81 Incredibly Unique Coffee Tables You Can Buy!

We treat coffee tables as a thing of necessity, especially if we consider ourself as a true coffee lover. A coffee table is something that you put in front of the sofa, as the place to put not only your cup of coffee cup, but probably a TV remote or book as well. However, at time we might forget that a coffee table can actually bring the whole room together. The perfect coffee table can even add some flare, it can accentuate the colors you want, and overall surprise you with its functionality.

Since it’s one of the must have piece of furniture to own, you can find tons of unique coffee tables to choose from. But when it comes to searching for a coffee table that is one-of-a-kind and unique, you might need to dig a bit deeper. However, we don’t want you to do that extra effort because we have come to the rescue by gathering some of the most recommended pieces for you. Whether you are looking for unusual coffee tables, rustic, classy, contemporary or even retro ones, we’ve got you covered.

The list below includes our favorite stylish and unique coffee tables that you will instantly want to put into your living room. The question is, which one will you choose?

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#1 Golden Branches Coffee Table

Glass Top Gold Twigs Coffee

This coffee table is so beautiful that it kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? But in all seriousness, the golden minimalist branches stacked together and uplifting the glass table top just make it look so elegant and pure. It would look especially good in a well-lit light room. Or in any room for that matter.

#2 Inception Coffee Table

Inception Coffee Table

Whatever your stance is on the movie Inception, you have to admit that it was and still becomes one of the most visually stunning movies out there. The city-bending scene was already enough to take your breath away. So when it comes to unique wood coffee tables you can’t go wrong with the Inception version of it.

#3 Twisted Iron Tree Root Coffee Table

Twisted Iron Tree Root Coffee Table

When searching for unique coffee tables, you can not go wrong with an item like this. The intricate design of a tree root combined with the strength of iron gives it an almost magical image. You wouldn’t even be surprised to this table on the set of Game of Thrones.

#4 Seraphina White Lift-Top Coffee Table 

Seraphina White Lift-Top Coffee Table

This lift-top coffee table is a most incredible mix of appeal and function. The use of white makes it an instant eye catcher and enhances its contemporary look. Plus, the spacious storage space is icing on an already tasty cake.

#5 Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

This is one of those weird and unique coffee tables that is executed in such a beautiful and precise way that it kinda begins to make sense. Why not substitute the table’s legs with axes? It certainly makes this coffee table a star of any man cave living room. It would look great in an out-of-town cabin as well, or even in a modern apartment space.

#6 Hemisphere Soho Table

unique coffee tables

Now this one is definitely a fine example of what comes to mind when you think of unique round coffee tables. This handcrafted table is shaped like half of a sphere and looks incredibly rustic and modern at the same time. We believe without a doubt that this item will certainly add a certain charm to any room.

 #7 Midcentury Angular Table

unique coffee tables

With some cool coffee tables you will never know whether they belong on a set of a 50s drama or in the newest IKEA catalog and that’s great. This coffee table combines both retro and modern vibes, and its beautiful angular shape will look great in any minimalist room.

#8 Madilyn Coffee Table 

unique coffee tables

This ultra-modern coffee table uses a splendid work of contrasts – white and brown, wood and glass – to stimulate lots of visual interest. It is just the ideal size and adds the convenience of visible and hidden storage compartments.

#9 Crates Coffee Table

Crates Coffee Table

This one is for those of you who are looking for creative coffee tables that combine the looks with a pinch of ingenuity and a dash of organizing space. This rustic coffee table looks very unique and gives you every advantage in the space-saving department.

#10 Transparent Side Trays Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

Why worry about about what color will look good in your room while browsing thousands of amazing coffee tables? Just go with this transparent one. It looks extremely cool and sleek, has side trays for keeping light reading there and will make you forget about the color theory rules.

#11 Parametric Spider Table

unique coffee tables

This is one of the most unique coffee tables for sale out there. Just look at its beautiful flowing shape that still remains geometric in the best practices of parametric design. If you want something more than a generic coffee table, then this one will also serve you as a piece of art worthy of showing off.

