.

Having a distinctive wood pattern with artistic fibers will weirdly offer a sense of tranquility. Unlike other similar furniture, it features both side lift-top and slide which give you more flexibility. Additionally, hidden storage also adds to the functionality of this unique piece.

#41 Accent Elegant Lift-Top Coffee Table

Make this lift-top coffee table a focal point in your living room. Its contemporary design makes a grand statement to fit any décor wherever it resides.

Slightly different from most, this table has a lift side design with only part raised. Moreover, it comes with some drawers that add to its functionality. If you like simplicity, this table will suit your taste perfectly. Find it Here.

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What makes the best lift-top coffee tables? 

The best lift-top coffee tables are those that not only meet the criteria of function but also aesthetic value. Moreover, it is also supposed to have a size that fits your home design, so it doesn’t take too much space. For example, if you have a minimalist-style house, a modern lift-top wood coffee table can be a perfect choice. 

From contemporary, retro, to modern ones, we have compiled an extended list of the best lif-top coffee tables that you can buy to add to your house. Now, it is your turn to decide which coffee table fits your interior design perfectly. 

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