25 Modern Coffee Tables to Style Up Your Space

No home is complete without a modern coffee table! It is the central point of any area it is placed in. This table is a great place to set down drinks and snacks. Furthermore, some models have extra hidden storage, a pop-up workspace, and an integrated terrarium!

Modern coffee tables usually have sleeker and simpler designs that complement any interior. Whether you have a contemporary home or a vintage design, a modern coffee table will blend easily. And so, our curated collection of modern coffee tables will feature various designs to fit every style and budget. Let’s check them out!

1. Reclaimed Wood Modern Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Modern Coffee Table

Style up your living space with a modern coffee table that has a rustic and shabby chic style! All live edges are rustic and authentic looking but they are sanded to a perfect finish. You can request for a slab that has bark and leave it intact or slabs can be stained to your color preference or left natural. 

2. Classic Walnut Teak Coffee Table

Classic Walnut Teak Coffee Table

Meticulously handmade from reclaimed wood off-cuts or cabinet factory waste that is otherwise burned, this beautiful modern coffee table is made from gorgeous, grade-A solid walnut hardwood. The tapered legs are turned by hand for a classic mid-century and rustic-modern style. 

3. Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Tabletop

Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Coffee Table

The classic walnut coffee table with round, elliptical triangular conical legs is carefully handcrafted using unique walnut solid wood veneers. The coffee table is produced on Medium Density Fiberboard with classic walnut massive veneer and natural walnut wood. So, it will look aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

4. Asymmetrical Natural Metal Table

Asymmetrical Natural Metal Coffee Table

Add a geometric feature to your modern living room with this asymmetrical coffee table. Its sturdy and robust construction is composed of raw metal for optimal durability combined with fine crafted edging detail. With a modern and versatile edge, this coffee table is easy to place in both industrial and contemporary minimal-inspired interiors.

5. Modern Style Metal Base For Oval Table

Modern Style Metal Base For Oval Coffee Table

The mid-century modern coffee table is a masterpiece that combines style and beauty in one sturdy package. The white round tabletop and rich-stained tapered legs provide you with a gorgeous focal point that will awe your guests. Furthermore, it features an iconic flowing modernist structural design. In any case, this table is an artistic piece that will class up your living room.

6. Handmade Zellige Outdoor Top

Handmade Zellige Outdoor Coffee Table

Handcrafted by a talented artisan, the amazing coffee table represents the cultural diversity of Moroccan because of its design, material, and colors used at the surface of the table. By obtaining it, you would be helping a dying craft to flourish again so that contact between the past and the present would never die.

7. Nordic Style Modern Coffee Table


With a nordic style, the modern coffee table is made of high-quality coated chipboard. It has two storage units which help you to organize your living room. Its asymmetric figure and minimalist design add creativity and dynamism to your living area. Its rectangle shape made it easy to locate. 

8. Modern Scandinavian Style Walnut Wood Coffee Table

Modern Scandinavian Style Walnut Wood Coffee Table

The round mid-century modern walnut coffee table is in the shape of a circle. It has been carefully handcrafted by choosing the best walnut solid wood veneers. This table is classic walnut massive veneer and natural walnut wood on MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard.

9. Mid Table Modern Walnut Coffee Table

Mid Table Modern Walnut Coffee Table

A decorative and functional unit, this solid walnut coffee table enhances any living room’s appearance with its modern and minimalist design. Handmade from start to finish, each coffee table is unique on its own and will surely add a classy appearance to your living room. With a walnut coffee table from Tiwitsa, you can design a stylish seating area in your home.

10. White Table with Storage Units

Modern Coffee Tables

The Nordic-style coffee table is made of high-quality coated chipboard and colored in white. It has two storage units to help you organize your living space. You can use it as a middle table, a corner table, or a side table. Furthermore, it is covered with side plasters that protect the product from unwanted damages and increase its durability.

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11. Modern Wood Lift Top Table with Lower Shelf

Modern Coffee Tables

You can easily convert this coffee table into a workstation because of its lift-top feature. Under the tabletop, there is ample storage space for keeping your daily used items handy and clean. Made of high-quality materials and solid structure, it is strong and sturdy for everyday use. 

12. Manor Park Acadia Modern Lift Top Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Tables

Fulfill your need for sneaky storage and modern aesthetics with this modern coffee table. Pull the cutout handle to reveal extra storage space beneath a lift-top door. Soft close hinges prevent the door from slamming on you while you remove blankets, games, or books from the storage compartment. 

13. Faux Marble Round Table with Metal Frame

Modern Coffee Tables

A stylish yet subtle home furniture is essential to the space-saving interior decorator. This accent table is carefully crafted with a round and marble tabletop over a bronze-finished metal frame to add elegant charm to any space. If you need a tasteful, compact, and scratch-resistant table, then look no further!

14. High Gloss LED Modern Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Tables

Decorate your living room with this modern coffee table, it easily blends with furniture in any style at your house. It neatly organizes your messy household items with its drawer. A high gloss surface creates the reflection effect on the top. LED light in 16 colors for your selection, adding warmth to the surroundings.