#12 Wellington Coffee Table 

unique coffee tables

The top-notch sleek design of this contemporary piece is highlighted by the generous use of geometric appeal. The glass top allows for an impressive display and the material choice ensures impressive quality and durability. Looking at how classic this coffee table looks, you will surely have the one item to use for many years to come.

#13 Lord Of The Rings Map Table

Lord Of The Rings Map Table

This cool coffee table will make any Lord of The Rings fan squeal in delight and excitement, as it features a map of Middle-Earth carved into it. It looks extremely awesome and beautiful. Now you can spend hours just studying this artistic map or settling geographical disputes with other fans of the franchise.

#14 Coffee Table Aquarium

Coffee Table Aquarium

Unique coffee table ideas usually entail combining a coffee table concept with something unexpected, like an aquarium for instance. And you know what? It works out brilliantly! This coffee table comes with all the filters your fish might need, and it will not even be disturbed that they’re living in a coffee table. Fish are like that, you know.

#15 Africa Shaped Coffee Table

Africa Shaped Coffee Table

This beautiful three-legged coffee table is shaped based on the continent of Africa. With such inspiration, it was handcrafted with utmost precision and care. In fact, if you need any persuading that it’s more of a work of art than a table, just look at how amazing it looks when mounted on a wall.

#16 Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table with Storage

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table With Storage

If you’re looking for unique coffee tables with out-of-the-box design, then this one might be the right choice for you. This coffee table is made out of an authentic reclaimed oak barrel and it will look extremely cool in a cabin or lodge in front of a fireplace. A little advice, to be ready when the weather gets colder, you might store a couple of blankets in it as well.

#17 Starlight Coffee Table 

Starlight Coffee Table

Simplicity is the name of the game for this highly creative and appealing coffee table. The star-inspired pattern creates a sense of sophistication to this item. Having this piece of art on your living room will immediately give an instant facelift to the room. However, if you feel like placing this table inside your bedroom, it would be a wonderful decision as well, if you ask us.

#18 Coffee Table with Pocket Drawers

Coffee Table With Pocket Drawers

This beautiful coffee table has pocket side drawers that allow you to keep whatever stuff you might need to have nearby at all times. But even if it didn’t have those, you still have to admit that this coffee table itself looks extremely beautiful, especially if we focus on the combination of light brown and chrome colors. Simply adorable!

#19 Touchscreen Coffee Table

Touchscreen Coffee Table

If you’re constantly struggling with those small digital keyboards on most smartphone and tablets, you are not alone because we feel you. But what would you say, if the answer to your problem is a digital coffee table? Since we live in the digital era, this kind of multi function device or table comes as something that really make sense, right? If you live a digital lifestyle to the fullest, then this one is for you. It also bounds to have the buttons large enough!

#20 Real Tree Root Coffee Table

Tree Stump Coffee Table

Speaking of tree roots, it’s been a leading trend in the unique coffee tables design and it really is understandable. There’s something captivating in such raw a rustic piece of interior that feels strong and solid. Combine it with a living room that predominantly features white and gray colors and you could easily be looking at an image in a catalog.

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#21 Jeddo Coffee Table 

Jeddo Coffee Table

Curves will never go out of style and their use on this coffee table creates a stunning effect. This combined with the innate elegance of chrome will brighten up your room and effortlessly cheer you up. In our opinion, this type of coffee table will be the perfect addition to any room with modern and sleek decor theme.

#22 Batman Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

You really thought we’d be talking about awesome coffee tables without mentioning Batman? Yeah, you would probably think so for sure. But the moment this coffee table came into our radar, it was obvious that we just had to include it on the list. For some who loves Superheroes, especially Batman, this coffee table is definitely a must-have. Anyway, do you think Batman has the same one inside his Batcave?

#23 The Red Balloons Coffee Table

The Red Balloons Coffee Table

As far as unique glass coffee tables go, this one is the coolest and most adorable you have ever seen. The glass table top looks as if it’s being pushed off the ground by red balloons and it makes you instantly think of “Up!”, doesn’t it? Or you could just start humming 99 Red Balloons, whichever you prefer.

