25 Party Camping Gadgets for Unforgettable Camping Moments

Everyone will agree that camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. But, for having the best time of your life, you can try throwing a camping party instead of the usual camping activity. For instance, if you want to celebrate your birthday or simply want to spend a pleasurable long weekend with your best friends or family, a camping party is always the right thing to do. You don’t have to go far because you can make unforgettable camping moments as long as you bring the best party camping gadgets with you.

Here, you will discover everything you need for a delightful camping party. From the basic party camping gadgets like a spacious tent and a foldable camping table, various fun games, to the cute outfits that you can wear for a party camping, we got you all covered. So, let’s check it out carefully one-by-one.

1. Black Light Tumble Tower

Black Light Tumble Tower

Spice up your party by adding this party camping gadget. Contains 54 premium quality birch blocks with hilarious drinking rules on 45 of them and 9 blank blocks and several other equipment, this tumble tower surely can complete your camping party experience. Plus, you still can play this at night without lights, isn’t it impressive?

2. Mini Beer Pong

party camping gadgets

If you are searching for a party camping gadget that can be used for an ice breaker, a mini beer pong would be the best answer. Handmade with baltic birch wood, this obviously useful for both drinking racks as well as a beer pong table. Moreover, this includes little cups which make it very handy to travel with.

3. Musical Spoon

party camping gadgets

Bringing your musical instrument with you when you are camping might be a bother. Thus, we recommend this musical spoon that you can consider as a party camping gadget you should bring. By using this little yet unique musical instrument, you and your friends can have more fun at party camping.

4. Instant Kombucha Tabs

party camping gadgets

Let’s start the party by drinking a glass of kombucha. You don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of bringing kombucha bottles because these instant kombucha tabs allow you to enjoy kombucha anywhere, even where you are camping. Available in 4 different flavors, these tabs are surely great additions to your party camping gadgets.

5. Beeropoly

party camping gadgets

Perhaps playing a monopoly game at your camping party is too complicated, you can replace it with this beeropoly game. To play this, you and your friends only need to roll the dice, move your bottle cap pieces, and then complete the beer challenges along the way. Such a simple but fun game, isn’t it?

6. Soft Rug Blanket Waterproof

party camping gadgets

Having a waterproof rug for camping is a must. However, since you are doing a party camping, you should not just pick a random one. So, we suggest you get this soft rug blanket waterproof as one of your party camping gadgets. There are a number of cute and fun pattern options that fit your party vibes.

7. Sunflower Washable Paper Hat

party camping gadgets

Summer is the best season for party camping, but don’t let the sunshine pull you down. Simply wear this adorable sunflower paper hat and you can freely move your body without having to be afraid of the sun. Maybe you can be a ray of sunshine on your own at the party instead?

8. Dried Flower Wreath DIY Kit

party camping gadgets

Flowers are perfect for any occasion, including party camping. Other than pretty, you can have some fun with your girls since this dried flower wreath is a DIY kit. This kit already provides everything, starting from a willow reed frame to elegant blooms and foliage, glue, and instructions. All you need to do is just create your dream flower wreath to wear at party camping.

9. Adventure Food Cup

party camping gadgets

Adding cuteness to your camping party is not an impossible thing to do with this adventure baking cup set. Including 50 baking cups in 2 coordinating designs, this set should be on your party camping gadget list. Fill these cups with popcorn or your favorite snacks that can be your sweet companions while spending time outdoors.

10. S’mores Station and Organizer

S’mores Station and Organizer

Do you know what’s the most iconic snack at a campsite? Yes, it is s’more! And you definitely need an organizer like this s’mores station for it, since s’mores require various ingredients. Made of fir wood and a nice design, this organizer should make your s’mores party night more enjoyable.

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11. Camper Sweatshirt

party camping gadgets

Don’t know what outfit would appropriate a camping party? You can always wear this lovely camper sweatshirt. It has a unisex design and comes with multiple color selections, so everyone definitely could put this on. To make it better, you can also order it in a t-shirt or hoodie form, be sure to pick what is most comfortable for you.

12. Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

party camping gadgets

Imagine a party without music. It must be so boring, right? Hence, you should bring a wireless portable bluetooth speaker with you. Coming with 7 unique designs, this party camping gadget will make you have a blast at a camping party.

13. Camping Socks

party camping gadgets

Socks are one of the essentials you should bring when camping. Besides being functional, these camping socks are the party camping gadgets that also can complete the cute look of your outfits. The mint pastel, purple, and pink colors with a starry night mountain scenery would be loved by every woman camper.

