25 Unique Staircase Ideas for Small Spaces

Interior design is one of the most important things to look out for, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to stay at home for a very long period of time. But if you live in a small space, you might want to take a very careful look at your room design, including the stairs design. There’s only so much room to spare, so you better maximize it with a comfortable design that won’t interfere too much with other decorations. 

Coming up with staircase ideas for small spaces is a little bit more challenging, but definitely do-able. All you need to do is some creative thinking! Thankfully, we’re here to help you in finding the right small house stair just for you.

We’re going to brainstorm some of the best staircase ideas for small spaces and see which one fits your space the most. You’re free to choose between the loft stair, a spiral staircase design, or some other type that you fancy the most!

AMAZING Staircase Ideas

1. Half-landing Staircase

staircase ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@dailypress.com)

To start off our list of staircase ideas for small spaces, we’re going to recommend this half-landing staircase design. In case you’re wondering, a half-landing staircase is a staircase design with a flat platform midway through the path, which allows a 180-degree turn.

If you ask us, we think it’s a great design to fit in a small space, especially if you add some elegant balusters for the rails. In addition, you can also put lockers and drawers halfway to the second floor, hence making it a small mezzanine space. 

2. Modular Staircase 

staircase ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@homedepot.com)

Modular stair kits have proven to be one of the most practical staircase ideas for small spaces. Well, we’re totally agree on that because it can easily be installed in a small space.

In terms of design, yes, they are slimmer and the treads aren’t as wide as normal small house stairs. Therefore, we really think that this stair design will be perfect for a tiny home. Even better, it’s perfect for those of you who have a mezzanine. 

3. Semi-spiral Half-landing Staircase

3. Semi-spiral Half-landing Staircase

If you want a smoother version of the half-landing stairs design, then you probably want to try out the semi-spiral half-landing staircase. While it doesn’t go on a full 360-degree spin like a normal spiral staircase design, we really think that it’s still one of the best staircase ideas for small spaces.

All you need is to make room for a little space on each floor. To top off the awesome small house stair idea, you can also add an anti-slip stair runner that will enhance the overall look while keeping you safe from the risk of falling down. 

4. Helicoid Staircase

3. Semi-spiral Half-landing Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@Manon Scoubeau )

Helicoid staircases are one of the most unique staircase ideas for small spaces. At a glance, we can see that it is very similar to a spiral staircase design, but with much more turns.

Granted, it’s not the most practical staircase design. However, we have to say that it is perfect for those of you who enjoyed decorating their home with unique interior design. And considering that most helicoidal staircases are slim, they are perfect for installation in a small space. 

5. Spiral Staircase Design

3. Semi-spiral Half-landing Staircase
Source: Pinterest (@castspiralstairs.com)

After talking about the helicoid staircase, let’s move on to the spiral staircase design. Generally, it won’t be as complex as a helicoid staircase. You can also have wider treads, hence increasing the safety. In our opinion, it will be the perfect staircase design if you have children at home.

If you want to fit one in a small space, you can adjust the size of each tread and the spiraling degree. Plus, you can utilize the space under the spiral staircase design by putting some of your precious collections for guests to look at. 

6. Small Spiral Staircase Design with Pole

6. Small Spiral Staircase Design with Pole
Source: Pinterest (@steelsilhouettes.com )

Spiral staircase designs will always give you an added flexibility, which is highly needed if you’re living in a small space. Some spiral staircase designs are centered within a pole, which is extremely awesome for small spaces!

If you have a slim but tall house, you can even connect some poles and make a tall spiral staircase design that connects you from the ground floor up until the highest level. Interested?

7. Spiral Loft Stair

6. Small Spiral Staircase Design with Pole
Source: Pinterest (@salterspiralstair.com )

You can also install a spiral staircase design and use it as a loft stair. If you have a very tight space for placing stairs and connecting them to the loft, we think installing a spiral loft stair design will be a perfect idea.

However, since spiral loft stairs have holes between the treads, you will also need to install a baby safety gate in order to prevent any unwanted accidents, such as them getting their head stuck between the stairs. 

8. Retractable Loft Stairs

6. Small Spiral Staircase Design with Pole

If you’re really looking for creative staircase ideas for small spaces that will connect you to the attic, we recommend you to try using pull-down loft stairs. In our opinion, it is the design that will work perfectly in a small space.