#24 Amboise Double Lift-top Coffee Table 

Amboise Double Lift-top Coffee Table

As if this solid wood table is not amazing enough by virtue of its impressive looks, it features an astounding amount of storage space. The lift top option offers unlimited possibilities for setting up multi-course dinners. If you are the type of person who tends to keep things or necessities well kept in one place, the you might want to consider having a piece of these unique coffee tables at home.

#25 LED Lighting Cube Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

If you’re looking for stylish coffee tables that will not also look great but will also have added functionality, then here it is. The design of this coffee table follows the recent trend of simple design combined with raw wood etched with resin. However, we cannot be more excited to tell you that this item also features LED installation, which can fill your modern looking room with beautiful colors at any time.

#26 Lockheed Metal Coffee Table

Lockheed Metal Coffee Table

This unique coffee table has been inspired by the same plane that Amelia Earhart was flying on her final flight. But even if you didn’t know that, you could come up with your own interpretation of this table’s design. It’s beautiful smooth shape and symmetry certainly make your imagination run wild. Pick this immediately if you still have an unoccupied space inside your industrial-themed living room.

#27 Beavin Coffee Table 

beavin table

This is definitely the ultimate statement piece for your living room. It is made out of hammered aluminum and polished to a fault to ensure instant eye appeal, making it an impressive focal point regardless of the room’s theme. Looking at the overall design of it, this coffee table would be the perfect pick to complete the look of your modern and simple living room.

#28 Modern Swivel Coffee Table

Modern Swivel Coffee Table

If you’re looking for unique coffee tables that look sleek and modern and have some hidden functionality in them, then you might want to take look at this one item. This simple and elegant table consists of three levels and you can turn the top one to suit your needs.

#29 Koi Fish Mosaic Coffee Table

koi fish mozaic table

Creative coffee tables that feature mosaics are definitely bound to brighten up your room, no question about it. This beautiful coffee table can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it can also be customized to suit your needs, too. It will certainly look amazing if you plan on including this item as a new addition to your garden.

#30 Selma Coffee Table 

selma table

This modernized look blends perfectly with your contemporary set up. In no time, it will be an instant magnet that attracts people’s attention, thanks to the X-bases. It features lots of space under the table top and it uses a combination of wood and steel for top-tier aesthetics.

#31 Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

nintendo controller table

Looking for awesome coffee table ideas for classic game lovers? We have one of the perfect options for that exact purpose. This coffee table was made intentionally to resemble the iconic Nintendo NES controller. In our opinion, if you don’t want your coffee table to be boring and “just there” then take the one that actually makes you happy and shows off your personality as a classic game lover.

#32 Transforming Coffee Table

Transforming Coffee Table

Now this is one of those unique coffee tables that will be a true lifesaver in a small apartment. Apart from being a coffee table, it can also serve you as a desk or a dining table as well. Just transform it into one in two simple motions.

#33 Comic Book Coffee Table

Comic Book Coffee Table

If you’re a comic book fan you will certainly not be opposed to having a coffee table that features all your favorite scenes and events from your beloved issues. Having this coffee table at home will confirm the fact that you are a fan of comic books. Unusual coffee tables are the ones you can read, right?

#34 Mccool Coffee Table 

Round Coffee Table Rustic

The best part about antique pieces is that they never go out of style, thanks to their rustic allure. Inspired by a cabin charm, the outstanding piece arrests attention instantly and blends with any given background perfectly.

#35 Chocolate Mosaic Rustic Coffee Table

Chocolate Mosaic Rustic Coffee Table

Unique rustic coffee tables do not usually come equipped with beautiful mosaics, but this one does. The table itself is made out of reclaimed that has marks and scratches for the antique look. The tiles used in the table have beautiful brown brown color mixed with golden flecks that instantly makes you think of chocolate. What a unique piece of table to grab!

#36 Audun Coffee Table 

The tempered glass top along with the stylish curved bottom makes it a sparkling addition to any space. It is both decorative and functional, and it features a bottom shelf that could create an amazing display stage. Then the next question is, what would be the perfect room to place this table at home? Well, the answer is actually vary based on your taste and intention. But if you ask us, we would suggest to have it as a center piece inside your living room.

