Haptic Gloves Technology Allows Users to Feel Touching Sensation in Virtual Reality

The ambitious Metaverse announcement is definitely the most hyped moment in technology this year. Meta (Facebook’s new name)  will focus on the development of a massive digital world that can be explored through Oculus Quest 2 .

Now, combined with the new Haptic Gloves, we will be able to touch and actually feel things inside the virtual reality!

The combination of Oculus Quest 2 headset and the Haptic Gloves will massively jumpstar new wave of virtual and augmented reality developments. It is safe to say that Mark Zukerberg is going to change the shape of the internet with these two technologies.

Before the invention of Haptic Glove, virtual reality could only be enjoyed visually. You would not be able to feel any sensation when you touch something in the virtual world. This was a significant flaw when it comes to users’ immersion. 

The Metaverse’s Haptic Gloves development is going to bridge the gap between visual enjoyment and touch sensation. The Haptic Gloves will improve the Oculus Quest 2 headset and now you can be fully immersed inside the virtual reality.

In November 2021, Meta Research Lab unveiled a working Haptic Gloves prototype. The gloves will provide feedback so that the user can feel the sensation of touch inside a virtual reality.

Each of the Metaverse’s Haptic Glove will be fitted with fifteen actuators that connect directly with users’ skin. These gloves have to be fitted perfectly on your hands so that the sensation can be felt properly.

MetaVerse Haptic Gloves

In the future, when the gloves are ready for sales, you should be able to find a fitting pair of gloves. Furthermore, in its initial design, the gloves will use materials that potentially can be washed. You wouldn’t have to worry about sweating or spills.

The Haptic Glove’s actuators will deliver various physical sensations to our skins. Thanks to the actuators, the gloves then will be able to simulate resistance through loosing and stiffening when we touch an object inside virtual reality.

In order to fabricate an immersive sensation, the Haptic Glove will provide you with multiple types of stimulation depending on the type of the objects that you touch. For example, these futuristic gloves will provide you a different sensation when you touch a virtual metal or wood. Imagine the sensation of petting and feeling a virtual dog’s fur inside VR!

Additionally, the Haptic Gloves will also use advanced tracking technology to detect the movement of your fingers. This way, even though you are wearing the full Oculus Quest 2 headgear, you would still be able to know where your fingers are.
For now, the Haptic Gloves is still in a development phase. There has been no exact date when these super cool gloves will be released. However, Meta Research Lab is working tirelessly to make sure that this new technology will be ready to be mass produced as soon as possible. Can’t wait to be immersed in the new virtual world of Metaverse!

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