In terms of space needed, this kind of stairs won’t bother you unless you feel the need to go to the attic. To use it, simply pull the stairs down if you need to find something from the attic!

9. Wooden Loft Stairs

staircase ideas for small spaces

Generally, people won’t bother too much to decorate their attics and fill them with beautiful items. Bearing that thought in mind, somehow it feels fitting to use wooden staircases as your staircase design.

In our opinion, it will complement the “rustic” theme of an attic. Furthermore, the spaces left below the small house stair can be modified as a small locker to fit in essential items

10. Vintage Loft Stair

staircase ideas for small spaces

Going with vintage loft stairs would be one of the best staircase ideas for small spaces, provided that you have a vintage-themed house. Without a doubt, it will definitely complement the rest of the house. In our opinion, finding wooden loft stairs will be even better.

However, we have to remind you that you will need to counteract its slippery nature. So, you should remember to use rugs and cover some part of it. Worry not, because the perfect rug won’t ruin the overall appearance of the wooden loft stairs. 

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11. Modular Spiral Loft Stair

staircase ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@fontanot.tumblr.com )

Do you know that you can use modular staircases as a loft stair design? Yes, you definitely can. All you need to do is to choose the right modular staircase kit and install them into your space!

Thankfully, their compact design makes them look more interesting and presentable. Additionally, there are many modular loft stair designs that you can choose, starting from half-turn to spiral staircase design

12. Use Mahogany!

staircase ideas for small spaces

Mahogany is without a doubt the true essence of beauty and elegance. Although they’ll cost you some more money, we can guarantee that you will have a cozy environment back home! You can cook a lot of awesome staircase ideas for small spaces with mahogany, but we’re going to recommend you try the half-landing small house stair design.

This way, you can afford to assemble a small library just below the stairs! Hot tip: try and install lights to add some ambiance at night and for better lighting when you’re trying to read your books. 

13. Oak Stairs Design As A Great Alternative

staircase ideas for small spaces

When it comes to choosing between an oak or mahogany wood, we have to say that there’s no wrong or right, because it will come down to preference. As we know, they both are durable and strong.

However, the most noticeable difference is the pattern of the originating wood. If you prefer oak woods, we highly recommend you to try and build simple small house stairs that can be fitted with a shoe cabinet underneath. This way, we believe you can truly maximize your small space to its full potential. 

14. Save Some Budget with Fir Wood

staircase ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@newwoodworks.com )

Fir wood is without a doubt one of the most affordable alternatives, especially when you’re trying to find a cheaper option for mahogany and oak. Moreover, in our opinion it is still durable and has a beautiful pattern, which will make a beautiful addition to your space.

In addition, we believe making a full-turn staircase with fir wood will be a wise choice, too. Just make sure to find elegant balusters as the finishing touch. 

15. Minimalist Stairs Design

staircase ideas for small spaces

Nowadays, young adults prefer to live in a minimalistic house with contemporary design (hence, the small space). In addition to that, in order to complement the overall theme, we recommend you to choose to add a simplistic stairs design, just like this one.

The good thing about this small house stairs is that it won’t need many treads, especially if it’s used for connecting the first floor and the mezzanine.  

16. Build A Workspace Underneath

staircase ideas for small spaces

If you’re living in a small space, then you will have to arrange everything precisely. One way to achieve that is by building a small workspace underneath the beautiful stairs. This way, you won’t have to waste a whole room dedicated to your business!

In our opinion, it’s truly one of the best staircase ideas for small spaces on our list. 

17. Add An Indoor Garden!

staircase ideas for small spaces
Source: Pinterest (@balconygardenweb.com )

If you don’t own many decorative items for your minimalist house, then there’s no need for concern yet. We believe that there are always creative staircase ideas for small spaces!

Well, first things first, and the first thing to do is to build a simple-yet-elegant stairs design. Then, you can fill up the empty space below with a small indoor garden. We believe without a doubt, it will definitely freshen up the mood, especially during the night. 

18. Add Some LED Lights

staircase ideas for small spaces

There’s no place like home. For almost everyone, home is a place to relax and freshen up. Based on that fact, we believe it’s important for you to create a relaxing mood with certain kinds of decorations, and that includes awesome stairs design.