#37 Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

This is one of those cool coffee tables that will look amazing no matter where you put it. It’s shaped like a vintage trunk and offers you storage space underneath the lid. No doubt, Newt Scamander would have loved this coffee table and kept some of his beasts in it. If you wonder why, it’s obviously because it has that magical touch that makes you feel like you are staying inside one of Hogwarts’ common rooms.

#38 Cassette Coffee Table

Cassette Coffee Table

Calling all 80s and 90s generations out there! You probably did not expect funny coffee tables can bring you a wave of nostalgia, right? But if you still remember what a cassette is and miss fiddling with it to rewind it, then you are going to love this coffee table. This is a piece that worth a spot inside your vintage-themed living room or bedroom.

#39 The Waffle Coffee Table

There’s no better food than breakfast even when it serves as an inspiration for unusual coffee tables. Yes, technically this coffee table is inspired by an architectural concept of “waffle slab”, but we, mere mortals, are just going to daydream about warm yummy waffles while looking at this table.

#40 Pebble Coffee Table

Pebble Coffee Table

These unique coffee tables look both cute and elegant if that’s even possible. Shaped like a pebble this coffee table provides you with a lot of storage space underneath the table top. Such coffee table would look especially cool placed outdoors, which you can do thanks to its weather resistance. Moreover, we would suggest that you pick this table too, especially if you love art deco designs.

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#41 Belafonte Coffee Table 

Belafonte Coffee Table

Bring back that 70s vibe with this unique coffee table. This cohesive design on the walnut table top and chrome legs create a sense of continuity that will enhance any living space. And with the discrete space underneath, you never again need to lose the remote control.

#42 Kidney Shaped Driftwood Coffee Table

Kidney Shaped Driftwood Table

If you’re looking for beautiful coffee tables, then what can be more enticing than a raw twisted shape of driftwood combined with fragile glass? The polished dark wood of the base of this coffee table also adds some style to this piece. Plus, the kidney-shaped glass makes it stand out piece among usually round and square coffee tables.

#43 Polygonal Glass Coffee Table

polygonal glass table

You probably didn’t expect one piece of glass to serve as a coffee table. But in this case, the glass has been shaped into a polygonal and looks absolutely magnificent as a coffee table. So if you are still searching here and there for the perfect coffee table to complete the look of your modern elegant living room, then search no more and grab this one fast.

#44 Steampunk Coffee Table

steampunk table

Steampunk style can make everything becomes more unique, even simple coffee tables can suddenly become amazing tables when made according to best practices of steampunk. This coffee table combines metal and glass. Illuminated together with an Edison light bulb, they create a stunning picture worth admiring. For those of you who loves raw industrial design, this item is definitely a must-have.

#45 Raccoon Coffee Table

unique coffee tables

Now, whatever your stance on raccoons is, you have to admit that this cute coffee table definitely benefits from looking like one. It just looks so adorable and fun that it will look great in any nursery or even living room. Plus, you get additional storage space and that’s always nice.

#46 The Azure Abyss Table

The Azure Abyss Table

This table is slightly bigger than other unique coffee tables that are on this list. But we just can’t deny the fact that this one looks so incredibly beautiful that we couldn’t not include it in here. It looks as if someone has managed to merge water and sand together into one coffee table, creating a stunning piece of interior. Having this item will not only serve as a coffee table, but it will definitely serve as a piece or art, too!

#47 Asymmetrical Tree Root Coffee Table

Asymmetrical Tree Root Coffee Table

What separates this beautiful coffee table from other similar tree root one is its uneven shape. It’s the Rorschach test of coffee tables and it’s absolutely stunning beginning with its shape and ending with its amazing colors. It look raw and stunning at the same time.

#48 Masuda Nesting Coffee Tables 

Masuda Nesting Coffee Tables

Looking for space-saving furniture ideas with a timeless appeal? The Masuda nesting tables are simply perfect in terms of blending function and eye appeal in one outstandingly simple design, which could suit virtually any space. In our opinion, this coffee table is one of the most recommended items for apartments.