14. 16ft Jungle Balloon Garland Arch Kit

party camping gadgets

Decorating a camping place with balloon garland will never go wrong. It will instantly make the space look proper for a party. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab this party camping gadget while it lasts!

15. Cake Jars

party camping gadgets

Party isn’t complete without cakes. But, instead of having a whole cake that takes a lot of work, why don’t you bring some of these cake jars with you? Furthermore, there are numerous flavor options that will suit you and your friend’s tastes.

16. Candy Bar Wrapper

party camping gadgets

Another thing that you should take into consideration when throwing a camping party is to serve some sweets, like candies or chocolates. This candy bar wrapper can help you serve it, along with the camping theme design. Everyone would love this without doubt.

17. S’more Menu Board Tiered Tray Decor

party camping gadgets

Does your camping table look dull and plain? Then you can try to decor it with this s’more menu board. With the size of 6.5’ tall by 5.25” wide, this cute sign board also can be used for summer decor around the house once the camping party is finished.

18. Hanging Campfire Griddle Plate

party camping gadgets

Perhaps you haven’t owned a campfire grill for your upcoming camping party, so you should get this one party camping gadget. With a diameter of 52 cm, this hanging griddle plate can hold steaks and many other foods for BBQ. Because it is completed with chains and hooks, it can be easily installed at the campsite.

19. Air Horn Small Noise Maker

party camping gadgets

You can add some excitement to your camping party effortlessly with this air horn. It is extremely loud, so be prepared when you are using this. This is a perfect party camping gadget for unforgettable camping moments.

20. LED Fireworks Lights

LED Fireworks Lights

We all know that a camping party is identical with fireworks. But, how about exchanging it with these LED fireworks lights that will last longer than the real fireworks? You can adjust the brightness and the modes with a wireless remote control which is very convenient and safe, unlike the fireworks.

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21. Glow Sticks Bulk 500 Packs

party camping gadgets

Every exciting thing at a party happens at night. Therefore, you need something to light up the darkness of the night and these glow sticks can do that job. With a total of 500 colorful pieces, you can use these as bracelets, eyeglasses, or even hair accessories.

22. Inflatable Buffet Cooler

party camping gadgets

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink at a party. Therefore, having this particular party camping gadget is necessary. This inflatable buffet cooler can keep your drinks cool even if you are having a summer camping party.

23. Costway Foldable Camping Table Outdoor

party camping gadgets

You certainly need a table for a camping party. However, bringing a usual table would be troublesome, thus you need a foldable camping table to bring to your camping party. Equipped with sturdy steel, heat-resistant aluminum and moisture-resistant MDF, this can provide you an easy and comfy BBQ experience.

24. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

party camping gadgets

Bean bags must be required at a camping party. Because we all need something comfortable to sit on, right? Fortunately, this bean bag chair offers you the comfy fun sitting position along with a structured seat and back. Not only that, you can choose your favorite color too because they have some variant of different colors.

25. Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 20-Person Star Tent

party camping gadgets

When it comes to parties, the more the merrier. Hence, this huge tent is the best because it has four attached side rooms that are detached from the center of the tent using sewn-in zippered divider curtains which creates 5 rooms in total. This tent can hold approximately 6 queen size air beds or sleep 20 people in sleeping bags.

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What are the best party camping gadgets?

The best party camping gadgets are this foldable camping table, this inflatable buffet cooler, and this LED fireworks lights. The three of them are the most important, useful, and pretty convenient for a party camping. Accordingly, do not forget to bring those to your campsite.

What are party camping must-haves?

Party camping is different from ordinary camping. It must be able to provide endless excitement and joyful moments for all participants. For this reason, games like mini beer pong or beeropoly game as well as this wireless portable bluetooth speaker are some of the party camping gadgets that you must have.

How do you dress for party camping?

Actually, any outfits will do for party camping. You only need to be aware about the time and season when you are going. But if you still don’t know how to dress for party camping, simply throw on this lovely camper sweatshirt and a sunflower paper hat and you are ready to go!

How can I look cute while camping?

You can look cute if you wear these camping socks, no matter what, because of its pastel color and cute design. In addition, we recommend you to put this dried flower wreath on your hair as it will make you cute and pretty as well. Last but not least, you sure will look cute if you use these glow sticks that can be considered as versatile accessories.

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