15 Crazy and Fun Facts About Firefighters That Blow Up Your Mind

Firefighters are selfless heroes who will not hesitate to risk their lives. Firefighters tried their best to put out the fire valiantly. They are always there when we need them. Firefighters do not only extinguish fires but also save and ensure everyone’s safety.

It is a fact that a firefighter must have extraordinary skills and courage to carry out his duties properly. They constantly have to face significant risks. They can solve every problem and implement strategies to contain fires because of their rigorous training.

Do you want to be a firefighter? Or are you amazed by this noble profession? Do you want to know all the details about firefighters? Before that, let’s check out some crazy and fun facts about firefighters that will blow your mind!

1. The Origin of Firefighters

Firefighters' Suits Can Withstand 1,000-degree Heat
Firefighters’ Suits Can Withstand 1,000-degree Heat

Have you ever thought about where the profession of firefighters came from? Can’t we put out the fire ourselves? Why do we need them? 

It is a fact that the world’s first fire suppression efforts took place in the 2nd century. Fire in large numbers can be an enemy. Therefore, Ctesibus, an Egyptian resident of Alexandria, made a hand pump that could spray water. But unfortunately, the design was lost until it was rediscovered in the 15th century AD.

At that time, the ancient Romans made firefighters consisting of 7 thousand officers. These firefighters’ task did not just cover extinguishing fires, but also patrolling to monitor the public so that they remain obedient in fire prevention.

2. Firefighters’ Suits Can Withstand 1,000-degree Heat

Firefighters' Suits Can Withstand 1,000-degree Heat
Firefighters’ Suits Can Withstand 1,000-degree Heat

Fighting fire is not easy. The heat generated by the fire can burn your entire body to ashes. And so, here’s a super fun fact about firefighters’ suits!

Firefighters’ protective gears use unique designs and materials to provide maximum protection from fire. Did you know that firefighters’ suits can withstand the heat of fire up to 1000 degrees? This extraordinary heat resistance is possible through its stunning design and materials.

Do you know the materials used? Early in its development, the firefighter’s suit was made of asbestos fabric. It is a silicate mineral that has excellent resistance to heat. Then, the current model firefighters suit uses vacuum-deposited aluminized materials.

Firefighters’ suits are divided into three categories: Approach suits, Proximity suits, and Entry suits. Among these suits, the entry suit has the best heat resistance. This setting can withstand the heat of 2000 F or about 1000 C, almost as hot as lava.

3. The Best Firefighters in the World

The Best Firefighters in the World
The Best Firefighters in the World

Who would have thought that there would be an international firefighter’s competition? Yes, this unique thing exists. The firefighting Oscars is an evaluation event for firefighters’ units worldwide. They are judged on their response to wildfires and other natural disasters. Vigili del Fuoco, an Italian fire brigade unit, was named the world’s best firefighter in this competition.

They are considered successful in dealing with a series of large earthquakes in the cities of Lazio, Marche, and Abruzzo in 2016. Vigili del Fuoco has also succeeded in helping residents during the earthquake and heavy snowfall in early 2017. Firefighters must always be alert and ready to respond. Dealing with fires and other natural disasters. Kudos to Vigili del Fuoco!

4. The Largest Urban Fire Department in the World

The Largest Urban Fire Department in the World
The Largest Urban Fire Department in the World

Did you know that there is The Largest Urban Fire Department in the World in Japan? Yes, it is a logical consequence if we look at the natural conditions in Japan. The Tokyo Fire Department (TFD) is the bearer of the title. 

We know that Japan is one of the countries with the most earthquakes. The Japanese government swiftly formed a reliable firefighter’s unit in all situations and types of natural disasters. This fun fact makes you realize that living in Japan is safe, thanks to the firefighters!

This firefighter’s unit covers the 23 districts of Tokyo. TFD has a total of more than 50 thousand staff and volunteers. In addition to their enormous numbers, they also have the skills to deal with fires, earthquakes, and floods. They also even deal with biological, chemical, and radioactive hazards. How is the firefighter’s unit in your country?

5. Firefighters Need Hundreds of Hours of Training

Firefighters Need Hundreds of Hours of Training
Firefighters Need Hundreds of Hours of Training

To become a firefighter is not easy! This profession requires standardized skills. Before they can work in the field, firefighters must pass tests and be certified.

For the basic level, you need 100 hours of teaching and training. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to deal with fires, rescue victims, and deal with trauma and other emergencies. 

Meanwhile, firefighters need at least 1000 additional hours of education for the advanced level. Basic medical skills are also taught at this level. After knowing this fun fact, do you still ask to become firefighters?

6. A Lot of False Fire Alarm

A Lot of False Fire Alarm
A Lot of False Fire Alarm

Firefighters are aware of a fire emergency by utilizing a fire alarm. Every fire incident must be reported to the fire department for follow-up. However, the facts on the ground show something fun. More than 2.8 million fire alarms were false in the United States in 2018. 

This figure is an increase of about 22% percent when compared to the previous year. False fire alarms can be very dangerous because they can cause excessive panic. This misuse can also be fatal when there are fires in other areas. Thus, be wise in using a fire alarm!

7. What is the Firefighting Dog?

What is the Firefighting Dog?
The Firefighting Dog

We all know that dogs are man’s best friends. They can also help with all our activities and work. But did you know that a dog can also act as a firefighter? It is such an adorable fun fact about firefighters that we need to discuss.