#49 Black and White Nintendo Pad Coffee Table

Black And White Nintendo Pad Coffee Table

If you’re not a fan of coffee tables that look natural or made of wooden materials, but still want to have an awesome coffee table in your room, then here you go. We are happy to present you with this next item on the list. This coffee table certainly brings in some colors and will definitely put you in a gaming mood every time you walk past it.

#50 The Hammock Coffee Table

The Hammock Coffee Table

Yeah, it’s here only because of the cat. Nope, kidding..kidding. The table itself is a simple and elegant piece of furniture that comes with a wicker hammock underneath the glass top. It can serve you as a shelf or as a new residence for your cat. So if you find that your cat is missing in action one day, make sure you search for it by checking out this table.

#51 Contemporary Oval Coffee Table

Contemporary Oval Coffee Table

If you’re looking for unusual coffee tables for sale aka reasonable price, then take a look at this one. It certainly does look unique and modern with its oval shape and interesting base. It will look extremely cool in a spacious living room.

#52 Football Betting Coffee Table

Football Betting Coffee Table

This cool coffee table gives you an opportunity to place some bets on the game that you’re watching with your buddies on TV. The design of this table is reminiscent of the traditional craps table. Moreover, it also comes with chips that make placing bets much more than simple words. Perfecto!

#53 Rustic Modern Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Modern Storage Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table that looks both modern and rustic, then how about this light wooden table as an option? It looks really sophisticated and adorably simple. Furthermore, it also provides you with additional storage space, and to open the storage all you have to do is simply lift the top of the table. Pretty easy and simple, don’t you think?

#54 Driftwood Coffee Table Base

Driftwood Coffee Table Base

There’s something so enchanting and amazing about this driftwood table that you can’t even take your eyes off of it. The intertwining shapes give it a unique and organic feel and will look great in any room. You can count that this coffee table base will definitely be a conversation starter.

#55 Horse Coffee Table

horse table

If you want an unusual coffee table that has more substance to it and less minimalism then maybe this horse coffee table will suit your taste. Just look at this mighty stallion. It will certainly add some class to your living room. It’s unique design will make it a focal point in the room, too.

#56 The River Coffee Table With Pebbles

the river table with pebbles

It’s probably not often for you to come across unique coffee tables that can be treated as a piece of art. But this one certainly looks extremely artistic and interesting, as it combines several pieces of wood combined, creating a look as if a river has been running through it, leaving behind pebbles and unique patterns. If you appreciate art, then search no more and make a piece of this amazing coffee table as yours.

#57 Square Rotating Oak Coffee Table

Christopher Knight Home Modernesque Rotating Coffee Table

At a first glance, this one looks like a simple square coffee table that will look great in any living room. But it’s actually made out of three layers that you can rotate and use for keeping your cup of tea, coffee or even books nearby all day. To be honest, we do think that having this item will feel like we’re having three tables in one.

#58 Stone Base Coffee Table

stone base table

When you were searching for unusual coffee tables you probably did not expect something like this one. The boldness of this table kind of smacks you in the face. It’s a rough stone that has been somehow integrated into a coffee table and interestingly it looks mesmerizing.

#59 Windy Branches Coffee Table

Windy Branches Coffee Table

Even though this table just an object that stands still, this is one of those unique coffee tables that somehow look dynamic and full of motion. The strong shapes that the metal has been forged into, make this coffee table look as if it’s made out of branches that battle relentlessly strong wind.

#60 The Kate Coffee Table 

The Kate Coffee Table

Rose gold is the new black and the Kate coffee table pushes this concept for all its worth. The unique abstract shape seems like a page out of nature and the choice of chrome makes it an awesome conversation piece. If you are into elegant design, then we highly recommend this item for you.

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#61 Recycled Oil Drum Coffee Table

Recycled Oil Drum Coffee Table

In a million years you wouldn’t have guessed that one of the most unusual coffee tables here is actually a recycled oil drum. It’s full of beautiful imperfections and it looks absolutely stunning. Don’t worry, it’s also covered with food safe coating too, so it will serve you well as a coffee table.

