25 Fun and Cool Pool Floats You Can Buy

Do you have toddlers and young children learning to swim? And do you want to help them speed up their swimming skills? There are so many ways that you can do when it comes to helping them in speeding up their swimming skills. One of the best ways is by getting some fun and cool pool floats, which will make their time in the pool becomes more exciting.

With the best pool floats, kids will have so much fun in the water. For adults, the perfect pool floats will also allow them to have a relaxing time in the pool. They can use it to relax and spend some quality time on the water. So, if cool pool floats are the items that you are looking for, then you might want to check out our list below.

Our list is full of some fun and cool pool floats, for kids and adults. So, read on and once you find the perfect pool float, make sure you put it on the shopping cart before it runs out!

Animal Shaped for Cool Pool Floats

Animals are so adorable. Therefore, pool floats that come in animal shapes are easily favored by all ages, especially children. Here we have some of the best animal-shaped pool floats for you.

1. Intex Yellow Duck Inflatable Ride-On

Intex Yellow Duck Inflatable Ride-On

Let’s start this list with the yellow duck that has become the symbol of cool pool floats. We have probably seen too much people with this kind of pool float, but we seem to never get enough of it, still.

This form is very identical and becomes the identity of a pool float. Classic but still fun to get, right?

This cool pool float is equipped with 2 air chambers and 2 handle levers with dimensions of 58″ x 58″ x 32″. Get this one, especially if you are buying it for teens and adults, since this pool float is perfect for children aged 14 years and over.

2. Intex Peacock Inflatable Island

Intex Peacock Inflatable Island

Peacocks are one of the most exotic bird species with their astounding colors and tail shapes. With such a majestic shape, we have no doubt this will become of the best pool floats for kids who love to spend time playing and practicing in the pool.

So, we recommend you to give this cool pool float to your child aged 6 years and above, so they can play and relax on the water while seeing the beautiful colors and shapes of this item.

3. Intex Gator Ride-on Pool Float

cool pool floats

Are you bored with the mainstream form of pool float? If you are, then probably it’s time to get something out of the ordinary this time around. We would suggest that you consider choosing this cool pool float.

Aside from it’s cool shape, which is a green crocodile shape, we can assure you that this cool pool float won’t bite, guaranteed! Instead, this pool float will make a time in the pool becomes more fun and exciting. So, enjoy summer at a nearby pond by using this item.

4. Swimline Vinyl Unicorn Rocker Pool Float

cool pool floats

Rock this cool pool float and make the kids fly high. We all know that Unicorns have long been a favorite fictional animal for children. Therefore, we think getting a pool float in the shape of a Unicorn will never go wrong.

In addition to its unique shape, this Swimline Vinyl Unicorn Rocker Pool Float can also support you and your family to freshen up in the pool during summer vacation. It can fit 2 children, and we believe little girls will love this item the most.

5. GoFloats Meowzers The Cat Party Tube Inflatable Raft

GoFloats Meowzers The Cat Party Tube Inflatable Raft

Are you a cat lover? If your are, then we believe that this cool pool float is perfect for you. It comes in the shape of an adorable cat, which will be something adored by those who love cats.

In terms of materials, it features taped seams for added durability.

The material of this pool float is premium raft grade vinyl, which is UV treated which will keep this item bubbly in the sun.

6. Swimline Shark inflatable Pool Float

cool pool floats

Do you want to scare your friends in the pool? If you do, then we have the perfect pool float to get. With this pool float, we believe without a doubt you will have a great time scaring your friends off. It will be a very funny act, indeed!

So, let’s wait no more and get this cool pool float right away! Ride a ferocious shark over the pool and watch the reactions of those around you!

7. Personalized Baby Dino Pool Floatie

cool pool floats

Feel the ancient atmosphere by riding a dinosaur in the pond. This cool pool float is indeed very unique without a doubt. Plus, it will also be the perfect item to help children practice their swimming skills.

In our opinion, this is one of those cool pool floats that will come very useful for children to train their skills in the water. So, why don’t you give your little ones that joy by gifting this item on their birthday?

8.  Intex Lil’ Sea Turtle Ride-On

Intex Lil' Sea Turtle Ride-On

Turtles can take you anywhere, no matter how long it takes! As for this one, turtles can take you anywhere you like, all around the pool. If your little ones love to spend their time in the water, getting them this super cute pool float would be an amazing idea.

It will become even more brilliant if you know that the kids love turtles, too!