15. Modern Round Table with Storage Shelf,

Modern Coffee Tables

Our rustic yet modern coffee table has a wide tabletop and an open shelf below to provide ample storage space. The rustic table is designed with a wood grain finish and a round shape to make it simple yet vintage in style. The round table will match any taste or decor, and it adds a touch of elegant charm to your room. 

16. Modern Wood X-Design Rectangle Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Modern Coffee Tables

The modern coffee table has an open shelf concept which offers ample space for storing your books and collectibles. The X design side feature ensures the structure is sturdy and the simple lines add a touch of charm to any room. This coffee table is finished in sleek black and constructed of MDF board with legs made from selected pine woods.

17. Rectangular Modern Coffee Table with White Finish

Modern Coffee Tables

The lined design of this modern coffee table ensures every detailed corner is made in the perfect craft. It is made of MDF and chipboard with sturdy construction to stay durable. A drawer with an open case allows large space for storage and organizing items. The easy pull-out mechanism makes the drawer more convenient to operate.

18. Oval Coffee Tea Table with Storage

Modern Coffee Tables

With a simple design and double layer large capacity, this coffee table brings a relaxed and modern sense to your home. It has high-temperature resistance, wears resistance, and good load-bearing. In addition, the smooth conical beech legs show more floor space, making them look cleaner.

19. White Cole Modern Countertop

Modern Coffee Tables

With modern and farmhouse styles converging to create a functional and decorative contemporary living room, this coffee table has a fresh design that is practical and fun. The perfect piece to bring a dual-styled living room together. Manufactured from melamine-coated engineered wood for strength and durability. 

20. Wooden Mid-Century Retro Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Tables

When it comes to modern coffee tables, form and function need to come together every time. That is why this table is exactly right for you! This table gives you plenty of room to store magazines, books, coasters, remote controls, and more! Designed with a smooth material and an open design for an easy-to-clean table you can wipe in seconds. 

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21. 2-Tier Table with Open Storage Shelf

2-Tier Modern Coffee Table with Open Storage Shelf

The modern coffee table provides ample storage space with a spacious metal open shelf below. The overall metal pipe design and modern gold and marble colors make this side table a very harmonious complement to your living room, and it also matches perfectly with other furniture to bring a great look to your house.

22. Modern Aluminum Mesh Top

Modern Aluminum Mesh Coffee Table

This coffee table showcases impressive gold accents that pair seamlessly with a curved structure to provide you with a modern aesthetic. The incredible texture and minimalistic design complement the elegance. Furthermore, this table features a gorgeous abstract mesh pattern, creating a uniquely textured accessory for your home. 

23. Small Square Coffee Table with White Marble

Small Square Coffee Table with White Marble

This modern coffee table will never go out of style! It utilizes a white faux marble pattern top and a black matte metal frame. It is not only suitable for the living room, but also the office. Furthermore, the open design under the table allows you to stretch your legs to your heart’s content.

24. Small Oval Rotatable Coffee Table

Small Oval Modern Rotatable Coffee Table

Constructed from plywood and finished with a white high-gloss sheen, this modern coffee table features swivel rotating tops. This unique feature transforms an ordinary table into an artistic and exciting piece. It will surely be a statement piece in your living room at home or office.

25. 3 Tier S-Shaped Table with LED

3 Tier S-Shaped Modern Coffee Table with Open Storage Shelf and LED

This coffee table with an S-shaped design and 3-shelf storage will fit your living room! The frame uses a combination of stainless steel metal and white handmade wood. Add a good book and snacks to this coffee table alongside a cozy couch, and you will create the perfect atmosphere to relax after a busy day with little effort.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your space won’t be complete without adding a piece of coffee table to it. If you are decorating your space with a modern touch, then make sure you pick a coffee table that fit in perfectly to the whole design of the room. If you need some ideas and inspirations, then make sure you read through our article since it includes some of the most recommended modern coffee tables for your space. We’re pretty sure the best coffee table for you is just a scroll away!

Latest Post:

What coffee tables are in style now?

When choosing the modern coffee table that is in style now, there is a variety of shapes, styles, types, a mix of material, and functions. They are all vital deciding factors that you will want to consider. The current trends we are seeing include sculptural tables, bunching tables, multi-layered tables, multi-function tables, and naturalistic tables.

Are the modern coffee tables useful?

A modern coffee table is the focal point of a room. It is the best place to set down drinks and snacks. Some models even have extra hidden storage. Other variants may also feature a pop-up workspace that allows you to get your job done. The quirkiest design integrates a terrarium creating a naturalistic atmosphere in your living room. In any case, coffee tables add decorative value while balancing out any sitting area.

What are the best modern coffee tables with storage?

Modern coffee tables with storage space will provide you with better room organization. You can keep your couch and tabletop clear from unorganized items. Furthermore, you will be able to locate your belongings and prevent them from getting lost. The tables featured in this article are highly stylish and come in various designs and prices, fitting furniture for every home.

Should a coffee table be lower than the couch?

Yes, the modern coffee table is approximately two inches lower than the seat height on your couch. Keep approximately 16 inches from the edge of the table to the sofa and at least 28 to 30 inches to the TV cabinet or furniture opposite the sofa. A table should be two-thirds the length of your sofa for the correct proportion. 

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