#62 Ford Flathead Engine Coffee Table

Ford Flathead Engine Coffee Table

If you love cars, then you’ll probably adore one of the most unique coffee tables such as this one. It features a Ford engine that has required tons of work to look as it does. Moreover, the combination of metal and glass will also add more charm to the beauty of this unique coffee table.

#63 Belafonte by Wade Logan Coffee Table 

Belafonte by Wade Logan table

The mild mannered design on this table disguises an entire world of functionality underneath. Rotate the swivel top to take a peek into the conveniently compartmentalized sections, and see how it will allow you to keep the room clutter-free with great ease.

#64 Circuit Board Coffee Table

Circuit Board Coffee Table

The design of one of the most unusual coffee tables has been inspired by a circuit board, obviously. However, the true magic of this coffee table is in its functionality. It’s equipped with a bottle holder, a place for hanging wine glasses and even a vase and candle holder. So cool!

#65 Ayden Coffee Table

Ayden Coffee Table

Do not be fooled by the small size of this minimalistic coffee table; its rotating layered design provides more space than you would expect while at the same time giving it a unique appeal that makes quite a statement. In our opinion, this one also comes as a perfect item to be placed inside your apartment.

#66 Firearm Cabinet Coffee Table

Firearm Cabinet Coffee Table

Unique coffee tables are the ones that can surprise you and this one certainly has the capacity to do just that. Want to feel like a secret spy? Stash your firearms in this coffee table and you will definitely feel both safer and cooler.

#67 Pink Cypress Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Pink Cypress Tree Trunk Coffee Table

You might think of such unusual coffee tables made out of a tree trunk as odd or beautiful. Well, in reality we know that it’s just a matter of taste. However, this one definitely stands out, thanks to the pinkish hue of the wood used in it. We believe without a doubt that it will certainly be an interesting addition to anyone’s living room.

#68 Ping Pong Coffee Table

ping pong table

This coffee table doesn’t only serve you as a, well, coffee table. The chalkboard surface allows you to draw on it with chalk, too! So when you’re feeling a bit tired of drawing, you can always turn it into a ping pong table. Isn’t that cool?

#69 Burled River Coffee Table 

River Coffee Table From Live Edge

This incredible coffee table is designed by passionate furniture maker Greg Klassen, it features a slab of solid mable with hand cut blue glass inlaid to represent a flowing river and polished off with a silky smooth finish, Stunning!  So if you want to have a piece of designer’s furniture, then this is the chance for you to have just that.

#70 Sumo Wrestler Coffee Table

Sumo Wrestler Coffee Table - Unique coffee tables

Ok, so we had to include this sumo wrestler coffee table in our list of cool coffee tables because we feel that this is certainly unique. Just in case you’re wondering about why we must include this one into the list, then we can only give you one answer, and it’s purely because of it’s unique design. For you who love Japanese culture, this table is highly recommended for you, too.

#71 Small Couch Side Table

EKNITEY Small Couch Side Table

Looking for a compact size of coffee table for not that big of available space? You will have the answer with this small couch side table. A C-Shaped table with side pocket will fit to your space. These four-wheeled walnut coffee table can be your favorite coffee table, or you can also use this for working with laptop everywhere you want around your house. You want to make it stay still? Easy! Just change it into adjuster feet from the wheel. 

#72 Modern Minimalist Round Table with Storage

DEKOPRO Small Side Table with Storage

A coffee table with no storage like a latte with no sugar. The storage completes the table and it is useful for you to keep the room neat and clean. This round table with hidden storage inside will enhance the look of your living room. Not only space-saving, this table is lightweight as well, so you can move it to the room or spot you like!

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#73 Seagrass Coffee Table

Round Coffee Table,RANDEFURN Seagrass Coffee Tables

Looking for something with a rustic touch for your house? Probably you need this coffee table to become the solution for such request. With Seagrass and Abaca plant fiber, this table made of natural material will give a different look to your living room. A neutral color of the table, and sturdy material, are some of the must have items for your house. 

