Inflatable Floating Water Tent

With this Inflatable Floating Water Tent, you can now camp right on the water.

Experience falling asleep to the gentle lull of the water. Or camp in places where no one has ever camped before due to rough terrain.

This cool tent is inflatable so you can forget about messing with tent poles. Simply pump it up and let it float.

The tent is 8 feet tall providing with plenty of room. The raft base is  6 inches thick keeping you afloat and serving as an air mattress. 

Inflatable Floating Water Tent

The tent is made out of tough heavy-duty material. It is not only waterproof but should also withstand high winds.

But if the weather didn’t let you down, you can enjoy the sunshine through giant windows on each side of the tent. It even comes with mosquito nets for summertime.

Inflatable Floating Water Tent

As you can imagine, this inflatable tent is easy to transport. After you’re done camping, deflate it, roll it burrito-style, and you are set to go.

Imagine sleeping in uncharted camping waters, holding hands with your bae like a pair of lovely otters, gently floating on a comfy air mattress. Isn’t that the dream. 

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