All You Need is Love and a Dog Mug 

The reason why mugs make a remarkable gift idea is because they are a constant feature at the breakfast table every single morning and thus provide a visual reminder of the people you love.

The “All you need is love and a dog” mug could make the ideal present for a friend who loves her furry family members more than she does you.

The endearing message marks the perfect start to every day and no matter how grumpy you feel when you step out of bed it is guaranteed to cheer you up. It helps you look forward to promising day ahead and an even better tomorrow. 

All You Need is Love and a Dog Mug 

This funny mug could really compress the distance between friends by serving as a creative reminder that though you might be miles apart your affection surpasses all boundaries and in the end is bound to triumph.

all you need is love and a dog

It also calls to mind the loyalty of your canine friends who loyally stick by your side and provide the perfect silent companionship you sometimes need. 

love and a dog singlet

See also the “All I need is Love And a dog T-Shirt and singlet above, also the custom personalised option below.

love and a dog t-shirt

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