#74 Toscano Stacked Book Coffee Table

Design Toscano Stacked Book Volumes Vintage Decor End Table with Glass Top

Finding a unique coffee table is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here we got you a rustic style table that will provide you the cozy feeling of drinking coffee while enjoying a light snack or reading a book in the afternoon. The stone and resin are beautifully carved to form a pile of old books that will offer a vintage vibe to your home. Its mini size is perfect for minimalist home décor as well.

#75 Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Elephance Round Coffee Table with Storage

Who doesn’t want multifunctionality when it comes to home furnishings? Surely such an item will be handy and save your money a lot! This rustic wood coffee table can be the right option for your interior décor. Additional storage under the table can store food jars, tissues, and magazines. Moreover, it has an elegant design with a touch of rustic wood grain pattern. Also, the table is excellent as a focal point in your living room, thanks to its round shape.

#76 Black Marble Coffee Table

WOHOMO Black Marble Coffee Table

Are you one of those people who consider the shape of the table before buying? Looks like this table is for you. The combination of round and rectangle shapes is a great solution for those who often have difficulty in choosing a table. 

It is made of marble, so you don’t need to worry about its durability. The black color that comes naturally from selected material gives the impression of chic and classic at the same time. Your coffee break can’t be more enjoyable than this.

#77 Square White Marble Coffee Table

Octopus Funny Motorcycle Helmet Covers

If you prefer white marble rather than the previously mentioned black ones, this coffee table would be an excellent alternative. The marble table top is a perfect square, ideal for a small living room. The white color of the marble is exquisite to look at. Combined with some subtle streak of natural black lines, the table looks very classy despite its minimalistic design. This model will come in parts, but you can assemble it easily.

#78 Hexagonal Coffee Table

Hexagonal Coffee Table

Do you want to try including something quirky in your living room? If you do, you might want to try this hexagonal coffee table. Instead of the regular oval or rectangle, a six-sided table would be a lovely change of pace.

This coffee table is manufactured using some high-quality fiberboard and is enclosed within a lovely walnut pattern. There are some compartments under the table top where you can store your books. It is designed for stability and durability!

#79 Coffee Table with Unique Geometric Design

Coffee Table With Unique Geometric Design

Here is another coffee table that does not come in a boring shape! The geometric design of its frame resembles a blooming flower when you see it from the top side. The tabletop comes with an excellent smoked glass that can handle your coffee, vase, and some books.

It looks symmetrical yet offers a complex touch to your living room, thanks to its interweaving frames. The walnut veneer adds extra value to the unique shape of this coffee table.

#80 Iridescent Acrylic Coffee Table

Iridescent Acrylic Coffee Table

A modern living room would need a coffee table with a modern design. And there is nothing more refreshing than this acrylic coffee table! All of its components are created from clear acrylic. As a result, under a certain lighting condition, the table will produce a unique iridescent coloration despite being transparent. If you want to liven up the room, this acrylic coffee table is the most ideal choice!

#81 Chest-shaped Rustic Coffee Table

Chest-shaped Rustic Coffee Table

For you whose house follows the rustic style, you will appreciate this chest-shaped coffee table. It offers a gray finish that accentuates the wood grains, improving its antique looks. Not just the outer design, this table also offers a surprise feature. You can lift the tabletop up to reveal a spacious storage space for your knick-knacks. It is not only looking like a chest but it can function like one too!

Final Thoughts

A coffee table might sounds like a small part of your home furnishing’s element. But do you know that a simple thing can create a huge effect, and a coffee table can work exactly like that. It can turn your space into a more sophisticated room or area for sure. So, if you are searching for a new coffee table for your space, then make sure you choose carefully and check out our list full of the most recommended and unique coffee tables before you make the final decision.

Latest Post:

What shape should my coffee table be?

It is best to have a rectangular or oval shape for your coffee table as it can fit any size of your room. Even a smaller room will look great when you choose to put one of them. 

What is the right size of a coffee table?

A perfect size for your coffee table should be two-thirds of the size of your sofa. At this arrangement, you will have an ideal look in your living room. 

I bet you can’t decide which unique coffee table you would choose for your own living room now, either way, I’m sure you can appreciate the funky and creative coffee table designs featured here and the work that has gone into creating them.

comment below what your favourites are and if you have any suggestions for the list please let us know.

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