Coffee Table Drink Cooler

With this Coffee Table Drink Cooler by Sobro, you will never have to miss a second of an important game while getting drinks.

Have you ever left the room to get drinks for yourself or your buddies during an important game only for your team to score the second you step into the kitchen? Yeah, we’ve all been there, it hurts. But with this cool coffee table, you won’t have to anymore.

This unique coffee table doubles, first of all, as a refrigerator. It has a huge built-in drawer that will cool your drinks to the perfect refreshing temperature.

Apart from that, the coffee table drink cooler can also serve you as a Bluetooth speaker. It can be connected to your phone, let the music flow through your apartment to brighten up the mood. 

Literally brighten up, as this coffee table drink cooler has built-in LED lights on the undersides. The beautiful ambient lighting is bound to liven up your space.

Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Last but not least, the coffee table is equipped with USB ports for charging your phone as well as with power outlets for keeping your laptop’s battery full and happy.

Coffee Table Drink Cooler

This storage coffee table looks beautiful and futuristic even without its high-tech features, but they do add a huge amount of appeal to it. This coffee table definitely shows that the all-connected future is near. 

Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Coffee Table Drink Cooler

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