Meet LEFEET C1: The Most Portable and Lightweight Yet Powerful Scuba Scooter for Divers

One of the most beautiful scenery can only be seen under the ocean waves. Diving is certainly the best way for us to enjoy the amazing and colorful coral reefs and fishes. However, swimming against the sea current can be draining. Thankfully, there is a solution to help you dive easier. Check out this nimble yet powerful LEFEET C1 scuba scooter.

Scuba scooter is a device that can be used underwater to propel forward and help you swim. Instead of using your legs to swim, you can save your energy as the scooter is pulling you! It has a motor and spinning fans which help you to dive faster with less effort. The LEFEET C1 is among the most price-effective scuba scooters due to its smaller size.

Even though LEFEET C1 is not big, it only weighs up to 2.7 kg, the underwater device is equipped with a powerful engine that is strong enough to help you swim against fierce current. 

Nevertheless, the durability and endurance of LEFEET C1 is unquestionable. This device is powered with a lithium battery that uses aviation safety standards. Additionally, this scuba scooter is made using space-grade materials!

Furthermore, the small size allows you to carry the LEFEET C1 with ease. You just need a backpack and stuff this scuba scooter inside. Because of its portability, LEFEET C1 is very suitable for travelers who love to try out beautiful scuba diving spots all around the world.

The LEFEET C1’s engine comes in two speed mode. The first one is the slow diving mode that can move you up to 1.3 m/s. The slow mode is suitable when you are admiring the beauty of the fishes and the corrals. You do not want to swim too fast and enjoy the scenery.

Then, the LEFEET C1’s fast diving mode can move you up to 1.6 m/s. The faster speed is very useful to help you dive into deeper parts and navigate around the area with stronger currents. When you want to get out of the water due to an emergency situation, this scuba scooter will certainly help you to swim faster.

With the help of the LEFEET C1, your heavy scuba gears, including those clunky oxygen tanks would no longer become a hindrance.

The  LEFEET C1 can be submerged up to 30 meters. Furthermore, it has a three moving mode. 

First you can use the LEFEET C1 in classic mode underwater as a great scuba scooter. 

Second, attach the LEFEET C1 into a kickboard mode to help children or adults learn swimming. 

Then, the third, attach LEFEET C1 under a rubber float and turn it into the pool float mode. You can enjoy floating around lazyling using this versatile scuba scooter!

To control it, the LEFEET C1 is very handy. It even comes with a remote wireless controller. With a positive buoyancy technology and built-in camera mount, this scuba scooter is perfect for everyone.

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