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30 Best Coffee Tables With Storage You Can Buy

Coffee tables with storage come with a world of advantages for homeowners. Whether you are looking for a space-saving solution or simply wish to maximize storage space, they are your best bet! They are multifunctional pieces of furniture that act as regular coffee tables and also offer storage for living room clutter. Some also go a step further and offer a lift top counter that can double up as a dining table or work surface.

We have searched the web high and low to bring you the best coffee tables with storage to meet your needs. If you are living in a small, cramped space and you think that there is no room for a coffee table, you might need to reconsider. If on the other hand space is not an issue, but clutter is, we also have the perfect solution for you!

The Best Storage Coffee Tables

Read ahead for the ultimate picks for every type of décor and preference.

#1 Madilynn Storage Coffee Table

Madilynn Storage Coffee Table

For those with nothing to hide, the Madilynn coffee table is a great choice. First, the combination of a glass top and white color creates an illusion of space. Additionally, with four shelves underneath the glass top, you have sufficient storage room.

Create a collectibles display on this open section or proudly display your book or magazine collection.  Cleverly keep your clutter out of view inside drawers to keep the living room neat and tidy.

#2 Wylie Rectangular 1 Drawer Coffee Table

Wylie Rectangular 1 Drawer Coffee Table

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this rectangle coffee table with storage. Its minimalist design makes it easy to blend it in with virtually any décor. An architecturally cool structural design offers room to showcase collectibles.

And for the trashy magazines that you would rather guests do not see, a wide center drawer has more than enough room. Give your living room an instant facelift with one of these stylish multifunctional pieces.

#3 Janene Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Janene Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

A lift top coffee table is a particularly great choice where there is limited space. At a glance, this looks like any other ordinary coffee table. But a closer look reveals two lift-top panels. With one of these, you will not need to lean over during meals.

The panels come up to the level of a standard dining table. Underneath each one, there is room to stow away remote controls and DVDs. And if you at times work from home, it also offers the ideal work surface.

#4 Bryan Storage Coffee Table with Lift Top

Bryan Storage Coffee Table with Lift Top

If you have a soft spot for rustic furniture pieces, this piece is perfect! Starting from the solid hardwood veneers to the aged finish, everything about it screams old world. Textured metal brackets and rivet straps accent the corners adding to the effect.

For out of sight storage, you get two drawers on the bottom level. An open shelf provides additional space for books and magazines. The entire top panel lifts up to create a dining or work counter.

#5 Barrel Coffee Table with Bottle Storage

Barrel Coffee Table with Bottle Storage

Sure to be a statement piece in your living room, this storage coffee table blends creativity with function. Crafted out of a retired whiskey barrel, it is a work of art that will act as a centerpiece in your space.

The glass lid opens up to give access to the storage compartment. Create an awesome display of your choice bottles of wine.

#6 Braeswood Coffee Table

Round Contemporary Modern Wooden Braeswood Drawer Storage Coffee Table Furniture

A small round coffee table with storage makes the perfect solution for a small living space. It does not take up much space and does wonders to add visual appeal to the room. An antique walnut finish works well with the sophisticated design.

The result is a piece that can fit as perfectly in a contemporary theme as it would in a traditional one. An open display shelf and a drawer offer convenient storage facilities.

#7 Perla Coffee Table with Storage

Best Care LLC Modern Low Profile Walnut Coffee Table with Center Storage Space & 2 Removable Pocket Drawers for Storage

Showcase your sense of style and refined tastes with one of these low coffee tables with storage. Gleaming metal legs and curved corners give it a blend of modern and retro appeal. Apart from the open shelf in the middle, it sports two subtly placed drawers on either side.

Cleverly integrated into the table’s structure, these spacious compartments can hold tons of clutter. What a stylish reminder that furnishing a small space does not have to sacrifice on style!

#8 Latitude Run Square Coffee Table

Latitude Run Square Coffee Table

Add a sense of sleek sophistication into your living room with one of these remarkable pieces. With four spacious drawers, one on every corner, it offers discreet storage for all living room essentials.

Divided open shelves allow you to store go-to items, organize books and magazines and showcase precious collectables. Bring a measure of organizational appeal into your contemporary space.

#9 Abby Ann Ann Coffee Table

Abby Ann Ann Coffee Table

Keep it simple and stylish with this white and light brown wooden coffee table. The bottom shelf could become your new home for books and board games.

Two drawers close to the top add extra storage space for small bits and ends. With one of these tables, you never again have to freak out when you get unexpected guests. Just pull out the drawers and sweep everything in.