It started in the 17th century when puppies were used as fire-fighting dogs. They are also a symbol of a sense of heroism in helping others. At first, dogs were also used as pavers for horses carrying fire extinguishers. However, now firefighters use cars to carry out their duties. 

Wait! Do you know what dog breeds can act as firefighters? The correct answer is Dalmatian! This type of dog will protect firefighters and safeguard all valuable extinguishing equipment.

This dog breed is also agile and reliable at repelling pests that can disturb the cleanliness of firefighters’ units and headquarters. Dogs will always be man’s best friend, even in the most challenging conditions!

8. The Best Fire Extinguisher

fun facts about firefighters
The Best Fire Extinguisher

If you need the Best Fire Extinguisher? Then the Amerex B500 Fire Extinguisher is the best choice. Do you know why? This excellent tool is perfectly sized and reliable. Only weighs 10 pounds. You can easily use it in the event of a fire. 

With about 15 inches, this extinguisher can be easily stored on your desk or cupboard. It will take less than 15 seconds to put out light to medium fire. This extinguisher is ideal for a firefighter who needs the best performance.

9. The Most Heroic Fire Fighting Action

fun facts about firefighters
560 Seconds of Respond

The 9/11 attacks will never be forgotten. This is one of the saddest human tragedies. It was the deadliest day in New York City firefighters’ 150-year history. Because of the event, New York City lost 343 of its best firefighters.

At that time, firefighters from the New York City Fire Department rushed to the World Trade Center (WTC) tower minutes after the first plane hit the north tower. Many of them did not survive the second attack that hit the South Tower.

The incident happened very quickly. It’s a fact that all firefighters have tried their best to save people trapped inside the building. A problem with radio communications caused the firefighter’s commander to lose contact with the other firefighters on duty to enter the building.

Therefore, hundreds of firefighters died in the tower collapse. This bit may not be that fun, but it comforts us that these brave men died as eternal heroes.

10.  560 Seconds of Respond

fun facts about firefighters
560 Seconds of Respond

Have you ever asked how quickly firefighters respond? Firefighters always come when needed. The incredible responsibility shown by firefighters is perfect. Their professionalism is unquestionable. In the US, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets standards and benchmarks for response times for firefighters. 

Participation time is 80 seconds, and travel time is 480 seconds. So, the total response of firefighters is 560 seconds or less than 10 minutes. Hence, every firefighter needs to have incredible agility.

11. Women Firefighters

fun facts about firefighters
Women Firefighters

Back in the day, firefighters are identical to men. The high risk of work makes this profession attracts more men. Who would have thought that women could be as skilled as men in putting out fires?

The astonishing fact is that women have worked alongside men as firefighters since the early 19th century. Molly Williams is the first woman to put out fires as a firefighter. The toughness and skill are not inferior to that of a man for fighting fires.

12. In-Helmet Thermal Imaging Displays

fun facts about firefighters
In-Helmet Thermal Imaging Displays

High job risk demands continuous innovation. As a result, firefighting equipment has grown exponentially. The handheld thermal imaging camera is among the latest breakthrough. This device has been developed into a compact form with incredible accuracy! 

The modern equipment will give firefighters constant visibility in thick smoke. Wireframe overlay technology on this functional tool allows firefighters to be aware of and see the condition of the surrounding environment well.

13. Heart Attacks are the Enemy

fun facts about firefighters
Heart Attacks are the Enemy

You would think that fire will be the leading cause of death of firefighters. However, surprisingly, the United States Fire Administration data shows that heart attacks have killed firefighters more than the fire itself. More than 45% of firefighters collapse and die in the line of duty because of heart failure. 

Medically speaking, firefighters have a 12 times higher risk of a heart attack while fighting fires. This relates to high-risk working conditions. Stress and increased adrenaline are trigger factors.

Uniforms and heavy equipment also add to the burden on firefighters. Furthermore, a toxic work environment, exposure to fumes, gasses, and a high probability of dehydration can trigger sudden cardiac arrest.

14. The Biggest Fire Truck in the World

fun facts about firefighters
The Biggest Fire Truck in the World

Fire trucks are the primary vehicle used by firefighters in carrying out their duties. This vehicle must have incredible endurance and speed. The main priority of using this truck is to get to the disaster area as quickly as possible. Do you know the best fire truck in the world? Falcon 8×8 is the answer. 

This giant fire truck weighs up to 54 tons and is powered by 900 horsepower. The fiberglass material makes this cool firetruck resistant to the heat of the fire. This truck also has terrific acceleration and can reach 50 mph in less than 25 seconds.

15. The Coolest Fire Stations on Earth

fun facts about firefighters
The Coolest Fire Stations on Earth

Do you know what fire station has a unique design? The unique and functional design allows firefighters to work faster and more responsively.

The Fire Station at Houten in the Netherlands has the most extraordinary design. This fire station can accommodate six fire engines. It also has a stunning roof structure. Its philosophy is the protection and independence of the shell from the building. 

There is an entirely transparent side of the room where only glass is used. This cool fire station also features an open corridor that gives views of the fire engines. Visit the Netherlands and see the beauty of this fire station design.

Those are crazy and fun facts about firefighters. Which point have you never thought about before? Let us know!

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