After all, it’s always nice to have this cool pool float in animal-shape, don’t you think? In our opinion, its green color and adorable shape are perfect for completing your little one’s adventures in the pool.

9. Penguin Pool Float

cool pool floats

Look at this blue penguin! It looks so cute and adorable, and we can guarantee that no one will ever dislike it, especially when it is floating in the pool.

If you are looking for something unique to decorate the pool, or something to accompany you while having fun in the pool, this one is definitely the one to get.

However, do bear in in mind that this cool pool float is small in size. Therefore, we think it will be perfect for your toddler. Our advice, use this item to support your baby’s swimming practice.

10. Sloth Pool Float Yellow – Sun Squad™

cool pool floats

Relax and laze around like a lazy Sloth, literally. Well, not actually literally because the Sloth comes in the form of a cute pool float like this one. Being a recommended pool float for adults, we recommend you to get one of these and add it to your pool.

This is one of those cool pool floats that will let you enjoy the warmth of the sun over the swimming pool. With adorable shape and sweet color, plus the funny expression, we believe this item will instantly add a cute pop to your pool.

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Unusual Shape for Cool Pool Floats

Maybe all this time we thought that the pool float is just a round shape with a hole in the middle. However, you will be surprised to see various forms of pool floats that have never been thought of before.

11. Intex Adult 5 Seat Pool Float

cool pool floats

Do you have any plans for a pool or lake vacation this weekend? If you do, then make sure you bring the needed pool accessories to make your vacation unforgettable.

One of the best accessories to carry is this super cool and large-size pool float. It comes with a spacious feature that allows five people to relax and chill inside it. With this cool pool float, you can enjoy a the relaxing atmosphere while chatting with your besties.

12. Misting Party Platform Inflatable Summertime Float

cool pool floats

Get this cool pool float and have a party at the lake with your friends!

If you plan on a vacation in the lake this summer, then we surely hope we are part of your circle. You can invite your friends to have a fun time under the sun using this cool pool float.

This pool float will be the best item to go down the river or float on the water. Moreover, you can also lie down very comfortably and safely because this item has an extra-wide and soft back cushion.

13. Swimline 2-Pack 1-Seat Multi Inflatable Ride-on

cool pool floats

Water games and sports can be done with numerous variations. One example is playing paddles using this cool pool float.

Perfect for both kids and adults, we believe that this is one those cool pool floats that you need to have on your pool.

Instead of one, you might want to get two or three of these cool pool floats because it can be used to battle on the water, too. So, our advice is that you host a rowing race with your friends and feel the adrenaline rush!

14. Chill Trio 3-Person Inflatable Pool Float

cool pool floats

This cool pool float is ideal for sea and river rafting. It features a breathable nylon mesh insert seat, making it a high-quality item to use for many years from now. Plus, this item also comes with a sturdy vinyl handle.

In terms of function, you can have a great time under the sun with two of your besties, because this pool float can fit three people. Just float with this item, and you will have a quality time with your loved ones like you have never experience before.

15. Retro Game Controller Pool Float

cool pool floats

Are you a retro gamer? Missing out on this year’s iconic controller?

If you are, then we encourage you to experience playing classic console games by purchasing this cool pool float. The 0.25 mm vinyl base makes this item durable and puncture-resistant.

After all, a games needs to be go out and spend time in the water once in a while, right?

16. Big Summer Inflatable Pirate Boat Pool Float

Big Summer Inflatable Pirate Boat Pool Float

Has your child ever asked for a pirate experience like Jack Sparrow? Don’t let him ask again, and give this cool pool float equipped with a toy water gun to your child and play with him to spend some quality time together!

For that particular purpose, we would suggest that you check out this pirate boat pool float because this is, without a doubt, the perfect item to let your kid enjoy a pirate experience in the water.

17. SwimWays Baby Spring Float

SwimWays Baby Spring

This cool pool float is perfect for your baby. It’s always good to make your baby familiar with water from early age. Therefore, we highly recommend you to get this item for your little one.

This item comes with a variety of cute toys to keep your baby happy. Moreover, it also features dual inflation chambers for increased stability and protection from the harsh sun.

18. Trump Print Novelty Design Life Buoy

Cartoon Trump Print Novelty Design Life Buoy

Are you a fan of the iconic Donald Trump? If you are, then we have the perfect pool float for you.

This cool pool float has a cute and eye-catching Trump look. It adds a lot of fun to your swimming activity.

However, we think it’s not only perfect for a fan of Donald Trump, because those haters will probably like it as much. So, on which side you’re on, this is a pool float that you need to consider.