#10 IKEA Regissör Coffee Table

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Just because you need additional storage space does not mean you have to sacrifice style. That much is clear from the classy design of the Regissor coffee table. Open compartments beneath the tempered glass top will help keep your items organized.

Thanks to the stain-resistant surface, you do not need to worry about maintaining a sophisticated look. Set your space aglow with one of these chic and highly functional pieces.

#11 Mateer Coffee Table


Looking for a stylish focal point to create visual interest in your living room? Look no further than one of these coffee tables with storage. It is not only the essence of simplicity but also has what it takes to transform your space.

Whether your space is modern or retro, it will fit right in and make a statement. One half of it features an open shelf while the other has a drawer for out-of-sight storage.

#12 Montverde Coffee Table

Regan Coffee Table

Usher in a touch of understated appeal to your décor with this clean line coffee table with hidden storage. Neutral hues make it easy to pair it up with almost any other theme color. It features a wide center drawer for storage with two faux drawers on either side.

For a convincing effect, the two faux drawers come complete with decorative knobs. An open shelf on the bottom adds to its spacious storage facilities to complete the functional appeal.

#13 Delilah Coffee Table

Delilah Coffee Table

Create a visual feast for guests and residents alike with one of these storage coffee tables. To introduce a contemporary character, the piece makes use of geometric shapes with an amazing effect. Four open shelves offer lots of storage room or fun display compartments.

Hidden compartments offer discreet storage while adding to the modernistic appeal. If you are looking to introduce an air of contemporary style, this black coffee table with storage is your best bet.

#14 Archstone Coffee Table

Archstone Coffee Table

For your industrial themed décor, nothing could beat this lightly distressed coffee table. Its rustic appeal instantly transports you to a previous time and place. The finish evokes memories of a log cabin deep in the woods.

To add instant character and definition to your space, this table would do wonders. In addition to its high visual appeal, an open shelf and three drawers offer lots of functionality.

#15 Personalized Reclaimed Wood Rustic Barrel Coffee Table

Personalized Reclaimed Wood Rustic Barrel Coffee Table

When it comes to creating visual interest, few pieces hold as much promise as this one. Thanks to the use of a reclaimed whiskey barrel, it is as charming as it is functional.

Whether you are looking for extra storage space for extra pillows or blankets, it’s your best bet. Its spacious, hidden interior space can hold almost anything without letting your secret out.

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#16 Wallington Coffee Table

Wallington Coffee Table

Refresh your living room with one of these chic coffee tables with storage. A geometric design goes hand in hand with the choice of glass for the top panel.

The effect is a contemporary piece that will instantly uplift any space. Besides the eye-catching appeal, the table’s design also offers lots of utility. It has a combination of hidden compartments and open shelves offering limitless opportunities.

#17 Fitzhugh Round Coffee Table with Storage

Fitzhugh Round Coffee Table with Storage

Looking to create a timeless look that will remain in vogue for a lifetime to come? Well, with one of these round coffee tables with storage you can achieve that and much more. Using a traditional mahogany construction, the piece offers the perfect blend of quality and style.

Stash away the items you would not wish the world to see in the drawer. Use the bottom shelf to set up a welcoming display.

#18 Bat Cliff Newberry Storage Coffee Table

Bat Cliff Newberry Storage Coffee Table

Your search for a rustic coffee table to complete your décor ends with this piece. Thanks to the weathered look, the use of corner brackets and slim metal handles, it holds vintage appeal.

For convenient storage, it holds a spacious open shelf and two wide drawers. Add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any cold space with this industrial design.

#19 Copper Mountain Storage Coffee Table

Copper Mountain Storage Coffee Table

Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen coffee table to add character to your space. With this particular piece, you can enjoy adding a touch of casual sophistication to your living room.

It sports a light oak finish that can never go out of style. Two drawers with functional and decorative handles create visual interest, turning it into a statement piece. An open lower shelf adds to the functionality and appeal.

#20 Sorella Coffee Table with Storage

Sorella Coffee Table with Storage

It’s not all about function with the Sorella coffee table.  This piece goes a few steps further, introducing an elegant focal point to define your space. Adorable frames and feet add character to the piece, showing great attention to detail.

The same is true of the drawer knobs and the detailing around the tabletop. Its timelessly trendy design will make it the focal point of the room and stir up lots of visual interest.

#21 Quevillon Coffee Table

Quevillon Coffee Table

Enhance your décor while adding to the storage space in your living room with this chic table. Two drawers sit under the tabletop while a bottom shelf runs the length of it. Among its most noteworthy highlights are the beautifully turned legs.

