52 Cool Tents For Camping & Festival Adventures

If you are looking for some cool tents for camping or any other occasion such as a festival, then you have come to the right place!

Some of the best memories I have as a child was camping holidays with my family and when I think of camping, I think about the beautiful quiet starry nights, warm campfires and fresh cool air…

Does that fill you with bubbles of anticipation?

I just recently returned from a great camping experience with my family which was fantastic as usual, one thing I noticed at our popular campground destination was the wide variety of awesome and unique looking tents.

There were so many different creative tents, that I thought it might be a great idea to compile the ultimate list of cool tents for camping adventures.

Cool Tents for Camping & Festivals 

Below you will find many unique tents for camping, big ones, small ones, fun shape ones, and many more cool tent designs that I believe are Many of the best tents in the world!

#1 Watermelon Tent 

watermelon tent - cool tents for camping

This cool tent will definitely add some juicy flavor to your camping adventure. Although it will be pretty hard to resist taking a bite, try to live in it and not eat it.

#2 Modular Connecting Pod Tents 

modular connecting pod tents - cool tents for camping

Stay connected with your friends and family while camping! Literally.

These unique tents can be connected and allow you to stay close to your camping buddies or family. A-maze-ing, right?

#3 Stingray Tree Tent

This cool tent is for those of you, who are not afraid of heights. It will certainly provide you with the best view on your next camping trip.

#4 Luxury Canvas Tent 

Luxury Canvas Tent - awesome tents for camping

This tent lets you take your camping experience to a whole new level of comfort.

Its modern design leaves you a lot of breathing room, so you won’t have to deal with cramped space issues ever again.

#5 Marmot Tungsten 3-P Tent 


If you’re looking for a mix of space, durability and comfort then this just might be the best tent in the world for you. This tent provides plenty of room for you, your other 2 friends, and your camping gear.

#6 The Log Cabin Tent 

If you have always dreamed of having a cabin in the woods, this cool tent design allows you to live your dream just a little.

#7 The 12’x14′ Alpha Wall Tent

The 12'x14' Alpha Wall Tent 

These reliable Alpha wall tents have passed the test of time. You can now create precious camping memories with the family and make the most of your outdoor adventure with this durable Alpha wall tent. 

#8 Elite Weather Master Screened 6 Person


You have read it right. Instead of taking six separate tents to your next family camping trip, just take this one and prepare to amaze and be amazed.

#9 Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 

 Big Agnes Wyoming Trail - COOL TENTS FOR CAMPING

This tent is a nesting doll of tents, since it’s essentially one tent that is made of two tents connected with a huge vestibule for keeping all your gear.

Add to that simple set up and you have your perfect camping tent.

#10 The Sheep Tent

If blending in with the surrounding sheep during the camping trip is on your to-do-list, than this will be one of the most awesome tents for camping you’ll ever see.

#11 Rei Kingdom 6 Person 

Rei Kingdom 6 Person - COOL TENTS

This cool tent allows you to live with six people in one tent and still retain your privacy if the company gets too much. Stable, bug-proof and huge – sounds perfect.

#12 Standing Room Tent


No more crawling on your poor knees and trying to change without accidentally throwing out your back. This tent stands (pun fully intended) at six and a half feet and brings you the new level of comfort you have always needed.

#13 Inflatable Bubble Tents  


When you are thinking of unique tents for camping, this one is probably the first one that pops into your mind. Bring your camping experience to a sci-fi level of awesome and fall asleep under the ethereal glow of the stars above your head.

#14 The Heimplanet Cave-Tent 

Heimplanet Cave-Tent
Heimplanet Cave-Tent - cool tents

This is one of those cool tents that are perfect for all the lazy heads out there, whose worst nightmare is actually setting up a tent. All you need to set up this inflatable tent is a pump and less than a minute of your time.

#15 The North face Mountain Tent 

The North face Mountain Tent

This tent was built to be able to withstand just about any type of weather the 4 seasons have to offer. Combine that with its light weight, and you have a perfect tent for those, who think that camping is about surviving and not sunbathing.

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#16 Kelty Gunnison 3.3 

There truly is beauty in simplicity. This compact and easy to set up three-person three season tent comes with foldable poles and will pleasingly fit into your backpack.

 #17 the Camping Doughnut Tent

the camping doughnut concept tent - coolest tents for camping

… unfortunately just a concept at this stage but deserves to be on our list

This cool tent looks and feels like a playground for adults in the best possible way, where you can crawl through it laughing like a child who has been taken to the arcade center for the first time. Add to that an easy set up and you know you can not resist it.