19. AIWAN LEZHI 2-Pack Premium Pool Hammock

AIWAN LEZHI 2-Pack Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock

Forget every problem and workload by enjoying a vacation with your life partner! You can do that by having a pair of thse super comfy-looking pool floats. This cool pool float has an ergonomic design that provides great comfort.

This item is designed to position you and your partner in a semi-submerged position. We believe without a doubt, you and your partner will stay fresh and cool while spending vacation time together.

20. Hearts Afloat Pool Serving Tray

Hearts Afloat Pool Serving Tray

This floating pool serving tray is the single most distinct item.

You might be aware that this is the kid of tray used by resorts and hotels to serve breakfast to the guests in the pool. Now, why can’t you have it in your own pool?

This is the perfect pool float to pick if you would want to enjoy your meal in the pool. Plus, this item is extraordinary support that can give an unforgettable impression for you and your spouse during your honeymoon.

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21. Swimline Vinyl Inflatable Sea-Saw Rocker

Swimline Vinyl Inflatable Sea-Saw Rocker

Playing seesaw in the pool. Yes, you heard right! Now your child can play this fun game using this cool pool float. This unique item is approximately 90 inches in diameter with sturdy hand grips.

This is the kind of pool float that will make your kids super excited to have a fun outings in the pool. It has to be used by two people, and it is perfect for both kids and adults.

22. Inflatable Airplane Swimming Float

Fly your child high into the sky with this cool pool float. This item has wings that can maintain balance on both sides so that passengers do not easily fall and rollover. In our opinion, this is a perfect pool float for kids who just learned to spend some time in the water.

It comes in various colors, which you can choose based on your kids’ preference.

23. Canopy Inflatable Pool Float Lounge

Canopy Inflatable Lounge

Enjoy the luxury feel of a five-star hotel with this cool pool float. This item is made of premium PVC material so it has great durability and comfort. This item is also equipped with a sunshade that provides shade from the hot summer sun.

If you are looking for a high-quality pool float that can answer your needs for a relaxing time in the pool, we have no doubt this item will be the perfect choice to pick. Whether it’s a sunbathing session or just a relaxing time to read or to have a nap, this item is the perfect choice.

24. Floating Pool Party Game

Floating Party Game

This cool pool float allows you and your friends to play together. The way to play this game is that you and one of your partners must put the ball into the opponent’s glass.

Get this item right away and invite your friends to play together!

In our opinion, you shouldn’t throw a pool party with your besties before you have this item. We have no doubt, this is one of the mandatory items to have for any kind of pool party, guaranteed!

25. Intex 1-Seat Black Inflatable Ride-on

Intex 1-Seat Black Inflatable Ride-on

Immediately gather the people closest to you for a rodeo on the water using this cool pool float. It’s time to become a reliable matador who can conquer a ferocious horned bull. Yeeha!

Well, who would have thought that you can actually ride a bull in the pool, right? With this cool pool float, you can! So, it’s time to have a different kind of fun in the pool with this extra ordinary pool float.

Final Thoughts

Spending time in the pool is always fun. No matter how old you are, you will always have fun in the pool, especially if you spend the time with your loved ones and best friends. However, to make the moment becomes more special, it is recommended to add some cool pool floats to the fun.

There are various types of pool floats to pick, depending on the occasion of course. If you are looking for some kids pool floats, animal-shaped floats would be best. But if you are looking for adults pool floats, you can go for something like a pool flat lounge or a floating pool party game.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most popular pool float?

The answer to your question is of course very simple. The most classic and well-known pool float is the bright yellow duck. This cool pool float is highly favored by all ages from children to adults. The shape of this yellow duck is synonymous with the pleasure of playing and swimming in the pool.

What floats best in water?

Hmmm, this question is very interesting. Objects that float in water must have a lower density than water. Hollow objects such as balloons, wood, and empty bottles will float in the water.

The pool float does not sink because it is filled with hydrogen gas which has a high buoyancy on the water. In addition, the materials used such as vinyl and PVC which can increase the durability of the pool float.

What is the most durable pool float?

Well noted, we got you! If you are asking about the durability aspect, then this item is the best answer. You can choose from Retro Game Controller Pool Float, Swimline Vinyl Inflatable Sea-Saw Rocker Pool Float, or Chill Trio 3-Person Inflatable Swimming Pool Float.

These three cool pool floats are made of extremely strong vinyl to last a long time on the water. In addition, you may consider choosing Costway Canopy Inflatable Pool Float Lounge with premium PVC material.

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