Another notable aspect is the color contrast between white and brown. And with a slightly distressed finish, its appearance could blend with any décor. As a head-turner, it is bound to draw guests attention.

#22 Apple Valley Round Coffee Table with storage

Apple Valley Round Coffee Table with storage

You will love the potential of this small round coffee table with storage to pull together your living room. Thanks to its compact size, it can become a welcome focal point even in petite spaces.

A shelf on the bottom and a drawer come as an added bonus for storage purposes. And in spite of its simplicity, it has what it takes to offer an upscale look for any space. Give your home a much-needed makeover with this stylish touch.

#23 Preston Ridge Coffee Table with Storage

Preston Ridge Coffee Table with Storage

Bring in some elegance and sophistication to your space with this chic table. It features an outstanding design that sets it apart from most designs.

A distinct black rub offers the ideal contrast against the cherry finish. Place your coasters, mats and other snack time items in one or both of the drawers. If you are not into table cloths, this is the ideal choice as its impeccable finish is perfect as it is.

#24 Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment

Tribesigns Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment

This lift top coffee table storage lets you make the most of your small living space. With one of these, you do not need to cramp your style with individual pieces of furniture. Three bottom shelves act as storage facilities for a variety of items.

When the top goes up, you get a spacious hidden shelf for clutter. And using the lift top, you can conveniently work or enjoy a meal with friends. What more could you ask for?

#25 Kasandra Coffee Table

Kasandra Coffee Table

Lighten the visual load in your living room with one of these understated coffee tables with storage. Not only will it instantly warm up your space but it will also give your living room odds and ends a new home.

There is lots of room on the bottom shelf as well as in the drawers. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, its unique design makes it an instant hit. And you can count on the fact that the chic wooden look will never go out of style.

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#26 Lancaster Coffee Table


If you belong to the “less is more” school of thought then this coffee table is perfect for you. An understated design that makes use of solid poplar and walnut veneer gives it unrivalled elegance. With one big drawer beneath the top, you can fit almost anything you wish for.

There is plenty of shelf space on the base for all your tidying up needs. Simple, sleek and highly functional, you will wonder how you ever lived without this piece.

#27 Danvers Round Storage Coffee Table

Danvers Round Storage Coffee Table

In a surprising combination of aesthetic appeal and utility, this table offers you the best of both worlds. With a rustic design that features unmatched elegance, the piece will make an instant statement.

It features lots of surface space, a drawer for stashing away items that would clutter up the top. A spacious shelf on the bottom adds more space for board games and collectables. This is one piece that hits the sweet spot between function and appeal.

#28 Square Coffee Table with Storage

Palram Leonard Square Coffee Table with Storage

If you plan to change the look of your patio, then, this square coffee table should be on your to-buy-list. Although it is made from plastic, it is still durable and made with details since there are hinges when you open the storage. The top material is water resistant, so no worries if rain is pouring down. The selected color of white and gray will give a clean look for your patio.

#29 Coffee Table with Bins

Furinno Coffee Table with Bins, Espresso/Brown

No more messy living room with this coffee table. Come up with a space under the table and two non-woven bins on the bottom. You can store your magazine, books, or any other stuff there. The color is pretty netral for all themes of your living room. Easy to assemble, so you can change the appearance simple and fast.

#30 Outdoor Rattan Coffee Table with Glass Top

DIMAR GARDEN Outdoor Coffee Table Wicker Patio Furniture Set Lawn Garden Tea Table Rattan Patio Side Tables with Glass Top

Having furniture that is made from rattan is always a great idea. Particularly if it comes to your patio. Patio, backyard, and rattan are like the best combo for a classic but still a great view. Complete the look of your patio with this rattan coffee table. There is a tempered glass on top to make it easy when you put the glass, cup or plate on the table. The material is from a high quality and durable PE rattan. Hence, it fits for all weathers.

Before buying a coffee table, let us explain to you what you have to do first. Measure the place to make sure you will not order the wrong size of coffee table. Then, prepare the budget, identify the material, and select the style of coffee table you want the most. 

If your budget is under $100 for a new coffee table and you think it is impossible to buy the new one. Then, you are wrong. We provide the new coffee table under $100 for you to get a whole new look for the room or patio.

No matter what needs you have, there are lots of sleek coffee tables with storage to meet them. And the best part about it is that you do not have to sacrifice style or square footage to get your dream coffee table. Make your pick and instantly upgrade your quality of life and ambience today!

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