#18  The Book Tent 


If someone were to stumble upon this tent in the forest they’d probably feel like Alice in the Wonderland who has been shrunk to a tiny size with a magic cookie. If you’re looking for creative tents this one should definitely get on your radar.

#19 Eureka Silver Canyon 

If you were looking for a tent with enough space for your whole family and is developed to be functional and modern, then this six-person cabin style tent will make you scream “Eureka!” for you don’t need to look any further.

#20 Solar Pop Up Tents


One of the most technically advanced and modern camping tents is not only comfortable but also provides you with your own power supply. So let it pop-up and warm up in the sun – the tent is happy and you are powered.

#21 Nemo Wagontop 

This six-person tent provides you not only with spacious and comfortable living space, but also with its over six feet height allows you to wake up in the morning and stretch your whole body while standing up. 

#22 Light Speed Quick Setup 

Lightspeed Quick Set-Up Cabana

If you want to be able to set up camp whenever and wherever without wasting precious time on trying to make your tent hold its shape, then this little buddy is just for you.

#23 Mountain Hardware Stronghold 


This camping equivalent of a bunker can securely shelter 10 people from the worst weather conditions that can catch you off guard on your camping trip. Whether it’s raining or snowing, this will be your warm and cozy stronghold.

#24 VW Camper Tent

VW Camper Tent - COOL TENTS

This amazing camping tent will not only be your spacious and comfortable companion on your next trip. It will probably also inspire you to make flower crowns and dance in the rain.

#25 Tepui Autana Sky Tent

This tent will bring your camping adventure to a higher level (pun totally intended), which makes it one of the coolest tents for those who want to be as close to their car as possible.

#26 Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person

Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person

Another great tent for family camping trips. This one can fit in eight people and the included dividers allow to create three separate rooms if the quality family time gets too much for you and you want some privacy.

#27 “Get a Room” Tent 

Get a Room Tent - FUNNY TENTS

Romance can be a hard concept to grasp, so let this tent take care of it for you and become the subject of the gossips of the non-suspecting spectators. Until they realize that it’s actually your tent that is the guru of romance.

#28 Tee Pee Tent 

tee pee tent - unique tents

This cool tent provides you with a lot of room, fresh air circulation and can withstand bad weather conditions. And the old-fashioned design just adds even more charm.

#29 Decathlon 2 Second Pop Up Tent 

Decathlon 2 Second Pop Up Tent

Yes, you read it right – this baby takes only 2 seconds to be set up.

So just take it, whip it out and enjoy your day watching others trying to make their tents not fall apart at the first blow of the wind.

#30 Pick Up Truck Tent 

Pick Up Truck Tent

Convert your pick up truck into your sleeping quarters with this tent, so you’ll be able to sleep anywhere you would like and not get your tent dirty from the mud and grass.

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#31 Instant Pop Up Privacy Tent 

Leapair Instant Pop-Up Privacy Tent

Having a tent is not always about sleeping in it. Sometimes you just want to take a shower, have a private restroom or a changing cabin while you are camping without the need of wandering far away from your camping site.

#32 MSR Flylite Tent

MSR Flylite Tent: 2-Person

If you are looking for cool tents that will not make your back ache from extra weight, then your search should stop right here with this ultralight single-wall design tent.

#33 Double Tent Cot 

KampRite Double TentCot

For those of you, who can not stand the idea of insects or snakes disturbing your camping adventure or trying to get into a comfortable position on the rocky surface, this elevated and secure tent will definitely let you rest peacefully.

#34 Hybrid Tent Hammock


If you enjoy not being tied down to the ground and watching stars in the night sky, then this hybrid will be one of the most amazing camping tents you can possibly take on your next camping trip.

#35 Large Pop-Up Easy Fold Back Tent 

Large Pop Up Backpacking Camping Hiking Tent

Here is another pop-up tent that is easy to set up, easy to fold and it can easily fit in three people. The tent also comes with a bag that allows you to carry your tent on your shoulder.

#36 North Face 2 Meter Dome Tent 

The North Face 2-Meter Dome Tent

This modern camping tent is a child of vigorous research and testing and is designed to enable you to survive the most extreme weather conditions, even the merciless arctic winter.

#37 Old Glory American Flag Tent 

Old Glory American Flag Tent

For those of you who want to once again proclaim their patriotism and showcase your love for the big United States of America comes this cool tent with a matching tarp shelter.

#38 Overland Rooftop Camping Tent

Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop Camping Tent

This tent allows you to live on top of the world…or at least on top of your car. Plus, you can make an annex room just below it for a guest reception.

#39 Sphere Tree Tent

Sphere Tree Tent

If you didn’t get to have your own treehouse when you were a kid, then as an adult you can have another try at living in a tree with this tent’s cool design.

