25 Best Camping Gear for Families You Cannot Miss

25 Best Camping Gear for Families You Cannot Miss

Weekend means family time! It seems common and boring to spend leisure time only at home. Camping with family sounds exciting, right? But, before you pack your stuff and go, it is time to see the best camping gear for families. We guarantee you will have the most memorable camping trip together.

You can do camping by bringing a tent, teepee tent, or just stay and have fun inside your SUV cars. Hence, to avoid the hassle and bulky packing, you can choose the portable items, foldable stuff. Here, we give you the excellent suggestions of the best camping gear for families.

1. I’d Rather Be Camping T-Shirt

I'd Rather Be Camping T-Shirt

Camping with family, of course, you will need a family uniform for taking the family photos outside. These I’d Rather Be Camping T-shirts are suitable for all family members. You can adjust the size, colors and the design. The material is soft and comfortable to wear. Seems it will be the best camping gear for families.

2. Personalized the Whole Family Mug

Personalized the Whole Family Mug

Enjoy drinking time at night and cheers together with your family squad using the customized whole family mug. These mugs are made from ceramic with high quality sublimation printing. The classic design like this will be memorable for you and your siblings as the best camping gear for families.

3. Camping Photo Blanket

Camping Photo Blanket

Capture the best moment during the latest camping for the next outdoor activity and make it last forever through this camping photo blanket. The shape is square with size 60 x 60 inches. Also, the material is fleece, so it is soft to touch and suitable for snuggling together with your family members.

4. Editable Travel Packing Lists

Editable Travel Packing Lists

Before going camping with your family, you will need time to pack all the stuff and make sure no items will be missing or forget to include inside the backpack. Therefore, you will need these editable packing lists. Come with a simple design, and we will ensure no items will be missed.

5. Adult Quick Fold Speedy Camp Cot

Adult Quick Fold Speedy Camp Cot

It is time to relax on the portable camp cot and feel nature. This camping cot is foldable and easy to carry. The material is environmentally friendly since it is recycled one. Also, the size is spacious, so you are able to change the position when you lay down and see the stars.

6. Classic Propane Gas Camping Stove

Classic Propane Gas Camping Stove

Let’s cook a proper meal for your family during camping with this gas stove. It is compact, there is a windshield, and easy to use. What’s your favorite meal during camping, except smores? Why don’t you order it now and cook something delicious with it next weekend. It is going to be the best camping gear for families.

7. Traverse Outdoor Hammock

Traverse Outdoor Hammock

Camping without relaxing inside the hammock is not complete. Therefore, you have to bring this hammock for camping with your family. Since it is available for 1 person only, then you can buy some for other family members. It is lightweight and packs down small, so there is no worry about bringing some inside the bags. Get the best camping gear for families now.

8. Camping Gear 100 Lumens

Camping Gear 100 Lumens

No need for heavy lighting for your tent anymore. Because each family member can have this camping gear which is portable and has 100 lumens. It is enough for 1 person lighting and can be brought out. Furthermore, you can choose these adorable colors for you, your children and spouse.

9. Sparkle the Unicorn Kid’s Sleeping Bag

Sparkle the Unicorn Kid's Sleeping Bag

Your little girl might scream happily once she knows you buy this cutie sparkle unicorn sleeping bag for her first camping trip. An adorable unicorn sleeping bag will make camping more fun and exciting to do. Moreover, your kids can bring it on their own since there is a carrying bag along with the sleeping bag. So, there is no reason to skip this item.

10. 14-Person Cabin Tent

14-Person Cabin Tent

Camping together means you need the best camping gear for families. For instance, you need a very big and spacious tent to accommodate all of your family members. It is easy to set up and wrapped up in a trolley tent bag for easy carrying. Besides, there is a big window zip, so that you can open it in the morning to allow the fresh air to come through your tent.

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11. Grill & BBQ Spice Collection

Grill & BBQ Spice Collection

Have a super delicious BBQ and grill with this spice collection. This is one of the best camping gear for families because it will provide yummy food to recharge your family energy when staying outside. Come up with a pretty packaging, so that you can give it as a gift too for your wife.

12. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

You cannot miss this first aid kit for your camping trip with family. There are bandages, alcohol wipes, a small scissor, antibiotic ointment, cold pack, and many more in order to solve an emergency issue. There is a pouch too, so that you can just include it in your bags.

13. The Ultimate S’mores Kit

The Ultimate S'mores Kit

It is time to fulfill more happiness during camping with your kids. The ultimate smores kit will brighten the night when you stay outside with your children. No one will deny smores, nor your kids. So, why don’t you bring some for a memorable night with your family?

14. Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

Enjoy a smokeless campfire with your family with this portable fire pit and grill. No hassle, no difficulty, no smoke that will disturb your view. The important thing is it is rechargeable! So, you really do not need any additional item to light up the fire.

15. Magnetic Hiker Bottle Opener

Magnetic Hiker Bottle Opener

Having a bottle opener for drinking time will complete your camping trip. It is easy to carry and can be included even in your waist bag. This magnetic hiker bottle opener also describes well for the nature lover. It seems petty but the best camping gear for families like this cannot be missed.

16. Natural Bug Repel Gift Set

Natural Bug Repel Gift Set

Keep away the bug with this natural bug repellent. It is suitable to protect your skin from mosquitoes. The natural citronella and eucalyptus are effective materials to deter the bugs. The size is compact and easy to carry. No more bugs or mosquitoes bites on your skin.

17. Paint Your Own S’mores Kit

Paint Your Own S'mores Kit

Have a delightful night with your kids with this paint your own s’mores kit. Comes with colorful edible paints to make a more colorful and brighter night for the kids. Also, it is not only fun, but also yummy. Let’s have a s’more joyful night with this!

18. Large Picnic Blanket

Large Picnic Blanket

Laying down on the grass, seeing the beautiful sky with your family will never be this comfortable if you don’t bring a large picnic blanket like this one. It is sand proof and waterproof, so there is no worry about any dust that comes. Moreover, the design is simple and eye-catching, so everyone will love to lay down there. Also, you can fold it easily after being used. It will be the best camping gear for families.

19. 3 Long Range Walkie Talkies

3 Long Range Walkie Talkies

Always keep in touch with your family members when you just go by yourself to get some water or woods. These walkie talkies are also useful for the family members who go snorkeling in the small river when camping. Make sure to charge them until full before you use it outside. Bring the best camping gear for families will not only be fun, but also make your camping be safe and sound.

20. 18′ Teepee Camping Tent With Vented Roof

18' Teepee Camping Tent With Vented Roof

Having a teepee camping tent with a vented roof is very useful for camping with a family. Since usually the size is quite big and can accommodate all of the family members, the setup is not as difficult as other tents with complicated shapes. The material is sturdy and steady. It is time to grab this best camping gear for families.

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21. Camp Quilt

Camp Quilt

Bringing an additional camp quilt will make you regret it. Because sometimes, your kids need more blankets to keep them warm at night. It is a quilt type, so it is not heavy, but still protects your kids from any cold. Then, you will realize that this blanket can be the best camping gear for families you have.

22. 20″ Stretch Cords

20 Stretch Cords

If your husband wants to hang the camp items, he often needs more cords that are useful and easy to carry. Then, you should include these stretch cords inside your bags. It seems petty, but it is pretty practical and beneficial during camping, especially with your family and kids. With 20inches size, guess it is enough to cover your needs.

23. Outdoor Folding Table

Outdoor Folding Table

Having a drink together with your spouse and two kids is the best feeling ever. Bring the foldable table that can store the bottles of you and your family’s favorites. Cheers, chit-chat, and sharing laughter together will be the beautiful memories that you can create with your loved ones.

24. Electric Car Blanket

Electric Car Blanket

When you go camping and stay inside your cars, don’t forget to bring the electric car blanket. It will keep you and your families warm all night long. You can charge it easily and the material is soft as well, so it will be very practical as the best camping gear for families.

25. Portable Cutlery Set With Personal Dishwasher

Portable Cutlery Set With Personal Dishwasher

For simple and easy to carry items, this one can be a winner. You can pack these portable cutlery sets inside each bag of your family members. So that they face no difficulty at meal time. Also, there is a personal dishwasher, so each member can wash the cutlery sets easily. Such is the best camping gear for families right?

Latest Post:

What do I need for camping with a family? 

You will need a big tent to accommodate all of the family members inside. You have to make sure all of them can sleep comfortably although you stay outside. The best camping gear for families is a sturdy tent, smokeless fire pit and grill and a hammock

What are the must haves for camping? 

Must have items for camping are the tent. No matter what shape of your tent, it is the important one for you. Don’t forget about the sleeping bag and portable cutlery for meal time. Because they are not only the must have items, but also the best camping gear for families. 

How do you stay entertained while camping? 

By doing something fun, like making s’mores, drinking favorite drink and chatting in front of a campfire. Doing something together outside while camping will make you entertained and excited. Especially when you have the best camping gear for your family.

What do you think are the good things about camping?

You can have a time spent together with your family. From sleeping together, eating together, cooking a meal together, and even chatting together for a day long. Also, you can feel the fresh air and go back to nature for a while. Camping will increase the survival level for the kids too to make them learn about nature.

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