In our opinion, one way to accomplish that is by adding some LED lights around the walls near the staircases. Without a doubt, it will complement the relaxing mood that you’re trying to achieve!

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19. Put It All The Way Behind!

staircase ideas for small spaces

If you don’t want to bother much with staircase ideas for small spaces, then you can always build the stairs and put them all the way behind your walls and furniture at home. Having this kind of staircase will allow you to hide your small house stairs behind a wall and some furniture. That way, you can just use a simple staircase design in a small space. 

20. Glass Staircase

staircase ideas for small spaces

Having furniture that is made up of glasses is always risky, due to their delicacy. However, we think it’ll certainly turn your home into a fancy and elegant one. The installed glass will act as a safety measure for the outer side. However, you should make sure to mount a handrail on the wall too, both for appearance and safety.  

21. Minimalist Metal Stairs

Minimalist Metal Stairs
Source: Pinterest (@hola.com)

If solid stairs are just too big for your limited space, then you can choose to have a ladder instead. In our opinion, it will undoubtedly space your space, and will also create a minimalist touch to the room, too.

So if you’re into minimalist designs, then a ladder like this one can definitely be an option. Moreover, you can choose a metal ladder with an element or wood to make it look pretty.

22. Wooden Ladder for Nature-themed Space

Wooden Ladder for Nature-Themed Space
Source: Pinterest (@gimm.fr)

Another option of a ladder for limited space is definitely this one, which comes in white and wood. If you are one of those who love the element of wood and nature implemented into your home design, then we believe this one’s for you. Y

ou will have no worry that having stairs will take too much space, because you can always have this adorable ladder, which will be a nice addition to your space.

23. Wooden Boxes As Stairs

Wooden Boxes as Stairs
Source: Pinterest (@apartmenttherapy.com)

If you only have a free space for either a bookshelf or stairs, which one would you choose? Well, you can be free from burden now, because this next idea will allow you to have both at once.

aIn our opinion, this is an idea with a unique concept that combines the function of stairs and also bookshelf without having to waste too much space at home. Plus, in terms of look and appearance, these stairs look so awesome!

24. White Storage Stairs

White Storage Stairs
Source: Pinterest (@loveproperty.com)

This one is another idea of combining your starts and storage, which is why we call this one the best storage staircase ideas for small spaces. With storage underneath, you can simply add places under the stairs and keep your belongings inside.

Whether it’s for books, dining equipment, or even clothes, they can definitely be kept inside your storage stairs. 

25. Wooden Round Stairs

Wooden Round Stairs
Source: Pinterest (@contemporist.com)

As one of the best recommendations of space-saving stairs, we just can’t get enough of spiral stairs because it’s simply the best choice if you have a limited space.

In terms of design, this one can be your option if you love the elements of woods and also industrial design. The natural wood color and the use of a black metal pole will bring out the touch of industrial into any room at home.

Final Thoughts

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you can be creative with you space, and it includes with the design of your staircase, too. We believe you have gone through a list full of the best staircase ideas for small spaces above. Also, we believe that you have found some inspirations on what to with your space, and what kind of staircase that you want to add inside. If you find this list useful, feel free to share it with your fellow small space owners, too.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which staircase is best for small spaces?

The best staircase ideas for small spaces will be the spiral staircase design. It is very flexible to use, as it can provide a lot of threads without taking too much space. But if you can find ways to take advantage of blank spaces underneath the stairs, such as making a small library, then half-turn stairs aren’t bad at all. 

How much space do you need to put in stairs?

The space needed to put in stairs will be dependent on the dimension of each house. If you have an 8-feet ceiling, you probably will need to clear up 30-square feet of space. However, a spiral staircase design might help in minimizing that!

What is the minimum width of a staircase?

According to the IRC, the minimum width of a staircase is 36 inches. This measuring doesn’t include the handrails. The regulation was made to prevent unwanted accidents in your own home. 

Where is the best place to put a staircase? 

Normally, the best place to put a staircase will be on the front of the house (near the entrance, to be more precise). However, you can also adjust it to your own liking and condition. A small house with mezzanine can certainly be benefitted by a staircase that was built all the way behind. 

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