#40 Two Person Tree Tent 

This awesome camping tent allows you not only to live and sleep while suspended in the air, but it also lets you share the experience with someone else. But remember – no kicking!

#41 Sierra Designs Convert 

This hybrid 4 season tent was designed to be adaptable to weather conditions surrounding you and your own needs, for example when you need to convert the tent to a single-wall one to store your gear.

#42 Ozark Trail Tent – 12 Person 

Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person

Yes, this giant will be able to fit in 12 people. If someone wants to feel comfortable and cozy it was also designed to fit 3 queen airbeds. Best part? You can set it up in under 2 minutes.

#43 Heimplanet Nias Tent 

Heimplanet Nias Tent: 6-Person

This inflatable tent is easy to install, due to an innovative design retains its shape even in case of a puncture and creates two three-person livable areas with a shared vestibule. If that’s not a great tent, I don’t know what is.

#44 The 15 Person Space Station Dome Tent 

Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent

This amazing tent will be able to withstand snowstorms and rain and still keep the inside warm and dry. So winter camping will be as comfortable as it gets with this huge robust fifteen-person camping companion.

#45 Bubble Tent Screen

Alvantor Bubble Tent Screen House Room Camping Tent Canopy Gazebos 4-6 Person for Patios

This bubble tent screen fits for camping or use as an outdoor patio in your house. As for camping, it fits 2 persons to sleep and up to 6 for the patio. The bubble screen lets you see the outside clearly, no need to open the tent first to do it. This tent is perfect for spring or summer vacation with your little family. It is warm and spacious, lightweight and easy to assemble for your special occasion outside. No reason to not do fun with this.

#46 Moon Lence Family Camping Tent

Moon Lence 8 Person Tent Family Camping Tent Waterproof Windproof

A waterproof, windproof with high quality material for the best vacation experience you will have! There are two separate rooms; it is more spacious and bigger, with a living room in the middle of the tent, and up to 8 persons can sleep comfortably in sleeping bags here. The tent is foldable; it is easy for you to carry during the trip. Sometimes we think that getting a bigger tent means it is hard to set up, the fact is, this Moon Lence tent is very easy to set up. So, pack your things now since nature is calling!

#47 JM-Deco Pop Up Tent

JM-Deco 4 Person Pop Up Tents for Camping, Easy Setup Tent 110

This pop up tent is an eye-catching one since the color is very bright. Perfect one for summer vacation. This double layer tent with waterproof coating will be your solution to get a new adventure outside. You may open the window to let the fresh air come through and close it when the rains pour down. This can be used for 4 persons to sleep inside. The most important thing is, it is easy to set up. Just pull it out from the bag, and voila, your portable room is ready!

#48 Teepee Tent for Kids

Teepee Tent for Kids

Taking your kids to the wilderness for an authentic camping trip could be fun. However, you need to prepare them first by teaching them about camping skills. You can get them this cute outdoor teepee for your kids so that they can acclimatize themselves to camping. You can help them erect the teepee in the backyard for a fun practice!

#49 Bed Tent for Indoor Camping

Bed Tent for Indoor Camping

Not everyone has the time to go camping out in nature! It’s unfortunate fact that you have to deal with, especially if you are an adult with a busy career. However, don’t be discouraged because this unique bed tent will allow you to enjoy the cozy camping atmosphere from the comfort of your bed! Just pop it open over your bed and feel the excitement of indoor camping!

#50 Hunting Tent with Camo

Hunting Tent with Camo

Some people go outdoor to find some thrills! And there is no better excitement than stalking your prey as you hunt for some deer or wild boar. Here is a specialized tent, designed for hunters.

It features an incredible camouflage that would blend seamlessly with the background bushes. The tent is large enough to accommodate three hunters with a large enough opening for maximum awareness.

#51 Lightweight Inflatable Tent for Two

Lightweight Inflatable Tent for Two

Here is another inflatable tent, perfect for those who want a convenient setup. Just pump the air to inflate the support columns and you will have your tent up in a matter of minutes. However, this model is not just quick to put up but also lightweight. All of the components can be stored in a compact backpack.

#52 Hammock Tent for 2 With Mosquito Net

Hammock Tent for 2 With Mosquito Net

Here is another hammock x tent hybrid that would be perfect for the upcoming summer camping trip! It has an integrated mosquito net, keeping away those annoying blood-sucking insects. This hammock tent can accommodate two people which will allow you to have a romantic camping trip together with your beloved partner.

Our selected tents above are best fits for a family or friends. No worries about the space since all of them are spacious and easy to set up. That’s our epic list of the coolest tents for camping, leave a comment below of what your favorites are or if you have any suggestions, also be sure to check our camping category for more tents, cool camping gear and other unique camping products.

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