Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S’mores

There is food that is just that – food. Nutritious, necessary to survive the day, but not exciting in any way. Then, there’s food that makes you feel things.

Your stomach starts churning, your breathing becomes heavier, and you just know that you need to put your hands on that delicious treat.

These Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S’mores are just what you need if you’re on a lookout for the perfect dessert that will make your toes curl. Just look at it, it’s a masterpiece.

These Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S’mores are astonishing handmade desserts carefully assembled inside simple mason jars. 

Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S'mores

They look truly beautiful and mouthwatering. From the list of ingredients, we can guess that they taste just the way look – amazing.

The layers of this heavenly dessert start out with marshmallows infused with swirls of Nutella. Next, the layering continues with crushed pieces of famous yet classic Italian biscuits – Biscotti. These Italian cookies have a crunchy texture yet a refreshing taste thanks to the almonds used in the batter.

Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S'mores

The Hazelnut Dreams are made even more dreamy thanks to the chocolate hazelnut cream in-between the layers. The whole dessert is topped off with toasted Madagascar vanilla marshmallows. The swirls of Nutella serve as a finishing touch on top of them. 

Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S'mores

The fact that the dessert is assembled inside a mason jar adds a certain charm to the whole treat. Marshmallows are simple sweets that remind us of easier times, roasting them in front of the fire. So the mason jar packaging only emphasizes this beautiful feeling of simplicity while still bringing a sophisticated and rustic look to the whole dessert.

If you want to add a luxurious twist to your beloved childhood treat, these Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S’mores are the way to go. Treat yourself to one-of-a-kind dessert and prepare for the taste to blow your mind.

Hazelnut Dreams 7-layer S'mores

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